Accented characters on mail bug?

For a few days now, I encountered the following problem: when you type a character accentuated on the e-mail program (by holding down the key of the desired seconds letter), it freezes the keyboard and I can't continue to type at all. It is new and has not used to happen at all before. This looks like a bug to me. If anyone knows one possible reason? Thank you.

Try these two things:

  • Reset the iPhone.  Press and hold the power and home together for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.
  • Check the settings > general > storage & use iCloud > manage storage (in storage).  Make sure you have a minimum of 10% of the total free storage of your device.

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  • Accented characters

    Hi, I don't seem to have accented characters in now the keys on my 6s. Can anyone help please?

    1. What keyboard do you use?
    2. What specific characters you seem to be missing?
    3. What app or apps you see it in (keyboards are contextual ion according to the application)?
  • Accented characters pop up

    Since I have updated to OS X EL Capitan, if I hold down a button the pop-up with accented characters will not appear. By pressing the button for one second I can't type anything for like a minute. How can this problem be fixed?

    Try to go to the sources of the system/preferences/keyboard and add Spanish or French to the list, if they do not exist, then restart.

  • Do not display properly accented characters

    Hi guys

    In my application, I received a .json file encoded in ANSI format, that contains characters such as aeiou. The interface has a ListView that loads the json data.

    In Beta 2, the texts were displayed correctly, but in Beta 3, the special characters are displayed as a box with an X on the device and Simulator.

    If I encode the file in UTF-8, nothing I've shown on the ListView, and it appears in the log:

    JSON ERROR: "* line 1, column 1 syntax error: value, object, or array expected.»

    The json file is loaded in C++ with this code:

    JDA BB::Data:JsonDataAccess;
    QMap jsonCont = jda.load("data/file.json").toMap ();
    Lst QVariantList = jsonCont.value("items").toList ();

    dataModel = new GroupDataModel (QStringList)<>
    dataModel-> setParent (this);
    dataModel-> insertList (lst);
    dataModel-> setGrouping (ItemGrouping::None);
    listView if (listView)-> setDataModel (dataModel);

    The texts are loaded in the ListItems with QML code:

    text: ListItemData.title


    I searched the forums and found this thread of special characters, but this does not solve my problem.

    I would really appreciate any ideas.

    José Ugalde

    Looks to his saying that your json file is misformatted, not if your accented characters are a problem.

  • Typing accented characters

    I use InDesign CS5 on a Windows 7 system. How to type accented characters? I know how to find the characters I want to in the glyphs Panel and insert them from there, by double-clicking on them. But I want to be able to type Spanish (or other languages) and enter the special letters from the keyboard without having to go back in the glyphs Panel. Is there a way to do this?

    I used FrameMaker for years. It was relatively easy to type Esc +'+ to get an acute accented one. Is this possible as well in the ID?

    Thank you!

    Take a look at javascript composed of Peter Kahrel to see if he can do what you want.


  • Accented characters in tagged text

    I write normally copy it into a text editor (TextPad), paste into InDesign and format in the story editor. Now I want to format it in TextPad and import the tagged text. But I find that accented characters on the numeric keypad, as well as other characters most frequently used - €, £-are being misinterpreted. For example R$ 8·25 million (approximately €3 million) is available as a R$ 8a·25 million (topic has ' ¬3 million) and Fundação de Amparo to research do Estado de São Paulo is rendered as Fundaa§a£ o of Amparo to research State of SECURITY£ o Paulo.

    I have the options for formatting the text ANSI or DOS file, and I used the headers < ASCII-WIN > and < ANSI-WIN >, but there seems to be no combination that brings the text properly.

    Substituting values for these characters Unicode gives me what I want and I can build a library of them to add in TextPad, but this is contrary to my goal more productivity.

    Can someone give me a formatting of the options so that I can use the numeric keypad to generate the extended characters in a form that will import as referenced text?


    Not true. My example starts in Indesign, go to NoteTab (I have no TextPad, but I think that NoteTab is a pretty close contender), then back to Indesign.

    Try this: start Notepad, type some ALT characters, paste the ANSI-WINNER header at the top and that import into Indesign. TextPad is perhaps saving as something else than plain text.


  • Problem with accented characters

    Using the UTF-8 encoding in my Flex application (<? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"? >).
    Using UTF - 8 ranking in the MySQL db and fields.

    When I manually insert a line in MySQL (through phpMyAdmin) with accented characters (ie: e, e, e,...), everything works fine.
    When I use my Flex application to insert a line (through php (amfphp) script), accented characters are modified when it is kept in the database.

    What is happening and what I can do to fix this?

    I just stumbled on this pair of days. This has to do with amfphp framework, so go to the gateway.php file and positioned like this: $gateway-> setCharsetHandler ("none", "UTF - 8","UTF - 8"); It worked for me with the same configuration you have.

  • Searches for a string of accented characters

    Hi all

    I have a db Oracle 9.2. There is a CUSTOMER table with a column called name. The database character set is WE8ISO8859P1. There are 35 million records in the CUSTOMER table, a small minority which have been seized, including accented characters, for example in the field of FAMILY name like o.

    I need to determine exactly how many lines contain accented characters and report on them. The majority of the lines do not have accented characters. I need a query that SELECTS only lines whose field NAME contains accented characters. In English, the request to declare these lines would be something like:


    or expressed differently in


    My string manipulation abilities are not very strong, and I would be grateful if someone could help

    I need a query that SELECTS only lines whose field NAME contains accented characters.

  • Search for accented characters

    Hi all

    We have a column that has the focus. But when we do research we would like to use no accented characters.
    For example, when we type in "ALKARAKPEI", we get "ALKARAKPEI" and "ALKARAKPEI".


    Please give me some suggestions and ideal...

    Thanks in advance!


    SQL>  select *
      from (select 'ALKARAKPËI' str from dual)
     where convert (str, 'us7ascii') = 'ALKARAKPEI'
    1 row selected.
  • IOS 9.3.3 e-mail bug looking IPAD


    The e-mail search engine died as a stiff on my iPad. Wait until you receive 9.3.4.

    Try to restart your device by pressing the "home" button and the Start button / stop simultaneously until your iPad turns off. I have been unable to recreate your question on my iPad and think your problem might be limited to you. If you think this is a bug, you can send a bug report to Apple feedback here.

  • disappeared from my pop-up menu of accented characters

    Previously, I would hold the key to some characters, and a pop-up menu appears, which allows me to choose a certain accented character. I no longer. Can you suggest how I can find this very useful possibility?

    Try to paste this command in the Terminal, and then disconnect then reconnect...

    remove parameters by default g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled

  • Press and hold the letter for default submenu accent characters

    Hold a letter is supposed to produce a submenu of accents; in El Capitan 10.11.2 this blocking software (MS Word, Outlook etc) and does not produce the submenu. Someone knows what's the problem?

    You have this problem with any application provided by Apple (Safari, Mail, TextEdit, Pages, Message)?  Or just the MS stuff?

  • Accented characters with diacritic folding the flag


    When you use '-sign diacritic folding "indicator dgidx, is it possible to ignore certain characters of equivalent single accented character ASCII mapping?

    For example, I have this option enabled, but I need "n" and "n" behave as two different characters.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you

    Published by: mk.s on April 12, 2013 05:33

    There is not beyond the capacity of the box that I know. You could start a feature through request for you to be able to define exceptions, and if you do, I would recommend including some use cases to explain the requirement of the company.

    The only way I can think to do this with the current software is a workaround - you must have a preprocessing step to map the character from one point of different code, then when you submit your search apply the same translation. I did previously to work around the problems of code points not supported (in short versions) in language thai and it works but you need to add a manipulator to your pipeline (or make the transformation in the data extract) and have a simple code before sending the query to short (before ENEQuery if via the API).

    Thank you


  • Accent in my mail form - PHP


    This my problem,.

    I find a PHP script which leaves me able to create an email form in flash. User enters information in a flash form, and after that the form of this page contact php:

    <? PHP

    $sendTo = " " [email protected] "; "
    $subject = "a message from your Web site."
    $headers = "from: MESSAGE <
    [email protected]> \r\n";
    $headers. = "reply-To:". "." $_POST ["item4"]. « \r\n » ;
    $headers. = "return-path:". "." $_POST ["item4"];

    $item1 = mb_convert_encoding ($item1, "iso-8859-9", "utf - 8");
    $item1 = $_POST ['item1'];

    $item3 = mb_convert_encoding ($item3, "iso-8859-9", "utf - 8");
    $item3 = $_POST ['item3'];

    $item4 = mb_convert_encoding ($item4, "iso-8859-9", "utf - 8");
    $item4 = $_POST ["item4"];

    $item6 = mb_convert_encoding ($item6, "iso-8859-9", "utf - 8");
    $item6 = $_POST ['item6"];

    $item7 = mb_convert_encoding ($item7, "iso-8859-9", "utf - 8");
    $item7 = $_POST ["item7"];

    $scevap = mb_convert_encoding ($scevap, "iso-8859-9", "utf - 8");
    $scevap = $_POST ['scevap'];

    $body = ' name or company: \nE-mail $item1: $item4 \nTelephone: $item3 dog \nRace: $item6 \n\nMESSAGE: \n$item7 '; "

    $message = stripslashes ($message);

    mail ($sendTo $subject, $body, $headers);

    ? >

    Then I perfectly the message in my Inbox mail but focus caracter as e ' ect... does not work, they are replaced by the odd character.

    Someone has an idea of what I need to do to see accent perfectly?

    Thanks for everyone who will help me!

    Your PHP script is trying to convert utf - 8 encoding iso-8859-9, but everything is backwards. For example:

    $item1 = mb_convert_encoding($item1 ,"iso-8859-9","utf-8");
    $item1 = $_POST["item1"];

    $item1 does not exist in the time you are trying to convert it. To make it work, the lines should do the reverse:

    $item1 = $_POST["item1"];
    $item1 = mb_convert_encoding($item1 ,"iso-8859-9","utf-8");

    However, it is not necessary to convert UTF - 8. Simply make the email encoded in UTF - 8. To do this, you must add the encoding for headers. However, your current script has a serious security flaw in it. You should never include an email address from a form in the headers without checking first that it is not trying to inject a relayed spam in your email.

    Change this section:

    $headers = "From: MESSAGE \r\n";
    // include the email in the headers only if safe
    if (!preg_match('/Content-Type:|Cc:|Bcc:/i', $_POST['item4'])) {
      $headers .= "Reply-To: " . $_POST["item4"] . "\r\n";
      $headers .= "Return-path: " . $_POST["item4"] . "\r\n";
    // send the email as UTF-8 encoding
    $headers .= 'Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8';
  • Impossible to type accented characters.

    in os x 10.11, I was able to type accents by typing for example < ' e > I would become < e > and when I typed < ' e > would < ' e > and now OS X 10.11.5, I am unable to do so! I do not long to press a key, because it takes a while. Please tell me there is a way to solve this problem.

    I found a way to solve this problem by changing my American keyboard us international - PC

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