CAN frame channel Conversion Library - add new channel will not convert on channel

I hit a roadblock with the Conversion CAN frame v1.0.2 channel library.  I don't think I properly use the 'Add New Channel' vi because it always causes the frame on the canal to fail.  The channel to the conversion of image works fine.  I joined the Panel front and a simple example block diagram.  This VI returns the following error during the conversion of the chassis on the channel:

Error 8702 is produced to convert image to

Possible reasons:

A call to the library met with a null pointer.
Ensure that all entries in the VI have a valid value.
In the case of tables, make sure the table is not empty.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you


This issue is resolved by upgrading to the Conversion CAN Frame Channel 1.0.3 library and place the frchconvlib.dll file in the C:\Windows\system32 directory.

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    Hi Peter,.

    I'm not in my office at the moment and I can't try it by myself, I have forwarded your request to one of my colleagues, I hope he will contact you soon.

    Sorry for the delay,


    The language of MAX settings depend on the regional settings of your Windows operating system. See the following page:

    Kind regards


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    Thanks and greetings
    Umesh P - Microsoft technical support.

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