App, opening a file via windows shell commands: "a device attached to the system does not work.


I hope that someone here will be able to throw some lights on my question, if I post this is the wrong place please let me know because I was directed here (which forum? ). OK, I support and develop custom applications. An older application especially written in Delphi allows users to attached documents (pdf, jpg, txt, etc.) to the records of equipment in a data base. Later users can view these records of equipment and press a button to display the document.

When the user presses the button to view the document, the application uses the folder variable to save the document to the temporary path and then asks windows via a shell command to open the file. The appeal of Delphi for windows used is the following:

ShellExecute (GetDesktopWindow, 'open', PChar (TempFile), ",", SW_SHOWNORMAL);

Normally this process works very well, we have had no problems so far. On a single computer (windows xp pro with Service Pack 3) belonging to a client, instead of opening the file, windows returns the system 31 error and the message ""a device attached to the system is not functioning. ". is displayed.

* If I navigate to the location where the file is stored on the disk and try to open it, software adobe reader opens the file correctly.

* I found some suggestions that the file extension is associated properly. PDF associated with Notepad, I changed, and the application could ask windows to open the file very well. Open the file from the location on the work of disc as well. Change the file for adobe and the problem persisted.

* I reinstalled adobe reader software, but also a previous version of adobe and the problem persisted.

* The application doesn't have any problem asking other files opened, only those associated with adobe reader on this same machine. The problem does not exist on other machines.

That about sums up the problem. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thank you


It was determined that the version of adobe reader was at fault.

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    Test the sound in Control Panel-> windows sound produces a sound on all channels and RealTek HD Audio Manager at the same time, which is the desired configuration.

    However, different applications use different channels.  IE and Firefox use the front channels, VLC/MediaPlayer uses the back.  3D games (that is to say WoW) through all channels.  In each case the subwoofer does not work.

    I tried to download the latest drivers on the motherboard (Gigabyte) manufacturers site.  I even tried the supplied RealTek drivers (even if on the Web from RealTek site which is NOT recommended).  I tried to connect the connectors of the subwoofer to the different takes (reversed black and green).

    I have experimented with the settings in RealTek HD Audio Manager and control panel-> windows Sound.  Nothing works.

    These exact same subwoofer and speakers worked perfectly well on Windows XP.

    I have 2 questions:

    one) has anyone resolved their 5.1 & Windows 7 problem something that I have not yet tried?

    (b) when will Microsoft take this issue seriously?  All Microsoft provided answers just repeat what everyone

    has already tried.

    First disconnect the cable 3 (orange, green and black) then click on Control Panel configuration-hardware and sound - Real tek HD audio manager - central tick, subwoofer and rear pair, front left and right and filling of speaker

    Then click on advance device settings.

    Select "perform front and reading of output devices back two different audio streams simultaneously" and give ok

    Plug all three pins one by one and select the appropriate option in the popup windows.

    That's all.

    You give enough information for me to get this working.   My system runs Win 7 X 64 Home Premium.   When I select 5.1 sound capacity side my 550 x Logitech speakers are not recognized.  If I select 7.1, which is the capacity of my chip Realtek chipset, I can get the two outside are activated as a "rear" speakers and can push the test tones to each of the four surrounding speakers and the combination of Center/bass via the Realtek driver.

    Regarding the "front and reading of output devices back two different audio streams at the same time" worries... I can't find this option.  There are at least two suppliers of 'control of the interfaces' assets on my system.  One is provided by RealTek, the other by Microsoft.  The access roads to these interfaces is roundabout and confusing, to say the least.

    Some compromises are in order in my humble OPINION.  I have my Pandora one stream play in an acceptable way in my small study.  Many of the source of sounds streamed to me are recorded in stereo or mono, I find myself hitting the 'matrix' on my Logitech X 550 button quite frequently.  Sometimes a more recent piece is delivered which actually looks Ok without the decoder "matrix".

    What I would really like to be able to do is to "reconfigure on the fly" between the built in speakers on my Acer Z3731 system USB bar ' All in One ' and my external Logitech X 550 popular with the ability for the presentation of "5.1 surround sound" through three sons.  When I try your procedure, I don't get separate recognition of each thread, as it is trendy and often end up with its 2.1 being eliminated in my 5.1 speakers, because somehow Microsoft has re-recognized the built-in USB port based his bar instead of the three rear wires plugged into the outlets provided by the manufacturer of the system.

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    do an advanced search using the options. Once you are satisfied with it, you can save it and assign it to Alt - O.
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    Press enter on your keyboard

    Type y for Yes

    Press enter

    Please wait while the drive is formatted.

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