AnyConnect customers not to follow the internal static routes on ASA5505

I just bought an ASA 5505 for my remote access to our internal network users.  I followed all the installation instructions, that I can find.  I am able to establish a VPN connection by using the Anyconnect client and can see some of my internal network. (In fact, only the subnet of the interface internal)  However, I have several subnets inside of my LAN which are then sent by another switch inside my LAN.  I have built in the correct static routes so that the ASA will send traffic to this internal routing for all subnets switch doesn't do not part of it is inside the subnet of the interface.  I can see and ping these subnets of the SAA itself but the AnyConnect client cannot.  Any suggestions on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.


Please, add these lines and give it a try:

inside_nat0_outbound list of permitted access

access-list allowed inside_nat0_outbound

inside_nat0_outbound to access extended list ip allow

inside_nat0_outbound to access extended list ip allow

Kind regards

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    Hi Samir,

    I suggest that you go to the ASA and check the configuration to make sure that it complies with the requirements according to the reference below link:

    (The link above includes split tunneling, but this is just an option.

    Please paste the output of "sh cry ipsec his" here so that we can check if phase 2 is properly trained. I would say as you go to IPSEC vpn client on your PC and check increment in packets sent and received in the window 'status '.

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    See you soon,.

    Christian V

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    Let me first explain how I assumed that the switch between headset and speakers should work:
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    Look in Control Panel audio Realtek. It should be an option multistreaming, make sure it is set to unify all devices.

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    Hi Ohdiane1057,

    Note: a patch is released for Dell AIO Printer 962 Photo, I suggest visit this community link provided below and try to install the patch and see if the problem is resolved.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    I. Suuresh Kumar - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Problem with Windows Fax and Scan does not connect to the Internal Modem

    Just got a new Acer Aspire 5542-5416 computer laptop with Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium, 4 GB of Ram and a 320 GB hard drive. It has a 56 k modem integrated fax of like the old days, but I can't make it work. The laptop did not come with the Windows CD.

    If I open the program Windows Fax and Scan, it is not able to connect to the modem. Basically, if I click on tools > fax accounts > Add..., I get a box with 2 choices: to connect to a fax modem or connect to a fax on my network server. When I want to connect a fax modem I get a message that says: an error has occurred. Please, try the operation again later or contact your administrator. It allows me to do this then just clock OK and them I'm right where I started.

    While in Windows Fax and Scan, if I click on tools > fax settings... nothing happens. No menu settings or anything ever appears. Quite simply, the program does nothing. If I try tools > Fax Status Monitor... I get a box that says entrance exam status, ready to receive a fax. It has a blue progress bar as something takes over, but it gets about 1/100 to and never goes further or ends. There is no box, but there are 3 buttons: view details, answer call or cancel. If I hit details, I get an empty list. If I click on answer call I get an error that says that the fax service is not available.

    If I try tools > Options, general tab has only a single option box is checked: play a sound when come it to new messages. If I try to print a Word or PDF file to a fax using Fax in the printer list, I get the same box with 2 choices: to connect to a fax modem or connect to a fax on my network server, but I get the same error message: an error has occurred. Please, try the operation again later or contact your administrator.

    I've searched the Internet high and low for a solution but no luck. There is a lot of discussion about this problem, but none of the solutions work for me. If I go to Device Manager, the modem is working properly and if I click on the Modem query on the Diagnostics tab, it seems to be able to communicate with the modem very well. I tried to roll back the driver and updated again and still no luck, same problem. If I go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Fax\Accounts in the registry, there is no subkeys under the folder accounts I can delete.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem? Is there any solution for this? I did a Windows Update last night and has not yet solve it. Thank you.

    Sorry about that.

    Here is the link:

  • LAN does not work when the Cisco E1000 router hangs

    Original title: Download sp3

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone! I bought recently a new Cisco E1000 router. My computer is a laptop model Lenovo 0769.

    I am running windows XP with sp2. The cisco software requires sp3. I called support of cisco and even they couldn't get to download sp3. My network is wireless on the router and I had to install from another laptop computer on the system. My LAN does not work when hooked. What do you suggest to me.


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    Hi mdenrique,

    1. what exactly do you mean by LAN (Local Area Network) does not work? You get the error message?

    If you have not installed Service Pack 3, try the following steps:
    Step 1: Download Service Pack 3
    see How to obtain the latest Windows XP service pack .
    b. scroll the window and click on "Download now the Windows XP Service Pack 3 package" to download the service pack.
    c. save the file on the desktop.

    Step 2: Install Service Pack 3
    a. open the file downloaded and follow the instructions in the wizard to complete the installation.
    b. restart the computer once the installation is complete.

    For more information, see steps to take before you install Windows XP Service Pack 3

    Note: Once you have installed service pack 3, install the router and check if the problem persists.

    Step 3: To troubleshoot LAN, run home and small Office Networking Troubleshooter
    a. Click Start and then click Help and Support.
    b. under Pick a help topic, click Network and Internet.
    c. under network and the Web, click on resolution of networking or Web problems and then click on home and small Office Networking convenience store.
    d. answer the questions in the troubleshooter to try to find a solution.

    For more information, see the following articles:
    1 see How to troubleshoot a network in Windows XP
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  • C410a - wireless not connect to the Verizon FIOS router - fails MAC filtering

    I just bought an all-in-one HP Photosmart Premium C410a printer.  It does not connect to the Verizon FIOS Actiontek MI424WR router, failed the test of MAC filtering.  Spent half an hour on the phone with Verizon (no resolution as they checked the filtering MAC is turned off in the router) and 3 hours with HP (no resolution).  Sharing the printer on a home network defeated the purpose wireless and is not acceptable because I don't want to have another PC switched on just to get to the printer.  Someone was able to resolve the failure "MAC filtering" wireless?

    Without the MAC address filtering test indicates the problem is inconsistent with other available error messages.

    There may not be a real problem of filtering.  I saw this message associated with WEP key mismatches secutiry and a host of other issues.

    To what extent do you have on the installation.  We can work from there.

    Host family

    P.S. I saw messages asking people to try to disconnect the router from the internet while doing the configuration of the printer.  Have you tried?  Sometimes the router check with the service provider before it will allow a device to join the network.  It bypasses this audit.

  • Tecra S11 - 15 t - modem GPRS does not work on the internal USB port

    My moden GPRS doesn't work when I plug it into the USB port of the docking station or if I use a USB port hub. If I plug it directly into the USB port of the laptop, I get an unknown device in Device Manager.

    I tried to reinstall the chipset of my Toshiba Tecra S11-15 t. I can't the device runs directly from USB port on the laptop. I have WIN XP Professional.


    I n t have experience with such GPRS or UMTS modems, but you can try to remove the USB ports on the Device Manager, and then restart your laptop. After that the ports will be recognized automatically and USB drivers will be reinstalled.

    I guess you also need a driver for this USB modem so I would recommend also reinstall this driver after removing the USB ports from the Device Manager.

    Check this box!

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    I subscribe to Adobe for the common package of CC and Lightroom but when searching for updates my software says I have the latest version, or 5.7 Lr. I was wondering if upgrading (LR6) requires an addition cost/subscription. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Lightroom CC 2015 and Lightroom 6 are essentially the same program. The only difference is that Lightroom 2015 CC will allow you to use Lightroom Mobile. Install you Lightroom CC from the application manager. There should be no need for you to buy Lightroom 6 If you have a creative cloud subscription. Lightroom 6 is the standalone version, and it is already late in features compared to the CC with Lightroom. If you don't have Lightroom CC 2015 available to install from your creative cloud application manager you should sign from Manager of application and then sign back in and see if that gives you the new installation option.

  • HP laptop could not connect to the netgear N600 router secure

    New laptop HP MAY connect to the Netgear N600 dual band router if NO guarantee is enabled, but it cannot if security is enabled on that either WPA, WPA2, WPA2-PSK regardless.  It can connect too well if wired (of course).

    I reloaded the drivers and all the usual remedies but not joy.  Also I tried using a USB WiFi adapter with the same result, unable to connect with security enabled.  All other devices connect very well including 2 Iphones, Tablet android, Apple TV, Apple MacBook pro, printer, etc. then it does seem like a router problem.

    Laptop is slightly, around the age of 6 months running Windows 8.  As a temporary workaround I disabled DHCP, security and peripheral isolation enabled 2.4 ghz radio router static address then attributed to the laptop, not a lot of security, but that's all I have.  I moved all devices except a (2.4 ghz only) iphone on the active side of 5 ghz on a different SSID with WPA2.

    It seems that the OS has a problem with the hold of encryption in the stack, or maybe it's a hardware problem.  Whatever it is, it works very well with an open WiFi but died completely when any type of security at all turned on, same WEP.  I arrived at the end of my knowledge here and short of a relatively new machine of retirement or try a full reload of the OS (Win 7 X 64 use), I'm stuck.  It is the only system to win 8 I worked (OS nasty if it is).

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    I know it's late, but there are probably people searching on the net because of this problem just as if I were stupid. I got a new laptop Windows 8.1 and plugged into my router to set up. Worked without problem. I unplugged the ethernet cable and jumped on the wireless, typed in my network key and hop, connected with no internet access or other useful functions. Long story short, eventually work was by using the automatic connection on the router (the one at the bottom that looks like a radio with 2 waves coming out of it) to connect the first time instead of manually typing the password.

    You will need to clear your computer auto-enregistré on the network so that you leave cool to do that. At least, I assume that. My laptop has a dual band wireless card, so I just shot on 5G and serves as my network "expenses. After he successfully connected to that one however, my laptop is now having no problem with the 2.4 G which was faulty in the first place.

    Who knows why he can be configured automatically, but don't let you not type the password yourself. In any case, I hope this helps someone!

  • 3050 will not work with the new wireless router

    I've been using a Deskjet 3050 have used wireless for my laptop.  I used a wired connection to my desktop computer.  I had to change my router from Verizon, and when I did I can't the 3050 to work wireless.  When I try to enter my new SSID he says he cannot locate. Someone has an answer for this?

    Hi garybeafl - have - you looked on the HP support site or the answer? Not knowing the exact Deskjet 3050 printer model you are using - I looked here- I hope this helps.

    If this isn't your model, simply search for you exact model (there are at least 5).

    Good luck.

  • Unable to connect to the PC or use the internal memory

    In early 2009, I bought a 8 GB rocket with a 8 GB SanDisk microSD card and everything was fine.
    I was using your desktop PC running under Windows XP SP2, updates and manage the files in the internal memory and 8 GB microSD card. Then I went abroad for a few months and was using an IBM Thinkpad laptop. Still, everything was fine.

    After his return home tried using the "rocket" with my desktop again. It loads ok but can't see it in the 'windows explorer', WMP11 or among all media players. "Device Manager" shows absolutely nothing about the "rocket".
    SansaUpdater installation can not be completed, peripheral cos is not recognized by Windows.

    I tried the USB, "automatic detection", MTP and MSC modes.
    I also tried another laptop running Windows XP SP3.
    I have read the FAQ here and the title of "Player Sansa" not recognized by the computer to
    I have'nt got another cable to check, but I followed some other suggestions.

    Also, I couldn't play anything in the internal memory. So I formatted it.

    'Info' says:
    Firmware version VO1.02.28F
    7806 MB memory
    Free 7641 MB

    SD Card 7572 MB
    Free 521 MB

    As it can not connect to the PC, I can not write in the internal memory.
    Rocket to read files in the SD card. But to change the files that I have to remove the SD card and use it in a card reader.

    I luv the sound quality of the rocket and you want to use again.

    Can anyone help?
    If it's a matter of windows?
    Is there some kind of driver for Windows XP SP3 that I can download from someware?

    Thank you!

    A Samsung YP - T9B 2 GB, I've had since 2007 works very well with PCs and laptops.

    Looks like your cable is going bad. The data connection is different from the connection of load, so you can always load but have a data problem. Software cannot fix a broken wire.

    You can get a generic cable from Amazon for a bit of money and test.

    This cord E200 will also work with the "rocket".

    Or looking accessories sellers to cord sync Fuze on Amazon, cell phone, etc..

  • VPN is not talk for the subnet behind a remote router

    Hi all

    I was hitting my head on the wall for a few days everything that is wrong with my configuration ASA...

    That's what I got:

    AnyConnect vpn ( tunnel => ASA5505 performer v9.1.2 ( ( router ( 1841-online my environment tour (

    VPN is allowed to authenticate, get an address, ping but unable to pass traffic (ping, ftp, etc.) network at all.

    Using EIGRP between ASA and 1841, tried static set time 'network' then 'redisturbute' and the ' redisturbute static route-map ", still no luck.

    Found several docs, tried, doesn't seem to help...

    Help, please...

    Attach the configs for the ASA and router

    Thank you in advance!

    Keith S.

    Hi Keith,

    You are using IKEv1 or IKEV2.

    It comes to your configuration:

    crypto dynamic-map SYSTEM_DEFAULT_CRYPTO_MAP 65535 define ikev2 AES256 AES192 AES 3DES ipsec-proposal OF

    Crypto-map dynamic outside_dyn_map 20 set transform-set ESP-3DES-SHA ikev1

    Crypto-map dynamic outside_dyn_map 20 the value reverse-road

    test of dynamic-map 10 crypto-card, the value reverse-road

    outside_map card crypto 65535-isakmp dynamic ipsec SYSTEM_DEFAULT_CRYPTO_MAP

    outside_map interface card crypto outside

    The dynamic map that is applied to the interface is SYSTEM_DEFAULT_CRYPTO_MAP which is an ikev2.

    But the question is not the one. Depending on your configuration, there is a runnning between the ASA and the router EIGRP and according to your router table routing does not know where is subnet is. To inject the subnet pool VPN in the routing table that we need an arriere-route control that you configured on a card which is not in use. Try this:

    Crypto than dynamic-map SYSTEM_DEFAULT_CRYPTO_MAP 65535 Road opposite value.

    And let me know if it helps.

    Thank you

    Jeet Kumar

  • How to activate the internal speakers?

    I disabled my internal speakers in Control Panel > sound > reading I was testing a USB headset that does not automatically disable the internal speakers.
    I want to re-enable but can't find the right place to reactivate them. Any ideas please?
    Thank you

    do you have the "speaker" icon in Control Panel > sound > playback or missing?

  • How do you add the Refresh toolbar button? I followed the steps to customize but can't understand what then

    I want to get the update or cancel button on my toolbar. I used the toolbar customization notes and followed the steps but I have no idea where the real new toolbar is to use. could you please help me?

    You find the "Refresh button" at the right end of the bar 'Address' of the ll. Go to view > toolbars > customize. If you don't see any 'Refresh' button there, drag one on top of the "Address" bar in the 'Customize' window, you can drag it back out to where you want to.

    Another alternative is: F5

Maybe you are looking for