Drive external hard used on the windows computer wants me to format the drive after use on a mac

To get into the details, I have a 1 TB western digital hard drive that I used for a few months to work on a laptop running windows 7. One of my friends using a macbook borrowed my hard drive and now when I plug it into my laptop I got the error message "you need to format the disk in drive d, until you can use it. The options are to format or cancel it. If I have to cancel it, give me the D:\ message is not accessible. The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable.  This is the drive I have months of data to work on it and I need to be able to use it as soon as possible.


Run as administrator command prompt and run the following command to repair the disk structure.


It will correct the errors on the disk by removing the volume. Once the process is complete, try to access again.

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  • the hard drive of my computer is purchased full.i a external hard change outside the primary disk so I can download music easily?

    the hard drive of my computer is purchased full.i a external hard change outside the primary disk so I can download music easily.right now my external backup just my computer that isn't doing me good

    original title: external hard drives

    You don't want to change your external drive to your main drive.

    You can move your music files on the external drive - or you can move other data on the disk to make room for your music on the internal drive.

    What applications do you use to play music?

    As described in the first link below, you can move your full "My Documents" folder on the external drive.  Alternatively, you can simply move your music files.  If such an arrangement would give you a satisfactory performance, however, depends on how your external drive is connected (for example, USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, eSATA, Firewire, network) and other hardware features of your computer.

    Not all of the following conditions will be applied to you, but some of the tips can be useful.

    There are a number of things you can do to- temporarily - free up disk space.  The only real solution, however, is to get a bigger internal hard drive.   You can move the data to your external drive, but if it's the data that you use frequently, slower access times may annoy you.  Therefore, I do not recommend that you move your My Documents folder in its entirety on the external drive, but you can certainly do this by following the related instructions.

    • You can run Disk Cleanup (start > run > cleanmgr > OK)
    • You can reduce the size allocated for the restoration of the system to about 1 GB (right click on desktop > properties > system restore > settings)
    • You can disable hibernation (if you don't use it) (right click on an empty spot on the desktop > properties > screen saver > power > Hibernate)
    • You can disable the indexing of the drive, which will also speed up your computer a bit (
    • You can reduce the size of your Internet browser cache (depending on the browser that you use)
    • You can remove most of the $NTUninstallKBxxxxxx files $ following the directions here: (read the warnings in the gray box first)
    • See also:

    " How to recover disk space on Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP computers? ."

    " Forty ways to free disk space ."

    But none of these answers you will earn really large amounts of space for very long.  The term solution time is a bigger hard drive.

    In the meantime, download and run JDiskReport, that will show you graphically what files take up more space and seem to so indicate what files you must move it to your external drive.  If you want to move an application, you will need to uninstall and then reinstall it specifying your external drive as the installation location.  You can not simply move the files.

  • Drive external hard (connected to the Mac mini USB) disconnect during use

    I have a 3 TB (WD green) hard drive in an external hard drive enclosure "miniStack MAX Media", connected to my Late 2012 Mac mini via USB.

    I don't know when he started to do this, but I recently noticed that it was dismantling even when she was in use; the error was:

    Disc eject does not correctly
    EJECT 3 ' TB' before you unplug or turn off.

    I replaced the USB cable and saw the same mistakes.

    I moved the HARD drive to a different box. same mistakes.

    I swapped the HARD drive to a whole new WD 4TB blue; same mistakes.

    So now I have a new drive in a new case with a new cable, and I see the same messages "Disk not ejected correctly".

    (By the way the disk utility has shown that the two discs were fine when I ran first aid.)

    This brings me to assume that the problem is with my Mac mini, which runs at El Capitan and is fully aware of the updates of the operating system.

    Recommendations on next steps to investigate and resolve this problem?

    It seems that your external draws too much power. That shows the report of your system? You have an external power supply for external drive? Have you tried to use all the USB ports on your Mac?

  • PX1393E drive external HARD not visible in windows Explorer

    Hello world

    I just bought an external DRIVE for my Toshiba laptop no disc PX1393E. I know that its old and he still has windows 2000 SP4 on it.

    Now my problem is that my laptop does not recognize the external HARD drive. The Add New Hardware Wizard works fine, but I don't see the new drive in windows Explorer.

    I looked in the FAQ of the guide. Here, I tried to go into the options of storage since rigt - click my computer in the management options. But I still don't see the drive.

    Now, I wanted to see if I could find some update of the driver or something, but man you can't find on this site.



    The drive cannot be partitioned or formatted.

    Start-> Control Panel-> administration-> computer management tools-> Storage-> disk management

    Initialize the disc and create a partition then format it in NTFS

  • How to transfer music from an external hard disk files the reader thumb

    I have my music on my external hard drive and I have a usb input on my car radio (up to 8 GB), but I tried to transfer playlists of hd for the thumb without result. I synchronized in wmp11 but also tried to add files to wmp, but the files on the hard disk are staying to the format of the album and do not appear as they do id they are on my hard disk. is there a post hd USB RIP tab with drag and drop each song in a record high desk then copy of thumb? all the files were on my old computer with windows xp and it was much easier to use it. WTF.

    Hello knottywolf,

    ·         Have you tried to copy the files from the external hard drive to the flash drive?

    ·         What are the type of files that can be played by your car stereo?

    ·         After a synchronization of devices, have you tried to copy the tracks instead copy the playlist?

    If you are not able to transfer the playlist directly from Media Player, you should try to copy the files to your external hard drive from Windows Explorer and paste them to the USB.

    Thank you

    Irfan H, Engineer Support Microsoft Answers. Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • 250 GB external HARD disk drivers for Windows 98 SE


    Is it possible to download the drivers for windows 98 SE? the external HARD disk works fine on Windows XP Pro SP2, but windows 98 did not have the drivers for it.

    A Direct download link would be appreciated.

    Have you had special XP drivers for this unit or just plug into the USB port?
    I put t know if it will help but check this site:

    Here, please select Options for drive external HARD drive external HARD - Win98

    Also check this:

  • Drive external hard use w / Tablet

    I like to watch movies from my external hardrives different. How can I do this?


    What is the model # Tablet?

    External USB disk up to 2 TB (terabytes) has been tested as the disc is formatted in FAT32 file system.

    You need a Sony Tablet S SGPT11 Series USB adapter cable.

    An adaptation Xperia Tablet USB plug is necessary for tablets Xperia.

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    I recorded in my library, watermark still here, I have three people trying to figure that out right now, I want just this picture, please help me.

    The watermark will always stand in your library as it displays the preview image. Watermark is deleted only from the actual uploaded image or when introduced in Photoshop etc.

    How do you download the image?

    With the help of Adobe Stock

  • Cannot install the STOR. E ALU 2 external hard drive on Windows 8


    I bought a Toshiba STOR. E ALU2 external hard drive for my laptop for girls that takes place in Windows 8.
    Device is recognized, can find manual, can see autorun and start icons, but opens in Notepad only and does not install everything again.

    Just seen it says windows 7 on the side of box - does this mean the product is unusable? (In which case it's a gift in the sewers of Christmas!)

    Anyone can help with this problem?
    Thank you very much

    Drive external HARD ID recognized in Windows Explorer?
    Can you create a few folders and copy data to the external HARD drive?

    I want to say external HARD drive is Plug ' n Play device and you should be able to have full access to this.

    Test a little.

  • CUSTOM1 and Custom2 columns do not retain data when copying music from one computer to another or the removal of a disc external hard is there a fix for this

    I use windows media play to organize my music with various information.  I recently bought another computer to contain music.  Copied music from the folder on a windows xp on a windows system system 7.  All data for all columns except columns Custom1 and Custom2 was preservered.  Is this a known issue?  If so, is there a solution?  If there is not a fix is there a workaround.  Which is a file that is associated with the music files that can be retrieved and updated with the correct information.

    Note the same issue occurs on the same system for the music that resides on an external hard disk if the hard drive is cut then re add the files to the library and once they are added all the previous metadatsa entered for all the columns are again the same as previously entered excpet for the the cutom1 and the custom2 colums

    Has anyone seen this problem and if yes anyone knows how to avoid losing information that is added to the custom1 and custom2 colums


    You can view this question in the TechNet Forums:

    Additional information.

    Windows Media Player, frequently asked questions:

    Thank you.

  • Cannot open the USB external hard drive

    Original title: Hard drive

    I can't open the disk external hard usb and the device can see the list of devices and printer as 'USB to ATA/ATAPI Bridge '.


    1. What is the exactly say by "device can see the list of devices and printer as"USB to ATA/ATAPI Bridge""?
    2. do you receive any error messages?
    3. did you of recent changes on the computer before this problem?
    4. were you able to open and use the external hard drive USB before?
    5. try to connect the external hard drive to a different USB port and check.
    6. are you able to access other USB devices with success?
    Method 1:
    I suggest you to run the fixit available at the following link.

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

    Method 2:
    If the problem persists, try to uninstall and reinstall the USB controllers and check.

    (a) click Start, type Device Manager in the start search box and press enter.

    Bus USB controllers b) Expand .

    Note You need to scroll the list to find this point.

    (c) right-click the first USB controller under Bus USB controllers and then click Uninstall to remove it.

    step d) precedes the repeat for each USB controller is listed under Bus USB controllers.

    (e) restart the computer. After the computer starts, Windows will automatically check for changes on the hardware and reinstall all USB controllers that you uninstalled.

    (f) check the USB device to see if it works.

    You can check the link for more information:

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly ' t-work correctly

    Method 3:
    If the problem is not resolved, you can try to connect the hard drive to another computer and check.
    Let us know if it helps.
  • external hard drive remains unknown and microsoft updates fail all the time.

    Original title:

    drive external hard usb not recognized windows 7 ult in devices like unknwon d Manager

    External case hard IDE usb 2

    Windows 7 ultimate
    in Manger vice of with yellow mark
    not in my computer
    cannot re trying to get my old file format
    not in disk management
    2 microsoft updates fail all the time
    analysis tool I tried and it would not install

    You have two numbers;

    (1) not recognized external - usually drivers are not needed, they are integrated in win7

    (2) windows update fails

    You need to solve (2) before watching (1)

    Disconect all external devices, visit your site from PC manufacturers, or the manufacturer of the motherboard if a generic desktop computer and ensure that all drivers have been updated.

    This in a first time, and the report once that windows update has been resolved

  • Download of external hard drive in the data store

    I need to move a virtual machine from one host to another host to a desktop, both running ESXi 4.1. I copied the file from the virtual machine to an external hard drive from the source host using the browser of data store. Is it possible to connect the drive external hard directly on the host target via USB and download the file to the virtual machine in the local data store on the host?

    I know that I can just use the broswer data store and download them to the local network via a laptop running the vSphere client connected directly to the host (rather than the server of vC. If I was logged on the vC server must run traffic over the Wan to the Vc and then back to the host of Management Office?). I'd rather do it directly from the outside in the host.

    Welcome to the communities.

    Unfortunately not. You can use a tool such as Veeam fastSCP to transfer. It is faster than the browser data store, and it's free.

  • Which drive external HARD support all of the settings to change the mode 'sleep'


    Could someone tell me the current disc toshiba external hard with all the parameters to change sleep mode? Or disable at least.



    Power options are not controlled by external HDD but Windows OS.
    Akuma is right; Configure the settings power Windows 7 in order to disable and enable the mode 'sleep'.

    Welcome them

  • USB & external hard drive impossible security remove

    Help ~ ~!

    don't know what I will pass safety o cannot remove my usb or disk external hard... the pop-up message says "this device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and then try again. "

    but I have already close all applications and that message still pop up

    Hi lei_john,

    The message (this device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and then try again) is usually the result of an application, file, open the document, audio or video, or any other application is being used (ranging from the USB key) when you try to remove it by clicking Remove the device safely in the notification area.

    The error can also be caused if your anti-virus is actively followed / analyze the USB drive. Normally, where the withdrawal of a USB flash drive, Windows must stop all operations of reading / writing on the disk so that it can be removed safely. If this is not the case, the flash player may be damaged or lost or corrupted data. However, if Windows determines that a file is in use, it can then provide a message that indicates the volume cannot be stopped now.

    So, before to eject or unplug a mass storage device, make sure that none of these activities are performed on the mass storage device before ejecting.

    A cut-off device

    Most USB devices can be removed and unplugged. When the fact of unplugging storage devices, such as USB flash drives, make sure that the computer has finished saving all the information on the device before removing it. If the device has an activity light, wait a few seconds after the light has finished flashing before unplugging.

    If you see the icon remove the device safely in the tray on the side right of the bar tasks, you can use it as an indication that devices have finished all operations in progress and are ready to be removed. Click the icon and you will see a list of devices. Click the device you want to remove. Windows will display a notification to tell you that it is safe to remove the device.

    I hope this helps!

    Gokul - Microsoft Support

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