BlackBerry smartphones no Activation Codes

After an upgrade of the Blackberry software, I tried to follow the instructions to reinstall the purchased applications from Blackberry App World. After scoring in My World, however, none of the applications contained therein have their activation codes in the details. All ask me to re-purchase. I have all my emails received as proof of purchase, but I need to reinstall correctly activation codes.

As the Blackberry offers no direct email support or even the App World, I have to post here. Then... of solutions?

seeker2734 wrote:

  1. It does not seem to be a 'Clear' option when I point out a request in MyWorld (after login) and hit the BBKey. I help Log In (even if I supposedly already connected and received the message that MyWorld synchronized my purchases, which he did not), see details, recommend, Contact, Application Switch and Close support.

Weird... weird... I met not what you are dealing with, so I think that sort of means to cope. Try these things as well:

CEAR of the application cache:

1. open the App World

2. go to my world

3. for the BB keyboard-oriented - hold down the ALT key and press on, in the sequence R, then S, then T

3. for Storm/Pearl - hold the num-lock (! 123 button) so that it hangs and then press on, in the sequence 3, then 4, then)

4A. If your BB locks after issuing clear cache, do a battery pull reboot

Start with AppWorld...

Check your PayPal - log in since a PC/browser and make sure that the credentials you use it are identical to those that allows you to connect to MyWorld. Also to ensure that the credit card that you have set to PayPal is current and valid.

Also, please try a hard reset: turn on, remove the back cover and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes. See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

In addition, you can try this sequence:

(1) AppWorld remove your BB (Homescreen > Options > Advanced Options > Applications)-if she prays that you restart the BB to do.

(2) a Batt Pull restart as described above.

(3) get a new link and install a new copy of AppWorld

  • Yet once, if he asks to restart, do.

(4) restart another Batt-sweater

(5) see if it works now.

seeker2734 wrote:

  1. Why App World just doesn't understand the activation keys in the Order Confirmation email? That would solve what seems to be a rather failing of the MyWorld implementation if I have to go through all these complete uninstall / reinstall just to find an activation key.

I have no idea... I did not write AppWorld, so I can't answer. It works the way it works. Why it works as it is not for me to know.

seeker2734 wrote:

  1. If these steps do not work (I'm very doubtful), specifies how to access MyWorld with an idea of my purchases?

Road RIM for AppWorld in-house support is as follows... go to this URL:

and complete the form. Use, in the "Please select a component:"on the ground, AppWorld billing/payment selection. " Any other setting routera simply anonymously you on these public forums.  If you do not have an "order number" for that field, just use whatever it is (for example, '123456'). If the shape responds by telling you that your PIN is not valid, please report this fact back here also there is a path separate resolution for this problem.

I hope something there get it.

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    Hey Chris_Hansen,

    Welcome to BlackBerry Support Community Forums.

    I'd say create the user to communicate with its mobile service provider to verify that they are configured to BlackBerry Enterprise Service.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you

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    Here is the link where I found the instructions on a French-language forum for reload applications using the DOS commands, even if your PC does not see your smartphone when connected. The error occurs when the phone is disconnected from the prosecution, which is starting the program causing the software down and release the error code 102.

    I think that the same procedure can be used for many different with phone software problems when it fails

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    On the BlackBerry, go to the phone application (or hit the Green call button), and then click the button Menu (button to the left of the trackball) and select Options--> Smart Dialing.  Scroll down to code: and enter your area code here.

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    You should be OK now.

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    So happy to report that there is a free online service which will provide the phones imei number unlock code and code MEP. The site is and it is excellent - very thorough, very easy to understand, even for the individual technician or novice. Read the FAQ and the rest of the site before, but I was convinced, it's a legitimate service, and I was not disappointed.

    This can be a quite complicated depending on a number of factors, but the site explains the variety of scenarios and provides solutions and measures to address everyone, including how to get the MEP ID. They provide only free service once, but then it's only a charge of US $ 3 million. I received my code for free within 18 hours, and it worked perfectly. There was the error codes or other problems, this site provided the next steps and solutions.

    To fellow forum member iansantos, I thank you for your assistance... I found the site and used until I saw your email, but I thank you for your offer.

    Please spread the word about "" to other BB owners frustrated. My ATT service provider has been absolutely no help and not wanting to go to the next step - contact RIM, which they could have easily done. RIM has been completely inaccessible, unless I wanted to pay for technical support. They do not work by phone or online in a user-friendly way. The whole process to deal with ATT and the RIM was an experience in frustration resulting in no time.

    I thank God for the search engines... and for my Blackberry as a free professional Web site services!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones getting license code?

    Hi all!

    I had problem with English-Russian-English downloaded Deluxe talking dictionary Apps Version: 2.0.2

    My order 17000964 February 22,2013 were remove account 29.99 US to my credit card but no received from BlackBerry App World license key. I'm trying to reinstall, but same problem. That, I am checked in my world where under installed apps does not license code

    Advice me, please! What can I do?

    Best regards

    Try this, open your AppWorld.

    Click on MyWorld.

    Press the Menu button > refresh list.

    It now appears as an application not installed?

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Intellisync WARNING Code 0x3b21

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    Visit this link and follow the steps indicated by the bifocals

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    Hey, Hopey.

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    If the BlackBerry is password protected and you do not know the password, it cannot be reset.

    Well, you will need to enter the password 10 times and the camera well do a security wipe and then you can create a new password.

    This article provide more information on the security of password:

    Thank you.

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    A colleague of mine to buy a blackBerry "BOLD" last week and asked me if I would help set up. I ran the installation disc to install the Desktop Manager so that I could sync the "BOLD" with Outlook 2003 (we do not have an exchange server so I use the BlackBerry redirector). However, when I try to go through the initial sync-> synchronization-> synchronization configuration (button) Setup, just before the menu displays, I get the software Intellisync 'experienced attention. Warning code - 0x3b21. Check the documentation. "error.

    I tried install disk (DM 4.6), installs from the Web of BlackBerry (DM 4.6 and 4.7) site and installs from AT & T (4.6 DM) site and I get the same error.  (NOTE: between each new installation, I did a complete uninstall - remove programs, new edition and deletion of folder of files)

    I went through all the posts that seemed even semi-connexes and have not found a solution that works.

    Because that, in each a complete uninstall I made, I didn't once a Puma Technologies or input file, I think that my problem lies somewhere with this particular folder/file/program is not installed, but I need help/direction if that is the case.

    Thanks for any help!

    So, after trying different configurations, I discovered that my problem is not the "0x3b21" error message, but rather, I tried to do something that I am not set up to do.

    When you install the desktop software, I me by selecting the "integrate with work Email" because that's what I wanted to do. integrate with an email account that is already put in place to work. However, I did notice the part of having an exchange server, which we don't have in our company (all of our electronic mail is routed through a mail client based on the web through our ISP).

    Finally, I tried the option "Integrate with personal messaging" and low and behold, I was able to sync my calendar, tasks and contacts, without any problem.

    Unfortunately, I don't know how to sync my email (which is important), but I will do more research before you start a new thread, because this problem is not applicable to this topic.

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    Thank you

    Have you would find this app in the app world?

  • BlackBerry smartphone Pin bar code

    Hi all, I wanted to know if there is a way to print my pine bar code or save it as a jpeg file, I can the printed on the back of my business card. Does anyone know how to do this?

    Thank you

    Good idea! They are known as QR codes, by the way.

    In your case, you can easily do this by using a screen capture software to capture an image of your QRcode on the screen, then sending an e-mail to yourself.

    Read this post:

    Just ignore the final stages of tha on your screen shot in this forum posting.

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    It started to happen about 6 of my users. When they unlock their 8900's that the Enterprise Activation screen appears (with no informed information) run us BES5.0 and these devices have been activated for at least 12 months. No money changers have been made to the server or policy in more than a month. Everyone knows this? Obviously all what they need to do is to close it, but then it comes back the next time that they unlock the device. Thanks, Edd...

    I just found this course to blackberryforums, it seems that a reactivation of the unit does not seem to solve the problem... I'll give it a try later today if I have time, TGIF!

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    Can someone tell me what this error message?  I try to download the Sirius/XM app and get this message.

    Your download source has been removed or deleted the cod files required for installation.

    In other words, not good... will not work.

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