DPI: what happens when an image is re-recorded from 240 to 300 dpi?


When I open my images in Adobe Raw, images are 240 ppi. What exactly happens when I change the setting to 300 ppi in the Raw from Adobe. For printing a lot of companies are asking 300 ppi. And what happens if I re - save the old images still in Photoshop after treatment with 300 ppi, the image becomes unsharper? I can't see a difference. Thanks for your explanation.

Interesting question and I hope I understand what you're asking

An image itself and has no size. It is built in square pixels of indefinite size. They could be a micron, or the size of a city block.

An image has a specific length and width, once established the size in pixels.

To illustrate them open any image 72 PPI. View: sovereigns. Change the image at 300 PPI with resample disabled. The pixels of the image data is not changed, the only thing that changes is the rule on the image.

My guess is that the 240 to 300 in your example does not change the result of pixel. What does not change is the size of the file. More PPI, more the size of the physical file. An image PPI 240 it is 10 "by 12.5" is equivalent to a 300 PPI image is 8 "by 10". Either one of them is considered a 7.2 megapixel image (2400 x 3000 = 7 200 000 pixels of the image).

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