After that the keyboard of recovery does not work properly

some keys work and some do not. After I corrected it has stopped working. It's a toshiba laptop with a standard keyboard ps/2.

and worst of all is that f8 and f9 is not working so I can't get back again


After perform you a recovery, you must install the latest updates of driver from the Web site of the manufacturer of the laptop computer for your model and operating system number.

Click on the "Download" tab at the top on the link above and follow the instructions.


And with a Toshiba, you press 0 (ZERO) to START to begin the recovery.

"Press and hold the 0 (zero) on the keyboard key while turning on the computer."  Release it when the recovery warning screen is displayed. »

See you soon.

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    You are able to access safe mode?

    If your computer has a single operating system installed, press and hold the F8 key as your computer starts or restarts. You need to press F8 before the Windows logo appears. If the Windows logo appears, you need to try again by waiting until the Windows logon prompt appears, and then stop and restart your computer.

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    After following the instructions please do not launch Illustrator and check your file preference if the permissions have been set correctly. A good way would be to get inside the preferences folder and then try to create a file manually. If it succeeds, please write to [email protected]

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    Kind regards


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    ·         What do you mean by Microsoft Side?

    ·         Have you tried to update the latest audio drivers for the computer?

    ·         Were there any changes made on the computer before the show?

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  • continues to tell me IES3H must be installed, and that the Windows Hosting Service does not work?

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  • Satellite A200 recovery does not work properly


    After making a few changes in the partition settings (when installing Ubuntu) Vista does not load (after the loading screen appears a black screen and nothing happens). I changed the Vista partition only by expanding its size.
    I try to reinstall Vista and set parameters of origin with product recovery cd, but with the same result - after screen to communicate on loading the filesystem appears black screen and no action is performed. I changed the boot on a dvd/cd device.

    I guess that's a problem with the parameters of partition, but don't know how to solve. Now, I have an original score with Vista (extended) and the other in the rough. How should I change it to properly run product recovery?
    I'll be grateful for any help.

    @ Salim Al-Ghaithi

    This error message is not known to me, but it seems that the application that has been installed on the recovery CD can not work properly.

    It's not easy to say why it happens maybe dysfunctions of restore CD or you partition the HARD disk is not going.
    I recommend you begin with formatting the entire HARD drive. You must also remove all partitions on HARD drive and then try to use the recovery CD and start the installation.

  • The water on the keyboard and it does not work after that I cleaned

    Ispilled a bit of water on my keyboard lapyop and wipe immediately, but it's still not working what can I do

    Hi lizfs,

    Give, it drying time and see if that helps.  If not, chances are although the keyboard has gotten watered (pardon the pun) with some type of short circuit or something and must be replaced.  With laptops, the water passes also through the keyboard to the components below, then it may be fairer than.  Computers many do not like water.

    Try contacting the manufacturer of the computer for advice and assistance.  Most keyboards can be removed amd which may help to speed up the drying or show more obvious shorts or water that you missed.

    In the meantime, you can try to attach a USB keyboard to be able to use the computer.  If they can not will not help (and this test will narrow the magnitude of the problem, if this keyboard works or ID a broader issue, if it's not), then your only real choice is a local reputable computer repair shop (NOT Geek Squad or any like that) to see if something can be done.

    Good luck!


  • After upgrade the iOS 10, HotSpot does not work

    Can't wait to post that iOS 10 update, I could not access the personal hotspot option.

    I was previously using iOS 9.3.5 and hotspot worked as usual, appearing as an option under cellular. I had used it to connect my other phones to the internet and the laptop, because I need it to work.

    I did the update iOS through iTunes 10.0.1 without trying the OTA. Now, I get this:

    I already reset my network settings. Twice. The option appears just after the reset and is absent. I am looking a 9.3.5 downgrade until the issue is resolved.

    Many people seem to have this problem, through a variety of Telco. In Aus, the problem occurred on Virgin Mobile, with workaround seems to be; switch down from 4G to 3G.

  • The keyboard and Vista does not work on a Satellite L30


    Sorry, but my English is not too good

    I want to cange the xp, Vista, but the keyboard is stupid.
    The fn with some buttons is not working, the fn with some buttons always on / if, I want to read this key not fn, need to press fn.
    It is very useless.

    I read that line without fn button, you will see how it is working:
    5 read th5s 35ne w5th64t fn b4tt6n, y64 w533 see h6w 5T 5s w6r2

    Please help me.
    Thanks for any help

    It's a Satellite L30, the vista's company.


    Satellite L30 is Vista supported and if there is no hardware problem, Vista should work well on your phone.

    One thing I am interesting for: you have problems of keyboard used with OS Windows XP Home edition original? I hope write you just on the internal keyboard and not external.

  • command of the keyboard to move does not work

    The command of period and comma for FCPX on my iMac won't work. FCPX just beeps at me instead to shift the video before a picture or backward a frame. (for a comma) He works for the arrow, but for some reason some will not work with the key to the period and comma. I use an Apple keyboard without the numeric keypad.

    OCHA you post a screenshot. You cannot move a clip in the scenario unless the Position tool is active.

  • Why the keyboard shortcuts/function does not work on Satellite Pro A200?

    I did some research for almost two hours now and no solution.

    I want to do is to be able to use the Fn key for shortcut keys the F0 - F12 Fn + ESC to mute the sound, or button Fn + F6/F7 to set the brightness on my screen. I am running Windows XP, these information are necessary. Things I've tried so far was installing utilities Toshiba, such as the Fn-accessibility and Fn-esse, but they still do not work.

    I have no idea why they have not worked since I arrived to my laptop. Help, please! Thank you!!!

    In the history of the most important info is missing: what model of laptop do you have?
    Please send the exact model number.

  • Satellite L300 - MSKLC1.4 keyboard layout creator does not work properly


    I installed the MS MSKLC 1.4 tool. on Toshiba Satellite L300 and Vista32. This tool is to generate a clean keyboard layout.

    I wanted to implement Gujarati signs for a friend. To do this, we put signs and letters on three 'levels' in this keyboard layout:

    1 Standart "a, b".
    2. pass the speeds as "A B"
    3 Altgr + key

    The first two levels with letters not run very well, but the last of them.

    We have tested in Open Office 3.1 and MS Works Word. The two programs do not accept Altgr + key letter.
    Open Office has no special function keys altgr +.

    In an editor that comes with MSKLC 1.4, level 3 also works very well. NO problem here!

    How this can happen? What should I do?


    MSKLC 1.4. is available:

    > On a German-Toshiba A50 with XP.
    > THREE States appear Gujarati letters.

    To be honest I never tried to MSKLC1.4 keyboard layout creator but I n t think that it s a question of Toshiba.
    I think that it s related to the UK keyboard layout because he of working with available German (as you suggested).

    My personal suggestion could change the layout of the UK keyboard for the German language in Control Panel-> regional options & language control

    Check if this help

  • Slow down the AirPlay - Apple TV does not work properly :-(


    I had a problem of airplay slow play movies, DVD or any video support 720 p or higher on my old one year Apple AirPlay and new Panasonic TV. I've been through problem solving, including restore and optimize my Telus router (which has 2.5 Mbps upload and download of 25mbps speeds) on an Apple Support phone call and was then advised to take my camera to Apple, BC Richmond Genius Bar (case ID: 1045139977).

    When I arrived they had me down as a problem Apple Watch, and then once they realized that it was a problem of the Apple TV me (despite what it says on the original packaging - I still have) it is normal for an Apple TV, reading of a film, and you cannot broadcast any video without a few jerks about about every 3 seconds. They suggested that I use a hdmi cable directly to the computer laptop and then tried to upsell, me a new Apple TV unit which they said it was much better, but "still could have the question!

    To say that I was surprised is an understatement, and a household with 4 iPhones, three Macbooks and a new Mac Pro, I was appalled by the level of service and selling the tactics.

    (1) if the device will not show a movie of 720 p, then market it as such is very hypocritical. Is this correct?

    (2) given that the assistance service knew it, so why waste my time sending me in a bar to put genius to to try to sell me another product? They have no diagnosis on the unit other than connect to confirm my question - and a clip ran slow and jerky in the store with their own TV and router.

    In the past, I received good support from Apple, but looks like things are going downhill fast if this is the new business model and the service. :-(

    Dr. B.Garrett

    Vancouver, British Colombia.

    It looks more like your network. I have several ATVS (gen 2,3,4) and always listen to content 1080HD homeshare/airplay without any issues that you note.  Since homeshare/AirPlay uses LAN speed from your ISP has zero impact (unless your broadcast outside as vendors, Netflix, iTunes, etc.).  There might be local interference that is nearby, appliances, etc., it could be setting of firewall/router that has repercussions Hello.  For example, in my cabin, I came across a similar problem, every 10-15 minutes, we arrived to realize that it is a pump water on the line of property installed by the Department of Forrest.  I ended up building an enclosure for the pump with the insulation. 5 years later I had no recurrence...

    FWIW, it's a community of user to user support - Apple isn't here.

  • After a Windows Update, that the several apps shortcut does not work, I went back to the start screen.

    Shortcuts to programs of work OK, but two shortcuts to applications of games and two apps printer briefly displays a title screen and then return to the start screen.  I tried to remove and then reload applications without success, I ran Paretologic Health program several times, tried to defrag the drive is done everything to nothing.  Troubleshooting Windows detects no error either.

    It worked for me in the past...

    Run the Windows update repair tool Control Panel / troubleshooting / view all (in the left margin)

    followed by the two of them, even if the first says no found error.  Maybe 15 minutes each.

    Form a command prompt (admin)

    DISM / Online/Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
    DISM / Online/Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Maybe you are looking for