Add the disk to the PERC H700 of RAID integrated table 5

Hi all.

I have currently a Dell PowerEdge R710 configured with 4 SAS - 2 10 146 k Seagate 2.5 "drives in a Perc h700 integrated Bay RAID-5. I ordered a SAS-2 10 146 k disk Seagate 2.5 "to add to the Bay RAID-5 storage, making it a 5-disc set. What is the best way to add the drive to the RAID-5 array without losing any data? I have OpenManage Server Admin on the server.

OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 32 BIT


You can use OMSA... go in storage, PERC, virtual disks and select Reconfigure in the drop-down list of tasks available for your RAID 5.  This will add the disk to your RAID 5, then you will need to adjust the partitions in Windows once it is completed.

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    Hi Sabry75

    If you have open Manage Server Administrator installed, you can do the merge from there. It's rebuild.

    You can refer to the guide to using OMSA below, look under the virtual disks of re-engineering/migration: -.

    NOTE from the ADMIN: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell >

    Let us know how it goes.

  • "Setup cannot find not all hard disks" on Dell PERC 6/1 RAID controller-supported?

    Hi team - I have a Dell R710 (physical host) PE server that uses the Dell PERC RAID controller 6/1.  Windows Server 2008 x 64 is the host operating system.  VMW Server 2.02 installs and works very well, and I need to install W2K8 x 32 (guest) server configuration, but windows can't see the virtual disk with the same error "Setup cannot find not all hard disks", you get the installation on Windows XP Home edition- but the documentation does not say it's controller RAID is not taken in charge should be... any ideas?

    This is not a problem of the underlying RAID/hardware controller.

    Virtual MACHINE on VMware Server just to see the virtual hardware that you have configured when creating the virtual machine, or through the settings.

    Be sure to select the correct target OS when you create a virtual machine. This configures the disk controller HARD virtual appropriate, which should be supported on the OS installation media.

    If you have selected the right OS and still have problems, please post the vmx file.


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  • Can I use Sata of COTS drives in PERC H700 on R810?

    Can I use off-the-shelf (non-Dell) SATA drives in a PowerEdge R810 server with PERC H700 of RAID controller?

    We currently have equipped Dell SAS disks that will remain in their own virtual disk and want to add storage in bulk as a second virtual disk using less expensive SATA drives.

    (We have the latest BIOS & firmware all along)

    Cot = common on shelf?

    It depends on. I would recommend against any consumer/desktop/laptop or NAS drives (like the Red of WD). Use enterprise-class SATA if not certified Dell. As long as your firmware H700 is most recent 7/2010 (?), then the non-certified discs will be allowed, but no player not certified is guaranteed to work.

  • HARD drive failure e battery perc h700 [CF]


    e' possibile situation UN preventivo by a hard e batteria equal o compatibility disk?

    PERC H700

    DELL ST3600057SS 600 GB SAS hard drive

    Power edge R510 (service tag C3YGW4J


    Ramon Cartabia

    the sto contattando by mail.

  • Upgrade T710 SAS 6/iR to PERC H700 problems

    I'm trying to improve and replace a RAID controller Dell SAS 6/iR (Dell PowerEdge T710/Linux Fedora) one with a PERC H700 (SAS6/iR supports only 2 disks to or smaller). The disks on the SAS6/iR are on the H700 and all RAID 0. I did all of the BIOS and firmware updates.

    When I enter the r RAID manager and each physical disk is mapped to a virtual disk. When I reboot, disk sizes are reported correctly in the system, but the partitions are listed as 'unknown format' and are unreadable. (I'm starting off the coast of the SATA because I'm tired to destroy the system disk. I know that I might have to do a complete OS resinstall anyway.

    I tried to set up foreign auto import to on and off.

    Making matters worse, after I removed the H700 restore 6 I / R, 6 I / R no longer sees the drives.

    The manual of Dell for the PERC H700 says

    "The virtual disks created on a PERC 6 and H200 controller family can be migrated to the PERC H700 and H800 cards without risking data or loss of configuration."

    But this doesn't seem to be the case for me. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    The SAS 6/iR is NOT on PERC 6 - they are very different controllers.

    Migration of a SAS 6/iR to a PERC 6 / i is possible for Windows volumes, but only not bootable volumes. Although there is a small chance that it can work in all cases, a SAS 6/iR to a H700 migration is not supported, and it is more than likely, it will not work.

    My advice: Install your H700, configure RAID, then reinstall.

  • Drives 3 TB for DELL PoweEdge R510 with PERC H700 Controller

    Good afternoon.

    Currently, we have 8 x discs 1Tera in our PorwerEdge R510.

    -1 RAID 1 for the first 2 discs, which have the operating system (Windows Server 2008)

    -1 RAID 5 for the other 6 disks

    We strive to upgrade our RAID 5 with new disks of 6 x 3 TB.

    The problem is OpenManage pointed out that the discs that we inserted the 2 TB, and the State is "unsupported".


    Status Name State Predicted failure Certified Bus protocol Media Capacity Used RAID disk space RAID disk space Hot spare Negotiated speed Speed measure SAS address
    Status: No reviews Disk physics 1:0:4 Not supported NO. NO. SATA HARD DRIVE 2 047,38 GB 0.00 GB 2 047,38 GB NO. 6,00 Gbps 6,00 Gbps 4433221103000000
    Status: No reviews Disk physics 1:0:5 Not supported NO. NO. SATA HARD DRIVE 2 047,38 GB 0.00 GB 2 047,38 GB NO. 6,00 Gbps 6,00 Gbps 4433221102000000
    Status: No reviews Disk physics 1:0:6 Not supported NO. NO. SATA HARD DRIVE 2 047,38 GB 0.00 GB 2 047,38 GB NO. 6,00 Gbps 6,00 Gbps 4433221101000000
    Status: No reviews Disk physics 1:0:7 Not supported NO. NO. SATA HARD DRIVE 2 047,38 GB 0.00 GB 2 047,38 GB NO. 6,00 Gbps 6,00 Gbps 4433221100000000

    The PERC H700 firmware is:

    Firmware version

    12.0.1 - 0091

    Driver version

    Version of the Storport driver


    Do you know why this phenomenon occurs? Do we need to do a Firmware Update for the PERC controller? If so, this will delete RAID 1, OS disks?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    See you soon.

    If you change to UEFI, you will need to reinstall the operating system. UEFI completely changes the way the operating system reads the system hardware, so there is not a way to avoid a reinstallation.

    The firmware update will not affect the RAID array.

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    Hello Randy,

    Yes, you can add an a PERC6 / i of your T7400 as the PERC card was optional addon for the machine. Please see the link below & see the tech specs where the cottage on PERC 6 / I as optional.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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    I've been all through the OpenManage Server Administrator and I can not find where to manage the alarm for the Perc 4/Di Raid Controller?  I have access to the storage area of information/Configuration for Perc 4/Di controller and these options do not appear as a tasks available in the drop-down list. any help much appreciated.  Thank you.

  • Mix HD Sas and Sata on the T410 with controller Perc H700 [CF]

    We have a customer using a Sever T410 with Raid Perc H700 controller; We want to add more space to that the creation of a new virtual disk with the connector 1 (now does not).

    Can we add 2 new Sata HD 2 TB of space on new Vdisk also during the first Vidsk is the use of Sas 10 K 300 GB HD?

    We ha 2


    Con passing it mouse sopra identifier c Supporto Dell'e the voce "private message", it could come message privato mandarmi it service tag of server?

  • [CARS] Add the new disk in the database running environment

    Hi all

    I want to ask a question about oracle RAC especially to add a new disk.

    Here's the situation for existing oracle RAC

    1. There is 1 oracle clusterware (CRS), ASM and 2 node RAC

    2. There is a demand to add a new disk to existing diskgroup

    3. all CRS, ASM and RAC is in the online state

    I read document oracle (How to add a new disc to year Diskgroup existing RAC Cluster or stand-alone Configuration of ASM (Best Practices).) (Doc ID 557348.1()

    My question is,

    1. that I should stop the database, ASM and CRS when add a new disk to existing diskgroup?

    2. are there steps that has already been proven to add a new disk in an operational environment?

    Thank you


    My question is,

    1. that I should stop the database, ASM and CRS when add a new disk to existing diskgroup?

    No, you need not bring down the ASM or DB

    2. are there steps that has already been proven to add a new disk in an operational environment?

    Yes, you can add the disk, ASM automatically rebalance and share the workload on the new disk.

    There are number of blog posts about adding disks in a diskgroup

    MRMESSIN Oracle Database Administration: Add or remove disks from the ASM disk on the database group active

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    I don't know what that means:

    "There is not enough disk space to left to the location of the cache...  Thumbnails and previews are not generated or updated in cache on the disk.  Please leave bridge and add more disk space on the volume of the cache or change the location of the cache in the Cache preferences.  Then restart Bridge. »

    I deleted a whole bunch of photoshoots I had on my desktop, but how to make more space here?


    Hi Ericacole

    What version of the bridge are you using and what is your OS?

    Please how much is left in your main hard drive.

    By default, the bridge cache is located at: -.

    C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Bridge CC\Cache (AppData is a hidden folder)

    Note that cache bridge could be very large depending on your use of the product.

    Please see Troubleshooting of errors, freezes | Adobe Bridge | Windows, Mac OS



  • Add the disk storage format to the script

    All, morning

    I had this script that I use to extract data on the virtual machine and their use of the disk, however I need to say and to report on the type of commissioning the disk and I can not find the command for it

    $VMFS = get-Datastore-Refresh - name "LUN? _VMFS_DS "| Sort-Object $_. Name

    $report = @ data structure empty #)

    $allvms = get - VM | Sort-Object $_. # Name I like sorts my datas

    {foreach ($vm to $allvms)

    $vmview = $vm | Get-view # get - view to see the details of the FM

    foreach ($disk in $vmview. Storage.PerDatastoreUsage) {# disks for the virtual machine

    $dsview = (get-view $disk. Data store) # store data used by drives

    $dsview. Refresh # RefreshDatastoreStorageInfo() to get the latest data

    $vmview. Config.Name # Echo to the screen to view the progress

    $row = "" | Select VMNAME DATASTORE, VMSIZE_MB, VMUSED_MB, blank line # PERCENTAGE

    $row. VMNAME = $vmview. Config.Name # add the data to the line

    $row. DATA store is $dsview. Name

    $row. VMSIZE_MB = (($disk.Committed+$disk.Uncommitted)/1024/1024)

    $row. VMUSED_MB = (($disk.Committed)/1024/1024)

    $row. P = [int] (($row.)) VMUSED_MB / $row. (VMSIZE_MB) * 100)

    $report += $row # add the line to the structure



    $report | Export-Csv dump of # "C:\temp\vm_ds.csv" - NoTypeInformation .csv report

    $DSReport Virgin @ reinscriptible = () # for the information store

    {foreach ($LUN to $VMFS)

    $VMSizeSum = 0 # we will summarize the data from the previous report for this LUN

    $LUN. Name # Echo to the screen to view the progress.

    foreach ($row in $report) {# Generate sum for this LUN

    If ($row. DATA store - eq $LUN. Name) {$VMSizeSum += $row.} VMSIZE_MB}


    # Create a blank line and add data to it.

    $DSRow = "" | Select Datastore_Name, Capacity_MB, FreeSpace_MB, Allocated_MB, Unallocated_MB

    $DSRow.Datastore_Name = $LUN. Name

    $DSRow.Capacity_MB = $LUN. CapacityMB

    $DSRow.FreeSpace_MB = $LUN. FreeSpaceMB

    $DSRow.Allocated_MB = [int] $VMSizeSum

    $DSRow.Unallocated_MB = $LUN. CapacityMB - [int] $VMSizeSum # NB than if we have overused # disk space it will be a negative number

    $DSReport += $DSRow # add the line to the structure.


    $DSReport | Export-Csv "C:\temp\Datastores.csv" - NoTypeInformation # dump make .cs

    This report on everything I need, but it will indicate the type of commissioning. Could you help me at all?

    Thank you very much


    Ah, it is a bit of a problem, I'm afraid.

    vSphere provides only the freespace on a level of data store, not by the hard drive.

    There are a number of ways to get the freespace by hard drive, but none of them are foolproof, as far as I know.

    For example have a peek at the post called Alan PowerCLI: using Virtual Machine disc

    This gives the freespace, but an internal view of the BONE. In other words, it shows the OS partition information.

    And mapping of the partitions of hard disk operating system is not simple.

    A good method, which works in most cases, is the method of Arnim Match VM and HDDs in Windows using PowerCLI

  • Add more disk space for the ESX host

    Hi all

    I need to throw more disk space to my ESX hosts.  I know how to bind records in Navisphere and present to the ESX host.  Once in the VI client, I "think" I need to go to the host and do a rescan of the HBA or something like that?  I'm a little unsure of the market of part VI to add more disk space.  Could someone just point me in the right direction?  Please note that I am looking to add more disks to existing hosts in existing clusters.  It adds no storage to a new host... rather an existing one.

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    You are on the right track.  Re-scan storage card, under the configuration tab select storage adapters, select the adapter and click on the link of the new analysis.  Then go to the storage section and there should be a link in the top right of the screen that says storage Add.  Click on that and it will guide you in adding/setting in form/naming of the new disk.

Maybe you are looking for

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