BB10 webworks app broken after update OS

My 10 Blackberry webworks app no longer works after the OS upgrade to the Version of the OS (4181 software version). I use BBUI. JS/CSS with my request.

However, it still works in the Simulator with build At the opening of the application on the device it is just white. Nothing happens.

Anyone, any idea what could be wrong?

In the web Inspector, it seems that the bb.push does not work as there is no body.

There may be some differences in timing between the two in terms of upload script.

A recommendation is to build a debug version of the application and connect Web Inspector. Leave the application load and then in Inspector Web press CTRL + r to trigger a refresh and reload the application from the beginning. This ensures that you get the complete Console logs and it can check for errors.

Some developers try to define document.addEventListener ('webworksready',...) before the load event triggered (i.e. just directly in a

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    I just installed 1.0.5 last of the PlayBook updated software and my WebWorks app has stopped working. The app was transferred to unit using the mode of development and worked fine before the update. At the launch of the app, the app would freeze in a black screen.

    I've tried tinkering with config.xml and rebuilt the application several times. The problem would not go away. I even tried to create a minimal WebWorks with a Hello app world index.html, and this minimum app does not work either.

    Any contributions to this issue would be much appreciated!

    Thank you


    PS. Here's my config.xml file:
            rim:header="RIM-Widget: rim/widget">

    and index.html:


    Hello world!

    Hi Brad,

    Yes, there's an incompatibilities for applications built with the beta version of the SDK WebWorks on indicated such 1.0.5 in the sticky at the top of the forum post

    Our developer relations team also sent emails to registered suppliers of App World, which had applications built WebWorks with the updated beta version level.

    The link above should state the details.

  • Why is my slow-running iPad2 and apps broken after update of iOS9.3?

    It wasn't a problem before, and he started just before I upgraded and continues today.

    Force reboot your iPad...

    Then see if the problems persist.

    Press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

    If this does not help, tap settings > general > reset > reset all settings

    The monitor of your iPad.

    * No data is lost due to reset

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    I want to have a module in my BB10 WebWorks app that will allow users to compose a message by entering the information in a form, which will then be sent by e-mail to an e-mail address.

    I guess this could be done by using the EmailComposerOptions API, but I don't know how to use it.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Have you looked at the code example in the API document?

    < script="text/javascript">
    //simply invoke email composer, with no options and callbacks
    //invoke email composer with subject, body, to, cc and attachment options
        subject: "Email subject",
        body: "Email body",
        to: ["[email protected]", "[email protected]"],
        cc: ["[email protected], [email protected]"],
        attachment: ["/path/to/an/attachment.txt", "path/to/another/attachment.txt"]
    }, function (done) {
    }, function (cancel) {
    }, function (invokeError) {

    Once the function is called, map of composer email will slip into the view with all pre-filled fields and the user can then click on send.

  • App Store apps titles are broken after update to El Capitan


    I met a few weird problem after update today at El Capitan. Look at the screenshot of my App Store. Some applications are broken. Examples marked with red outline.

    Can you help me solve this problem?

    Try starting in safe mode.

    Boot mode safe.

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    I just put a message from my client asking why all the Nav and page links to the links do not work? She has just updated the Viewer on his ipad.

    After updating the content on my Ipad Viewer the same thing happened.  I now have to download each article again to see if this corrects the folio.

    I've updated the 1 article and this seems to have fixed the entire folio links. Signature and content viewer seems however to stop the links once again. At the moment I have everything works again. Is this a bug?

    The fix is now in place. Download the new version of DPS App Builder and edit or rebuild your single-folio application. The links on the page should function properly.

  • App Store broken after updating iOS 10

    Any suggestions to fix my App Store which is stuck permanently in a loading State. Sometimes it will allow me to view (but only display) updated, but not any other part. This principle applies to the message apps as well

    Tried to turn off and on again, soft reset and close all applications.

    App Store was going well until the update of ios10

    Thank you!

    Hi, be!

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. After reading your post, I understand that you have problems loading the App Store on your iPhone. I frequently use the App Store, so I know it's important to be able to see what is available for download. I'd be happy to help you!

    I advise to use the following article to troubleshoot.

    If you cannot connect to the iTunes Store

    Even if the title of the article is specific to the iTunes Store, measures and recommendations will be the same for the App Store on your iPhone as well.

    See you soon!

  • AirPlay broken after update to 10.11.2

    Hi all

    Today, I've updated my iMac end 2013 27 "and also MacBook Pro 13 of my wife 2014" at El Capitan 10.11.2. Suddenly, on both devices, we have lost the ability to use Airplay! It does not appear on iTunes and app Beamer won't find it as well. It's that everything works well until I got Yosemite 10.10.5. We have Apple TV 4 updates to the Genesis All installed. I tried restart, disable firewall. Does anyone have the same problem? Is it possible to fix it besides that the downgrading to Yosemite? I have on Time Machine backup, but not my wife.

    The strangest thing is that on his MacBook Pro, I can connect to your Apple TV screen and I can stream from Youtube. I can't do anything on my iMac. Connection of the iPhone with iOS 9.2 6 Plus works very well.

    We use the latest generation of Airport Extreme. It shows as connected Apple TV.

    After that I disconnected Airport Extreme from mains and reconnected, he miracleously started working. I have no idea why. Maybe new os x update did something wrong with Airport utility? Or functionality of the airport itself?

  • Impossible to download app from Palm app Catalog after update to

    Everything else works great.  I synchronize with an exchange server, and everything works except the ability to download apps from the app store.

    I updated yesterday morning on my way to work and it was only last night, I bought a pay for an app and tried to download it, it would fail.  I get charged by palm for her.  Soon, I got my recipt for it. In any case its details. Since it was the first app I bought the program had connect me to my palm account and add my details of payment etc... With successful, it me back to the app, said now download for free.  I click on her and she flashed a second with the app download and then returned to download for free.  OK before suggest you a stupid procedure I checked for the program to see if it was downloaded.  She had no, no not in the list of software not just anywhere on the Palm.  I called support and had me dance at a snails pace for repair tasks that I already... After 30 minutes, he said that he could afford to elevate to the next level... I could not download any free applications unfortunately they were busy and I was to receive a call back, which was 12 hours ago... OK, I was also in communication with the developer of the program.  I asked it there a way to look at this, he did he contacted their support person... It is said that it was a problem of system with the app store only... I say BS, as I bought three of these phones, I was the only mine updated and when you test other phones that they had no problem.  I also did some research forum outside and discovered that a lot of people have this same problem.  a helpful person has proposed a process to solve this problem, in my opinion, he was the resident expert forum.  the answers were why we would all have this surgery for a new phone.  I just got this day before yesterday and yesterday updated, nothing else installed...

    OK can someone tell me if it's can be corrected or does wait for another update of palm.  in the meantime, I go out an application that has already been paid for. Can anyone help?

    OK, I took the bet and called support return after not hearing from them for more than 4 days.  I got the first level and provioded them my case number and waited for what they trandfered my call.  15 minutes later, the soft female voice answered... OK calmed me...):

    After to talk and ask 1 million on the functioning of the WEBOS doctor, I thank her, hung up and trying to perform surgery...


    Dr. webos to run properly, please perform the following steps:
    Click here to start downloding last for Pixi WebOS doctor.

    This will take you to the download screen, click Download.
    the next screen will give you the opportunity to test your Java or simply continue.
    After clicking on continue, we will be asked to enter your serial number, enter it and click on submit and continue.
    the next screen invites you to download now, click on it.
    Run the Java and WebOS will work, you first selection is languge, shose englich and click Next.
    You will be asked to confirm your languge, clikc the green check mark.
    Accept the agreement, click on accept.
    On this page click Next.
    OK STOP here a the following steps with your Palm.

    * Have the USB unplugged computer first.* *.

    1. turn off the unit, remove the cover and remove the battery.
    2. replace the cover
    3 press and hold the volume up button.
    4. always hold the volume up button, re-insert the battery.
    5. always hold the volume up button, plug the USB cable into your phone.
    6. connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer
    At this point, you should see a big white USB logo on the screen.  Now you can release the volume up button and continue to run the WebODS doctor.

    Let him run and do its thing... at the end it was reload the operating system on your Pixi, the device will reboot, then own allows you to set the language and sign in to your account... they still belongs to you.

    They say that when performring this all of your apps, music and any filoes on the USB key will be ereqased.  I found that not to be true, that all my ringtones custome origins were always intacked, even the free Pandora app was still there... Save your pesonal files even when...

    After all my accounts resynced, I went to the app catalog, and once more I couldn't dowenload my apps. : )

    So alls well ends well... Even if I was able to catch my return Palm, I wish plam support would be a little better on the job and educate front line on the way to explain procedures... (sigh)  I hope that I have never recalled the support...

    I am happy with my palm again...

  • Z5 Compact FM Radio app freezing after update of Marshmallow


    Yesterday, I got my Z5c update to Android 6.0 and after that, today, I had a few problems of gel with the FM Radio app.

    2 or 3 times when I tried to minimize the application (after that I changed the FM station), I got a frozen gray screen. I tried to close the application, it appeared as farms, but radio working again (!). After about 1 minute, I got the message: "FM radio is not responding. You want to close? "I tried Yes, but still does not close! So, I did a reboot.

    Then I tried to go to: settings/applications/FM radio / erase data & clear the Cache

    Since then, it seems to behave normally. Any ideas to prevent similar future problems?

    Really appreciate your help

    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for the papers you sent me!

    We found the cause for this and it will be fixed in a future software update.

  • Windows apps disappear after update 8.1 automatic windows and keyboard do not work on the internet

    I've had my Toshiba Satellite for 2 months, but after the automatic update of the Windows apps disappear and the keyboard does not work when I go online (I can type when I connect as a guest, but I can't type as an administrator).

    Can someone help me, in steps (I'm not a computer wizzard).

    Alexander of Amsterdam

    Hi Alexander,.

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    Thank you for details on the issue. That your applications Windows disappears, I suggest you follow the methods below:

    Method 1: Troubleshooting applications.

    The apps store can automatically detect and fix any incorrect settings or errors that could cause problems with applications.

    Refer to the article below and try the steps in it.

    If the issue still persist, then follow the method below.

    Method 2: I suggest you to check if the applications have been successfully updated. See the procedure to check the updates below:

    a. press Windows + C keys in the app store for Windows.

    b. click on settings and then click App updates.

    c. click Check for updates and install available updates.

    If the issue still persist, then follow the method below.

    Method 3: Follow the steps below to give permissions to All THE APPLICATION PACKAGES.

    a. go to Program Files (make sure that "hidden files and folders is on").

    b. right-click on WindowsApps and go to Properties > Security tab > Advanced.

    c. click on continue to display object permissions.

    d. for the owner, it will show TrustedInstaller, click on change.

    e. a new window will open to certain Types of objects > select groups , and then click Ok.

    f. in the text box below to type All THE APPLICATION PACKAGES.

    g. press Ok and restart your system.

    Hope this information is useful. Let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • First elements monitor window broken after updates

    I recently installed Adobe several "updates" but am still under first elements v10 (on Win 7 64-bit).  Now the application refuses to update the monitor display window. Also, the display of the preview window seems to be broken. When the "reading" of the film, the timeline pointer moves and audio, but the video display is static.

    I can move the pointer of the timeline to a specific point and click in the monitor window and it will display a static image that reflects exactly the point in the timeline panel, but will not update with playback.  I can manually move the pointer of the chronology and the monitor display will be updated, but only within the same "clip" that the monitor has been activated in. Moving an adjacent clip or still picture and the screen does not refresh.  Does anyone have an idea what has broken or how to fix it?  Frustrating after many hours spent editing a feature film before the 'update '.

    Thanks in advance!


    What video/graphics card your computer use? If it's NVIDIA Ge Force and his version of the driver is up to date, it's your problem that cannot be resolved.

    There is a serious problem specific to the first 10 NVIDIA GeForce items requiring the use of a version of the NVIDIA driver may 2013, not the version of the updated driver.

    See the following for more details on this.

    First Elements ATR troubleshooting: PE10: NVIDIA video card Driver Roll Back

    If it is as I suspect, ex-driver work may have been automatically updated with the latest version. Your hope of recovery is to find the older having previously worked driver still on your computer and replacing the new driver with the former.

    If your computer does not use a card NVIDIA GeForce, then we'll go after other ways of solving problems.

    Please consider and provide more details.


  • ExpressCache broken after update hard drive Protection

    I have a brand new E530 with 16 GB SSD. Product Code: 3259A 29.

    I installed the ExpressCache with the C:\SWTOOLS\APPS\ExpressCache installation program. Everything went well and the thing ran faster, for a day.

    Now I have updated the Protection of hard drive, such as recommended by the ThinkVantage System Update to Version

    Since then, I get an error message during startup: "2102: error detection on HDD2 (SATA Mini).» Press ESC to continue. "After ESC the machine starts.

    But ExpressCache doesn't work anymore. On the command line the command eccmd.exe - info says "* ERROR * ECCmd required peripheral is not available: 2

    I guess, the update of the ruined the ExpressCache HD-protection - hide.

    How can I fix ExxpressCache? All eccmd.exe options, it returns the error message above.

    Thanks for your help!


    You see the error message:

    «2102: error detection on HDD2 (SATA Mini).» Press ESC to continue. »

    is from the BIOS.  You say that the mSATA SSD (or the port that it attached) is bad.

    I recommend you call the support phone number in your country to apply for warranty repair.

    The update of the software APS could not cause this, given that the APS software runs only under Windows.  You see the error message is BIOS.  I think it is purely a coincidence that HW failure is apparently happened as you updated the software of the APS.

  • Help Builder Flash broken after update

    Hi all

    I use the demo version of FB on OSX 10.5.8 and AIR beta 2 is installed. It was all working well, but once when I first started using FB in the menu, I got an alert saying there is an update available. I clicked the button to update and it appeared to start but after a minute or two, he threw an error. Since then has been broken using FB - msg: "Adobe AIR - the installation of this application is damaged... etc."

    I tried reinstalling Flashbuilder both AIR 2 beta and still get the same error.

    Frustrating. Is this a known problem and is there a solution?

    Thank you



    Can you please try to reinstall the Client of Community aid - FMAP & url =

    Mayank Kumar

    Flash Builder Engineering

  • Mail app crashes after updating iOS 10

    I've just updated to iOS 10 on my 4 32 GB iPad. The Mail app often closes unexpectedly. I have no problem to use it again, but it's boring. Since this is an Apple app, I can't uninstall & install again. Any suggestions?

    You have rebooted the iPad? Hold down the sleep and home buttons until you see the Apple.

Maybe you are looking for