CD-ROM/DVD-Rom drive has stopped working

original title: READER of CD/DVD FAILURE

My CD/DVD drive has suddenly stopped working.   I cannot now copy/burn discs or I can't play pre-recorded discs.   Can someone tell me what could have happened please?


Hi Alan_6C,

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Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

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  • Qosmio G30 - DVD-ROM drive has stopped working

    I have a Qosmio G30 age of 3 years and the DVD - ROM drive has stopped working.

    He still pulls in, but it will not read or burn discs.

    I received a quote of £360 Toshiba to adapt to a new one that seems generous.

    Anyone know where I could get it fixed cheaper than you?
    Or better yet... anyone know where I can I get it fixed?

    David Hutchinson

    This is not an answer to your question but can solve the problem if it is the same that I had.
    In my case, the drive tries to spin but it slips. Only the motor shaft rotates and the drive remains at low revolutions that were not even stationary.
    The problem was caused by the fact that the plastic part (black color) of the mechanism which engages the disc (CD or DVD) slips on the
    motor drive, axle and th couldn't do a full rotation or runs at the specified speed.
    The solution is to delete the article in plastic and put a small amount of super glue on the axle and then put it back.

    Where there is a similar issue, I hope that solve you it like I did.

  • TS-H653N SCSI Cd Rom Drive has stopped

    This seems to be a common problem in the Internet with those of us who have this drive.

    Here's my problem:

    I'm on a HP Pavilion S3320N (2007), running Vista Home Premium, service all packed, patched and up to date, with zero problems since installation.

    Last week, the CD/DVD drive has stopped working.  Device Manager showed that little uh - oh exclamation in yellow, and the properties said: "Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)."  I tried to update driver, but Windows reports that the current driver is the last.

    Facing a deadline, I'm heading down to the computer store, buy the last external USB CD/DVD (a Samsung) drive and plug it into USB.  Exactly the same problem.  Device Manager lists the two disks and displays the error even for both.

    Anyone else seen this?  Someone at - it suggestions?  I tried many searches, some driver downlaods, MS Fixit... Heck, HP doesn't even have a replacement driver for this (or I can't find).

    Your help is appreciated.

    Thank you


    Well.  A long and winding road indeed.

    I ran Vista Fix (different than the one that I ran before, btw) and he finds the same problem that we discussed, but it was only a couple of solutions - which was due to start a Chat session with Ms.  I thought well, I put at least $ 50 in this already, they have a shot and maybe it will save me a trip the local PC guru (which will charge me at least as much and keep my PC for a week).

    Anyway, long story short, the MS rep had me uninstall the CD/DVD drive and then do a scan for hardware changes - no reset.  The scan picked up the pilot, reinstalled and everything works just fine.  Magic.  And a value of the load.

    So, there go.  Add your vast storehouse of useful info and advice for the guy next door, DP - K - and thanks again for your patience and for getting me in the right direction.

    Have an another Kudo!

    Best for you,


  • Cannot use DVD BD Player: WIN DVD MFC application has stopped working

    Tried to install my old version of WinDVD and failed and in the process perhaps accidentally deleted a file,
    now every time I try and use DVD BD drive I get the following message:

    "WIN DVD MFC application has stopped working"

    I tried to use restore point, but still get it, can anyone advise please?

    It will be interesting to know what model of laptop you have.
    Anyway, in my opinion, there is a software conflict. I guess players use even modules or plug-ins, and there is a conflict.

    I put t know what solution can be, but maybe you should remove both players, restart your laptop and make own BD drive in the hope that it will work properly.

  • Satellite M50D-A-10W - display driver has stopped working while gaming

    Hey guys I just bought a toshiba Satellite M50D-A-10W and I have a very annoying problem...
    When I play in dota 2 sometimes I get a massage like: "display driver has stopped working" or answer

    I remember exactly, and the freezing of the game and then screen I need leave the game and reconect. If you can help me guys, I'll be very grateful

    Rare Hi

    This message is certainly created by the installed graphic card driver.
    I can't say for sure why this happens, but I recommend you to reinstall the graphics driver.
    In most cases, this should fix problems with gambling.


  • HP pavilion n203tx 15: Amd driver has stopped working and has recovered

    Hello ive been using this laptop for 2 years now and ive started suddenly get this error "amd driver has stopped working and has recovered" and sometimes one of the apps I open freezes and then I get BSOD with errror "AMD pilot State failure" any help would be appreciated.

    my laptop is Hp Pavilion 15 n203tx im using windows 8.1 I have amd radeon hd 8670 m graphics card

    Thanks in advance


    Try this

    install the following in the same order

    Chipset: & Reboot

    Graphics: & Reboot

    BIOS: & Reboot

    Or if you have assestent installed on your laptop supports HP run all updates of pilot who.

  • Satellite M70-340: display driver has stopped working




    CONTACT on [email protected]


    If the reinstallation of the system with the recovery CD does not help, then it is not a software problem.
    This means that some hardware component is defective.
    In this case, you need to take your laptop to the service.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A60-652: ati2dvag driver has stopped working


    Recently, I have a few problems with my graphics. My satellite freezes and goes to a low resolution with a few colors. A message indicates that the ati2dvag driver has stopped working. After that restart of the satellite shows a blue screen and restarts... same thing happens. Only stop and try again after a few minutes made me return to the normal Windows.

    I tried to look for new drivers, but I can't indicate my model (SA60-652)... is this too old model for the updates?

    Toshiba SA60-652
    pilot ati2dvag (
    Windows XP (SP2)
    AVG virus scan
    Hitman Pro anti-spyware
    ATI hydravision installed but never used :-/
    Laptop has recently increased temperature... I'll deal with that after my final thesis (May 8)

    Please can you help me?
    If you can, please be made clear in the instructions, "I don't know much about computers caus... (PEBCAC)

    Thank you!

    Hi Jeroen,

    I think that your problem is related to overheating rather than a defective display driver. The idea here is that it takes several attempts to reboot, giving the unit time to cool.
    I suggest that you try to remove all dust and debris from your radiator and see if it improves the stability of your units.

    You can download a copy of your display driver of: -.

    Kind regards

  • Office Pavilion Elite HPE message: AMD/ATI Video Driver has stopped working properly

    I have a Windows 7 Desktop HPE-410y, this morning, that the flag of the action center was at the bottom of the screen.  I clicked on it and there was a message: AMD/ATI Video Driver has stopped working properly.  He also said I should click on a link for a solution to this problem, but of course when I made the site of HP said that the page does not exist.

    Maybe say if you have in fact noticed nothing else Action Center indicator would be useful.  If it seems to you that the computer was OK and run satisfactorly, then perhaps he had already solved the problem.  Usually reviews can occur if a program did unexpected things and crashed the video driver, then the driver recovered.

    HP site can be set to an old page.  The real driver has not been updated recently on the HP site.

  • The screen flashes and goes out, error: "intel graphics driver has stopped working".

    Original title: Intel graphic driver

    My computer screen starts flashing, then goes and then this message appears "intel graphics driver has stopped working" when I try to get the answer it says "windows cannot download solution at Thøis" I tried a lot but he continues to themselves, what can I do?


    (1) when encounter you the problem?

    (2) have what troubleshooting measures you tried?

    (3) remember you to make changes to the computer before the show?

    You can try the following methods and check the status of the issue.

    Method 1:

    Configure the computer to clean start State to check software conflicts.

    Note: When the diagnosis is complete, don't forget to reset your computer to normal startup. Follow step 7 of the above article.

    Method 2:

    Uninstall and reinstall the display adapter drivers.

    (a) start Control Panel, click hardware and sound and then click Device Manager.

    (b) to expand the node that represents the type of device you want to uninstall, right click on the entrance to the unit and click on uninstall.

    (c) in the dialog box confirm the device removal, click OK to start the uninstall process.

    (d) when the uninstall is complete, the site of the factory driver download and install the drivers.

    (e) after installing the drivers, install the latest updates. ' t-work correctly

  • Need help, get message display driver has stopped working, but has recovered

    Had no problems until recently, my freezer of mouse and screen, then get message display driver has stopped working, but recovered it gets really bad, please help


    1. what operating system do you use?
    2. What is the brand and model of your system?
    3. Once you get this error message?
    4. you did it before the issue of any material changes or software?

    Try the steps outlined in the methods mentioned below and let us know if it helps.
    Note: The following Microsoft Articles are applicable for Windows 7 and Vista.

    Method 1: Boot your system in clean boot mode and temporarily disable your antivirus software. Check if get the same error message or not.

    Step 1: Try now to the KB article to perform the clean boot:
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista and Windows 7:
    Important: After you used the clean boot in order to solve your problem follow step 7 to reset the computer to start as usual.

    Clean boot in XP:

    Try now to the KB article to perform the clean boot:
    Important: After you use the clean boot in order to solve your problem follow the steps in the "steps to configure Windows to use a Normal startup state" section to start your system in normal mode.

    Step 2: Turn off the antivirus software:
    Important: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks

    Method 3: update the driver for

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly: ' t-work correctly

    Method 4: Please visit the manufacturer's website and download the latest driver for your graphics card.

    Method 5: Windows 7 power save settings reduces the voltage to the video card too well when it is inactive for some video cards.

    To resolve this problem, disable the display (Plugged In) turn it off and turn off the display (on battery) power settings by using one of the following methods:

    Use the Group Policy settings:
    To resolve this issue by using Group Policy settings, follow these steps:

    (a) click Start, type gpedit.msc in the search box and press ENTER.

    (b) in the local Group Policy Editor, expand models of administration under Computer Configuration, expand System, expand power management, and then click display and video settings.

    (c) in the dialog box that opens, double click on turn off the display (Plugged In), click active, type 0 in the box to turn the display Off (seconds), and then click OK.

    (d) in the dialog box that opens, double click on turn off the display (on drums), click active, type 0 in the box to turn the display Off (seconds), and then click OK.

    Use the powercfg command:
    To resolve this issue by using the powercfg command, follow these steps:

    (a) click Start, type command prompt in the search box, and then click command prompt in the list of results.

    (b) at the command prompt, type the following commands:
    powercfg - X-monitor-timeout-ac 0
    powercfg - X-monitor-timeout-dc 0

    Get back to us if the problem persists.

  • Display driver has stopped working during the game the Sims 3

    Original title: video card? With the Sims 3 ~.

    I bought the Sims 3 and downloaded yesterday. I have played since then, but then the game would freeze and tell me that this ialmrnt5 of display driver has stopped working. So I tried to fix it, and it did not work. Now, he tells me there is something wrong with my graphics card and Sims does not work yet. I keep going from one link to another tells me to download this and that and I don't know what I have to do. I want to be able to play my game, because it's expensive and I bought it only yesterday. Help, please. PLEASE, I BEG YOU.


    I thought about it, are not even worry about this.

    I just needed an update from Intel. It works perfectly now. :]

  • error msg, "ialmrnt5 display driver has stopped working normally."


    I use an old PC configuration, windows xp Intel 845 G, for several days that I get an error msg whenever I try to run mp4, .mvi and many other video files saying: "ialmrnt5 display driver has stopped working normally. Save your work and restart the system. the size of my screen becomes huge and icons on my desktop... expand please suggest a way out for remedy.
    My email ID.
    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Hi Moiz,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

    This problem can be caused if the display drivers for your computer is damaged.

    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    2. have you made any recent hardware or exchange of software on your computer before the show?

    Follow the steps in the link.

    Windows stops responding and you receive an error "display driver has stopped working normally":

    I also suggest you to update the display drivers for your computer from the links.

    If you need further assistance on this topic, let know us and we will be happy to help you.

  • "the igxprd32 display driver has stopped working normally please restart your computer" on intel gma 3150

    "the igxprd32 display driver has stopped working normally please restart your computer" on intel gma 3150, especially when I run 3d games or install Skype 5 and start on this video than the above message appears please advise solution and oblidge. Thank you

    First of all, you're not telling the forum what version of Windows, edition and service pack level your system is running.  Please do.

    Secondly, there is no describe your system.  Tell us who makes your system and its model, if a packaged system.  If not packed, please tell us who manufactured your motherboard and model.  If your video card is another box and not originally shipped with the system, please tell us the manufacturer and model of the adapter.

    Finally and most importantly, please read 555375 Microsoft Knowledge base article, how to ask a question.

    Now, in general, unless your system has a card mother Intel®, you do not want to download an updated directly from Intel® driver.  If there is a system, you will want to download an update of the driver support from the manufacturer of your system model site.  If not packed, see web site for support of the manufacturer of the motherboard for your updated driver model.  If this isn't the case, a card mother Intel®, the reason for the not to load the Intel® GMA 3150 drivers from the web site Intel® is that there may be unhandled in the Inte® base drivers implementation changes.  Nor should download the drivers through Windows Update, except as a last resort.  If Windows Update contains an updated driver, check you motherboard of the system/website of the manufacturer for updates.  Be aware that some manufacturers/motherboard of the system (e.g. Dell) don't feel any economic incentive to keep the drivers/firmware to update if a motherboard system was abandoned.

    No member of this forum is omniscient!  Provide complete information leads directly to all the answers!

  • Who knows what the solution to the message "Microsoft keyboard driver has stopped working?

    Who knows what the solution to the message "Microsoft keyboard driver has stopped working?

    Hi Raymond,

    Thanks for the quick response.

    The question you posted would be better suited in the Logitech Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the keyboard Logitech Support.

    Keyboard Logitech support

    If you need further assistance on all issues related to Windows, just tell me and we will be happy to help you.

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