awservice hang Up report on start on the computer

awservice hang Up report on start on the computer


This is part of AdAware. Check with AdAware and Forums support. Frankly the functions of resident
AdAware seem bogged down many systems, so I recommend you to use it as a Scanner only.

AdAware Support

AdAware Forums

In AdAware - settings (for the free version) remove or set up as an application
Scanner - don't forget update before running - you'll probably not need however have
It install like on-demand is probably a good idea, and I use that way.

Tab updates - set it to check automatically - you will then need to check updates
When you run it on demand. Also do the same for the updated information.

AdWatch Live! tab - uncheck process

Close AdAware (right-click on the icon in the Notification area - OUTPUT)

Start - type in the area of research-> Services find top - make a right click on - RUN AS ADMIN

Find Lavasoft Ad - Aware Service - double click on it and set to MANUAL and STOP

Now you can run AdAware as a Scanner at the request. After that you start it then right click on sound
Icon in the Notification area near the clock - OUTPUT


Here's what I use and recommend: (these are all free and very effective versions.)

Avast and Prevx proved extremely reliable and compatible with all I have
launched on them. Microsoft Security Essentials and Prevx have also proven to be very
reliable and compatible. Use MSE or Avast and Prevx, Prevx 3 but not all.

Avast Home free - stop any shields is not necessary except leaving Standard, Web, and
Operation of the network.

Prevx - Home - free

Windows Firewall

Windows Defender (is not necessary if you use MSE)

Protected IE - mode

IE 8 - SmartScreen filter WE (IE 7 phishing filter)

I also IE always start with asset if filter InPrivate IE 8.
(It may temporarily turn off with the little icon to the left of the + bottom
right of IE)

Two versions of Avast are available 5.x and 4.8 x - you can use just one.

Avast - home - free - 5.x stop shields you do not use (except files, Web, network, &)
Shields of behavior) - double click on the icon in the Notification area - real time Orange - click on the
Shield that you want to stop - STOP. To stop the Orange icon to show an error indicator-
Click on the Orange icon - top right - settings - click on the status bar - uncheck shields you
disabled - click OK

Avast 4.8 x - home - free - stop shields, you don't need except leaving Standard, Web,.
and the network running. (Double-click the blue icon - look OK. - upper left - Shields details
Finish those you don't use).

Or use Microsoft Security Essentials - free

Prevx works well alongside MSE or Avast

Prevx - home - free small, fast, exceptional protection CLOUD, working with other security
programs. It is a single scanner, VERY EFFICIENT, if it finds something come back here
or use Google to see how to remove.   <-->  <-->

PCmag - Prevx - Editor's choice, 2817,2346862,00.asp

Also get Malwarebytes - free - use as scanner only. If you ever think malware and that
would be unusual with Avast and occasional Prevx running with the exception of a low level cookie
(not much), to UPDATE and then run it as a scanner. I have a lot of scanners and they
never find anything of note that I started to use this configuration.


These help to solve startup problems:

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista
How to check and change Vista startup programs

Autoruns - free - see what programs are configured so that it starts automatically when
your system boots and you connect. Autoruns also shows you the complete list of the registry
and where applications can configure Auto-start for the files settings.

I hope this helps.

Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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    Yes, install xp3, the patch is only for hp AND amd pc, install from the link and then navigate to the microsoft updates and a priority scan, install, then do a custom scan and install rootkit updates, it will be a long process that you are behind in security updates , \\

    clean the pc then do the following:

    Shenan Stanley tips: will probably want to clean this machine...


    Search for malware:

    Download, install, execute, update and perform analyses complete system with the two following applications:

    ·                                 MalwareBytes (FREE)

    ·                                 SuperAntiSpyware (FREE)

    Remove anything they find. Reboot when necessary. (You can uninstall one or both when finished.)

    Search online with eSet Online Scanner.

    The less you have to run all the time, most things you want to run will perform:

    Use Autoruns to understand this all starts when your computer's / when you log in. Look for whatever it is you do not know usingGoogle (or ask here.) You can hopefully figure out if there are things from when your computer does (or connect) you don't not need and then configure them (through their own built-in mechanisms is the preferred method) so they do not - start using your resources without reason.

    You can download and use Process Explorer to see exactly what is taking your time processor/CPU and memory. This can help you to identify applications that you might want to consider alternatives for and get rid of all together.

    Do a house cleaning and the dust of this hard drive:

    You can free up disk space (will also help get rid of the things that you do not use) through the following steps:

    Windows XP should take between 4.5 and 9 GB * with * an Office suite, editing Photo software, alternative Internet browser (s), various Internet plugins and a host of other things installed.

    If you are comfortable with the stability of your system, you can delete the uninstall of patches which has installed Windows XP...
    (Especially of interest here - #4)
    (Variant: )

    You can run disk - integrated into Windows XP - cleanup to erase everything except your last restore point and yet more 'free '... files cleaning

    How to use disk cleanup

    You can disable hibernation if it is enabled and you do not...

    When you Hibernate your computer, Windows saves the contents of the system memory in the hiberfil.sys file. As a result, the size of the hiberfil.sys file will always be equal to the amount of physical memory in your system. If you don't use the Hibernate feature and want to reclaim the space used by Windows for the hiberfil.sys file, perform the following steps:

    -Start the Control Panel Power Options applet (go to start, settings, Control Panel, and then click Power Options).
    -Select the Hibernate tab, uncheck "Activate the hibernation", and then click OK. Although you might think otherwise, selecting never under "Hibernate" option on the power management tab does not delete the hiberfil.sys file.
    -Windows remove the "Hibernate" option on the power management tab and delete the hiberfil.sys file.

    You can control the amount of space your system restore can use...

    1. Click Start, right click my computer and then click Properties.
    2. click on the System Restore tab.
    3. highlight one of your readers (or C: If you only) and click on the button "settings".
    4 change the percentage of disk space you want to allow... I suggest moving the slider until you have about 1 GB (1024 MB or close to that...)
    5. click on OK. Then click OK again.

    You can control the amount of space used may or may not temporary Internet files...

    Empty the temporary Internet files and reduce the size, that it stores a size between 64 MB and 128 MB...

    -Open a copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    -Select TOOLS - Internet Options.
    -On the general tab in the section 'Temporary Internet files', follow these steps:
    -Click on 'Delete the Cookies' (click OK)
    -Click on "Settings" and change the "amount of disk space to use: ' something between 64 MB and 128 MB. (There may be many more now.)
    -Click OK.
    -Click on 'Delete files', then select "Delete all offline content" (the box), and then click OK. (If you had a LOT, it can take 2 to 10 minutes or more).
    -Once it's done, click OK, close Internet Explorer, open Internet Explorer.

    You can use an application that scans your system for the log files and temporary files and use it to get rid of those who:

    CCleaner (free!)
    (just disk cleanup - do not play with the part of the registry for the moment)

    Other ways to free up space...



    Those who can help you discover visually where all space is used. Then, you can determine what to do.

    After that - you want to check any physical errors and fix everything for efficient access"

    How to scan your disks for errors* will take time and a reboot.

    How to defragment your hard drives* will take time

    Cleaning the components of update on your Windows XP computer

    While probably not 100% necessary-, it is probably a good idea at this time to ensure that you continue to get the updates you need. This will help you ensure that your system update is ready to do it for you.

    Download and run the MSRT tool manually:
    (Ignore the details and download the tool to download and save to your desktop, run it.)


    Download/install the latest program Windows installation (for your operating system):
    (Windows XP 32-bit: WindowsXP-KB942288-v3 - x 86 .exe )
    (Download and save it to your desktop, run it.)



    Download the latest version of Windows Update (x 86) agent here:
    ... and save it to the root of your C:\ drive. After you register on theroot of the C:\ drive, follow these steps:

    Close all Internet Explorer Windows and other applications.

    AutoScan--> RUN and type:
    %SystemDrive%\windowsupdateagent30-x86.exe /WUFORCE
    --> Click OK.

    (If asked, select 'Run'). --> Click on NEXT--> select 'I agree' and click NEXT--> where he completed the installation, click "Finish"...


    Now reset your Windows with this FixIt components update (you * NOT * use the aggressive version):
    How to reset the Windows Update components?


    Now that your system is generally free of malicious software (assuming you have an AntiVirus application), you've cleaned the "additional applications" that could be running and picking up your precious memory and the processor, you have authorized out of valuable and makes disk space as there are no problems with the drive itself and your Windows Update components are updates and should work fine - it is only only one other thing youpouvez wish to make:

    Get and install the hardware device last drivers for your system hardware/system manufacturers support and/or download web site.

  • My printer is configured to start when the computer turns on. I want to reconfigure it so that it does not turn

    My printer is configured to start when the computer turns on.  I want to reconfigure it so that it won't turn.  I know this is probably a simple change, but I can't find the path anywhere.  Any help?

    I guess you do NOT mean that you have both printer and computer plugged into the same power strip and both are turn on when you turn on the power strip.

    As nearly as I can determine the rather thin material in the Guide for the Dell P713w user, probably have enabled "Eco-Mode" or the mode 'sleep '.  See page 19 of the User Guide (if you don't have it, download it here:

    When this feature is enabled, the printer goes into mode low power when it has been idle for a while.  When the computer is off, the printer is by definition inactive and so will go to low power, shortly after that the computer is turned off.  When the computer is turned on, it detects the presence of the printer and connects to the printer.  Apparently, the printer interprets this string as the "no-idle" and out of his low-power mode, which appears as if it is "turn on."

    In addition, this printer performs an automatic maintenance cycle every week if it is plugged into a power outlet. It will briefly exit Power Saver mode or turn on temporarily if it is disabled.

    At least one of the lights on the printer flashes power on and off when you think that the printer is turned off?  If so, it is in energy saving mode.

    Of course, I may be totally wrong, but it seems to me if you actually turn off the printer by pressing the button on / off on screen, he should not be able to auto (except once / week maintenance cycle).  From the Manual:

    Note: When the printer is turned on, press [power] to switch to the power saving mode. Press and hold [power] for 3 seconds to turn off the printer.

  • Firefox starts on the computer, but will not be displayed on the screen

    Firefox is loaded on a dell Windows XP computer; It works fine one day. The next day I had cleaned up cookies and temporary files when I clicked on the icon, it acted like it was running, but would never appear on the screen. When I went to start it again it told me he was running, but I still don't see the program.
    I had to reboot the computer, but when I tried to start it again, it did exactly the same thing.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled but that has not solved the problem.

    Some Firefox problems can be solved by performing a clean reinstall. This means that you remove Firefox and all the leftover program files and then reinstall Firefox. Please follow these steps one by one:

    1. Download the latest version of Firefox from office and save the installer to your computer.
    2. Once the download is complete, close all Firefox Windows (click Exit in the file menu or Firefox) and confirm all future messages.
    3. Now, uninstall Firefox by following the steps mentioned in the article to Uninstall Firefox .

    IMPORTANT: Under Windows, the uninstall program has the option to remove your personal data and settings. Make sure that you have not check this option. If not all of your bookmarks, passwords, extensions, customizations and other Firefox data user profile will be removed from your computer.

    After uninstalling Firefox on Windows, delete the folder of the program "Mozilla Firefox", located by default in one of the following locations:

    • (Windows 32-bit) C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
    • (On 64-bit Windows) C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox
    1. Go to the Windows Start menu and click on 'computer '.
    2. In the Explorer window that opens, double-click on disk Local (c) to open the C:\ drive.
    3. Find the folder "Program Files (x 86)" or "Program Files".
      • On 32-bit Windows, double-click the Program Files folder to open it.
      • On 64-bit Windows, you'll see a folder "Program Files (x 86)" AND a "Program Files" folder. Open the Program Files (x 86) folder.
    4. You are looking for a folder of Mozilla Firefox . If you find one, right click and select delete and confirm that you want to move the folder to the trash.

    Now, go ahead and reinstall Firefox:

    1. Double-click on the downloaded Setup file and go through the steps in the installation wizard.
    2. Once the wizard is completed, click to open Firefox directly after clicking the Finish button.

    Please report back to see if this helped you!

  • Firefox does not start after the computer restarts

    Install Firefox, works great. Restart the computer, Firefox does not start, or finally when it tries to start the script errors occur. If I reinstall Firefox after restart of a computer, it works fine, once again when the computer is stopped at the next startup it is, will not be able to use Firefox. Firefox does not start in Firefox Safe mode, does not start in windows safe mode. Do not add now, nothing has been added, just the Firefox installer played complete the system restore on the computer, same problem. Windows 7 Pro. Remove Firefox from windows control panel, restart your computer, install firefox, will take place. shut down the computer, put on the computer, firefox does not start, or crashes. I am exploring now Web interface.

    I reinstalled Firefox, so it will run in order to perform the steps below.

    Here is the answer which took care of the problem,

    "Site Web TrueSuite Log On" plugin (AuthenTec), is the question.

  • In windows 7, how to make firefox automatically starts when the computer is turned on

    In Windows 7, how to make Firefox starts automatically when I turn on the computer. Note, I ask how to do this with Windows 7, xp, not vista.

    You place a shortcut to open Firefox in the start menu > programs > startup folder.

    It is essentially the same in all versions of Windows.

  • I had a start of the computer, but black screen problem. Now resolved, but have a question.

    Hi, a question for the tech support.

    My solution ended up having to remove a faulty RAM stick. Fortunately, I had two, one of whom was a 2 GB key and that went wrong was 1 GB. Whenever this faulty stick has been in the laptop, the system wouldn't start.

    The problem is now resolved after removing the defective RAM 1 GB stick.

    In any case, I was wondering on a stick of RAM that turns bad in this way.

    First question is, how are they just bad like that?

    Second question, can they be fixed all or none of the trash can right RAM sticks after that?

    Hello feroxlara,

    I see that you have any questions about RAM, is that correct?

    The answer to your first question is that there are several things that can cause a memory stick to stop working or become defective. It may be overheating, overvoltage, problems with the RAM itself, problems with the slot in the motherboard memory is underway and many more. It is a component which may fail on any system.

    As far as being able to set the memory for the average person it is not likely, here is a link to an article on the repair of RAM. He explains what would be necessary to fix a memory module and in most cases, it is easier to buy a new stick of RAM.

  • When I start first the computer, the screen opens it is what I get "hardware profile/Configuration Recovery Menu. What can I do to get rid of this pop up?

    When I start the computer first, the screen opens with this: "recovery Menu Profile / Hardware Configuration.  This pop up screen has never done this before.  Why this is happening, and how do I get rid of him.

    Hi willfeeney,

    ·         Are you still facing the issue?

    Let us know the status of the issue.

  • Windows Installer opens at the start of the computer

    Start the computer the Windows box install rises as if it is trying to install something disappears after about 20 seconds.  He has just begun this doing.

    Check here:

    What have you tried to install lately? As a printer or?
    Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp utility
    The Windows Installer CleanUp utility deletes all files and registry settings associated with the configuration of Windows Installer of a program.

    Does NOT remove an application, allows you to re - install a.

    Rob - bike

  • Instructions of Windows to start using the computer in "Safe w/networking", computer is now studk in the safe and willl not back to normal

    Windows instructions to fix a Windows Update Error 80070020 said to restart the computer using safe mode.  I did and now my computer freezes in Safe Mode and does not return to a Normal startup.  How can I return beginning to Normal?


    1. Close all running programs and open the windows if you are back on the desktop.
    2. Click on the Start () button.
    3. In the search box of the Start Menu () type msconfig and press enter on your keyboard - follow UAC prompt.
    4. The System Configuration utility opens
    5. Make sure the Normal startup is selected
    6. then click on the STARTUP tab at the top
    7. Make sure that the startup is disabled
    8. Apply - OK - then follow restart guests
  • Direct Media starts when the computer is on turn off

    Original title: Media Direct

    My Media Direct launches only when the computer is turned off. I have Vista Home Addition. When I turn it on, it will not start... Help, please!


    1. you receive error message with media direct?

    2. it worked earlier? If so, remember you make changes to your computer before this problem?

    3. are you referring to Dell Media Direct?

    Try the suggestions only if you are using Dell Media Direct

    You can visit this link and check if it helps:

    You can also post your questions in the dell forums by following this link:

  • Windows Vista Ultimate Edition started cutting the computer when certain usb devices are connected

    I had this platform for a few years with no problems. Last week when I went to sync an ipod (which I had already done several times) it abruptly shuts. I can it restarts, but when I try to sync the ipod, same thing happens, no error message full closed.  Also, I noticed that when I am attaching other devices such as an external hard drive or a blackberry it stops.  Today, he does even without fixing anything. All of these devices were working very well.  I have disassembled the computer, cleaned all fans, removed all dust bunnies. I have an ASUS MB, cpu temperature seems good. I think it's a software/driver problem. The thing is I have not installed anything, System Restore does nothing, all the usb drivers say they are up-to-date. All USB ports are affected, even most directly on the MB.  Anyone had this happen?  I think buying windows 7 and try it because I don't want to replace the motherboard, I spent $$ on this a few years ago, raid, etc. of liquid cooling.

    It should last me awhile longer, last year the food out crapped (dust bunnies blocked fan), I replaced with a 1100 watt tagan. This system had worked great for a year, so I don't think it's a matter of P/S.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi Highrever,

    1. do you have the latest Vista service pack installed on the computer?

    You can try to uninstall and reinstall the complete USB hub drivers and check.

    a. Click Start and typedevmgmt.msc and then click OK. Device Manager opens.

    b. expand Bus USB controllers.

    c. the first USB controller under Bus USB controllers right click and then click on uninstall to remove it.

    d. Repeat steps above for each controller USB is listed under Bus USB controllers.

    e. restart the computer.

    You can also check if you get special material related errors in Event Viewer about what is causing the problem.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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  • The process C:\Windows\system32\wbem\wmiprvse.exe (computer) has started closing the computer


    Machine gets the stop logging after keeping the machine idle for more than 1 hour. Check the system log

    Event Id 1074 Source USER32

    reason: C:\Windows\system32\wbem\wmiprvse.exe (computer) process launched the computer for the user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account closed following no title for this reason could be found
    Reason code: 0 x 80070015
    Type of closure: closure

    Original title: Machine get stop while that kept idle for more than 1 hour

    Hello George,.

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?
    2. You did changes to the computer before the show?

    You can try the following methods and check if they help:

    Method 1: You can run the verification and troubleshooting of power if it can help solve the problem:

    The resolution of the problems of power check things as settings timeout of your computer, which determines how long the computer waits before turning off the display or enter the mode 'sleep'.

    Open the troubleshooter of power

    Method 2: Try to reset and restore all default power Plans returns with their default settings, follow the steps below:

    1. Click Start, type Control Panel in the search box and open it.
    2. Open the Control Panel (Display icon), click/click the Power Options icon and proceed to step 3 below.
    3. Click/click on the link change plan settings to the right of the power plan that you want to restore the default settings.
    4. Click/click on the link to restore the defaults for this plan and go to
      step 5 below.
    5. Click/click on Yes to confirm.
    6. Close the Edit Plan settings window and check.

    You can check out the article below and check if it helps:
    On a computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 to an improper shutdown reason code written to SALT on initiated by the user


    For reference:

    Hope this solves the problem. If the problem persists, you can write back to us and we will be happy to help you further.

  • My screensaver from win7 refuses to start when the computer is idle

    There are very few times when my screen saver works.  Otherwise, I'm sure that there will be no screensaver when I come back from a stay, a meal, etc.


    When you set a time for a screen saver start, the computer must be completely empty (no activity) during this time, the screen saver to start.

    The most common problem if the screen saver does not work, it's that you have a device or a program that constantly generates sufficient activity to prevent the screensaver to start.

    Some of these devices and programs are devices/programs of VOIP, like Magicjack, Skype, etc. These devices and programs can be set to monitor at all times for incoming calls.

    Some antivirus programs may generate enough activity to prevent a screensaver from starting.


Maybe you are looking for

  • Restoring factory MacBook

    I was setting up new mi 1.3 Ghz macbook for the first time and it froze before the end. I stopped it and now when you try to restart, it only shows a circle with a line through it. Could someone please offer some advice? Thank you very much Alberto

  • Windows XP + kyocera FS-720 + EPSON TM, network printing problem

    Hi all, I am coneccted a Kyocera FS - 720 to compurter 'A' using a USB port, the impression here is ok. I have a second computer 'B' with an Epson thermal paralel set as printer by default, 'A' is the hollow network the Kyocera printer share. If I ha

  • My computer restarts or sleep when I don't want him!

    I have a running program that has to work even when I'm not in front of the PC. My vista restarts whenever I have to search my computer. I have to go sit and type the password for the profile and connect to the internet yet once, how can I get him to

  • Build the error associated with a class - why?

    I have a class that I am creating I can use in any application as a utility class to call the browser. However, when I add this class to an application - any application, including the HelloCascades - the build fails. By comparing the console logs I

  • Z10 allocated to the wrong Contact incoming text Messages blackBerry

    Recently, I received my Zed10 return of warranty repair for an out of the box of malfunctioning headset port and is now experiencing a thousand times more frustrating issues.  The phone is now problems when I got a text message in which he he attribu