DigitalPersona, fingerprint AuthenTec and Windows 7


You use this guide at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any problem.


Before you do anything, please make sure that the fingerprint reader driver and software has been uninstalled.

Check the link below to learn how to do it (this is not a standard uninstall process):

How do I uninstall the driver and the AuthenTec fingerprint software


  • Please first check the FAQ before you want to post any question;

Table of contents:

To install the AuthenTec fingerprint driver and software DigitalPersona Personal

B logon to Windows 7 using DigitalPersona Personal

C update DigitalPersona Personal to the latest version

To register a Web site on the DigitalPersona Personal software

E manage registered accounts



To install the AuthenTec fingerprint driver and software DigitalPersona Personal

Download driver fingerprint AuthenTec here (installator worm, driver, see

Extract it with WinRar.

There are two folders:

  • x 86-containing the driver for 32-bit Windows 7;
  • x 64-containing the driver for Windows 7 64 bit.

Install the driver appropriate for your system.


How to determine if you have a 32-bit version or 64-bit Windows

Then download and install DigitalPersona Personal worm 4.10.3790:

  • for 32-bit Windows 7 here.
  • for 64-bit Windows 7 from here.

Restart the system.

The fingerprint sensor should now be detected by the DigitalPersona Personal software.

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  • 2015 x 1 carbon fingerprint reader and Windows 10?

    Just bought the x 1 carbon, upgraded to windwos 10 and I can not install the Lenovo Fingerprint Reader software! I don't see that 8.1 avaiable. No option for Windows 10?


    Too bad! Found a fix.

    In response to the reports of customer in the fingerprint reader does not not as expected on the X 1 portable carbon (20A 7, 20 A 8, 20BS and 20BT) Lenovo has released a updated driver.

    Version 4.5.505

    (Fix) Difficulty for the driver does not work when upgraded from Windows Update of OS Win10 TH2.

    Validity of fingerprint driver common v.4.5.505 can be downloaded here:

    Thank you

  • DigitalPersona Fingerprint Software for Windows 8

    After the upgrade to Windows 8, this software (I have the latest version 5.30) no longer works.

    I can no longer use fingerprint to log Windows. It does not show in the log on screen.

    Update I tried via the software, but this is the last version they have.

    Is anyone have any fix, patch or update to make it work?

  • DigitalPersona, validity of fingerprints fingerprints and Windows 7


    You use this guide at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any problem.


    Before you do anything, please make sure that the previous fingerprint reader driver and software has been uninstalled.


    The driver that is displayed in this guide supports the following validity sensors models: vfs201, vfs300, vfs301, vfs421 and vfs451.

    Table of contents:

    To install the validity fingerprint driver and software DigitalPersona Personal

    B update DigitalPersona Personal to the latest version

    C the connection to Windows 7 using DigitalPersona Personal

    To register a Web site on the DigitalPersona Personal software

    E manage registered accounts

    F FAQ

    To install the validity fingerprint driver and software DigitalPersona Personal

    Before you do anything, please make sure that the previous fingerprint reader driver and software has been uninstalled.


    Uninstall software in Windows 7

    Uninstall or change a program in Windows 7

    Download and install the driver for the validity of fingerprints to here (installator worm 4.1.139, driver see 32/64 bit Win7, published on 13/08/2010)

    Download and install the fingerprint software DigitalPersona Personal worm 4.10.3790 for 32-bit Windows 7 here and for 64 bit Windows 7 here.

    Restart the system.

    The fingerprint sensor should now be detected by the DigitalPersona Personal software.

  • Windows 7 RTM fingerprint reader and webcam for TX2 driver status

    I read somewhere on the site of HP windows 7 drivers for this TX2 - 1027CA won't be available until October 2009. Still I use it now, and the main system works well. There is a problem in the fingerprint reader and perhaps the webcam for me at this point. Until that HP provides drivers updated, I was wondering if there may be versions beta drivers for the TX2 I could try. I am ready to continue using windows 7, but I would try to install the drivers updated as soon as possible. Maybe it's two months away and one month after the availability of the operating system for MSDN subscribers (several companies and developers). I guess this list of reading, some other people who have found what is and is not possible on the TX2 today under 7. Could you give us a brief run down on what drivers are working or not working do not? Fingerprint reader and webcam are of great interest for beginners. My goal is to run what can work.

    The WebCam driver installation is not necessary. You can use the MediaSmart WebCam software to test


    Driver fingerprint (beta):



  • Tecra M10 and Windows 7 64 - bit - fingerprint reader driver

    Hi all

    I just bought a M10 - 17 H and was updated for Windows 7 64-bit system.
    I used the drivers [posted by Toshiba |].

    Everything was therefore acknowledged properly share the fingerprint reader and a controller PCI of communication Simple.

    I tried the driver provided in the link above (also the uninstall after the driver installation program) useless.
    When windows 7 has been installed (new installation) the drive has not been recognized either.

    I also installed the [driver beta Authentec 64bits |] yet once anything is.

    Does anyone know about the availability of driver?

    Thank you

    Best regards



    Have you tried to use the Vista driver?
    Check it out and try it!

    Most Vista drivers work well with Win 7.

  • DigitalPersona fingerprint reader not detected


    I just bought a DV4-1302tx and it happened a week ago. The fingerprint reader has no problem in terms of use (windows login) and online account connection. However, after that I run HP Healthcheck, validity sensor is listed as a recommended update, that I've updated. At the next reboot, in my view, the drive is no longer detected.

    There is a Validity Sensor being listed as the connected device connected USB device icon. the DigitalPersona software appears the error of re - install the driver. personal identifier in the Device Manager has listed version of validity sensor and no error message.

    Troubleshooting done so far:

    (i) redownload updates for Validity sensor of HP Healthcheck as she is constantly listed as a recommended update after initial installation. PROBLEM PERSISTS

    (II) DigitalPersona to uninstall and re-install using Recovery Manager. PROBLEM PERSISTS

    (III) driver Validity Sensor to uninstall and re-install using Recovery Manager. PROBLEM PERSISTS

    (IV) system restore attempt to reverse the HP Healthcheck on Validity Sensor update. Restore failed, no changes applied. PROBLEM PERSISTS

    (v) check if the driver rear roller possible for Validity Sensor, option is grayed out. PROBLEM PERSISTS

    (VI) site of DigitalPersona check the update on the version of the software, not successful. the only security update is for the old version. PROBLEM PERSISTS

    (VII) check the HP website to download driver. Only driver Validity Sensor is located, and this is the last version that is installed on my system ( PROBLEM PERSISTS

    I'm running out of idea to make it work. I book the total recovery of the system ultimately, someone has the same problem? Other recommendations? Please help, thanks!

    I think that through the messages of the forum, I found a solution to my problem above. Just remove the driver from the Device Manager, and then run a scan to "detect the hardware changes" in Device Manager, Windows detects an unknown device and auto apply driver version to install. Drive is functional immediately after installation.

    I have also received confirmation of DigitalPersona support only version 1.3.xx driver should be used, 2xxx will cause conflicts. I wonder why HP Healthcheck invites you to update a driver, defective, inconsistent and cause so much inconvenience to all the world instead. A total discount of the satisfaction of users.


    DigitalPersona support response:


    Hello Kenny, the HP HealthCheck tool seems to update your drivers of validity to an incompatible version with our software.  The proper drivers should be 1.3.1.  Please try to restore your drivers. Thank you

    DigitalPersona support team.
  • Does not fingerprint after installing Windows 7

    I bought 3 items of T500 with installed Windows 7 Home. With this OS footprint scaner worked properly.

    After installing Windows 7 Professinal, fingerprint reader does not work. All instaled divers. There is no error in DeviceManager. But when I run the software of fingerprints, it is said that scanner is not lit.

    Make sure that the installed driver is actually the one that came with the Lenovo Fingerprint Software and not the one that you got from Windows Update. I've seen similar problems several times where Windows 7 is installed and get fingerprints from windows update driver/software and the software Lenovo to fingerprints do not work because some parts of the software, I got from windowsupdate is left on the computer.

    Which version of the driver of the fingerprint reading is installed on your computer?

    You can try uninstalling Lenovo Fingerprint Software and restart. Then, after the reboot if there is still a driver installed for the fingerprint reader in Device Manager, right click and select uninstall and also check the box that says to delete the driver. You may have to restart again. If you had several drivers fingerprint installed you may need to repeat this step twice. So when Device Manager shows the fingerprint with no check reader driver installed if you have any software fingerprint authentec or authentec truesuite installed under "uninstall or change a program". If you find any uninstall and restart. If you can successfully eliminate all the reader of fingerprints in the device should be listed in Control Panel with no driver installed, you should find any substance of fingerprints or biometrics. Then try to install the Lenovo Fingerprint Software.


  • The sensor validity finger print reader and windows 7

    I recently installed windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit on my dv4t-1300cto. Everything is great except for the fingerprint reader is not working. It appears in the device as manager being installed correctly, but windows and digital persona say its not connected. I tried a few reinstall software and drivers, but nothing helped. And when I look for software, the results are quite rare. HP tries to convince me that I'm using a beta version software and support will appear soon, but is not a copy of version beta what whatsoever. Everybody do what ive made and it sorted?

    the drive model is Vfs201.

    Thank you all.



    Check the linke below:

    HP SimplePass Identity Protection, validity of fingerprints fingerprints and Windows 7.

  • Tecra R850-1EP: cannot use fingerprint on logon Windows 8.1


    I would update my laptop Tecra R850-1EP on windows 8.1, after an update of windows, I couldn't use the fingerprint to log my windows account.

    When I'm in my session, the fingerprint will do its job, I can manage my fingerprints.

    I already try to uninstall/install the fingerprint utility and drivers.

    On the opening of the session, I don't have the logo of the fingerprint as as I 'can' t use

    Any idea?

    Thank you


    To be honest, I put t know exactly what's going wrong with the procedure of the fingerprint, but I guess that can be linked to the wrong update to Win 8.1
    Probably, you have not exactly followed the update procedure that is recommended by Toshiba.

    Here you can find the update to the Windows 8.1 EU Toshiba Web site:

    and here you can find the [Instructions step by step to update to Windows 8.1 |]

    You must follow these steps exactly in order to get the laptop works properly.

    That's why I recommend you put the laptop back to factory settings and repeat the whole update process once more after the + step by step Instructions.

  • Portege R500 - fingerprint reader and SD card reader does not work


    I hope someone can help me.

    I bought an opportunity Portege R500 (the warranty is still available until 12/2010) and set up with Windows 7 Home Premium.

    I installed all the drivers for Windows 7 from the specific model support page. Driver Vista have been installed for all drivers, which are not available in Windows 7.

    If everything works fine, except the fingerprint reader and the sd card slot.

    Fingerprints: I tried al a lot of drivers, even that of the R600 and R700 (such as proposed by someone here in the forum). When I run the Toshiba fingerprint utility, a text box tells me, that there is no connection with the sensor. Authentc software does not work either.

    SD card reader: I tried several SD cards from a card SD 2 GB simple and old (but functional) Kingston. According to the Director of devicce, the driver is correctly installed and running.
    The blue icon next to wireless light turns on and after a "long", a message box appears and asks me to format the card. It takes a little longer and then I get the massage, the card cannot be formatted. I tried the same procedure with a SDHC card 4 GB and a Micro SDHC card in a SD card adapter. Then of course the cards are identified but not usable and formatted.

    There are several reports of other users of the internet, the locations of sd card in computer models laptops different toshiba have problems under Windows 7.

    The two problems have emerged as well under Vista. My hope was, this upgrade to Win 7 solve poverty. Unfortunately remain the problems of th I have Win 7.

    Thanks in advance,

    Michael (Germany)

    Thanks for the feedback second
    By the way; It is a forum for user to user in this community, everyone is trying to help everyone, so if someone wants to say that he would be able to help, then you will get a response from such user maybe you should also pass a few simple threads in this forum and might help other users as well?

    Tip; BIOS update and setting BIOS by default (with F9) can solve many problems... it's worth a try...

    By the way; Win 7 is able to update the drivers automatically. I recommend that you run an update in Device Manager and let windows search for the update.

    I ve got another laptop and installed Win 7 as well. The card reader Vista driver has worked for me on Win 7 OS just a tip

  • Satellite A350D - 20K - what is fingerprint utility and registry patch?

    I use Satellite A350D-2Ok. Its operating system was originally Vista 32 bit, I change to Windows 7 64 bit, I tried drivers for Windows 7 64 bit here. Then I saw a driver or installer for finger utility to print so I was confused if what is for? I downloaded and installed, but I don't see any new installed application or software in my laptop? I also checked it on C:/programfiles Strawberry I was still seeing it...

    You guys can tell me what is this installer for? What is the use at all on this issue or it how it works in short.

    Second thing is I've seen also registry patch in the list I have also download. What is the registry patch for and when should I use?

    Thanks in advance


    1 fingerprint utility
    I think even says it all if your laptop is a fingerprint reader you need of this tool/driver to use. Otherwise you don t need. ;)
    In general fingerprint reader and the utility can be used to replace the Windows login password. You can use your finger to login to Windows if you have the fingerprint reader.

    2 registry patch
    Everything about these patches you can find on the driver on Toshiba page Details:
    Registry patch 1.0 description: Storage Configuration Patch
    Description of the patch 1.0 registry: registry Patch to devices and printers

  • Utility of fingerprint AuthenTec for Satellite E100

    Hi, toshiba has recently replaced my HDD on my Satellite E100 and asked to retrieve the BONES of my recovery cd. I did, but my present, I can't find my software of fingerprint. I checked the Web site for the drivers and it isn't here. Anyone know how I can get back my Fingerprint software?

    I'm running on windows Vista editions Home Premium 64-bit

    any help would be appreciated


    Take a look at the Toshiba driver page us;

    There you can download the utility
    TrueSuite Fingerprint Utility for Windows Vista / XP (v2.1.22.0, 2008-10-01; 23.96 M) for the Satellite E105-S1402

    It should work as well on you E100.

    Welcome them

  • We can establish a common partition for Mac OS and Windows Boot Camp

    I'm new to Mac, so please excuse my ignorance.

    I have a MacBookPro 11 mid-2015 with 512 GB SSD and 16 GB of RAM.

    I have Mac OS X El Capitan and that you have installed 10 Windows using the Boot Camp utility on a 150 GB partition. I wanted a common partition on exFAT which could serve as a repository for my data either of the OS. My intention - 150 GB for Mac OS - 200 GB of data - 150 GB for Windows 10. How can this be achieved?

    Earlier, after the Boot Camp, I reduced the Mac OS to 350 GB partition to 150 GB and released 200 GB. Formatting this turned me expensive because it stopped my Windows to start. Repair it was a waste of time and effort. I draw the hard Windows on a Mac is sensitive to changes in the partition.

    In addition, is using Virtual Box better than Boot Camp? I don't have as much virtualized environments.

    Please advice.

    You can connect an external drive of ExFat formatted. The OSX and Windows can read/write on a disk formatted ExFat.

    A virtual machine has its advantages, as does a Boot Camp facility. A virtual machine allows the simultaneous OS, any necessary initialization to change operating systems. Data can be shared between operating systems more easily. Computer such as memory resources are shared in a VM for applications environment to run slower.

    Installation of Boot Camp allows Windows to run in native mode by using all of the system resources, so apps will go faster. But to change operating systems, a reboot is required. It is more difficult to share data.

  • synchronization between the iphone and windows 7

    Can I synchronize excel and word between iphone and windows 7?  How?  CAN I get excel and word or compatible programs (aps) on iphone?  Also - I have an old version of MS Outlook (2002, 10.6 V, SP3) I want to be able to sync with the calendar on the iphone.  What can I and how?

    Also - I do not trust "the cloud."  How can I synchronize and transfer stuff between the iphone and my computer (win 7) without putting them on the cloud?

    Don't have an iphone yet, this will be my first smart phone.  Being able to use the above programs and stay out of the cloud are my priorities.

    Thank you

    Word and Excel:

    Yes, you can sync if you store your documents in the cloud, but you do not trust so the answer is, you cannot them synchronize the.

    lar136 wrote:

    Don't have an iphone yet, this will be my first smart phone.  Be able to use the above programs and stay out of the cloud is my priorities.

    Don't get an iPhone. I think the Android device is a better solution for you.

Maybe you are looking for