DL180 G6 Server Rack - permanently at 80% fan speed

I bought a "SE326M1 G6 Twin Xeon Hex Core L5640 48 GB RAM HP Proliant DL180 G6 Server Rack 2U" on eBay. As he came not with all drives, I bought four caddies and some third party SATA hard disks. The computer works as such, but fans run constantly on the 80% fan speed and thus sounds like a rocket.

The logging of the ILO 2 displays the following warning:

"Error MESSAGE: 1717-Slot X Drive Array - the following discs declare a State of overheating:

The temperature of the ILO 2 storage area (five separate readings) reading displays 'OK' and 0 degrees centigrade for five. So, I assume that the 'sea of sensors' place the fan speed 80% because there is no available temperature.

My current conclusion, which is no more;

1. the hard drives is not a temperature sensor and I need to use four hard drives certified HP

2. the sensors on the Drive Cage Assembly (HP-530946-001) are defective

3. berries for empty drives must be filled with blanks

In order to exclude all these possible I have to spend very little money and time, and so I have the following questions.

Issues related to the:

1. do the disk drives HARD to have a temperature probe at all? Will they have, is the temperature read by the sea of sensors?

2 iLO 2 would display a temperature for the "storage area" even if there is no disk HARD drive in one of the 25 bays at all? If this is the case, it would tell me that the Drive Cage Assembly sensors are defective.

3. fill the HARD drive bays with white makes temperature sensors start working? What I wonder if whites have an electronic or similar, or that they are just empty pieces of plastic?



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    This compatible list does not DL 180, but it is compatible with many other DL Gen8 servers:


    It must be. But my suggestion: talk with representatives of HP in your region drirectly, they are ready to help you.

    Kind regards.

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    I had a very hard time, trying to find out if there is (large or small) disadvantages with this approach?

    We do not want to use Vmware Server for this, because its characteristics (for example with respect to snapshots) are lower than those of VMware Workstation, and nor do we want to use ESXi, because we always want to run Windows as a host on the server operating system.

    Is VMware Workstation our best choice then, and there will be no significant disadvantage? I think it's as if there is a missing in the VMware portfolio, product i.e. namely I miss a server product with all the features of VMware Workstation, which still runs on a different host OS, what am I?

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    This plan of ours is stupid, and in this case how should we best solve it? Is there really an advantage by using VMware Server instead of VMware Workstation in this situation and in this case more exactly what?

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    VMware Workstation on a good Windows installation will do you fine.

    Ideal if you conclude that the MS-host in this day you don't need no matter what Antivirus or firewall.

    Then such a facility will do what you expect.

    I wouldn't consider VMserver - workstation surpasses VMserver my experience


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  • Is satellite A500-1DN - possible to adjust the fan speed?

    Is it possible to adjust the speed of the fan of this laptop? As I saw in PC Health monitor the fan speed is mainly of 0%, and sometimes it amounts to 70% (on idling) and quite large making noise.
    I wish to address is it permanently on.

    Is this possible?


    > Is it possible to adjust the speed of the fan of this laptop? As I saw in PC Health monitor the fan speed is mainly of 0%, and sometimes it amounts to 70% (on idling) and make a big enough noise

    I agree with you, I also own a500-1dn and it makes big noise even while surfing Internet. This forum was suggested to update Bios to reduce the fan noise.

  • T130 algorithm of fan speed

    I have a server T130 (1 week) and since the addition of a Broadcom 5722 (a single port NIC), the cooling fan has accelerated considerably (and very loudly). Running OpenSUSE 42.1 and functionally everything is perfect.

    I can't any that Dell to respond to my request than if I lash out and to buy a NIC "supported" (which seems to be of at least a DP which is a waste, I want only one additional port) will be the result of 'supported' in a similar noisy machine cards?

    Broadcom 5722 is estimated at 1.41 Watts. Cards 'supported' Broadcom (5719 or 5720) have powers of 1.21-> Watts 2.06 (5720) and 2.41-> 4.12 (5719) so, if 'supported' cards cause an increase in fan speed, then I don't see any justification for what happens with the card 5722.

    I understand there is some kind of defeat or change this algorithm of fan speed, but I don't understand how to do this on a Linux based machine - there is a gap in my knowledge.

    I can say that the BIOS is the latest available.

    Any ideas?


    You can try using ipmitool to change the setting, ipmitool gross 0 x 30 0xce 0x00 0x16 0x05 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x05 0x00 0x01 0x00 0x00

  • The Dell Precision T7600 CPU temperature and fan speed

    Hi all

    I recently got a Dell Precision T7600 workstation that has two processors Xeon E5-2620.  I checked the specifications of Intel and the maximum temperature for these processors apparently is 77.4 C.

    However, when you run fairly intensive applications that can last a few days or so to analyze, I noticed that the CPU temperatures get much hotter than this no difference in the speed of the fan.  I used speedfan and CPUID to check the temperature/fan speed.  The highest I've seen the temperature was 90 c and the fan speed has been only 900 RPM.  He regularly sits on 70 c and still no response from the fans.

    I find this a little hard to believe given that surely fans should be a little lower than 90 c action!  I checked the settings of the bios (version A05) and the fan speed control is on auto.  I have also run the diagnostics and it reported no problem.  The fans run, but I'm not convinced that is the speed controller!

    Is this normal?

    I managed to re - install the A10 bios (it appeared to include a few things my already installed version is not ).

    Anyway, tried to launch a number of things to keep the processor at 100% for a few hours.  It seems that the fan speed changes now and the maximum temperature of the processor, I was able to get (and briefly) was 72 C.  He had served mainly the mid to high 60s with fan speeds ranging between ~ 1000 - 1500 rpm, as required to keep it there.

    I would say that the new BIOS has solved my problem.

  • PowerEdge R230 fans speed & do not respond

    Hi all

    I have a new server with a weird behavior, which I'm not sure.

    Once we started the server, the fan speed is high then seattled to about 8000 RPM. Is this normal for R230 fan at its idle speed?

    We tried to install VMWare ESXi, but server will no response. We also tried installing normal Windows 7 as a test if it's a server problem or problem installing ESXi USB, same no response to the initial installation screen.

    BIOS Version 1.1.4
    Firmware Version

    Thanks Josh, we him had all solved.

    Number 1: Fan at idling speed is about 50% speed.

    BIOS: 1.1.4 Firmware:, controller of life cycle:

    Resolution: update BIOS to 1.2.5 & update firmware for


    , 2nd edition: Server freeze on ESXi 5.1U3 (Dell version) installation screen.

    Resolution: PowerEdge R230 supports ESXi 5.5 and above, earlier versions are not supported. We have installed ESXi 6.0U2 (Dell version) and everything went smoothly.

  • UCS C220 M3 fan speed problem

    I recently bought a package of Cisco UCS C220 M3 chassis and now am in a test phase.

    As soon as it has been unpacked, I upgraded to the last bundle HUU - 1.5 (4) 3 and applied all the updates.  It was not far behind anyway - but I wanted to test with the latest versions first.  So much easier to upgrade now rather than later :-)

    For a few days, the area was quiet and fans ran at a fairly quiet speed.  Fans worked fine - but at a slow speed, and it was quite bearable.  Even after the installation of XenServer and by installing a VM guest, he continued to run quietly for a while.

    However, in the last 24 hours the fan speed have passed through the roof.  The box is literally screaming now.  What is strange, is that there is almost no load on the system and the environment is cool.  Several other devices in the basket are the normal temperatures of 25-30 degrees C all about reporting.  The chassis itself is cold to the touch.  Even the MMIC reported temperatures in the 1930s.

    UCS-Mmic /sensor # show temperature

    Name sensor read units min. Max warning status. Warning, default min. Max failure

    ------------------------- -------------- ---------- ---------- ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------

    P1_TEMP_SENS Normal C 34.0 / 74.0 o 79.0

    P2_TEMP_SENS Normal C 34.0 / 74.0 o 79.0

    Normal RISER1_INLET_TMP 35.0 C / 60.0 o 70.0

    Normal RISER2_INLET_TMP 33.0 C / 60.0 o 70.0

    Normal RISER1_OUTLETTMP 38.0 C / 60.0 o 70.0

    Normal RISER2_OUTLETTMP 33.0 C / 60.0 o 70.0

    Normal FP_TEMP_SENSOR 30.0 C / 60.0 o 70.0

    Normal DDR3_P1_A1_TEMP 33.0 C / 65.0 o 85.0

    DDR3_P2_E1_TEMP Normal C 32.0 / 65.0 o 85.0

    PSU1_TEMP Normal 28.0 C / o 60.0 65.0

    Normal PSU2_TEMP 30.0 C / o 60.0 65.0

    Normal PCH_TEMP_SENS 47.0 C / o 80.0 85.0

    UCS-Mmic /sensor #.

    fan to see the UCS-Mmic /sensor #.

    Name sensor read units min. Max warning status. Warning, default min. Max failure

    -------------------- -------------------- ---------- ---------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------

    FAN1_TACH1 RPM 10272 Normal 1712 / 1284 o

    FAN1_TACH2 RPM 9844 Normal 1712 / 1284 o

    FAN2_TACH1 RPM 10272 Normal 1712 / 1284 o

    FAN2_TACH2 RPM 9844 Normal 1712 / 1284 o

    FAN3_TACH1 RPM 9844 Normal 1712 / 1284 o

    FAN3_TACH2 RPM 9844 Normal 1712 / 1284 o

    FAN4_TACH1 RPM 10272 Normal 1712 / 1284 o

    FAN4_TACH2 RPM 9844 Normal 1712 / 1284 o

    FAN5_TACH1 RPM 10272 Normal 1712 / 1284 o

    FAN5_TACH2 RPM 9844 Normal 1712 / 1284 o

    UCS-Mmic /sensor #.

    UCS-Mmic /chassis # see fan-policy

    Fan policy



    UCS-Mmic /chassis #.

    [NB: fan-policy has been set to 'Balanced', but is about to 'Low power' - but changing it made no difference.]

    I saw some other assignments with prbolems similar to this which goes back some time, and they almost all referred to as upgrading to the latest firmware which has all the patches for this kind of behavior.  But in my case, I already did this.  A complete cold reboot also did not help.

    Someone at - it other ideas on what could be wrong or what could be the cause?   Looks like a bug, but...

    Thank you



    I understand your point, your concern, but to give you a better idea, the fan speed may actually go up to 17000 RPMs, from, your server fans are still in a mid-range and for me, it only seems that the heat is probably not that actually dissipated when the door is closed. This is the reason why I mentioned our grids of series R which are tested with UCS and the door is in fact a mesh which ensures heat is out.

    Note THE answers useful.


  • Satellite C660D - software to control the fan speed?

    Just brought a C660D. Someone knows the software to control the fan speed?

    My laptop CPU fan always turns to 74-80% of max speed. That's a lot of noise. I tried cpucool, but it did not work.

    If does not work, the fan speed will remain at the temperature of 0 with cpu at 38 oC. But with any operation tiny, like the click of the mouse, it will change again to 74%, CPU temperature does not change.

    Hi Polaralbatross,

    Have you ever tried the Eco mode that uses the cooling battery optimized method?

  • Start of satellite L10 fan speed and noise

    My L10 cooling fan start always maximum speed, when it turns on it always burst at maximum speed (and noise) and then slow down to a speed (and slient relative). This fan start noise is very annoying (as fan departure every half hour in office work and every 15 minutes in some simple games).
    I try muffler or bios settings performance they do not fix the noise and the starting speed.
    Maybe Toshiba could release some bios update or patch or something to fix this? (my bios version 2.0)
    Maybe this problem has the solution software thrid party?
    Or the fan speed max is just a hardware problem?

    Thank you.

    Hello Albert

    The same thing my Qosmio F20 and in my opinion, it is not any kind of technical problem. At the moment I'm typing this text and hear Internet radio at the same time. The cooling fan works regularly.

    In my opinion, when the operating system runs several different processes running in the background and they need the CPU activity that needs to be cooled correctly. In my opinion, you should check the power settings management settings and change the performance of the processor to lower the level.

    If the cooling fan runs every 15 minutes, in my opinion, it is not too often.

    Good bye

  • Satellite U500 - temperature/fan speed of degradation after overheating

    The hard drive of my laptop suddenly developed a load of bad blocks without reason apparent, so I replaced it. I started a live linux CD to copy the old drive to the new and left running overnight. When I came back to him, he ran VERY hot. It's not well crushed.
    * Since then, the fan worked up a gear more often than before *, in the original Windows installation.
    Use a temperature monitoring program, I can see a temperature which is constantly higher than both the CPU and GPU, and I think this must be the problem. I can only think that it is setting the fan speed based on this incorrect measure. I don't know where this temperature is measured, and unfortunately I do not know what it was before the problem started. The new HDD is cool, so it is impossible that the change that caused the problem.
    Someone knows something I could try to fix this?

    Hi Blah_1,

    You probably have a higher internal temperature because your new HARD 7200 RPM drive instead of 5400 RPM. For hard drives at 7200 RPM are originally more heat during the backup process racing portable to use high CPU if it s normal behavior that he s hotter than normal.

    In any case, the laptop must be also cleaned from time to time using a jet of compressed air as described here:
    [How to clean a Toshiba laptop cooling system? | http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=105]

  • Oscillations of 0.5 sec Equium A60 fan speed

    My old Equium 15 months began "pulse" is 30% of the time its on it's normal speed to high speed and back again on a second half interval or more.

    Any suggestions please?
    Thank you

    Hi Geoffrey,.

    If your fan speeds up often means that your laptop is overheating. Try cleaning your CPU heatsink with a vacuum cleaner. You will find this described several times in this forum.

    Kind regards

  • How can Qosmio G30-126 - I check the fan speed?

    MODEL: G30 - 126
    OS: VISTA 32-BIT SP2

    How to know the speed of the fan? I have try several programs like "sensor hw monitor" & "fan speed" but it's not watch everything think about the temperature of the CPU just fan speed.

    Where is the problem and what I need to do?

    Hmm... Why you want to know the speed of the fan?

    The fan speed will be automatically controlled and you can t change this or manually control. You can change the method of cooling between performance and battery optimized in Vista power management. Did you check that?

    In addition, you can clean the laptop using a jet of compressed air as Akuma written. This could blow out the dust from the cooling fans.

  • Qosmio F50-126 - fan speed never htting maximum


    This question been bothering me for a long time but was too lazy to write about it. When I start my laptop, you can hear the fan speed reaching its maximum RPM. But during the game when the laptop is about to reach its maximum temperature for restart, the speed of the fan never hits its maximum RPM. It always seems to be about 50 percent when it will hit the threshold of overheating.

    Can you tell me how to solve this problem, so the laptop is we fan maximum RPM during the games or another cpu/gpu intensive process?

    I have the latest BIOS and drivers installed to date.

    Plan to use everything at stake?
    Check the method of cooling for this power plan and set it to maximum performance.

  • Satellite L655 (PSK1JE) - 100% after update BIOS fan speed


    Yesterday, I do BIOS update since version 2.10 to 2.20. The update of configuration correctly but the problem is the fan, the speed is 100% all the time.

    others have this problem with this version of bios?

    Can I downgrade to the version of the bios?

    Thank you and waiting for your answers

    Hi kingofcopy,

    Load default settings after updating the BIOS? Go into the BIOS, press the F9 key to load the default values.

    Have you tested the behavior of fan with cooling optimized battery option? In Windows power management, you can define more low fan speed in power management to reduce the activity of the fan.

    Check this box!

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