BlackBerry Z10 Contacts in the process of disappearance

I don't know what is happening, but I noticed recently that many of my contacts are not found. It is really strange because some of these contacts are calling on a regular basis.

Try going into settings > accounts and disable sync Contacts. Save the settings. Give it a few minutes and then turn it back on Contacts sync. See if they have all the sync back.

If this still does not work then I suggest posting in the thread of Microsoft I posted. Again, this is not a problem of BlackBerry.

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  • BlackBerry Z10 Hi, (love the z10) I vs a BB BBmap Q contacts contacts...

    Hello world

    How (or can I) link a contact in contacts in BB with their location saved in BB maps?

    That is to say 'Bill' is in the contacts, but the location of his room is in BB maps. Is there (there will be) a way to synchronize the location on the map

    in contact with 'Bill' without flipping backwards?

    Hey GjDub,

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    Thanks for the question.

    This is a great idea, but currently this is not supported in BlackBerry 10.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    See you soon.

  • BlackBerry Z10 Contacts account email, LinkedIn and Facebook are not not in the Contacts application

    Dear users, dear experts,

    I fight for the list of my contacts in the Contacts app for all my accounts. I'm new to BB OS10 terminology, so please be patient with me - I try my best to explain my problem in detail.

    * contacts does not show for the email on gmail/Google account:

    First time I put in place, he read contacts perfectly (I know, BB got the Google contacts, because this is the only way that they could be received). Contacts were / are listed under the entry 'All' (the contacts with pictures displayed a screen black contacts without a square picture, others empty reserved space for a photo). But the contacts don't show topic ' email contact

    Then I deleted the email account. Contacts were still under 'all '. I find the command "Purge/delete local contacts" - who did nothing apparent - the contacts were always listed under the heading 'All', only. I created the gmail account again, but the result/entry has not changed: the entry 'email@gmail' were still empty ("contactless" shown).

    * contacts does not show for the LinkedIn and Facebook account:

    I have a free LinkedIn account and Facebook accounts. No contact is listed for these entries in the Contact request. But there are invitations and communication listed in the hub on both accounts, i.e. the connection is configured correctly, IMO.

    I'm stuck. I don't see any contact under "e-mail", LinkedIn, and Facebook in the Contacts application. The only possible solution I see now is reboot my BB and start with putting in place. That's not much, but I want to save me a wrong, if there were an easy solution to this.

    BB OS 10.2.1

    Put up-to-date via BB world applications

    I look forward to hearing any advice.

    See you soon,.

    It seems to me something is not connected, as your Gmail account is not configured to synchronize contacts.

    As perhaps they did once, but no more.

    I would say that you go to settings > accounts and delete your gmail account, restart the device and add this account again. You should see (and this varies with different variants of Gmail accounts) the ability to sync the contacts (and calendar).

    But lighten your local contacts to reproduce the gmail contacts, you'll also need clear all local contacts again, I hope it will work this time. Settings > accounts > tap the three points more > clear local Contacts.

  • BlackBerry Z10 and thus, the trouble begins... bold 9900 backup restore to z10?

    Very happy that my z10 has arrived!

    The z10 uses the link instead of office.  I supported my bold 9900 before this happened.  How can I get that restored the z10, so I can get my contacts etc.?

    Of course, pre-order the tech is like... Oh no problem, simply switch your sim card & it will be there, but... It is not so.

    I had to call tech support & we are working on that.

    You can try if you have the "BOLD" phone... Download the Blackberry link (instead of the desktop computer)... to open the link, "BOLD", plug in bold. It should ask you to transfer data.  that & it invites to plug your z10 & then begins the transfer of data.

    I warn you this right now, mine is stuck at transfer 3.4 MB of 383.8 MB is yet to see if this work.  I have a slow computer, so I don't know if it's just the computer it slows down or is it really stuck.

  • BlackBerry Z10 cannot add the iCloud IMAP e-mail. Weird error message.


    Just, I've got my mobile business phone, a BlackBerry Z10 and wanted to add my iCloud service in the personal workspace. The contacts and the synchronization of calendar just fine, but when you add the mail I get this error message:

    "order: b 'CAPABILITY'-online socket error:-too much reading 0.

    Also when you try to add the e-mail as an IMAP account standard account, enter all parameters according to Apple, I always get the error message once he wants to "save and check your settings. I also tried different combinations of ports (587, 25), smtp, SSL and StarTLS. Using the user name with or without the Use instead,... etc. etc. Always get this error message.

    Then I though perhaps administrators blocked this feature, however I was able to add my personal gmail account, which would have been the case if they would block private emails.

    Any help much appreciated!

    Thank you, Christoph

    I have solved the problem now.

    It is not logical to me, but it works.

    Rather than take the path normal through the settings, accounts, add imap, etc.

    I did this:

    1. slide to the left to open the hub

    2. press the button 'More' at the bottom right

    3. tap on settings

    4. type e-mail accounts

    5. tap on add account

    6. tap on advanced

    7. tap on IMAP

    Then follow the normal steps by filling out the form.

    I know that (I think) is in the same place to complete the form only when you go through the steps described in the knowledge base article.

    Still, I can't explain why, but it worked for me. Using the same exact references.

    Thanks for your support tho!

  • BlackBerry Z10 Contacts unsaved?

    I did a complete backup of my Z10 using the BB link.

    Restored from my backup to link aid and now two thirds of my contacts have disappeared.

    I wonder if the full backup, I've done was not able to capture all my contacts I tried restore several times, often to restart my Mac and my Z10. I reinstalled BB connection on my Mac but still no dice.

    Help, please!

    Nevermind, syncing with my mac contacts recovered the missing contacts.

    Why the link is so terrible? I will devote energy to reorganize completely a perfectly functional and calendar friendly user looks like a loss compared to the attachment link.

    Apart form do not back up my contacts effectively it also causes multiple duplicates of some contacts. There is a contact I have 18 times. I mean honestly...

  • BlackBerry Z10 who developed the Facebook app?

    Dear all,

    Who developed the facebook app for blackberry z10. What is RIM? or Facebook?

    RIM developed Facebook for Blackberry z10

  • BlackBerry store contacts from the phone to the memory card

    Hi all

    I'm new to cascades of blackberry development.

    I want to develop an application where I can store all contacts from the phone to memory card, then plugin this memory card to another blackberry phone and retrieve. Development must be done using waterfalls

    Please tell about how to proceed. Any help/link would be appreciated.

    Thank you best regards &,.


    I would say using the vcard format established for this.

    and the appropriate import function

  • BlackBerry Z10 save on the home screen does not not after restoring


    My Z10 was stolen last week, fortunately I did a backup of a few days before. I bought an other Z10 now restored my backup for it and everything seemed to go very smoothly. Until I tried to save a url from the browser to the home screen.

    The process seems to go normally, except that the icon never appears on the home screen. Savings in the form of bookmarks URL works, but I want to save some to the homescreen lke I used to be able to do.

    I met other Z10 owners who have the same problem after doing a restore and have not been able to find a solution.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    It works!

    Do you have a factory reset, restored my backup again and this time it worked. The only thing that was different was a new (released some time this afternoon) update link to BB.

    I don't know if re-restoration has fixed the problem or update link BB before the re - restore the fixed. Although my "instinct" is that the link BB update has solved, because all my "home screen" shortcuts also reappear (they were absent after the first attempt).

  • BlackBerry Z10 menu drop-down ("Notifications", "Alarm") disappears!

    My z10 works beautifully.

    Except in the last days whenever I do the drop-down list active (the one accessible by sliding from senior management downwards) and try to click "Alarm" or "Notifications", the menu drop down menu scans back and disappears!

    In other words, it seems that * just * these two buttons (alarm and Notifications) are disabled, so the effect is the same, as if I was to click on the black background of the drop in the menu drop-down or anywhere else but an active button. By pressing the buttons or notifications in all sorts of ways has the same effect: the banner just think you want to exit the menu and disappears.

    Any ideas why this happens? Am I the only one?

    I had to return the phone and get a new one.

  • E-mail blackBerry Z10 contacts

    How to make a group emailing? You can do it on the old bbs. "BOLD", storm, torch, etc..

    Hello geniedar,

    On the smartphone BlackBerry Z10 feature groups or personal distribution lists is currently not available.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Thank you.

  • When I try to change a simple contact form the editing box disappears when I click it - any ideas?

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    I found a temporary solution - I went back to the previous version of Muse (I had only updated earlier today) and the context menu was still working.

    I must admit to being disappointed with the last version; my mouse button does not work on some sections and I have to resort to using the keyboard arrows to navigate. I stick with the older one who works until a few other updates have arrived. TIP - don't uninstall previous versions or save files (use a new name for each version of muse) - you will need them!

  • Way in the process of disappearance in dΘplaτant mouse

    Hi all!

    I came across a rather painful problem with Illustrator. It may be a matter of preference, but I doubt it somehow.

    When I use the tool pen to create a new path, the path seems to disappear whenever I have hold the left button of the mouse to adjust the curve of the anchor point to simply add a new.

    Attached below is the picture of the problem, I hope sincerely that someone can help me, since the issue has been draining the life out of me!

    Left: what the entire path looks like when I'm hanging out another point

    Right: what it looks like once I release the left button of the mouse - I care a lot for the entire path to appear during the process of the whole creation

    Thank you

    Lunar sky

    The path segment never gives up to mouseup.

    Has ever.

  • BlackBerry Z10 always display the digital line above keyboard


    Does anyone know where can I configure my blackberry to always display the keyboard with the numeric keys?

    By default:

    Desired (not only with the password fields, but everywhere):

    Thank you!

    There are no parameters to the keyboard and language for including the number bar.

    Would be impractical, with the bar higher than that, it would take more than half of the screen.

  • Text in the text captions in the process of disappearing in Captivate 6

    Hi, we have a problem of corruption. We use Captivate The text in the slide captions disappear when we open the file. And it is only the text itself, the text box is visible. When you look at the film, the text is there, and if we select a legend on the blade and move it, the text appears again. However, if we do this, save and close the file, the text will disappear from the slide again once the file open.

    These files as summer created in CS5, we later moved to CS5.5, then knit using 6. My colleague and I are working equally between 32 and 64 bit.

    If someone has had this problem before or someone knows a solution for this problem? This is getting very frustrating because all our files have been to corrupt as apparent that without reason. Thank you.


    Welcome to the Forum from Adobe.

    You can try copy paste all slides empty new project.

    Also try to make a new empty project and insert a text caption and check whether you are faced with the same question.

    Thank you


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