Disk replacement HARD satellite 1800-400,

Prices differ as much here, so I think to replace my broken HD Toshiba (I believe that is / was 20 GB) with a new HD. Can I use one of the new 5400 RPM type disks, or if I hold with 4200 RPM normal ones?

If I do, should I first replace the old BIOS?

Maybe you need to consider the noiselevel to a 5400 RPM hard drive?

Update the BIOS? ... Never change a running system ;)

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  • Disk replacement hard satellite M20

    I had a problem with my satellite M20 Ref PSM20Q-00PZ6

    The original HD (Toshiba MK4025GAS) is totally dead.

    I bought a new one (toshiba MK6025GAS), the same 60G instead of 40.

    I had never recognized by the bios, unless I have set it up on another laptop to change its size to 8.4 G.

    How can I configure it to be recognized as a 60G?


    It seems that the BIOS cannot recognize the disk properly due to the size of the HARD drive. Unfortunately, I put t found any details on the size of HDD supported, but in my opinion the 60 GB of HDD is not supported if the BIOS recognizes the HARD drive correctly.

  • Disk replacement hard satellite 17xx series

    Someone please advise how to get into the hard drive on one of these machines. You have to lift the keyboard if yes how. I took all the screwa the bottom of the case and am nowhere fast.


    This is very well illustrated if not for your model.


    If you do a search on this forum (all) for HARD drive or hard drive or a term related you should come up with some references.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite 1800-400, ERROR! F3D failed

    Someone can help me troubleshoot above?
    First of all what does this mean?
    I had a very small Satellite 1800-400 with me running. I was convinced that it was full of viruses so wanted to start all over again with the recovery disk. All I got was this error.
    In addition, it is said software being installed, please wait and a 0-100% bar. (nothing happens)
    Being a novice surf autour, I picked up a new BIOS @ this site. After the install was not successful so I used the command chgbiosa on the a:\, this gave me a command prompt to enter the biosfile in and I have upgraded to version 2.2 (I really thought he could help silly)
    Retry the recovery disk didn't give no solution so I'm really looking forward to all the solutions to this disaster.

    Hi sms,.

    Sounds strange! Is the recovery CD in good condition? Is this perhaps a scratch?

    Goodbye Tom

  • Satellite 1800-400: CD broken

    A week ago, my CD-ROM started acting weird. It doesn't read any cd what so ever. I want to replace it, but my question is... I can do it myself, and if not it'll be expensive...?

    My Toshiba Satellite is a series of 400-1800


    Sorry, but the DVD of the Satellite 1800-400 drive is set up.

    If you have no chance to swap it out.

    Good bye

  • Satellite 1800-400: CD Rom is not working / can't use recovery discs


    I have a satellite 1800-400. The cd present in Device Manager, but it does not recognize the cd is in the drive. I need to use the recovery cdsas the system was damaged virus etc. Is there a way I can work around the problem of cd player.

    Thank you


    Hi Hugh,.

    When you try to start the laptop from the CD made in fact tru to access the CD-ROM or it directly boot from HARD drive?

    If the notebook is actually an attempt to boot from the CD but do not then it can mean that you CD-ROM is defective or that the recovery disc itself is damaged in some way.


  • Satellite 1800-400: need DVD - Rom

    I'm looking for a dvd - rom for a Satellite 1800-400. Where can I get one?


    If you check the manuals for Satellite 1800, you will see that this camera comes with different drives. One of them is SD-R2002. Google all over the place. You will find a lot of online shops where you can order one. Another solution is the Toshiba service partner.

    By the way: check the ebay also.

    Good bye

  • Satellite 1800-400 ME upgrade to XP Pro?

    All successful one satisfactory to a Satellite 1800 400 upgrade or similar (384 MB of RAM, 20 GB HD, 800 MHz Celeron) of Win ME?

    Would prefer to upgrade to XP Pro, but pure install 2nd choice.

    If I have the HD format for a clean install, an updated XP version would recognize the recovery CD Toshiba a legitimate copy of the ME - I've heard that there may be problems?

    I have the intention to upgrade the BIOS and collect all the drivers available for this model proposed by Toshiba for XP, but will there still be problems with all the material?

    Toshiba drivers must be loaded in a special order, and that is during or after installing XP?

    XP is likely to be faster or more slow/about the same thing as ME, with above hardware specifications?

    All advice welcome, because I have not upgraded the OS on a laptop before, and the potential problems seem more important than with desktop computers.



    I put t not see why Windows XP Home edition should not be working on your device correctly. On this forum I have read many topics where users present on Windows XP Home edition on the old models as yours.

    Please see the download page for Toshiba under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/download_drivers_bios.jsp and you will find drivers for Windows XP Home edition.

    After installing WXP install display and sound driver first. Then install other drivers of material. The next step is installation of Toshiba stuff:
    Common modules
    Public services.

    It is important to install common modules like the first.

  • How to connect by Satellite 1800 400 on TV?

    I want to connect to my Toshiba Satellite 1800/400 on my TV, but I don't know how to install a secondary graphics card. My graficscard is a Trident Cyberblade Ai1 video accelerator.
    Please help because I get hopeless and frustrated because I need for school

    Hello Kevin

    As far as I know you don t need to install a secondary graphics card. The laptop got the output video output jack to transfer NTSC or PAL data to external devices (TV).
    If you want to activate the TV-out function, please go to display properties, and then click Advanced. Now click the device tab to display.

    There you can set the parameters on television and in the multi-screen TV/LCD devices section. Don t forget the TV Standard (PAL or NTSC).
    However, with the FN + F5 key combination, you can choose between the LCD and TV.

    Good bye

  • Satellite 1800-400: cannot run/install applications after installing XP

    I bought a Satellite 1800-400 for my daughter for her school work, formatted, installed XP pro, and when I tried to install the software for a wireless card (3Com) for internet access, he said only: "the application failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

    So I tried another card (Belkin) software it says "D:\ is not a valid Win32 application". So I tried to install the printer software and he says: 'the entry point of procedure not found in KERNEL32.dll dynamic link library.

    So I thought I'd try XP Home, exactly the same, Win 98 and WinME function without problem.
    I have also flashed the Bios, but it made no difference.

    Someone at - it ideas


    Hmm, it s very strange. For me, it seems that some applications are not compatible with Windows XP. I m not 100% sure why it happens, but I put t think that it s a RAM problem because the other Windows Me and 98 to work properly.
    But nothing is impossible

    What version of BIOS is installed on your laptop? On the Toshiba page pilot 2.20 BIOS was released.
    If your laptop uses an older version, you can try to update.

  • Problem with a hard disk on the Satellite 1800 750

    Hi all!

    I have problems with my Satellite 1800 750 therefore than the hard drive not to be recognized. Means I can start from floppy disk or CD-ROM, but not hard drive. I create in the hard drive to another laptop and it works well. In the BIOS, I see two (HD and CDROM) IDE devices. From pure DOS diskette and try running fdisk also does not show me the HD.
    What can be? It is a total mistake on card mother IDE #1 have a defect or is it a BIOS problem? Or something else?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

    Kind regards

    Hi Werner,.

    He cannn be your IDE controller has a loose contact.

    But in a first time, you must set the BIOS to the factory settings. Press ESC key after power! Then you have a short list of commands at the bottom of the screen!

    If this does not solve the problem you correctly a hardware fault. This should be checked by a Toshiba Service partner. Go to https://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com - support & downloads - find an authorized Service partner

    Rudi Bye

  • Satellite 1800-400, what CPU?

    Hey people,

    Just got me a second hand 1800-400, but it is a bit slow. I have stopped more RAM (256) to go with the 128 that is already. I hope this will help.
    But I was thinking, what other/faster CPU can this small handful of the machine? I can get a P3 1 GHz cpu on ebay cheap but it the system to run it?

    See you soon


    I looked at some other Satellite 1800 models specifications and discovered that they use different processors. Most of them use Celeron 1.0 GHz and 1.1 GHz, I also found a model with P3 1.0GHz (1800-804). But I think it's using a different chipset, so I don't know if you can use a P3.
    Besides I don't think that a little better CPU will increase the performance so much. Upgrading RAM is more effective.

    Good bye

  • Satellite 1800-400: need new motherboard


    I have a Toshiba Satalite 1800-400 it is about 4 years old and is under warranty, but I know there's a problem with the motherboard to irreparable. Since I didn't know this problem I tried to source a replacement, does anyone know where I could find one? I looked everywhere.

    Thank you



    I also recommend to ask the service partner Toshiba for this motherboard. In this case, you can be 100% sure that this motherboard is supported and compatible with your device.

    Good bye

  • Satellite 1800-400 additional memory

    starting at the... legacy laptops a satellite s1800-400 with 128 MB of ram and 20 GB hard drive. want to upgrade the ram, but what do need me and how do I do it?

    You can improve it to max 512 MB and you can use the modules:
    PC100 256 MB (PA3069U - 1 M 25)
    PC100 128 MB (PA3005U)
    PC100 64 MB (PA3004U)

    The slot should be placed at the bottom of the unit. Just remove the screws and the cover and you will see the banks

  • Disk replacement HARD Qosmio F60-111


    There was a hardware error in my laptop and the dealer told me that there is an error with a hard drive and it will be replaced under warranty.

    My question is that is that the new drive will come with the same configuration and the score of the original hard drive? I mean that it will be a breast hidden restore partition?

    My laptop is Qosmio F60-111


    > My question is that is that the new drive will come with the same configuration and the score of the original hard drive? I mean that it will be a breast hidden restore partition?

    The new drive HARD would not be partitioned and contain all the data!
    After replacing HARD drive, you must use the recovery disk in order to install the system, the drivers, tools and for the partitioned HARD drive.

    Did you create a recovery disk in the past?

Maybe you are looking for

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