Audio output using the USB connector problem

I use a USB connector to connect with Audio output. It's because my headphones Jack does not work.

It worked without problems so far.

My problem is that there is no output from my laptop to this USB device. The music plays and can be heard on the laptop. Connections (USB device & son) of the laptop work.

I'm ising Vista home versio

Any ideas?


Try this:

With the USB speaker connected, right click on the speaker icon on the tray (right), left click on 'sounds '. On the tab 'Read' the USB speaker should be listed, click to select it, and then click the button "set as default". Click the OK button to exit.

Alternatively, you can go to control panel, Sound.

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    The file is played for me, so it is possible that you need to re-code the ogg files to make them compatible with Firefox.

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  • Using the USB audio device as default instead of analog audio ports

    Audio microphone USB installs and is listed in the devices under sound, video and portable with Dell computer game controller devices running Windows Vista, but the problems the system to use the USB mic as the default.  The sound devices list has also IDT HD audio codecs indicated, and the system will analog as the default input channels for the microphone, with no way to install the USB device.  Is it possible to put the USB audio as default microphone device?

    Hello RSA 456,.

    Many sound problems are caused by hardware that is not configured correctly. We will check your sound card, connect the cables in the correct locations, ensuring that the material has the power and the verification of the volume.
    Please follow the method described below to solve the problems.
    Method 1:

    1. plug your USB microphone.
    2. the LED will light to indicate that it is powered USB.
    3. Windows will automatically detect the USB Audio device and install the universal drivers.
    4. to set up your microphone as default device USB Open Control Panel.
    5. Select display as a classic view of your control panel, then select Select Sound.
    6. click on the recording tab. Here your USB Microphone will be listed.
    7. click on the USB microphone. If there is no checkmark beside the USB Microphone, click on set as default.
    8. the default device is used in most programs such as tape recorder simple registration.

    Method 2:
    Please click the link below to check how to check if the hardware works just fine.

    Kind regards

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    Hello vasarao,

    What is the problem you are having?

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    Please provide us with more details and we will continue to solve this problem.

    Best regards


  • How to change the audio output for the metronome


    I would like to send the metronome (and speech signals) for monitors to the scene in the ear.

    I understand that I can do this in MainStage using different output for the above titles vs. the rest of the 'Concert '.

    I tried to follow the instructions of the Manual:

    Change the audio output for the sound of the metronome

    1. Choose the MainStage > Preferences > General.
    2. In the section of metronome on the general tab, choose another audio output on the shortcut menu to exit.


    1. on the general tab, only the outputs 1-2 are available/selectable (likely, these are also by default for all "Concert")

    2. Why is this process in the manual if it is not executable (without doing something to another additional Set up)?

    3. it's probably among the requirements of setting up more critical even easier for using MainStage with a live band, so why am I having to ask for help at all!

    Rant on (its been a long day)

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    To access the output audio, you need an audio interface with several outputs.

  • No audio output on the dell inspiron 15r n5110 windows 7 64-bit

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    Try the steps in this tutorial and see if that solves the problem: .

    Keep me posted and let me know how you fare.

    Kind regards


  • With LabVIEW how to control an instrument with a RS232 output, using a USB RS232 converter cable.

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    Thank you.

    When you plug the USB-RS-232 converter, it installs a driver under Windows which makes it look like any other RS-232 port.  You may need to install the driver of everything that came on the CD with the converter.  It will get a Com as Com5 port number according to what is the next available number.

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    From there you should be able to drag and drop or copy and paste the
    files in a folder on your hard drive.

    Also... the following items may be worth a visit:

    Windows Vista-
    Troubleshoot AutoPlay

    Windows Vista-
    How to change the auto run settings

    Windows Vista-
    AutoPlay: Frequently asked questions

  • Use the java connector for the connector database?


    I'm running on IOM 11gr2ps2 and need to use the database connector.  We installed the .net connector server to operate with the connector AD.

    The Oracle of documentation gives us an option to either install a java connector server to work with the database connector or install the IOM database connector without using a java connector server.

    The documentation says "execution of a connector on the connector server.

    allows to transmit queries put in service and reconciliation through the firewall in a

    as defined by the connector server.

    As I already have a connector server .net for AD, I would lean towards the installation of the java connector server.  In this way architecture remains consistent.

    Please, share your ideas.

    Thank you


    Table of database connector uses the Java Connector server, or it can be deployed directly in the container of the IOM.  If you have problems jar or different library due to database formats, you can use the connector server to isolate libraries and do not have to figure out how to make IOM in collaboration with several libraries.  It can also take some of the load on your server to IOM for the transformation.  I suggest to use the server connector for the isolation of the newspaper as well.


  • Is there a file management utility availabe for transfer files from Iphone to PC using the USB connection or wifi? Thank you

    Is there a file management utility availabe for transfer (image) files from Iphone to PC using the USB connection or wifi? Thank you

    You should be able to synchronize with a compatible Picture Manager, but you can also see the TouchCopy application.

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    There is no print server function so you can not:

    Kind regards.

  • When to use the global connector off-page vs distinguish

    New Multi-SIM-

    Y at - it a tutorial for the use intended for use off-page connectors and not global?

    1 suppose that the nets must be connected to a number of fact sheets, global connectors must be used or off-page connectors of the same name should be used.  What the intention of the two?

    2 connectors global connectable to buses in order to link the leaves? or off-page link must be connected to a bus?

    An explanation must be entered in AID and perhaps a tutorial.

    Thank you

    Hi johnkimura,

    In the help file, you can find specific types of connectors, and you can find the documentation for help on the connectors. The difference between a page off and a global connector which is a page out connector is visible on the same level in the hierarchy. Which means that if you are in a secondary circuit, you can use a page off connector to connect to another secondary circuit at the same level.

    For Bus lines, you must use the bus connector page.

    I hope this helps.

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    Read this:

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    You should be able to disable the history of files by using the local Group Policy Editor.  Consult this publication of the article.  Use the #2 option.

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