best keyboard for iPad 2 air wireless

I just recently bought an iPad 2 64 GB air. as a gift.  I'm looking to get my daughter a wireless keyboard.  I looked at the keys to logitech to go ultra portable this varied reviews on Amazon and my husband has noticed that there are no £ sign key just a key $...?  and the Apple, of course, have their own which would be better for my 12 year old?


Not many American keyboards will have this symbol, but it is generally accessible, you just use the ALT or other key for access.

I do not have an Air 2, but I used a Zagg keyboard for 2 of my iPad, my older iPad 2 and my new Mini 4 and I recommend them. Very long battery life and some models are backlit.

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    iOS 9.2 has considerably weakened the Logitech Create keyboard for iPad Pro performance. He had been immediately sensitive - one of the best features that the combo made feel like a laptop. With 9.2 key strokes are interrupted at left and right, and there is a noticeable shift in the key that appears on the screen. Very, very frustrating. I seen it referred to in this thread:

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    And I saw a mention on Twitter too. What is going on? Did someone talked with Logitech?

    I'm having the same problem. After that 9.2 updated Logitech Keyboard create on my iPad Pro is essentially unusable because I'll have to go back and difficulty both dropped by strikes, rearranged, letters, etc. There is also a noticeable delay when I type when the characters appear on the screen where before it was instant. Must be something software related because it was just after the 9.2 update he started to arrive.

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    My iPad 2 Air gives me the option to "set the password immediately".

    the other two iPads give options, for example, 15 minutes, 1 hour, etc.

    All three iPads running the latest IOS.

    is this a glitch with my iPad 2 Air or are they all like that?

    Why the 'immediately' is the only option? It looks like the other options are missing.

    Thank you.

    Try the help in this support article > using a password with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

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    Is it possible to order Smart Keaboard with Russian letters? I'm in Berlin.

    The Smart keyboard is only compatible with the iPad Pro (not the iPad look), and it is currently only available in a US English layout

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    Is there a PowerPoint Viewer for the air of the ipad 2? If Yes, where can I get it?

    Yes, there are many in the app store of your choice. Here are the two. -AJ

    Microsoft has an application:

    Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Corporation


    Apple also has an application:

    Apple Keynote


  • What is the best app for my macbook air cleaning

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    It manually, do not use any cleaner, optimizer apps.

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    How can I have my iPad print for my laptop HP Office jet 100 printer.


    The sheet shows no joy indeed for the Officejet 100 is for another market. Quick and easy way: synchronize with your computer and print it from there.

    Kind regards.

  • Transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad 2 Air

    How can I transfer contacts iPhone 5 c for iPad 2 air. The phone and iPad have the last iOS.

    It depends on how you manage your contacts. If you use iCloud, then you would sign in with the same ID to iCloud on devices and check Contacts on both devices. If you use another cloud service, same thing. If you use an application supported on the computer, such as Outlook, you would then synchronize the two devices to this computer, after checking the contacts in iTunes.

  • For the iPad 2 air, what is the best app for note taking allows you to use a removable keyboard and a stylus? Which is also a stylus good to use?

    I am looking to buy an iPad 2 air to take notes in college classes and I was wondering what is a good software that allows an external keyboard (like a laptop) to type notes and also allows the drawing with a stylus? What is a good pen that is compatible with the app and the iPad 2 air?

    If you really want to use stylus to take notes or draw you should go for iPad Pro with Apple pencil. Nothing else offers good experience especially for hand writing. If you ok with drawing then only pencil FiftyThree is a good choice on iPad 2 Air (but again, it is much worse in my opinion, then iPad Pro + Apple pencil). FiftyThree is also one of the best (paper) apps for note taking (and it works well with their pencil).

    The keyboards are wide work system and not a dependent application. You can go for any model of the 3rd party like you which is compatible with iPad air 2. Advice covers the Apple Smart keyboard are specific to the Pro (they need specific for Pro iPad connector).

  • How can I connect my external keyboard for apple iPad 2 to my new iPad 2 Air?

    How can I reach my 4 year old apple wifi external keyboard that I used the old iPad 2 for my new iPad 2 air?

    What is a bluetooth keyboard?

    You'll have to maybe disable your old iPad then, matching to ensure that bluetooth is activated, pair it with your new ipad

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    I found that the Amazon is the best source for such things. Can take some research, but they have the best inventory of electronic pieces anywhere.

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    I would like to copy all the data on my Ipad 2 for the new Ipad Pro Air I just bought to avoid Delisle in downloading applications.


    You'll be happy to learn that it is a very easy process!

    This should help:

    Transfer the contents of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a new device - Apple Support

    Let me know how you go!

    All the best.

  • What are the best deals for an iPad?

    What are the best deals for an iPad?

    That best meets your needs. We do not know what those needs are, it is really not possible to say which cases would be best for you.  I would recommend that search you Amazon for the type of case (business keyboard, leather case, etc.) in which your interests and then read the comments for those who is very much appreciated.

  • Cover for iPad Keyboard Pro

    Hi guys,.

    Y at - it a lid that fits with an iPad Pro keyboard connected. I understand that the keyboard acts as a cover for the screen, but my iPad in two weeks has scratches all over in the back of it that the keyboard does not cover this part of the iPad.

    Any ideas, or is simply poorly designed keyboard Pro iPad?

    The silicone case that Apple sells works great with the keyboard.

  • I just bought a keybboard ultra thin logitech for iPad air. It has a port for a small cable, but no cable in the box. What is the port for, and what don't get me?

    I just bought a keybboard ultra thin logitech for iPad air. It has a port for a small cable, but no cable in the box. What is the port for, and what don't get me?

    Have you tried the Logitech support site?

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