Can I simulate the acquisition of a working folder?


I am using vision builder to perform an inspection, and I'm the images that pass inspection and filtering images that are not and save each in a different folder.  I want that whenver there is a bad image, a copy of the last "good image" is saved in the folder of the image, for example repeat the last good image, what I've done to simulate an acquisition in the folder I save the good images and if the inspection fails to go to a new State where he copies the good image last in the folder of the image does make sense?  Sometimes it seems to work, sometimes it doesn't, the secon simulate acquisition is not up-to-date (I have the option ' cycle thorugh folder ' activated.)   What can I do?

Another problem I have is for saving images, I need to add a timestamp, it is possible to change this setting and add a number in the name of the file? the image for example picture001, 002, 003 image?

Thank you

In Vision Builder 2012 SP1 and earlier versions, the step of the Acquisition to simulate not rescan the folder to which it points.

However, we have added this feature in Vision Builder AI 2013, which just came out.

Feel free to give it a try. The download and evaluation is free:

Hope that answers why you do not get the expected results.


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