Bytes to Port stops on maximizing the window

LabVIEW for Windows 32-bit 2012SP1f4

Short history: Any use of bytes of VISA at the port will stop for about 260 milliseconds each time that any window in the same application is maximized or minimized.

I'm working on an application that requires a connection series to transfer data acquired with a very low tolerance for discontinuities due to the lack of timestamp and small buffers. The IO series runs in a dedicated VI configured to run in the runtime system DAQ, with time-critical priority, but whenever one of the Windows GUI of the application is maximized/minimized what causes a disruption that is very important in the IO series and continuity of data collection gets broken.


Here's an example where I stripped the problem to a minimum and measdure the delay time as it happens (the spikes on the graph). In this case, will tell you that MISTLETOE has too much coupling with the measure, but it is not the case in the actual code, and there is no difference in the effect then:

The funny is that I can point the GUI in a number of ways (scaling heavy GUIs manually on trips for example), but no effect is visible then. Only with minimization/maximization (the first is the worst).

I tried to find info on this here at, as it's something I expect others to have seen before, but have not found.

Is this expected behavior? "Property nodes run in GUI" - type of thing, but VISA-properties? There is no other solution if you need to get the number of bytes, not there...? I could try the VISA-free alternatives that are out there, but it would be a pretty big rewrite at this time, with possibly of other weaknesses...

To minimize/Maximaizing, Windows did a lot of things under the hood, among other things by making a so-called Cup of memory size. This means that Windows will be the page on memory pages that have not been used for some time, that appears in the Manager of tasks like a massive fall in the used memory. To work correctly, Windows should basically freeze most of the processes so it can mix with memory under his feet, without application running in a dead end of sorts. It is likely that not only the bytes to Serial Port is affected, but also other functions VISA, but at least it's a try. Maybe NOT only managed to keep most of the VISA pilot unlocked here, but the bytes to serial port must call in the Windows COMM driver to do its job properly and that could be a place were Windows will block the process but cut his memory.

So my first try would be to try with simple functions of VISA, without the use of bytes to the Serial Port. Bytes to the Serial Port is in any case in 99% of cases the wrong function to use. VISA has much more powerful functions with the mode of endpoints on the operation of reading or time-out. Properly used, they are bytes to Serial Port not only unnecessary in most of the cases, but also the top beat the hand in performance. The only case where the bytes to Serial Port should really be necessary is when you try to implement a Serial Port Terminal type application.

If you find that the culprit is in fact only the bytes to Serial Port rewriting your code to use simple VISA read with operation of character good timeout/termination to resolve it. If other functions VISA will also be blocked (which I think it highly) the only solution is to separate your task of communication in its own executable file to separate it from the user interface (or turn off the option to minimize the front!).

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  • Maximizing the window

    I am trying to run two .vi at the same time, one who reads the voltage with a DMM and another who performs a calibration program. I would like to have the DMM vi visible at any time because I need for calibration. Whenever I run the calibration vi it maximizes the window to stop me to read the results on the other program. The calibration that VI has tab control and two/three button dialogue which is what I'm guessing enlarges the window. If there is a way to prevent what would be extremely beneficial. I'm pretty new to this so if I forgot something I apologize in advance. If anyone has any ideas it would be great.

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    "By pressing Ctrl + i or navigate through the ' file > VI properties ' menu and you should find catergories called position of appearance of the window or the Runtime. This sounds like it should be the most likely cause of your problem. Did you inherit these screws to someone else?

    You should be able to change the appearance of the VI, or what it when it is run (maximize, minimize, nothing,...).

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    It seems that the title has been changed from the one I posted, nothing wrong with that, but it is no longer accurate. It keeps loading the Windows loading screen, it freezes "before" that date. The Toshiba Logo POST screen, very first, you see when you turn on the laptop.

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    Hi Raven,

    Do you have third-party security programs installed on the computer?

    Basically, if the internet works in safe mode and not works in normal mode, not applications or third-party security programs can be in conflict with the drivers from the internet.

    As a solution, I suggest to uninstall the anti-virus program and check if it works in normal mode.

    Warning: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    Answer with the results so that we can help you even the question.

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    I can move it, but just not resize. Uninstalling and reinstalling the addon has not set so I suspect theres a window size setting somewhere in Firefox, I need trouble.

    Before you give up and go through the hassle of creating a whole new profile, anyone got any ideas please?

    When you rename the .json file set. Thank you very much!!!

  • In Vista, you receive the error message "Vandenberg Clyde Punjab Scottsdale Columbia Watertown Hebrides has stopped working" when the windows sartup

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    Vandenberg Clyde Punjab Scottsdale Columbia Watertown Hebrides has stopped working and I'm not that mean?

    and since i ' v got this message I can't use internet explore properly and when I lick the icon to lunch the internet explore I have a blank page, but if I do a right click on the internet icon one select run as administrator, it works without any problem can someone help me?

    Ahmed atta



    Please let us know if you are facing problems when you use Internet explorer on the computer and is the fixed startup error number.

    Use the method to send the snapshot to the question below.

    Use capture tool to capture screenshots

    Use SkyDrive download collected files and after shot/screenshot.

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    Can someone please?

    CS3 is really old and may not be compatible with Win8... try the ideas below

    Right-click on the EXE to install, and then select a compatibility mode in the options window


    Run as Administrator to assign FULL permissions can help... said yet, but sometimes it is necessary for all Adobe programs (this is same as using an administrator account)

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    Looks like you have tried all the stuff, all I can suggest is to backup your data and perform a recovery of HP.

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    have tried to use windows update and get the following error message: Windows update cannot currently check the updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart you computer. I rebooted several times. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am not very computer

    Original title: update windows

    Solution 1:

    Try this:

    Solution 2:

    You can try to stop and restart the Windows Update Service (wuauserv). Open a command line window (run as administrator) and enter the following lines:

    net stop wuauserv
    regsvr32 %windir%\system32\wups2.dll
    net start wuauserv

    If this does not help, try Microsoft Fix It service to reset your Windows Update components:

    I hope this helps.

  • Problems with the Windows 7 updates

    I have problems with the updates of Windows 7.

    The show just download but stay at 0%, even after a number of hours of updates.

    Looks like I have had the problem for a while as I click on the button to download when he says that they are available, but they were not the installation. Since April - the highest numbered download was KBS3149090.

    I tried a couple things from these forums, but they do not work or do not install it.

    I downloaded wu10.diagcab but it does not return an error of 0 x 80070002

    You are looking for takes this mistake me that says stop the update, remove a certain number of files and turn it back to the.      

    He says then try the System Update Readiness tool so I download and install this KB947821 , which seems to settle.

    I try to install the updates but nothings happening - don't know what else to try.


    Windows Update process: July 2016

    I've seen this many lately.  This is what works for me and I did it on a large number of computers in the last 2 weeks.

    1. Change Windows Update settings to NEVER.

    2. Type services in the text box that appears when you click on the globe to start

    3. Select and open the services window

    4. Find and right-click on Windows Update (service), choose stop

    5. Close the Windows Update window.   If she will not close, start the Task Manager (right click on the taskbar) and end of the task.

    6. Now go to:

    7. Download 5 all updates are listed in a folder on your desktop.  Choose the correct column for your computer.

    8. Double-click on and start each one, one at a time.  Don't be surprised if one or more respond with already installed.  It may take a while to process.  This is probably one or more of them will install.

    9. You should not restart after each one ends, if there is more than one installed.

    10. Restart and wait for the Windows Update process to complete and automatically reboot your computer.

    11. Open Manager tasks again and wait until you see the percentage within the reach of the bottom and stay below 10%

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      The Windows Update process happens much faster that it would otherwise have.

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    I don't want the same windows in the same places - I just want to stop the automatic expansion of a window.

    I HAV been looking for an answer - I was not able to find the solution, hope you can help.


    In addition to the foregoing comments, I also wanted to mention that the automatic sizing has held that if the bumps on yourmouse pointer over the edge of the screen.  Being aware of that could make the difference for you and allow you to take advantage of the functionality, while preventing unnecessary sizing.

    Shawn B Keene | Microsoft contributor community

  • problem with the bytes to port to read in VISA

    Hi guys,.

    I'm reading device data using usb - BT dongle. It creates the virtual port and read without problem.

    My problem is the packages to send 428 bytes, inside this block device, I have 400 bytes of data bytes 9 to 409. The first 3 bytes of each block is the same.

    4 45 50 - MEP, they are the first 3 bytes of each block of 428 bytes.

    Okay, if you check the vi I config the visa and sending the data of adjustment of the device, read the answer and it sends the data to start sendding data.

    Well, I try to read each block of 428 and show in a chart.

    The problem is sometimes bytes in ports are 428 and anothers shows 23, 2, 125,... is not continuous 428 bytes each iteration and destroy the data graphic.

    IF I check the chart outside of the main loop, I see the correct graph. Apart from mainvi I collect whole data and separate in 428 blocks, extract the 400 bytes of data and analyze the entire signed 16 bit and display in the graphics.

    So, I don't know the best way to get 428 bytes in each iteration... I tried to read directly the 428 bytes but sometimes fail once again, very low reading bytes... take time to wait before read bytes to each iteration. I need a way to get 428 before values to get the readings of 400 data. Even I could probe each beginning of block with 4 D 4550 HEX bytes to pass and got data...

    Perhaps it would be better to use the wait? or using a while loop to wait until I had 428 bytes? Any help will be apprecite.

    Best regards, Fred.

    You receive binary data.  Therefore, turn off the the stop character.

    What happens is that you actually 0x0D in your data.  Playback VISA who sees and then request's made it reading the data.  By turning it off, then reading VISA will read all 428 bytes or until a time-out occurs.

    Let the constant instead of the bytes to the Port.

  • Printer does not work on the Windows XP computer, get the error message like "an error occurred during port configuration. This operation is not supported.

    Original title: 1. printer stopped communicating with the computer. 2 port - associated configuration error?

    I have a big problem. All of a sudden my printer - AIO Photo964 said he cannot communicate with my computer. The printer works fine. I tried switching cables USB, all the trouble shooting suggestions, etc. etc. Nothing works and it makes no sense. I can't print anything. I thought it would be that I installed a Seagate external hard drive backup, then I uninstalled the program - no help. ITunes installed recently, because she had changed the printer default, changed back - no help. The USB cable is not tight in the printer (or both cables, I tried), but AFAIK it's not new (?) And when I try to configure the port, I get the error message "an error occurred during port configuration. This operation is not supported"I have no idea what it means.  Can someone help me with this? I have to return a new printer? The USB port on the printer is repairable if this is the problem? How will I know? Who would do that?

    Thanks, I'd appreciate any help.

    It is always useful to have the complete error message without paraphrase.

    It also helps to identify the version of Windows you have, including service pack.

    And it helps to give the manufacturer of the printer in addition to the model.  In your case, I guess you have a Dell printer.  I know that some Dell printers are rebadged Lexmarks, but I don't know if it's a.

    Why you try to configure the USB port?  It cannot be configured - you've discovered.  It's normal.

    It's quite strange that an iTunes installation would have had something to do with the printers.  What printer was made by default after installing iTunes?

    You say you have tried another USB cable.  Have you tried using a different USB port on the computer? Have you checked in the Device Manager (start > run > devmgmt.msc > OK) to see if there is all the warning icons in the category "controllers of Bus USB?

    I suggest you uninstall the printer software and driver completely and reinstall by following the directions in Its first Article.

    Don't skip step 4.  After step 4 and step 5, follow these steps:

    Important: If you have a Lexmark printer, skip the following

    Open a command prompt window (start > run > cmd > OK)
    type the following in the black command prompt window, and then press ENTER after each line

    net stop spooler
    dependent on the spooler of sc config = RPCSS
    net start spooler

    Note that there is no space before the = and there is a space after it.

    The Windows XP driver for the Dell Photo AIO 964 printer is here-->

Maybe you are looking for