iPhone 5 s front glass lifts body


Today, I noticed that in my iPhone 5 the glass front is separate from the body. There is gap of 1 mm in the Middle, between the glass and the rest of the phone. Why has it happened?

I bought my iPhone in the United Kingdom more than 2 years ago. What can I do?

Unfortunately, I live in Poland and we don't have any store from Apple here. September I will be in the United Kingdom, so is it possible that in the Apple Store they will repair/replace my iPhone?


Since the unit is out of warranty, you may be able to have it repaired/replaced, but at your expense.

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    After the replacement of my iPhone screen 6, front facing camera does not work. The rear camera works fine, but when I switch to selfie cam I saw a still image of what was on the camera back; and on snapchat it simply refuses to move to selfie cam. I check to make sure that all connectors are deep-set. Any suggestions?

    If someone else that Apple will replace your screen they screwed up. If Apple has replaced your take screen back to the store.

  • The iPhone camera 6 (front and rear) and flashlight not working not

    Hello world

    I am a user of the Iphone 6 (128 GB) - purchased in December 2015. Version 9.2.1

    For two days my camera (front and back) as well as the flashlight will not work.

    • I see a black screen at the opening of the camera - can make changes to the, front/rear, HDR mode (power), etc. - but nothing happens
    • When I try to open the flashlight, it crashes (the button on our extension of the home screen is simply not lit)

    I tried to restart my phone several times, but the problem persists. Please note that nothing happened 2 days back - I have not dropped my phone, in any case I don't see that can cause damage to the camera. All of a sudden it stopped working.

    Please suggest what to do.

    To exclude a software problem, set it back to factory settings, do not use a backup, manually installed personal data and test the camera feature.

    Use iTunes to restore your device to factory settings - Support Apple iOS

    If the device works, restore the backup of the data. If the device still does not work, you will need to get the phone checked by Apple a Service provider authorized Apple to air:

    Apple iPhone - contact Support - support

  • : Pro Pro compressed 408 408 - broken front glass

    Hi all

    Unfortunately, I broke the glass front of my Table 408 Pro.

    Anyone know if it is available as a spare part that I could exchange myself or - if not - where I could go to a repari (in Germany) job?


    Claus K

    Hi!, ClausKDF:

    Welcome to Forum!

    Do not worry!. Be happy!.

    You can see, the spare part for your tablet, in Chapter 3-Page 8, on... c04823145.PDF

    • Set of Billboard 805079-001 8 "

    Find in the Web...

  • iPhone case 6s + tempered glass combo for complete protection

    You will need to completely protect the iphone to my wife crazy toddler.

    I currently use a portfolio case (here) without protective glass. I like the case but I think that I need a rugged protection that my toddler started throwing the phone around on hard ground.

    I like the idea of tempered glass, but do not know if using tempered glass stop me to use any case "robust" - same one I use at the moment.

    Please recommend "Compatible tempered glass (fully covered or not fully covered - is not serious) & robust casing combo" in a (reasonable price range<$30>

    I recommend that buy you a cheap toy for your child.

    iPhone is not a toy and expensive.

  • iPhone 6 camera front incentered, Apple would replace my phone?

    Hello, for my front camera is not centered properly. Is not the effect on the front camera, you can still take before photos with it looking good, but it just bothers me. So I was wondering if Apple would fix it or simply give me another iPhone. IM asking this because I heard a lot of people who have had the same problem and they just received a new since it was not repairable. My front screen is slightly cracked too, which would prevent me from getting a replacement? I have also the Applecare warranty of 2 years, incidentally. Thanks in advance

    Cris.72 wrote:

    Hello, for my front camera is not centered properly. Is not the effect on the front camera, you can still take before photos with it looking good, but it just bothers me. So I was wondering if Apple would fix it or simply give me another iPhone. IM asking this because I heard a lot of people who have had the same problem and they just received a new since it was not repairable. My front screen is slightly cracked too, which would prevent me from getting a replacement? I have also the Applecare warranty of 2 years, incidentally. Thanks in advance

    Call Apple care and you will have the answer to your question.

  • Z3 front glass - digitizer or screen protector

    Nice day!

    We know that Xperia Z3 has this pretty glass at the front (and back), my question is, is it already the phone digitizer or it's a built-in screen protector (since it seems that it is on top of the main screen)?

    If this is the first and, in the case where it cracked by any means, could it be easily replaced? How much would it cost?

    Thanks for any answer!

    It is the digitizer itself

  • small rear glass lift

    Hey guys, finally after months of savings I bought a Z3, but after two days, I found something akward, on the side where the magnetic connector is held there a little lift maybe 1 mm when I press it down it is flat with the framework, but after two, three minutes it goes back I ask I'd be scared or not , don't forget the phone is only two days old and if I take this service I have to wait two or three weeks, I don't want one a whole new oppened, any help would be apprecieted


    1 take it back to the store


    2. contact your local care Xperia


    Those are the only real options

    3 leave it as it is or 4. try to fix it yourself are not real options.

  • How much will cost to repair the glass and the LCD to an iPhone component damaged 6 in the Apple Store?

    My partner has dropped his iPhone 6, visibly cracked glass and damage the LCD behind (distorted lines). How much will cost to get the two components repaired in-store? And this is something that can be done on the spot?

    Much obliged,


    See iPhone pricing of Service - Apple support (change the country in the lower corner on the right if you're not in the United States)

  • S2440L Ant inside cover of glass at the front

    I have a strange problem with my Dell S2440L Monitor - 2 opposes inside the front glass - one is an Ant and other is a tiny particle of pixel size of 3-4. I don't know how it came. The Ant is here today and he is roaming inside the screen. The other thing I noticed two days back. It is a white color and it appears as a black dot, when the monitor is turned on. I see clearly that it is behind the glass. What is the solution? How can I remove these things? I looked at the monitor carefully and could not find any difference between the glass and the plastic frame.

    It should not cause future problems. Since you have not bought the monitor directly from Dell, you must do so at the time wherever she would need replacing...

    * For your country, please contact Dell order Support. They will have to contact Dell by internal Chat team WHILE you're on the phone with them. Provide the following information to the representative of the support order so that they can feed data to Dell via Chat team:
    Brick or = online store
    Purchase date =
    Monitor model =.
    Number of digit alphanumeric PPID monitor 20 =
    Email =
    Name =
    Shipping address =
    Phone =
    * The team will attempt to create a unique order number linking you to the PPID number monitor Dell. Once this done, can anyone support order then the installation program has to monitor as Exchange.

  • The dust under the glass

    Hello world!

    the has found several pieces of dust under my glass of ion - x in the lower left corner. Nobody knows: our limited warranty covers this issue? someone face thing? It's ok, or his problem with adhensive, which keeps the front glass?


    If you can see the dust under the glass of the watch face, contact Apple support (mail service may be available) or make a booking Genius Bar in order to have your watch repaired under warranty:


  • It takes case or cover?


    I have my Moto X 2nd generation (32 GB) last week. And the Android, as well.

    My serious doubt is whether to use the entire cover or deal with it. My Moto X is in Royal Blue and it looks / feels great as it is. But I heard a lot of things that the display glass is likely to break even with a fall from a low height to the ground.

    In India, bumper of good quality is not yet available. I bought a back cover, but she does lose the identity of my phone!

    All phones with glass screens will be break if they fall. Maybe not the first time, but all are sensitive. The Moto X is not worse, then all others - but the biggest screens, less bezel on the sides, means more chance to break the glass. Look at the iPhone 4 and 5 - glass on front and back - guaranteed to break any fall.

    That being said - case are a personal preference. I have not used with any smartphone glass, and I've never broken a phone. It does not mean that I can't break a phone, just that I chose to take a chance that I am careful enough.

  • Why Canon does not have old adapters for my SLR camera lenses? I can get them with Sony, but not for Canon

    I have an old Canon Ftb with a goal of 1.4 fd. I'm getting into digital cameras now (just to have a 12 G for now, mainly used for underwater photography). I would like to stay with Canon, but I'm very annoyed that Canon doesn't have a way to continue to use their old lenses. Nikon, for all their flaws are much better at you can continue to use your old stuff.

    Then I find that if I'm going to Sony (Yes, really, Sony) can I use my lenses from Canon ol via an adapter. This my Canon, tell me it ain't so. You must have a way, I just have not yet discovered.

    There are many challenges with this and the "adapters" are to be considered with a certain scepticism.

    The FD lenses are mechanical - no electronics.  The case of the unit, on the other hand, has an electronic interface for the lens - nothing of mechanics.   This means that if you set the goal, you would have to manually set the aperture but also of manual focus of the lens.

    Your Canon DSLR had a split Prism focusing in the viewfinder to help.  A new camera does not work.  The reason why there is no help from the development is because most of the lenses are autofocus so it is simply not necessary.  This makes it particularly difficult to tell when you've worn exactly the goal.  Making it even more difficult is that any device with a sensor size of APS - C (most of them) have a small viewfinder that you had on your Canon SLR photography.

    In addition, the lenses are optimized for a specific back focus distance.  Canon's EOS cameras have a depth of 44 m from the mounting flange of lens at the front of the body at the level of development within the body.  When you use an adapter, it modifies that distance.  If you change too much, the lens behaves as if it is mounted with extension tubes, the entire range of focus is moved closer to the camera, and it can be is no longer able to focus to infinity.

    There are 3 parties that make these lenses... conversion kits but they do them for a few drinks (not all) and that they require a bit of surgery on the goal (e.g. this level which protrudes beyond the rear of the lens used to set the aperture value should go).

    But... the modern lenses are just so much better than the old FD lenses.   Requires really quite the dozen FD lens to make it interesting this fuss.  Also, I own a Canon SLR (AE-1) and a few glasses of FD... but have no interest in trying to use one of these lenses on my EOS DSLR cameras.

    I think that this question almost as Ford asking why they do not wheel adapters let wheels it T model mount on a Mustang of 2015.  The new wheels are so much better than the old wheels, you want to continue to use the old wheels.

    Leave your old lenses in the past.  Mine are on the shelf alongside my AE-1... body as a conversation piece.  I don't actually use them.

  • Filter for Canon L lens

    I just got my first Canon L lens and after some research, I decided not to buy a UV filter as protection for the front glass element.  Then I can read the presentation (B & H) for the EF 16-45 mm F/4 L, which States that "when paired with an optional filter to Protect, this lens also features a dust and water resistant construction for use under adverse conditions. So now I'm confused: why a $1,200 L lens does need a "Protect filter? By "adverse conditions", what do mean?  Should all lenses L be fitted with a protective filter?  What would be a 'protective filter' recommended?  I'd appreciate some advice on this because I want to protect my investment in my L lens and consider making a recommended.

    Some 'L' series lenses are waterproof.  If you see a black silicone gasket to the mounting flange back, then chances are it's a goal and waterproof.  But you have to read the instructions for each specific objective know what it means.  A few lenses indicates that they are only waterproof only if a protection filter is attached.

    Weather sealing means that the lens is usually sealed against dust, rain and spray - but it is important to remember that this does NOT mean that the lens is "tight".  They are not sealed against water under pressure.  If you blast it with a spear of fire... you will probably get water inside.  Similarly, they will flee if submerged.  There is "underwater camera housings" available when you need the camera & the goal of being ready to go under the water.

    Furthermore, just because a lens is weather-sealed does not mean that the body of the camera is waterproof.  Only some camera body get weather sealing and the level of treatment varies.  Usually, intermediate and superior camera tend to have at least one treatment of the weather sealing, but even in this case, there are some obvious gaps.  The door of the memory card and battery door are two examples of places that have no weather seals.

    Other than that... There are a few downsides to having a UV filter.

    First of all, the camera has an internal UV filter, so the second filter does not really offer help in this Department.

    Second, a flat glass filter, it is able to create nice reflections that can be seen by the camera.  This can create 'ghosts' reflections and other effects undesirable undersireable.  The use of filters with anti-glare coatings will substantially reduce this problem, but these filters cost a bit more.  Also, they will simply 'reduce' substantial reflections but do not guarantee that you get no thoughts at all.

    The glass itself is durable enough.  Be gentle with it when clean you and you will never have a problem (use a soft 'clean' microfibre cloth).  The sun visor (even if you are not trying to protect from the glare) actually helps keep something striking the glass.  The hood is probably better protection than a UV filter.

  • Tecra M4 - black spots behind the display Tablet cover

    After an intense action of cleaning every month, I recognized a few black dots on the back side of the front glass of the tablet. I did some checking of finger on the screen to see if it's a pixel error. I can say with any doubt that he is not a pixel error.

    After a Google search I found people describing the same. It is assumed that it is the result of fan heavy work.

    Y at - it no support out there that can help me solve this problem?


    I put t really understand the link between the black dots on the screen and the heavy work module cooling.
    For me this internet s nonsense provides a lot of information useful but also very stupid gossips, myths and stories

    Always it is that you have a few black pixels on the TFT display and it sounds like a hardware problem.
    So in this case, there is only one solution; This part is replaced or repaired I guess, it should be replaced

    For all replacements, you will need to contact the ASP in your country. Ask them to help and managing others.

    Good bye

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