HP DL180 Gen9 server: HP 10 GB 2 port 561T Ethernet adapter


Can you help me if this 561T HP 10 GB 2 Port Ethernet adapter is Compatible with my HP DL180 Gen9 Server?

Thank you




This compatible list does not DL 180, but it is compatible with many other DL Gen8 servers:


It must be. But my suggestion: talk with representatives of HP in your region drirectly, they are ready to help you.

Kind regards.

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  • DL180 G6 Server Rack - permanently at 80% fan speed

    I bought a "SE326M1 G6 Twin Xeon Hex Core L5640 48 GB RAM HP Proliant DL180 G6 Server Rack 2U" on eBay. As he came not with all drives, I bought four caddies and some third party SATA hard disks. The computer works as such, but fans run constantly on the 80% fan speed and thus sounds like a rocket.

    The logging of the ILO 2 displays the following warning:

    "Error MESSAGE: 1717-Slot X Drive Array - the following discs declare a State of overheating:

    The temperature of the ILO 2 storage area (five separate readings) reading displays 'OK' and 0 degrees centigrade for five. So, I assume that the 'sea of sensors' place the fan speed 80% because there is no available temperature.

    My current conclusion, which is no more;

    1. the hard drives is not a temperature sensor and I need to use four hard drives certified HP

    2. the sensors on the Drive Cage Assembly (HP-530946-001) are defective

    3. berries for empty drives must be filled with blanks

    In order to exclude all these possible I have to spend very little money and time, and so I have the following questions.

    Issues related to the:

    1. do the disk drives HARD to have a temperature probe at all? Will they have, is the temperature read by the sea of sensors?

    2 iLO 2 would display a temperature for the "storage area" even if there is no disk HARD drive in one of the 25 bays at all? If this is the case, it would tell me that the Drive Cage Assembly sensors are defective.

    3. fill the HARD drive bays with white makes temperature sensors start working? What I wonder if whites have an electronic or similar, or that they are just empty pieces of plastic?


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  • Equalogic: grpparams syslog-server-list agreeing not to port

    I am trying to add a target server syslog with a custom port. It does not accept the port via the GUI or the CLI.

    I type grpparams syslog-server-list x.x.x.x:yyy

    It is said "% error: invalid IP address '.

    the GUI and CLI accept IP with no port.

    Is this a bug?

    Thank you



    Sounds like the bug in the documentation.

    It has been a feature requested for some time


  • With the help of MIcroSD on HP Gen9 server and ESXi 5.5

    Thought I would post this since I could not find the information anywhere and I spent some time trying to figure it out.

    Installing ESXi 5.5 on a server HP BL460C Gen9 MicroSD card could not be detected and was not included as a target of installation.

    I had to disable USB3 in the UEFI Gen9. After this, he began to appear as a target of installation available.

    I really had nothing definitive that led me to believe it was USB3. I was looking for HP and MicroSD problems. Whose most reported update the latest firmware of ILO (which I was already on) and then I found a few other vague posts on boot order and USB3. So I tried these two and reduced to USB3.

  • Gl380 Gen9: Server HP GL380 Gen9 fan at bottom


    I have two server nine hp gl380 gen 9 with one of the two or fans does not regulate, it turns inside all the time, how do I solve the problem?

    Thank you


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  • Web application server - how to change the Port

    When installing LabVIEW, OR adds a process called "Application Web Server" (among a long list of other items) at startup.  It became an issue for our Windows users want to run our real application of Web server on their local computer.  My temporary work was about just disable the Web Application Server in the trunk to the port (8080) are available for other items.  My questions are the following:

    First of all, what kind of impact I look at developing LabVIEW programs?  This process is necessary if I want to work on the network applications?

    Second, it is possible to change the port number of the Web app server to avoid any problems that may exist?

    The Web Application Server is used by LabVIEW Web Services - only if you are not using/writing/developing LabVIEW Web Services, then it will not affect you.

    To change the port, open the Web-based Configuration utility NOR (normally on something like http://localhost:3582 /) and under "Web Server Configuration", you should see "Application Web Server" and you can select which port should be used.

    You can also access it Max by right click on "My System" and selecting "Web Configuration.

  • How can I publish Windows Home Server web access on one port other than 443? Verizon FIOS is blocking incoming 443 so I'm not able to access the WHS remotely.

    I have Verizon FIOS.  They block incoming traffic on port 443.  I have an ISA Server, but were unsuccessful, redirect to 442 on the listener interface and bypass at 443 internally.

    Thank you!



    Take a look at this thread who can answer your specific question.


    However, if it is not, I would say that to post your question in the forum below.


  • Replica server not to listen on port 443


    We took a little POC with view 4.6 and we are very happy about it.

    Setup consist of very few users in different positions in society (about 10 now) to test the behavior and one view connection server; We are about to upgrade to view 5 and so to ensure the continuity of our users and to learn how to perform this kind of task for the future, that we wanted to add a replica server to be able to update without interruption.

    Installing the replica and even if it works I can not connect to the replica with HTTP but HTTPS Server alone and I don't understand why.

    The original connection to the server let me choose by the client and it works with the two protocols and in fact I can see that it is listening on both ports using netstat, while the replication server listens on port 80 only.

    Windows Firewall is down for the moment to facilitate troubleshooting.

    The replica VM server has been deployed using the same model of Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (ENG) as the initial login server.

    In the display manager, we are not forcing the HTTPS connection.

    We are not tunneling connections through the server at the moment and we are interested in continuing to work in this way.

    We use PCoIP.

    Here are my questions:

    1. is there a reason why the replica server doesn't allow me to connect with SSL?

    2. because we intend to charge the balance two servers, is it possible to see which users are connected to the server that if we aren't tunnelling connections? (I noticed that if we connections tunnell "Security Server" field is filled with every line of every customer in the display manager but if we do not have connection tunnell is right remains empty)

    Thank you for your help in advance

    1. chances are that you disabled the "use SSL" option in the admin UI before installing the replica, which is a global setting, but had not yet restarted your server connection original change be taken into account, that is why the reply was listening on HTTP only, but the first CS was still on HTTPS. If you had restarted your origin server before you check this box would also be listening on HTTP.

    2. No, there is no way in the current version to see the Admin UI which server connection session has been negotiated through if the tunnel is disabled and the PCoIP secure gateway component is not in use. Once the established session is that there is no direct cost to the login server in this mode.

  • HP DL360 gen9: logical processor of difference


    I have a question about our DL 360 Gen9 server with windows 2012 r2 installed.

    On a single server detects the processor:

    Intel Xeon CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40 GHz, 2397 Mhz, 8 Lossnay 8 logical processors

    While the other server with the same type and same operating system detects:

    Intel Xeon CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40 GHz, 2397 Mhz, 8 Lossnay 16 logical processors

    Y at - it a setting or something I've missed, or it comes with the Board it self?


    He solved, sorry.

    These Hyperthreading is disable, you must activate from the Bios.

    Thank you

  • HP ProLiant Gen9 notice - SmartArray Firmware update

    Hi all

    We examined the underside view of HP on the Smart Array Gen9 servers controllers.
    http://h20566.www2.HPE.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docid=c04805565 & JumpID = em_alerts_us-us_Sep15_xbu_all_all_2361702_2272...

    The Advisory States:

    A HP ProLiant Gen9 server may stop responding and displays when restarting, the following 1719 POST error message:
    1719 slot 0 drive Array - a default controller event took place before this power. (Locking previous code = 0x13)

    Even if we have not seen all the failures, we started to test the firmware update (3.02) and it completely bombed our 1st server. It is stuck at the STATION.  We had the Linux guys perform the upgrade on server here and although it seems to have successfully applied, the version of the firmware never changed to 3.02. We have a box to open with HP and are waiting for your comments, but in the meantime, I wanted to see if someone else has eliminated this FW update to their servers ESXi5.5 Gen9 with Smart Array controller.

    Any comment is appreciated.

    Just a follow-up here...

    The issue has been isolated to SmartArray P440 with SAS 12 G expansion card. The patch has been updated the SmartArray both the Expander card firmware at the same time. The only P440 caused our system to not POST firmware update

    Thank you


  • Server files to fiber without Xsan?

    Hi all

    We did a Mac Mini server for a long time now on ethernet on our small business network, and we recently replaced one of our editing Mac Pro (2010 model) with a more recent 2013 videos.

    The Mac Pro 2010 has a fiber inside, and I wonder if it is possible to use it to replace our server Mac Mini (El Cap) and run as a file on the network server using fibers. Our firewall is a Sonicwall NSA 4600, which has the ability to take entry fiber connections, then all customers would be connected via ethernet. All our data would be on the internal SSD drives, and configure a RAID is not necessary (there are already solutions secondary and backup in place).

    I have little or no experience using fiber (a company from the outside set up our private network edition). Before I jump into the rabbit hole, which was wondering is) adding a fiber to a network machine works similar to ethernet (i.e. just setting IP, Sub, etc.)? (B) what I need to set up an XSAN system with controllers separate metadata etc., or can I simply connect the mac pro in the switch firewall and SMB/AFP share as he was connected by ethernet? And (C) can other services OS X Server as a VPN server, RADIUS, or OD work through the fiber connection, or do I need to run an Ethernet line separate to those of work (or even to keep the Mac Mini for these functions)?

    The advantage that I would hope to achieve is a debit to transfer files to and from customers.

    Thank you!

    There are two types of use of fiber that your current Mac Pro could use.

    1. Ethernet over fiber - used for the connection of normal computer network
    2. FDDI over fiber - used for the connection of SAN storage

    It's not not obvious from your post that you are using. Ethernet over fiber option is mainly for going the distance, but could also be used with a faster for example 10 Gbit/s network connection.

    Your current Mac Pro run Xsan? If it means that he uses FDDI.

    Note: Everything needs to use compatible versions for Xsan for work.

    You can get the two 10 Gbps, that interfaces Ethernet fiber and FDDI interfaces for use with a Mac, this is done with a direct Thunderbolt adapter, or a bolt of lightning to box PCIe in which you want to keep a PCIe card - most likely even the currently in your Mac Pro.

    FDDI is only used for storage connections and is normally only used by servers. (And the storage itself.) It permanently unusable for normal networking, servers would also have Ethernet connections for this.

    A 'SAN' allows several servers share a single storage via direct connections (FDDI) device, normally only one computer can be connected to a storage device. The Xsan software or a similar software for other platforms acts as a controller to ensure these several servers can use the same storage without conflict.

  • TB has ceased to send or receive e-mail messages through Verizon Server (with the last parameters) without Thunderbird updates on 20/09/2014

    To the test. The last time I tried to send this qustion access was denied and I've lost the value of one hour of work.

    WiFi hotspot is the likely cause.

    Maybe the server is configured to block ports, but it will access http through a browser.
    or maybe something like this has happened.
    Internet service providers will be blocking IP addresses where spam is known to come from in the past. They use services list to identify these IP addresses. If the mobile home park is set to the index, Park mobile home ISP is blocking the mobile home park may be totally unaware of the problem.

    Some web access points will restrict access to known as host webmail sites. Include a few research libraries, universities and private companies wishing to discourage users to check their personal email during working hours. However, almost all Internet cafes and other public access points will allow you to access your webmail: for many of their users, webmail is the reason why they are here.

    Using the e-mail software for Outlook, Lotus Notes or Thunderbird or Mac's Mail.app may be restricted if your ISP or access point blocking access or requires access through a proxy server.

  • Version 31 will not get messages from the imap without security the value none Server

    I've updated Thunderbird version 24 to 31. My mail server is an imap server and has always worked well. Since I've upgraded to version 31 I can't recover my mail unless the connection security is set to zero and the port is 143. The imap server using SSL/TLS with port 993. It worked for me on the old version of 24, but now it won't.

    Suggestions? I cannot continue to use no security connection, but would not be pretty.

    you have mail scanning in your anti virus? SSL trips them something terrible and can cause this your light.

  • Thunderbird 24 pop server authentication

    I use Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Thunderbird (24.4.0) running OS X on a macbook air 10.9.2

    Until about 01:45 east coast U.S. today, I could send and receive on my two accounts in Thunderbird, which all worked fine for the last 2 years 1/2. I can always send and receive emails fine with their web client. I can receive receive in Thunderbird now, but cannot send. The failure of sending began with one account and now affects both.

    At first, I got a message error ro1007005 failed to authenticate to an account, then the other. After

    After more than an hour with TWC we confirmed that my SMTP settings are correct view of TWC as follows

    Server SMTP = mail.twc.com Port = 587 = password, transmitted unsecured way authentication method.

    However, I now get the following:

    Whenever I try to send, I get the following:

    The message send failed.
    The message could not be sent using SMTP server mail.twc.com for some unknown reason. Please check that your SMTP server settings are correct and try again or contact your network administrator.

    Any help would be accepted with gratitude.

    Have you contacted TWC to see if they have some sort of failure?

  • 600 g MT: network driver for HP600B MT for Windows Server 2008 64 bit

    I installed Windows Server 2008 on computer HP 600 g MT (product number - B5G17EA). But I'm not able to get the network (Ethernet) and graphics drivers for this OS. I even tried to download and install the drivers for Windows 7 and 8. But that did not help.

    The HP site doesn't have any drivers for this desktop computer operating system:


    Driver search for "Atheros AR8152 / 8158 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20) also went in vain I couldn't locate for OS Windows Server 2008 (64-bit)."

    Please help!

    Hi Provost,

    Thanks for the reply. I downloaded the Ethernet drivers from the following link:


    And it worked perfectly for me. I had another system (HP 600 g MT). I went to the Device Manager and checked the name of the Ethernet adapter. It is Atheros AR8152 / 8158 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20). Then I googled and found the link above was the driver.

    The graphics driver from the link you provided, I always download it now. Would return as soon as possible about that.

    Best regards

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