By using an activated copy of Windows on multiple computers

I am aware of a situation where a single activated copy of Windows (with a single license, no volume) is distributed on multiple computers for commercial purposes. This is done in a single image using the image of several computers.

The company is to buy a new license for each PC, but these licenses are not actually used and active on new computers. The license sticker is just attached to the computer while the pre-activated Windows copy stays on the PC.

This means that many computers were shipped with the same license installed.

Can someone tell what the legal situation of this please? I'm afraid that even if they buy the licenses, they still distribute licensed copied on several PC.


It is not legal, and additional computers will be later (3 months) blocked and begin to restart every 2 hours.

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    Hi Nick,

    We wish to inform you that you can install and activate the subscription on 2 machines, however, does not have both at the same time.

    Please check section 1.1 to the below mentioned link. 0407_2200.pdf

    Thank you

    Atul Saini

  • Authenticity of used / second-hand copy of Windows 7 Ultimate retail

    Greetings.  So, I wanted to buy a legitimate copy of Windows 7 Ultimate retail.  It seems that it is no longer available new, leaving me to buy a copy of used / pre-owned.  (Are BTW there other options?)

    I found a seller in private through the Amazon and looked as close as possible to the Internet. all the evidence strongly suggests that it is a reliable seller with an established reputation, a copy in good faith used the marketing software.  So I paid a reasonable price and received the product, including complete packaging that you would expect to find in a store, with all the certificates and product keys and hologrammed DVD and everything else looking as it should.

    This morning, I installed the Win7 and activated the installation with the key of product without any difficulty.  Then I found some verification page somewhere in "authentic", I don't remember the URL exactly right now, but it downloads a few small .exe, whereupon the reports page entirely installation that it is authentic.

    Then I found the utility to produce the report "diagnosis." the content of this I'm going to paste below down.  The "292" in the product ID seems not to be a MSDN key, as I see it frequently reported here; can anyone confirm that these figures correspond to a retail copy bought in the United States through normal legitimate channels?

    I saw very many reports of MSDN product keys sold with retail packing counterfeit, but this doesn't seem to be what I have?

    Also, I've seen no reports of normal retail licenses copied or sold several times, so it does not seem likely to me?

    Anyone got any comments on that?  I am in the window where I could return this software for a refund, but I see no evidence that this copy is far from authentic and legitimate.

    Is it possible to call Microsoft and have them give no explanation as to how many times a certain license had been activated before?

    All advice and information is welcome!

    Thank you-


    Diagnostic report (1.9.0027.0):
    Validation of Windows data-->

    Validation code: 0
    Code of Validation caching online: 0x0
    Windows product key: *-* - 6JXX6 - PFYKM-HW26Y
    Windows product key hash: RSlivB4lS3nS9Eegll1WssFg1es =
    Windows product ID: 00426-292-1632613-85911
    Windows product ID type: 5
    Windows license type: retail
    The Windows OS version: 6.1.7600.2.00010100.0.0.001
    ID: {A588D448-9FFD-43E3-881D-0F21DA23ECA4} (1)
    Admin: Yes
    TestCab: 0x0
    LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    Signed by: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    Product name: Windows 7 Ultimate
    Architecture: 0x00000000
    Build lab: 7600.win7_rtm. 090713 1255
    TTS error:
    Validation of diagnosis:
    Resolution state: n/a

    Given Vista WgaER-->
    ThreatID (s): n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    Version: N/a, hr = 0 x 80070002

    Windows XP Notifications data-->
    Cached result: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    File: No.
    Version: N/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    WgaTray.exe signed by: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    WgaLogon.dll signed by: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002

    OGA Notifications data-->
    Cached result: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    Version: N/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    OGAExec.exe signed by: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    OGAAddin.dll signed by: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002

    OGA data-->
    Office status: 109 n/a
    OGA Version: N/a, 0 x 80070002
    Signed by: n/a, hr = 0 x 80070002
    Office Diagnostics: 025D1FF3-364-80041010_025D1FF3-229-80041010_025D1FF3-230-1_025D1FF3-517-80040154_025D1FF3-237-80040154_025D1FF3-238-2_025D1FF3-244-80070002_025D1FF3-258-3

    Data browser-->
    Proxy settings: N/A
    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Win32)
    Default browser: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
    Download signed ActiveX controls: fast
    Download unsigned ActiveX controls: disabled
    Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: allowed
    Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe: disabled
    Allow the Internet Explorer Webbrowser control scripts: disabled
    Active scripting: allowed
    Recognized ActiveX controls safe for scripting: allowed

    Analysis of file data-->

    Other data-->
    Office details: {A588D448-9FFD-43E3-881D-0F21DA23ECA4}1.9.0027.06.1.7600.2.00010100.0.0.001x 32*-*-*-*-HW26Y00426-292-1632613-859115S-1-5-21-886498224-101000718-1902776652LENOVO4239CTOLENOVO8AET51WW (1.31)20110808000000.000000 + 00031BB3607018400FE04090409Time(GMT-05:00) Standard is03LENOVOTP-8A 109

    Content Spsys.log: 0 x 80070002

    License data-->
    The software licensing service version: 6.1.7600.16385

    Name: Windows 7 Ultimate edition
    Description: operating system Windows - Windows (r) 7, retail channel
    Activation ID: ac96e1a8-6cc4-4310-a4ff-332ce77fb5b8
    ID of the application: 55c92734-d682-4d71-983e-d6ec3f16059f
    Extended PID: 00426-00170-292-163261-00-1033-7600.0000-0452016
    Installation ID: 000460162045765430418861247543685630581216027453778691
    Processor certificate URL:
    The machine certificate URL:
    Use license URL:
    Product key certificate URL:
    Partial product key: HW26Y
    License status: licensed
    Remaining Windows rearm count: 3
    Trust time: 14/02/2016-15:03:29

    Windows Activation Technologies-->
    HrOffline: 0x00000000
    HrOnline: n/a
    Beyond: 0 x 0000000000000000
    Event time stamp: n/a
    ActiveX: Registered, Version: 7.1.7600.16395
    The admin service: recorded, Version: 7.1.7600.16395
    Output beyond bitmask:

    --> HWID data

    Activation 1.0 data OEM-->

    Activation 2.0 data OEM-->
    BIOS valid for OA 2.0: Yes
    Windows marker version: 0 x 20001
    OEMID and OEMTableID consistent: Yes
    BIOS information:
    ACPI Table name OEMID value OEMTableID value
    ASF!            LENOVO TP - 8A

    The appeal of Microsoft not you will get this information.

    I wouldn't worry, however, because the license is currently enabled. Any attempt to activate the software that also will signal being blocked on the other computer as it is activated on your.

  • Is it safe to use a new copy of windows 7 on a computer without saving the license key?

    I have not registered my copy of windows 7 because I want to save it to a new computer.

    You can always do an install without Windows 7 key (skip entered the product key during the installation) and use Windows 7 until 30 days before activation.

    Registration is different and is not mandatory, but activation of the product is because it matches the license to your machine.

  • can I use one installation of windows on multiple computers.

    Can I use a single installation of windows media 7, 8 (setup) on multiple computers and then use their individual serial keys I bought. Just in case a dvd breaks.

    This is the product key that doesn't count installation material.  However, the computer must be able to support the version of Windows that is on the DVD.  For example, 32 - bit or 64 - bit.  invariably, you need spend a little time looking for specific drivers too the web site of the manufacturer.

  • How can I upgrade my copy of FCP on multiple computers

    How can I upgrade my copy of FCP on several computers for non-commercial use?

    IF you own or control the machines you can copy from one computer to the other. Be a dream of jump used is the easiest way.

  • can I install windows on multiple computers?

    Hello, I recently bought windows 8.1 pro OEM from an online store. What I want to know I have install this OS on multiple computers?

    Hello, I recently bought windows 8.1 pro OEM from an online store. What I want to know I have install this OS on multiple computers?


    No, you can not install it on the machine and then ONE more.

    A license is for a SINGLE installation.


    And in OEM, you can't even transfer them to another machine so that it is on fails.

    Read this retail and OEM Licenses:

    If the laptop came with the preinstalled Windows operating system (Dell, HP, Acer, etc.), this product key supplied with the laptop is preinstalled OEM license and is not transferable.

    OEM license/product key (systems of operating pre-installed on Dell, HP, etc.) is related to the first machine it is installed on and dies when dies of this machine.

    The above applies also to OEM system builders licenses.

    License of operating system in detail, that you buy and install yourself, are allowed to be transferred to another machine.

    And retail licenses also can be installed on a machine at one time.


    And please read this, you can:

    See you soon.

  • Dead hard drive on desktop, received a cell phone game, but don't know about using my old copy of windows 7?

    My hard drive died on my old desktop I bought windows 7 ultimate, I updated to windows XP that came on the Dell to Win7 from the month last shortly after I installed it, I got a cell phone game to my brother, and now that I have a computer again, I would really go back to Win7 ultimate Win7 home located on here as well as to get a good new start with my laptop.

    The only thing that that worries me is the product key, I am able to use my Win7 from the month last to upgrade from home? As I said, I want a new start on the laptop I have gave me, but I can't afford to pay another $ 380 for Win7 Ultimate. The office that I used was old, and he finally bit the dust. The hard drive is dead, and now the office went too computer heaven.

    Any help will be great. Im just a little bit disappointed, because I put my copy of Win7 from the month last on a computer that died some time after, and now I'm on nearly 400 OS on something I'm not quite sure that I can use again.

    Yes, you can reuse the Windows 7 Ultimate license, you may have to reactivate if by phone.

    If the license for Windows 7 Ultimate, you have access to is a retail version update or complete, you can use the product key and the Express upgrade from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Ultimate. First of all, check that the edition of Windows 7, you are upgrading is already enabled (if it isn't, you will encounter complications and that you might start all by performing a clean installation). Click Start, type Anytime Upgrade, click on the option enter a key, enter the key of Windows 7 Ultimate edition at the request, click Next, wait while checking the key, accept the license agreement, click on upgrade, wait while the software upgrades, (it may take 10 minutes or more depending on the if updates are required) your computer restarts automatically, after the reboot, Windows 7 will notify you updating the computer, the computer will restart once more automatically and will be completed the upgrade, a window will appear notifying the upgrade was successful and your computer is ready to use, click Close, you should be upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate files the stored settings and programs.

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • Cannot use the files copied from Windows 8/7/Vista in windows XP.

    Always there are people who use Windows Xp, the problem is that when I copy the files in my USB and use it in my friends house, then Windows XP said 'pen drive not formatted ".

    Always there are people who use Windows Xp, the problem is that when I copy the files in my USB and use it in my friends house, then Windows XP said 'pen drive not formatted ".

    How is the "pen drive" formatted - with what the specific OS file system?
    This is more likely to be a file system - do not operating system (although related, not as much as you might think)-problem.  Another possibility is a problem hardware or bad driver on the machine Windows XP itself.  It could also be, although rare, an incompatible 'USB key '.
    What is the 'pen drive' is formatted with the file system is essentially - the first question to ask.  Then - if I were you - I everything on the 'pen drive' copy on a computer which can be read - if committed to the machine more common denominator (in this case the Windows XP machine) you will use and FORMAT this 'pen drive' using this machine.  One of the few possible things will happen no doubt...

    (1) you'll find you format it with a version of NTFS that will work in all areas - all the machines that you can use with Windows XP or more on them.  Then this problem will disappear.

    (2) you will find there * is * something wrong with the Windows XP specific in question and this machine is not a problem easily solved this and your "pen drive" probably will work on someone elses machine Windows XP very well as it existed before.

    (3) you will end up with a FAT32 formatted "pen drive" that should work on most any system - as long as you don't need to transfer * really * large individual files.

  • Bought a new PC. Can I use my old copy of Windows XP Professional on the new computer? If so, how can I migrate this course?

    Hello.. I bought a Microsoft Windows XP Professional genuine Cd a few years ago. But my PC is now out of use due to some electrical problems and WIN XP

    has been installed on this computer. Now, I bought a new PC how can I obtain a new permit for the same windows, that I am able to use it on my new PC? Thank you

    original title: new license for my WIN XP

    It seems that you bought an XP license retail.  If so, you can just install this same drive with the same license key on your new machine as your old machine is no longer operational.  A retail license should be transferable, while an OEM license is bound to the first machine that it has been installed on.

    Details are set out on this Microsoft license FAQ:

    "Of Microsoft license issues.
      <> >


  • Using the same disk to install on multiple computers.


    I know this question has been asked several times, but this question is more direct to me then the others I found.

    I ran into the debate on a forum of unknown on multi use of the XP installation disc.

    I just got a new job at the refurbishment of old computers, which is essentially just dustfilled and in rare cases have bad ram, hdd, gpu, psu or any other malfunction.

    Is it against MS EULA to use a CD to install on several computers, and of course only on computers that have the official Windows key stuck on them? (in this case Win XP Home and Pro, we do not get any pc that can handle more OS then XP, and all XP get recycled accordingly to the latest laws of recycling)

    Is there a key over there that I can use on computers that has no key Windows on them, which allows me to install Windows and give the person 30 to 60 days is to activate it after that that it is sold? (is it possible that the key would be activated after that that she was sold (the new owner of the PC boots), in which case I could not sell with for 30-60 days)

    I have the CD original edition family and professional, but they have SP2 on them. Is there anywhere I can download the latest version of PRO and Home? or do I me Intergrate SP3 and all the extras patches myself? Is it an official MS website which can help me in creating the update installation CD (with SP3 and all recent updates)?

    Microsoft makes PC reconditioned its last target of anti-piracy WGA

    Microsoft authorized service center program helps extend the life of PCs

    Programs Microsoft Reacondicionador

    Carey Frisch

  • Windows 7, can't use my activation key

    Ive had my computer since a year and a half and I've used my original copy of windows 7. Ive re installed a few times but recently I got a new netwrking card and I wanted to reinstall windows from the hard drive was full of allmost. Now, when I type my activation key it says that it can not be used. Probably ive reinstalled oo much time on the same pc, but please help. I refuse to buy a new product key if I have my original here.

    Clave producto parcial: YB7PX
    State of her license: period of gracia dinna
    Time remaining: 4380 UNAMET (s) (3 dia (s))
    case of failure of the online activation:

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)

    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4

    (2) press the ENTER"" key.

    (3) select your "country" in the list.

    (4) choose the option "activate phone".

    5) stay on the phone (do not meet all the automatic guests) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.

    (6) explain your question clearly to the support person.

  • Accidentally updated my copy of Windows XP from SP2 to SP3. Is this legal?

    original title: upgrade WIndows XP error!

    I had windows xp edition SP2 family and my friend decided to upgrade using an illegal copy of windows xp service pack 3, is there anyway I can return to my legal version or be able to activate the one I have.

    Thank you

    Well, it's not really illegal to install windows on windows.

    in other words, let's say your computer preinstalled with windows sp2 came.

    then you went to the store and bought windows sp3 and sp2 installed.

    the scenario would not be illegal, but it would be a waste of money.

    Therefore, if the sp3 of windows that is installed on your system has not been activated on another computer 'or' it was turned off from the other computer, which is uninstalled, then use it on another computer is not illegal.

    personally, I have not seen the above scenario so my entry is somewhat limited.   but the good side of things is that if your sp3 windows is activated and can update microsoft servers, then you're ok.

    on the good side of things, now you have a bootable xp sp3 cd which can be handy for repairing the operating system if necessary in the future.

    in the meantime, don't make any more changes to your system or try to undo what you have now.

    First, confirm or not if windows sp3 is still active on another computer or has it been uninstalled from him.

    In addition, you may be able to simply replace the new product key with your first.

    Take a look at this Web page and look under the tab for xp:

  • How to save a copy of Windows XP that has been created by an image?

    I used 'Image for Linux' to create an image of a PC with Windows XP, SP3.  With that done, I can copy the image to a new PC and it works fine (assuming that I stay within the limits of the PC HAL).

    My problem is that I don't have to enter a new key of Windows XP when I installed the image on another PC. for example, I use a license of Windows XP on two PCs.  Since I want to be legitimate on my software license, I tried to activate Windows XP license to new PC - but the computer says that the license is already activated.  So it is logical that the new PC would react like that - I put the picture of an activated copy of Windows on a new PC, the new copy of Windows must also think that it is enabled.

    All this brings me to my original question: how to save a copy of Windows XP that has been created by an image?

    Hi RichardMatt,
    I recommend you contact the customer service of Microsoft for queries on activation for clarity.
    See the following article to do the same thing:
  • Not a copy genuine Windows 7 ultimate

    I had a PC custom built and installed Windows 7 Ultimate was on it. Have been using for about 7 months with no problems, the copy of Windows has been activated and registered with Microsoft, but after an update of Windows, I started to get an error message saying that it was not an authentic copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, and the only option I get is to buy a new product key. Is this a mistake, or do I really need to buy a new product key? I try to install Windows 10 and this problem seemed to come from the sky, and I don't have any problems so far. My problem is that it is a custom built PC and is not a label with a product key and walked away the guy who built my PC, and I can't get my hands on him. He used a legitimate copy of Windows 7 that we purchased during the configuration of the PC. What can I do? I have to buy a new copy?

    You use a Dell Alienware OEM SLP Windows 7 Ultimate key on a generic motherboard.


    You buy a genuine full version license.

Maybe you are looking for

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