After recovering from the second HDD is not visible - Qosmio G30


I have a Qosmio G30 and I use the recovery cd and I've lost hard drive 2

The 2 hard disk does not appear in my computer and whenever I restart the system says need to mirror.

Ineed so help please



I assume that your RAID settings are set to mirroring (RAID-1) and not to the stripping (RAID-0)

The RAID may change in the BIOS on the 3rd page.
Please check this box.

But note; If you would change the RAID settings you would lose all of the data stored on the HARD drive.

PS: See you the user manual. There is useful information on the RAID and how to use it.

Best regards

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  • Captian El is not installed on the SSD disk fusion part after recovering from the internet

    I found that my Mac OS X El Captian is installed on the part of the hard disk of 1 TB disk fusion rather than the part of the SSD drive after the installation of recovery of the internet.

    And the SSD disk fusion part seems to be "not fitted"...

    May I ask if this is correct?

    I saw on the article depending on whether recovery facility will automatically take care of the promenade of the merger and put the files system on the part of the reader Flash memory:, 2817,2412726,00.asp

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    ... also, I found that there are 2 Macintosh HD, showing at startup. If I choose a 1st, a banned logo will appear once a while and the will of the computer just froze there. Only when I choose the 2nd Macintosh HD, I can login in the OS correctly...

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    Emergency assistance is needed...!

    Thank you!

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    If you have problems running a Microsoft Fixit, you can post your query on the Microsoft Fix it Center

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    Hope this information is useful.

  • Satellite A200 - 1 M 8 and the second HDD bay

    Hallo, I want to install a second internal HDD to hdd2 Bay, but when I opened the Bay I noticed that it is not all connectors installed.
    So, what's the point of a second drive Bay hard if there are no connectors inside?

    The point of this Bay is, IF you buy a model with a second equipped HARD drive then there will be a connector, but if bought a model with a SINGLE disc fitted then you just need a drive since the connector to the second HDD was not soldered on the motherboard of your model.

    Easy and simple. If you want to have a second drive, then you must either:

    -solder a connector for the motherboard which causes your warranty and does not mean that you can use a second drive since you will need the appropriate BIOS Rom
    -buy a USB - HDD and accept your situation :/

    That's all.

    Welcome them

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  • Satellite X 205-S9349 - second HDD are not bootable

    Hi all.
    I encountered a very strange error: my second HDD are not bootable, but only on my note (have 2 hard drives and I have installed Vista on the first and XP on the second). It worked well for about year.

    And once I worked in Vista, I've just going to boot XP and restarted just the note and it did not start more than just initialization on the post screen. It initializes everithing is nice and I can even manage BIOS but goes no further.

    After that, I tested each part if it does not my notes to start and this is the second HARD drive. I have tried to swich my HARD drives, but it does not work. Two SATA connectors work although I tested with the first HARD drive. If I comment on second HARD drive in BIOS, the system starts up nice, I can see the second HARD drive and work with it.
    But if this is not comment system does not further thant post-test after it initialized everithing!

    The strange is that it works well on my desk. Not a single problem with this HARD drive, I installed XP on it and it starts ok.
    I tried to format the HARD drive, in order to kill and create the partition, even to write own mbr... None of it worked)
    It still won't go note during an office is ok.

    Pls if people if anyone can help me with a post serious ideas here or send me an email - [email protected]

    Thank you

    How did you choose which OS should start?
    You use a boot manager?

    I have the Satellite Pro P300 with two hard drives (each with two partitions). On the fist one I installed Windows XP Home edition and Vista second. When I start my Windows laptop boot manager asks me what operating system I want to start.

    How it worked on your laptop?

  • starting from the second hard drive to a dv7 6199sl


    I noticed that my dv7-6199sl space for a second hard drive. There is the caddy but not on cable. Before you buy the cable

    (I don't know where yet, maybe HP spare parts site) I need to know if it is possible to boot from the second hard drive with my laptop model. Thanks in advance.



    Hi John,.

    My best guess would be that the USB 3.0 ports require a driver to work correctly, try to boot from it (when the driver is not loaded) may not work - this isn't a definitive answer, but I do not know of bootable recovery media certainly has problems booting from a 3.0.

    Regarding the wire to the second HDD, I would suggest sending a request thereon to HP to the Email address in the form below.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite C660-1F1-Slow After recovering from DVD and fans constantly running


    I have a Toshiba Satellite C660-1F1 has an i3 processor and I recovered from the recovery disks. A few days later, everything is very slow and the Fans are always at full speed, even at idle and there is no dust when I opened it and I replaced the thermal paste.

    All of the Suggestions.

    Thank you


    Try to optimize the OS version. Check the startup options and disable all applications that you don't need.
    Make sure that all unnecessary applications do not start with the OS. Remove the system from all things, that you don't need.
    Play a little with it.

  • Satellite A305-S6843 - recovery disk anli Does the second HDD too?

    I have two TRUE separated different hard disks inside (200 GB each).
    I got to a point where I have to start all over again... If I want to use the recovery disk, that I had with the laptop. but then I get into a stage where I can choose "erase the hard drive.

    My question is: will it erase ONLY the reader of the OS (c :))? or also in the other drive (d :))?
    I have a lot of files in the second drive, I want to keep.

    Thanks in advance,

    > Recovery disk does not erase the second HDD too?
    MOM restore disk will delete all data and partition on the first HARD disk.
    All the data saved on the second HARD drive are safe and will not be affected.

    I have Satellite Pro P300 with two hard drives and I tested it several times.
    If you have important data on the first disk HARD just moving to the second HARD drive and install the OS by using Toshiba recovery image.

  • I need to connect the second HDD in Satellite A300-14V


    I'm using A300-14V and now I need to install the second HARD drive. But 2.5 hard drives have different heights from 9.5 mm to 12.5 mm including a right for my Satellite A300? And I'll need to also buy a slide.

    Could someone please clarify that she is and give me the part number?
    Thank you.


    Did you check if your laptop is able to manage the second HDD?
    I mean there is a second HARD-drive Bay, but have you checked if there is a connector needed?

    You should check this first before you buy hard drives

  • After coming from the mode screen resolution problem 'sleep'. Vista SP1


    I have a Lenovo laptop 3000 N200 0769-BXG (nVidia 7300). After installing the Vista SP1 a few days ago, I have a problem with my resolution. He switched to 1024 x 768 each time after coming from the mode 'sleep'. My native resolution is 1680 x 1050 and I have to rearrange my icons every time, witch is a bit annoying.

    I have red that it is a problem not only on laptops Lenovo-Vista and I need to install the latest video driver, but I have the latest drivers.

    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you


    Here is the downloadlink to the nvidia updated the driver.

    NVIDIA driver

    Let me know if it solves your problem.

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