Computer laptop touch screen 15: need help - restore Partitions, OS system, start-up and drivers!

[Need help]

Device name: laptop touch screen, Energy Star, 15.

Model number: 15 - f023wm

Device status:
[Grandma] "I broke the internet.
[Me] "No, I have demolished just any chance I had as a computer programmer.
I'll never do it to heaven now... »

You want to come: difficulty this laptop!

-Packing plant (Reset/retrieve)

-Retrieve/Re-restore boot loader

Retrieve/recreate/Re-restore all original scores.
-Retrieve / Re - restore all the Original system & hardware drivers.

-Retrieve/Re-restore Windows 8.1.

-Possibly find computer Tech/Geek fellow/Pal.

-Learn something new! (Not including the common sense).

-J' was too high as he tried to become the next Bill Gates and create a calculation method in which the processor completely laws of physics bi-passes.

Topical issues:

(1) I have little experience, I'm sure compared to most of the users on this forum; However, in the College computer Programmning.

---> Very adept in acquireing newly introduced information & request a great sense of understanding of puzzled, abstract and largely serious concepts. (It will be just a little easier than most to explain a simple fix).

(2) I deleted all partitions, including the system files, System opperating, some methods of starting, all the drivers, and to add to the mess, the existing partitions are not yet check the size or formatting - I'm sure.

---> (Drive C is 400 GB;) Drive D is the main partition with only 20 GB)

(3) any chance of installation/download are only feasible when my boyfriend does everything it does and 'fixed' the laptop.

---> Cell phone MAY start, can use internet and MAY be able to download 5 pictures before the system shuts down and the other requires a few hours to wipe the minimum amount of space on the hard disk before you reinstall Windows.

(4) Windows 7 is the only OS (so far) that we are able to install; We have no other disks, but Windows 8.1, I think, was the original Opperating system and look forward to this return.

(5) I don't know yet how I will receive notification here on these forums. I'm drunk at 05:59, so I'll find out tomorrow.

---> Assuming that I remember I wrote it.

And I think that's all that I need a little help with if you want messages me or live chat to help solve this problem, I think that Skype is aloud; and in all the uncertainties, it is listed on my profile.

Thank you, & your best.
Caleb D. Parker


What will work restores your computer to its original factory state using HP recovery media.  It is a DVD and CD set that will erase the hard drive (removing all data, applications and settings, reinstall the original OS, drivers and utilities for HP. In some cases, you will be able to order a USB instead of discs.  You must order at HP; they cannot be downloaded.

The link is on the software page and download drivers for your PC:

Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see an entry for the command Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click on the symbol '+' to expand this entty and click on order to press for more details.

Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:

If you live in the United States or the Canada, details are on this page:

If you live elsewhere, contact details are on this page:

Note that if HP no longer provides a recovery media for your model, a few other sites, you can check are: and

Don't forget to read through the material in the linked thread before attempting the recovery:

Good luck

I'm a volunteer and I do not work for, or represent, HP.
If you feel that my suggestions helped you, please click on the thumbs-up symbol to say thank you!

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    Kind regards.

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    Where have you bought the PC?

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    Best regards


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    As far as I know, you only use this file during installation only. Then the values of ports configured in the file will be used by the Setup program to configure port appropriate for each component values. These port values would be stored in the files of each component configuration, so ultimately, you won't need to staticport.ini after a successful installation.

    Kind regards


  • HP 15 laptop: touch screen has stopped working

    I have a HP TouchSmart laptop computer model 15-f010wm, product number J8A22UA #ABA, 8.1 with Bing 64-bit Windows.

    The first day of the 3-4, I used this computer it worked like a charm. I loved. Now a few times touchscreen will work for about 5 min and then stops or does not work. When it stops working, I get a pop up in the lower right corner that says: the last USB device not recognized USB device you connected to this computer has malfunctioned, and the window does not recognize. (I have not plugged anything in this computer but except the power cord)  When this happens and you go to Device Manager sometimes, there will be a yellow! triangle under the Human Interface Devices drop down and some times yellow! triangle will be under Universal Serial Bus controllers list down. And if you go to they system screen line Pen and touch passes to no. Pen or press enter is available for this view.

    I tried to do a system restore. Also, I did a test fast system and a comprehensive system. The results have been the primary battery check ok and all the others said past. And of course I can't make the screen test because the touch screen does not work.

    Please help me with this. My computer was a gift, my other is really old and was ready for an upgrade. I've never had problem with HP before.

    Hi @Jen81 ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. Please contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click on the link for the number of support in your region. They will be happy to help you immediately.

    Thank you.

  • Computer laptop white screen at startup

    A few days before, at a bend on a laptop, the screen remains blank (was not lit at all) but the computer sounded as if it was put into service. What are the possible causes for this problem?

    Hello Pierre,.

    Thank you for using Microsoft Community.

    1. does the computer boot to the desktop, or you see the white screen on startup of the computer?
    2 did you change on your computer?
    3. What is the brand and model of the laptop?
    4. as you mentioned, "when you turn on your laptop, the screen remains blank (was not lit at all) but the computer sounded as if it was put into service ', what exactly happens when you start the computer?

    If you get white screen SAT after the start of the desktop, then I suggest you follow this article and check.

    Why my screen is black when I start Windows 7?

    Important notes:
    When you use system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, the programs and updates that you have installed are removed.

    Serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    Please answer with results so that we can help you further.

    Thank you

  • Computer laptop cracked screen sent for warranty repairs!

    I recently had my laptop that is only two months old (Qomisio X 10 500 t) sent back to Toshiba for repair of the fingerprint reader. When the left laptop was in perfect condition and not a top scratch. having paid £1,500 for it I was very careful to keep safe. Toshiba sent mail UPS to perceive and delieverd to Toshiba, it was the next day. When I contacted Toshiba to confirm that it had arrived safely, they said that it had happened, and the repair team had begun to look at this day. 4 to 5 days later, I checked the status of service online, and he said required information. So I rang the customer service and they said that there was nothing on the notes and all well aseemed. 2 days after (today) I get a phone call saying that they found no problem with the hardware with the fingerprint reader, but they found a problem with the screen. After hold that they say that they have noticed a crack in the screen and have a prize of £500 for me to get it fixed. OMG! I told them that there are no cracks/scratches or anhthing when he left via UPS (their courior). I was asked if I had checked that UPS box and pacakaged it safely in front of me. They then say that they will contact me in 48 hours but the team repair always photograph the machines when they come in and say now it was cracked since the beginning. They sent me an email of the photo and there is massive cracks curved towards the bottom of the right side of the screen! Even then, they had the nerve to ask if I'd like to send them the quote so I said no cos I wouldn't pay for the repair of it.

    So what's with that position? Are they not corrected the original sin is the courior sent by Toshiba or Toshiba repairs broke the screen. I have no evidence that it wasn't like that before. I don't understand why Toshiba didn't ring the day they received, if there was a crack whethey opened the package? They would surely do this before even touching anything else. I think that the repair team broke and said it was like this before

    What should I do? I can't afford to pay for the repairs and even if I could I don't see why I should!

    Any input would be great.

    Thank you

    Yes, mate. It's really sh... situation of Ty. The user with the same situation that has sent his laptop to fix there and the service center said that the screen has been damaged:

    Unfortunately, no one can really help you in this forum. This is a user to user forum and everyone shares his experience to help others.

  • Laptop HP 2000: I need to restore my laptop from 2000 to their original factory condition. No part of recovery

    My computer has been hacked October 30, 2015. I think it happened when I opened an email upgrade to windows 10. At that time, my computer has been transformed into a server and a network manager took over. While doing so, this person had deleted my recovery partition. Its taken almost a year to understand that due to the fact that I don't know a * beep * thing about computers. So here's my question: How can I get the recovery disk? I can't find anywhere on the HP website.

    Hi @millerlightning,

    Welcome to the HP Forum! Thank you for becoming a member of the HP Forum. It's a place dynamite to get help from the community, to get suggestions and find what has worked for others. Because you have the best experience, here is a link for you to see, if you have concerns: first time here? Learn how Post and more what is your specific model of 2000 HP notebook? Computers laptops HP - how can I find my model number, serial number or product?

    I understand that because of someone hacking your computer, you need to do a recovery, but they have deleted your recovery manager and you have not created a recovery media. You have checked the HP site but could not find the option to buy the recovery disk. Whether you use Windows 10 previously it will be registered with Microsoft. You can download the tool for creating Windows 10 media to load Windows 10 on a USB key. You can then use to install Windows 10. Tool for creating Windows Media 10 . Once this was accomplished, make all your Windows updates and download and install the HP Support Assistant . Now run the HP Support Assistant to facilitate updates of HP.

    To express gratitude for my post please click on theThumbs Up '' Icon'. ""  If my post solves the problem you are experiencing, please click 'accept as Solution' to help others find what worked for you!

  • Computer laptop white screen

    I have a computer laptop 'HP ENVY TouchSmart Sleekbook 4-1115dx", which is about two weeks after the warranty, and the screen is empty.  I currently have an old crt monitor hooked up to it and everything works fine with the machine - just can't see the screen.  Will I need to replace the whole screen, or can I just replace the Ribbon/string to the display through the hinges to the main unit?  Any suggestions with where can I buy parts for this would be very useful as well.

    Thanks for your reply.  I found that the 3 m tape was broke the cable of the LCD when you take the cover at the back of the laptop screen.  I unplugged then re plugged the cable Ribbon and respected band of restraint and large all worked.

  • Problem on my laptop in hibernation. NEED HELP!

    model: Compaq Presario CQ42-177TX

    I have a problem, even when the first time I bought this laptop. Whenever I put my laptop into hibernation, the screen is black as say he was arrested. But the only thing that differs is the market button always light upward. Like the one you use mode 'sleep'. The problem is you can wake up a sleep mode, stroking the keyboard or just move your mouse pointer, but every time I work in Hibernation mode it just can't wake up. I tried everything, but my lap top don't wake me up. Even by pressing the power button, it still won't even turn off. At first I thought it's my laptop crashes, but I tried several times and it has ended up in the same way. So I'm quite frustarted on it. The only thing I can do after I Hibernate, it's that I have to turn off the unit connected to my laptop or disconnected my battery. Whenever I do that and turn on my laptop, it will turn to the stop inproper screen. Is the hardware problem on my laptop or what? How can I actually fixed that. Seriously I need help.


    To check the version of the BIOS press F10 immediately after you turn on the laptop. Enter the BIOS and on the front page, you should see the version of the BIOS, something like this: F.26.

    What Windows you are using? Go to this link and select the right Windows OS you use, then go to the BIOS section and download the latest version of the BIOS. .

    Is a God thing to download the chipset drivers and install them.

    Hibernation issues could be related to the video driver. Download the latest video drivers (Intel and ATI/AMD). When installing them, please uninstall the current version, restart the PC, then install the new version. Restart the PC.

    To go further with the investigation, after the Windows OS version that you use. Please post the results.

    Best regards


  • Layout error blue screen. Need help to reload Windows

    Original title: Reload OS

    I bought a refurbished IBM thinkpad T42 for my grandson through a 3rd party work.  When you turn on it, a blue screen with lots of writing, hot flushes, too fast to read, then goes to a screen where you can start windows normally or in safe mode.  Neither work.  When I contacted the company, they told me I need to reload the operating system and gave my a drive backup.  The backup drive asks the number 25 position at the bottom of the laptop, but this number fails.  I am not a Curmudgeon and am at a loss to know what to do.  He has had the laptop for less than 60 days.  Thank you.

    This is the thing:

    If you want to reinstall Windows, the XP Pro TYPE must match! So, if your license (as indicated by the COA sticker) is for the OEM version of XP Pro, then the key on your COA sticker will not work unless the CD is a generic OEM XP Pro installation CD. SO, if it is a commercial or a Volume License version, it won't work.

    Also, you say that this PC has been "renovated". Therefore, guess what is currently on this subject!

    The person who sold this PC is obliged to provide you with the means to restore the PC to its original state; you paid for it!

Maybe you are looking for

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