Cannot replace the PXI embedded clock with clock oscillator PXI-6682 on PXI back plane

I installed a module of synchronization PXI-6682 to slot 2 of a PXI-1031chassis with a PXI-8110 controller running hypervisor and RT.  The 6682 is installed on the RT system hypervisor for GPS sync during the measurements, but I would like to ask the TCXO on the PXI-1031 chassis backplane (which replaces the PXI embedded clock).  When I try to run the " route" that I found in the finder of the example, all I get are error messages indicating that a parameter for this operation is not valid.  The Terminal source is "Oscillator" and terminal of destination is "PXI-Clk10_In"  How can I determine which parameter is not valid?  Any suggestions?  Thank you


Hi vugt.

You are right that the physical switch determines which one to use and you should not have to route signals.  If you are having problems with clocks after the synchronization module 6682 please let us know!

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    I tried provide access to filter the group in both SSP and thru Maxl command but still get the error below. Any experience of this problem? If Yes, please let me know how you solved this problem.

    ERROR - 1051414 - cannot set the role of group with shared services [30:1101:JNDI error] error.

    Thanks in advance!


    Read the support document that I posted the link, prior to changes for openldap ensure you that it is saved.

  • cannot replace the print cartridges CP1025nw

    I am trying to replace the print on my HP LaserJet CP1025nw cartridges.  I did several times.  But this time, I can not cartridges suitable for turning in place.  I press any button to specify which cartridge I want to replace, only yellow appears!  I tried switching the printer on and out on, and that did not help.  I really need to replace black, but cannot figure out how.  Any ideas?

    Hi @annie89 ,

    I see that you have problems with the carousel doesn't turn only not to be able to change the black toner. I would like to help you today.

    Make sure that the printer is connected directly to a wall outlet. (do not use a hub or a surge protector) This ensures that the printer is full on and can help this situation.

    You can manually move the carousel, by releasing the locking mechanism. Use something to push it.  Manually, back off the carousel, do not touch the toner however. I have also provided a picture where there are in fact two areas to leave, they are circled in red. The left side is easier to move.

    Cannot remove the ink cartridges.

    If the problem persists, I would like to do a hard reset.
    Let the printer and disconnect the printer cable and the wall socket for 60 seconds.
    Reconnect the power cable to the output of the printer and the wall, and not a surge protector.
    This ensures that the printer is full on and can help this situation.

    If you need help, let me know.

    Have a great day!
    Thank you.

  • Cannot replace the authui.dll in the system32 folder

    Yes I know I'm not supposed to do that, but I want to change the Vista login screen.  I copied and edited the original authui.dll, but when I try to ' move and replace "/" copy and replace "it in the system32 folder, nothing happens - screen flashes as if the file has been moved, but when I check, there is no authui.dll in the system32 folder.  I opened the file in Reshacker and has replaced the original authui.dll file with my changes successfully but the result is the same in both cases: Vista does not accept an edited version of authui.dll and the login screen remains black with only a slider and I'm forced to use sytem restore to restart vista.

    Why authui cannot be changed?  I don't understand!? I know that imageres.dll and basebrd.dll can be changed, why not authui.dll?

    I have vista 32 sp0 Home premium and I took possession of the file.

    It seems that this person was able to do it if its not impossible:


    Check this link and no need to change anything:

    All the best!

  • Cable required to replace the 128 GB SSD with a 500 GB Samsung Sata SSD 600 Evo 850?


    I have a Tecra Z50-A-169.

    Do I need a different cable to replace the existing Toshiba 128 GB SSD with a 850 Samsung 500 GB sata SSD 600 EVO?



    Nevermind, I found it already.
    The current SSD is located in mSATA and I can directly replace it with a Samsung 850 EVO 500 mSATA


  • Replace the screen for one with a higher resolution on Satellite P850-12Z

    Hi all

    I read a lot on the internet about the replacement of the screen on computers laptop toshiba and also I saw a video on [how to replace the screen for a Toshiba Satellite P855 |].

    Is it possible to replace the screen for a Toshiba Satellite P850 12Z (original: 15.6"@1366x768) to another screen with a higher resolution (say: 15.6"@1920x1080 or 15.6"@1600x900)?

    I'm sure that the graphics card is able to function perfectly with this screen (nVidia GeForce GT630M 2048 MB dedicated) and also I read a lot on laptop screen replacement, and I know that this screen has a connector 40 pin and it is an LED Panel, so I won't have to worry about the ups.

    I found several screens (15.6"@1920x1080) who say they are compatible with Toshiba, but I wan't to make sure a higher resolution Panel replacement is possible.

    Thank you in advance.


    Exchange of the display is not supported by Toshiba, so I don't think that someone here can help you with this.
    I assume that Toshiba offers multiple views for this model of laptop. Only seller is different but resolution 1366 x 768 is always the same as on the original laptop specification.

    You can try to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. If someone can help you with that service of Toshiba. They have access to the database of Toshiba and can possibly tell if another view is usable on your machine.

    All this is quite complicated.

  • Replace the chip AMD A8 with an AMD A10

    HI, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on this.  I have a HP: 500-054 with an AMD A8 chip, I want to upgrade an A10.  Power and watts on socket are very good A10 uses the same power and is located in the path of upgrade for the Council of Eric on the 054.

    My problem is that it looks like the factory used a thermal GLUE, instead of a paste.  When I opened the hood and went to remove the fan screws were already in bulk.  Unscrew more just to be sure and tried to remove the fan so I could replace the chip. I checked and recheck and nothing else is holds the fan.

    So any suggestions on getting the fan assemble the CPU socket without damaging the motherboard?  He is stuck in solid and hoped that someone here would have a suggestion.

    I'm not particularly intelligent or gifted. I'm just very, very curious.
    Albert Einstein

    Thanks for the reply, I was upgrade the system to pull the max memory and put it into the higher A-series chip. A problem with the fan by pulling even after be unscrewed it wasn't pulling up if I could have access to the chip.

    Regardless of the factory used as a thermal paste should be defined as super glue.  Shouldn't not concerned by the old A8 chip I replaced it anyway, so I unplugged the fan and run the PC for 15 minutes on a game with the unscrewed and disconnected fan.  Not something that I would normally do, but this has worked to build-up of heat allowed me to wiggle the fan a little and she appeared off the coast.

    Thanks for your reply, the problem is resolved and the new chip Assembly and fan of the A10 is installed and works very well.  Note the A8 chip works well so I tested it on another PC so overheating does no damage.

  • replacing the trackpad in 440p with trackpad + track buttons (or keys only) ThinkPad 430

    does anyone know if it is possible to replace the new trackpad without physical buttons on thinkpad 440p with the trackpad + buttons or buttons only (I don't like on the touch button functions)?

    It would be the best final solution to the misconception of the 440p trackpad. !!!

    Thank you


    # It is not possible.

  • Table 3D: cannot replace the 2D subset?

    Hey guys,.

    I discovered a rather strange event (if any). In debugging my code, I stumbled upon my function replace table subset to find that it was the source of my frustration. Either I don't understand how it works for 3D arrays (I use it a lot for 2D, 1 d) or there is a bug. I have attached a picture of the code examples here. I can't replace a 2D picture into my table 3D. I would like to take a page from the 3D and replace it with a page of update / different. The example image is sure to strongly the oddity.

    Any thoughts?

    Regardless of the size of the input array, the result of the table replace never increase the number of items.  You try to grasp the first page, add a line, then replace the first page.  The result is that the replacement is cropped to the initial first page size, if you have a developed NOP (no operation).  Move the entries in your table to build on it and see what happens.

    You can't replace an item that does not exist in the input array.

  • Can I replace the motherboard on w510 with


    Can I replace motherboard 63Y1495 with 63Y1540 or 63Y1542. It is a w510.

    Recantly, I bought an old w510. The portable freezer randomly and never recoveres. It has been repaired for this before and worked fine for a while. There is no problem, but the motherboard video

    What is your advice? Can I replace the motherboard? Is it a long way? Or is it better to find another laptop?

    According to my notes, 63y1545 is a T510 Board with integrated graphics (Intel). The other 2 boards are W510 boards. They are all the same size and shape, but W510 boards have 4 memory slots and use a different cooling fan. The W510 is a nice machine and worth it if you can get a good price on a Board and fan of fixing. Basic coverage is also different machines 'W', but I don't know if it's important or one you have now.

  • Replace the Double slash reverse with a single backslash

    I'm reading a path of my .ini file. The problem is that when I wrote the path to the .ini file writes with the double backslashes as follows: C:\\My Documents\\a.ini. When I read in there and resave it I get C:\\\My Documents\\\a.ini. I wanted to know if anyone had a way to change C:\\My Documents\\a.ini back to c:\My Documents\a.ini. The-are necessary, because I had to use strcat to some parts of my code. So somehow, I need to find the "------" and replace it with "\". I tried the following, but I get an error when you use "\".

    char * p;

    While (p = strchr (path, '-'))


    Help me please!

    It seems that the registration code is doubly unnecessarily each backslash he meets. One possibility would be to change that.

    Also note that in C, when you want to specify string constants or a character in your code, some characters must be escaped with a backslash preceding. For example:

    newline = "\n" or "\n".

    tab = '\t' or '\t '.

    apostrophe in a constant digit = "\" "

    "string constant quotes ="he said \"hello\.

    «= backslash ' \ ' or «»

    You see that because the backslash on this special meaning when in a string or character constant, there must also be escaped when you really want just a bar character backslash. That is why, in your example, * p ='\ ' is a mistake. Also, note that in your example, strchr (path, '-') is just the location of any backslash character, not necessarily two back to back. Also realize that if you try to remove characters from a string, just change the character at a given position does not work. I would recommend something like this:

    char * fixedPath = malloc (strlen (originalPath) + 1); null value check failed to shorten

    for (char * src = originalPath, * dest = fixedPath; 1; ++ src, ++ dest)


    * dest = * src;

    If (* src == '\0') / / end of the source string. break the loop.


    If (* src == ' \' & *(src+1) == ' \')

    ++ src; jumps the extra backslash


    A. Mert

    National Instruments

  • Replace the layer source footage with After Effects Composition


    I have a question about the workflow of dynamic linking between Premiere Pro and After Effects. As common for most editing workflows, I started by import and organize my source footage. I then cut the entire project using the original footage. Now, as he comes to effects and final optimizations, I noticed that there are several items that I need to work in After Effects.

    I know (and use) the function 'Replace with After Effects Composition', but this only works for an item in the Assembly. I have dozens of clips from same source footage and would simply replace the master-clip with a composition. In this way, I can do the AE-job once that overall the clip and the whole project remains perfectly organized.

    As I read elsewhere, there is no characteristic that makes this replacement directly. Trying to "Replace Footage" with one generates an AE-project error. After Effects render and replace the images with the rendered results (as advised in a similar topic) is no option, given that I'd lose dynamic links in this way. My question is: Y at - it another way or the workaround to replace my source footage of the layer with an After Effects composition?

    Thanks in advance for the help and advice!
    Best regards

    What you can get in the way you want.  Your best option is to export a new clip of the AE and use it to a replace operation in the tray.

    In the future, as a Pseudo-solution you can put the 'AE' in their own, dedicated footage clips and change using these sequences, as if they were real clips.  This would allow you to keep the dynamic link in place.

  • Order of steps, replacing the old program Adobe with the upgrade program

    I just bought 3 copies of the version of windows Adobe Pro XI to replace the Adobe 9 Pro software.  I know that last time I did an update I had problems with the old software.  Initially, I deleted the old software, but the version of upgrade said while I have not had an earlier version.  Rather than delete, I think I should do something with the program.  I tried to read the information on the website I can't find anything on point.  It should be a simple process that I can reproduce at each workstation. Help, please

    You don't need the old installed software but it takes the serial number of the old software - this will be asked as "qualifying product".

    Probably (but not necessarily) find that the installation removes the old version.

  • replaces the former site files with the files edited on the remote server?

    How we replaced the redesign of my website with the old. The revised files are in a new folder on my desktop with a name other than the old files. For the server section to manage sites I click New to enter the same information as the info on my existing site or should I click on edit on the original server info. All information is the same for the location of the remote server, password, user name. The only thing different is the name of the folder where the new files are stored on my computer. Should I move the new files to the folder containing the old files. Help, please. More I read the more confused I became. Thank you. Karen

    It does not matter what drive name or folder you used on your computer.

    What is important is that the structure of the Local site corresponds with that on your remote server.

    Access the Site > Manage Sites > changing the definition of the old site > tell DW where to find the new Site Local folder.  See screenshot.

    Nancy O.

  • Cannot save the types of collection with the correct data type (structure type)

    Hi all!

    I am beginner in using the Data Modeler (SQL Develeoper Version 3.0.04 build HAND - 04.34)

    I tried to define types of structured data type type collection.

    for example
    Types of structure: StruA (for example, Integer, Float) and StruB (e. g. whole, Timestamp, Double, Double)
    Types of collections: TabA should collect the types of StruA and TabB should collect the types of StruB.

    create or replace TYPE TabA IS TABLE OF StruA;
    create or replace TYPE TabB IS TABLE OF StruB;

    It is possible to select the correct data type in the 'Collection Type properties' dialog box.

    The data type is installed to unknown after the registration and the reopening of the design. I see that the correct type has been entered in the xml file associated with the type of collection:
    < dataTypeDescr class = "$ DataTypeWrapper" >
    65677BBB-FB68-963C-552D-3F98E528520B < type > < / type >
    false < isreference > < / isreference >
    < / dataTypeDescr >

    File name of the structured type is 65677BBB-FB68-963C-552D-3F98E528520B.xml

    On the display of the design or generation DDL lose again this information.
    Is - this poor handling or a bug in the Data Modeler?
    Can anyone help? THX

    Edited by: user9529349 the 26.09.2011 07:49

    Hey Gabor,

    I'm afraid that this is a bug. This problem was reported earlier in this forum, loss of definition of type of data from one type of collection

    Thank you

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