CanoScan 5600f scanner a document

I'm scanning three pages.  Analysis of the first page in PDF format (as it is supposed to), but the second page analysis as an image.  A third page then analyses in PDF format.

Any ideas why this happens?  I have to open the image in another program, save it as a PDF and continue.

Although I don't have the originals not rhe copies now, there was (occasionally, a photo on the page of text primarily. So I guess the pic of "could not decide" sw or text and taken wrong . Your solution (go manual) will work. Thanks for me direction in the right direction.

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  • CanoScan 5600F Scanner appears as unknown in Device Manager

    I have a new CanoScan 5600F scanner which appears as unknown in Device Manager. I downloaded and installed the latest driver (several times) from Canon.

    • I tried the scanner on two PC running XP Home - a new Compaq Presario and a new Barebone VisonMan. It does not work on either.
    • I also tried the Epson scanners on both machines, and they don't work either.
    • However, when I run the Compaq Presario with Vista (which came with it), works to scan Canon. Problem is, I don't use Vista (or Win7) and I have no intention of.

    This seems to indicate that it is a problem with XP Home, do not recognize the scanner. I did not have this problem with any other USB device. Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    Hello Onliner999,

    Thank you for your message.  I see that you have installed the correct drivers several times, checking with Canon, it seems that they have a new driver for your product that comes out on 10/26/2009.  Please try to download and install from the link below:
    Please let us know if it did or did not resolve the issue.
    See you soon

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  • Canon CanoScan 5600F Scanner

    have updates from 32 bit to 64 bit,

    whenever I try to scan to auto or

    Open the scanner, it comes up with the error msg

    "cannot find image. rather than use

    for target practice, is there a solution?

    Hello john,.

    I agree with Brian Tillman here.  Contact Canon support is the right thing to do here because the scanner uses their drivers and software to operate.

    Let us know what they come back with.

    Best regards


  • you want to scan on canoscan 5600f 110 mm color negatives.

    How do we stop the autodetection of the canoscan 5600F negatives?  I should be able to preview the smaller format 110 and just reframe the smaller frames but I can't even preview without the error that the film cannot be detected.

    Hi sverny,

    110 film scanning is not supported with CanoScan 5600F.  You can try scanning with thumbnail off, but there is no guarantee that this will work:

    1. open the program by MP Navigator EX.

    2. tap on Scan/import, and then click the movie.

    3. Select the use of the box of the scanner driver, and then click Open Scanner Driver.

    4. click on Advanced Mode.

    5. next to the Source Select, choose the Film.

    6. click on the thumbnail button in the upper left corner of ScanGear to disable this display.

    7. click on preview.

    8. manually crop the images.

    9. click on scan.

  • I'm looking for a software to use my CanoScan D660U scanner.


    I have a CanoScan D660U scanner.   I have updated my computer and I have a laptop with Vista and a PC with Windows 7.  Are there downloads to update that will allow me to use the scanner with one or both of these new computers?


    Try this link, that maybe that's what you're after for vista

    Or here on this link by Amrita M



  • How can I get my Canoscan n670u scanner to work with Windows 8?


    I've upgraded from Vista to Windows 8 and was happy to see Win8 instantly detected my trusty Canoscan n670u scanner and recognized as a connected device. It is, therefore, correctly identified, in Device Manager, I tested the scanner via Device Manager and diagnostics is well spent - it buzzed away, and the screen displays a message about successful test. Large.

    However, when I use the Wizard Windows Fax Scan & and click new scan, I get the message no detected scan.


    I tried to acquire an image using Onenote. The scanner passed through calibration, apparently successfully, then as he was about to start scanning, came to a stop with an error message.

    Help! It's a good piece of hardware. What I don't really understand not is Win8 apparently automatically detected and installed the drivers for it, but will not let me scan anything. ???

    Any suggestions?

    AH HA!

    He fixed the this morning.

    I have downloaded the Vista version of the "Canoscan Toolbox" software on the Canon's Support site (, installed and run the Compatibility Wizard. Success!

    Scanner works fine, although the software seems to forget default each I close.

    I don't care.

    Thanks for your reply though - if someone else asks that you can point their to this!

  • How can I get Canon CanoScan N676U Scanner to work in Windows 8?

    How my old Canon CanoScan N676U Scanner can work under windows 8?


    The scanner can run on a computer that Windows 8 is there is compatible drivers from the hardware manufacturer. The manufacturer of the printer is responsible for creating compatible drivers.

    You can access the canon website to check if there are compatible drivers Windows 8.

    Refer to this article to know how to install a printer.

    Install a printer:

    In addition, if there are drivers for Windows 7 you can install the driver in Windows 7 compatibility mode to check if that helps.

    Make the programs more compatible with this version of Windows:

    Response with the State of the question and we will be happy to offer you our help.

  • Photo scanner for documents ok?

    Weve got an old ScanJet 3500c for 10 years or more. Love its reliability.

    Unfortunately, he gave the soul recently and I am looking for a replacement. HP seems to have stopped competing in space scanner flat the bottom of range.  I can't find anything in my budget range.

    I found this:

    G3110 Photo Scanner. It is marketed as a scanner of the photo, but Im wondering if I can use this to scan documents as well.

    Does anyone here use a photographic scanner HP as a document scanner? The pitfalls I should be aware of? ID stick with HP peripheral love b/c Ive had too much luck with HP printers and scanners, but don't want to buy anything which is not what I'm looking for.

    HP LaserJet p1102w


    Yes, it can scan as PDF files for documents from his card:

    4 buttons on front (copy, scan, scan to E-mail, Scan to PDF)

    Kind regards.

  • Canon CanoScan D660U Scanner Windows 7

    Does anyone know a trick to use this scanner with Windows 7?


    The link given below provides the information that the scanner is not compatible with Windows 7.

    You try to install the Windows Vista driver in compatibility mode and check if it works. If this is not the case, there is no other way that you can make the scanner work.

    Compatibility mode:

    Hope that information was useful

  • HP scanner - several documents

    I got a new 3 in 1 that uses no HP Solution center; use the HP scanning. I can not understand how to open the program analyzes many things in each session. Whenever I hit actually, the program closes; I have to wait until it opens again. Aren't the pages in a single doc but the individual docs in their own files.


    Please try (can be a little difference in the printer to the printer, but very close):

    Double-click the icon of the printer on the desktop,
    Select scan a Document or Photo,
    The first page on the glass (face-down)
    Check out the options (size, dpi...) and select scan the document to be filed,.
    Click on Scan - machine will scan the first page
    Delete the first page on the glass, put the second page,
    Click on + (plus sign) it is located on the left side of a red x
    Machine will sweep the second page, put 3rd page on the glass and click on + again... until the end and then click Save
    Click done after save

    Kind regards.

    PS for Mac machines please drive by using the same steps.

  • Anyone know how to install a scanner of documents PaperPort (for Windows 95) on a Windows XP computer?

    It is a Visioneer scanner. I have the software on a disc for my D drive. My computer says that I have to make sure it is compatible with Windows XP or it can harm my computer. I'm supposed to be supposed to go on the Start button and find a way to make it compatible, but is not available.

    It is a Visioneer scanner. I have the software on a disc for my D drive. My computer says that I have to make sure it is compatible with Windows XP or it can harm my computer. I'm supposed to be supposed to go on the Start button and find a way to make it compatible, but is not available.

    Maybe what you need.

    Visioneer Compatibility Mode check tool.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

    Good luck.

  • Installation of Windows 7 and CanoScan N656U (Scanner Cannon) & compatibility?

    Anyone know if Windows 7 is compatible with the installation of the driver CanoScan CD version 1.0.3?

    There is no drivers for Windows 7, but it works...

    VueScan... Mike Hall MVP - Windows Desktop Experience

  • Canon CanoScan 4400F Scanner USB

    I have a 64-bit computer and my Canoscan 4400F drivers are not compatible.  Where and how can I download them

    The Canon site us has drivers available for Windows 7 64 bit - see the link: CanoScan 4400F.

  • Canon CanoScan 9000F Scanner could not get current drivers for Windows 7 x 64 to work

    I just bought this machine and I am unable to get current drivers for Windows 7 x 64 to work. Cannon wrote it's the operating system, HP says it is the Scanner Software. Any help for this problem. The drivers have been downloaded from the Canon website.

    This scanner is not identified as compatible Win7 in

    Canon claimed she had drivers for Win7 x 64?  I guess they did as you must refer to the version 16.0.1 so exactly what did say to blame the operating system [the two certifying their pilots as being compatible with Win7x64 & blame the BONE seem to be contradictions].

    I guess HP is the manufacturer of your PC.  I would say that you go only to get a resolution back to Canon & solve the compatibility problem.  They have a users Forum?

  • LaserJet Pro 400 M451dn: Problems copying documents from the printer scanner

    I use a Mark II of Canon Canoscan 9000F scanner to scan documents and copy them into the HP LaserJet Pro 400 451dn color laser printer.  I use the 'Copy' button on the front of the scanner function.  When a color or photo document is scanned this way the red and blue colors are reversed when it comes to the printer off.

    Both the scanner and the printer work perfectly in all other situations.

    Somehow the red and blue colors are to be swapped when a document goes to the scanner to the printer.

    I called the Support Canon technique and they told me that they have never heard of this problem and have never had it reported before.  When you use the "Copy" button function there is no setting that can be done. The scanner copy what he sees.

    So why the red and blue are exchanged on the printer?


    What happens if you scan the document itself to the computer and then print the scanned copy? If it is ok, then the question must be the scanner software which sends the document to the printer and has nothing to do with the printer. Sorry, but it's a hot issue.

Maybe you are looking for