Dual-boot a Satellite A660-18 - BSOD install Win XP

I recently bought the laptop above for use on astro photography.
A lot of the software I use is 32 bit and XP to use so I thought that I could set up a dual boot on the laptop using Win 7 64 bit OS (pre-installed) for processing in CS5 after that I captured the images using XP Pro 32 bits of the image.

I use XP Pro 32 bit to control the astronomical mount follow-up and to capture images of the Canon DSLR as they won't work on a more recent OS and most certainly will not work on 64-bit and will not work in compatibility or any virtual box modes.

I started by cutting the main 50 GB partition and creating a new 50 GB partition to install XP Pro on and then tried to install XP Pro from the CD on the new partition. The initial back based races common installation ok with loaded drivers from the CD, but until the installation either by selecting the partition to install XP Pro system stops with a BSOD and I can only turn off the laptop.

I would be grateful pointers for getting this working to dual boot, I realize that some of the features of the laptop will probably be lost under XP Pro but I don't need of work for you USB ports connect to external equipment to control system astro and then I can reboot in win7 OS.

Best regards
KeV Lewis

> Based initial backs racing common installation ok with the drivers loaded from the CD, but before the installation is by selecting the partition to install XP Pro system stops with a BSOD and I can only turn off the laptop.
Please use the forum search option and search of SATA drivers and the installation of Win XP.
There are a lot of discussions about this...

The point is that new notebooks need driver SATA to reinstall the OS.
Win 7 already includes new drivers SATA but Win XP doesn t.

The SATA driver is part of the Intel Storage Manager you can download this from Intel page too.

I used the program nLite to build a new Win XP CD that contains the SATA driver.

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  • How to install windows 7 in dual boot on Satellite M840?


    I've had this laptop M - 840 a week ago, pre-installed with windows 8. I can't replace the operating system with windows 7 as most of my Win 8 incompatible applications. I'm tired of clean install - does not work. I created a NTFS partition and tried to install win 7 on the new partition, but this isn't just beyond 'Windows startup screen. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards
    C4I - OPS

    >. I'm tired of clean install - does not work

    To install Windows 7 on the laptop of Win8, you must change some settings in the BIOS.
    First of all, you have to disable startup secure in the BIOS.
    Second pass of the UEFI BIOS for the CSM and save the changes.

    Now you should be able to install Win 7

    But before doing this, I recommend that you create the recovery media (Flash disk to USB memory or recovery Toshiba

  • Satellite A660: After upgrade to Win 8.1 BSOD is displayed using the keyboard

    Dynabook i7 3D laptop A660.

    OK; so I updated my i7 3D Dynabook to form 8.1 Windows (x 64) Windows 7 (x 64), and now the laptop restarts everytime I start to touch the keyboard.

    Other wise works perfectly.

    It took me two hundred hours to understand that I was typing on web sites usually when this re-boot occurs. And I could not remember how or why the computer restarted.

    When I press the numeric keypad 'more' sign, I get the BSoD immediately. But there are a few presses of the numbers on the keyboard so he can do the same thing.

    If I press 1, 2, 3, its ok.
    If I press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, the laptop gets a BSoD and restarts.

    I also installed automatic software (mouse) for a Microsoft mouse, that I was going to use. and I deleted in the "System Properties" after the problem has arisen; but there is no change.

    Whenever I tap on the number pad (especially the plus sign), the PS stops with a blue screen of death BSoD.

    Any ideas?

    Hi Roger,
    My knowledge the 8.1 Windows isn't supported by Satellite A660 because there is no driver Windows 8.1 special to this series of portable, but even if these drivers have not been released, is not a big problem to install and run the Windows 8.1 on this unit.

    I m wondering how you installed the 8.1 to win on this laptop?
    You upgrade Windows 7 to 8.1 Win or were you running a fresh install of Win 8.1?

    Here's a nice page of Microsoft providing some FAQ about update for Windows 8.1
    [Windows 8.1 update: FAQ | http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/upgrade-to-windows-8]

    In case you have done an UPGRADE to 8.1 Win, you can use Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant to check if your programs and devices are compatible with Windows 8.1.

    I would be also interesting to know if the same BSOD would appear if external keyboard would be connected to the laptop.
    When using the external keyboard would cause NOT of BSOD, I guess internal keyboard is faulty and could be the troublemaker.

  • Issue of dual-boot on Satellite A200 - xp guard freezing or crashing

    Being well try to install xp along side my installation Win7 (dual boot), but xp guard freezing or crashing.
    Ive done a few discs to slipstream the sata drivers with xp.
    Still will not install clean.

    So I tried to install win7 on the second partition and who will install, but is very slow and crashes for centuries.
    Im sure, I got right sata drivers. (Storage Manager intel matrix of toshiba).

    Anyone can shed some light?

    I have toshiba Satellite a200
    Intel duo t5550
    3 GB ram


    If you use SATA drivers then the SATA in the BIOS mode option must be on AHCI.
    If you n t use drivers SATA you will need to set compatible mode.

    Here's a great description how to add SATA drivers

    + How to integrate a SATA AHCI driver into a Windows XP Setup CD.

    Good luck

  • Satellite A660/07U - problem install the nVidia for Win 7 64 bit driver

    A660/07U Windows 7 64 bit

    At first, I need to install this driver because apparently it will solve a problem with the current driver that is causing the computer freezes when booting with an external monitor as main display.

    I downloaded the Setup file of driver from the Toshiba web site and it's extraction ok but when I run the program it just then immediately quits without installing drivers.

    The Device Manager in windows seems not help either, because when I point to the extracted files it tells me that I already have the drivers, even if my current version of the driver is a lower number than the one downloaded.

    Restart made no difference.

    Any ideas/suggestions?

    Thanks in advance


    It is a series of laptop Toshiba to THE.
    Where did you download the driver?

    Usually, you must choose the driver from this page:

    I recommend you to download and try to install it once more

  • Dual boot on Satellite A200 with Vista-XP?

    Computer details: * Satellite A200 PSAE6E... *.
    The laptop came with Vista... I managed to install Windows XP (with new drivers etc...) and it ' s working fine * BUT * after reboot, Acronis OSS does not recognize Vista and the computer starts directly with Win XP only. (I need two BONES...)

    I'm looking for a lot of instructions now of hours * dual boot *, but everyone takes for granted that I have an Installation DVD for Vista... I don't!
    Toshiba came only with the product recovery CD, so all the instructions of MBR and solutions that even Microsoft gives me (E:\boot\bootsect.exe/nt60 all...) it does nothing!

    Is there anyone out there?
    Please... If you can give me no hint at all... it would be just a miracle... Thank you


    have you heard of 'Vistaboot'-> http://www.vistabootpro.org/

    A program that allows you to change the bootoptions, so if you want to change the boot settings, then try this program.

    Otherwise, you can also consult the "UBCD4Win" program which is a live cd of windows xp with many tools, you may find something to change the Boot Manager.

    Good luck

  • Dual Boot on Satellite M300


    It's about dual-boot for Toshiba Satellite M300.

    I bought Toshiba Satellite M300 in January 2009 with preload MS Windows Vista OS, and now I wish to dual boot with Linux.

    Is there a possibility of conflict between Windows Vista and Linux installed and running on the same drive (C :).

    Help, please...


    As far as I know, you can not install two operating systems on the same partition.
    How you want to do?

  • Dual Boot on Satellite A205-S6808

    I tried to dual boot on my Satellite A205-S6808. I installed W7, and I want to boot with XP Pro.l Lap Top does not accept them Pro.What of XP is possible?
    Thanks in advance.
    Lucanio Ramucci


    What do you mean, the laptop does not accept the XP Pro? You can not install Windows xp or it is installed and you cannot start it upward?
    AFAIK, the best solution is to install Windows xp, then Windows (Vista). Otherwise, Windows Xp will delete the bootloader of Windows 7 and you will need to get it back

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  • Dual-boot on Satellite A300 - 21 H


    I'm trying to dual boot this machine with Windows XP Home edition as a second operating system. The drive is already partitioned and ready to take the bone, but when the machine is started with the xp cd it will get only in what concerns the installation of base drivers and you get the BSOD, it is before you get even to specify options etc. I have two of these machines, and they both do the same thing.

    Any help would be fantastic.



    I think you get the BSOD due to lack of SATA drivers in Windows XP
    You must include the SATA drivers to the Win XP operating system first.
    To do this, the nLite software could be used.

    Google and the search here on the forum for nLite, SATA and Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers there are a lot of discussions on this theme.

    PS: After installing Win XP you will not be able to start the Vista because Vista boot manager would be a shame to Win XP.
    To do this, you will have to start Microsoft Vista DVD (not Toshiba recovery disc!).
    The DVD of Vista would be fix again the Startup Manager and you could start in Vista.

    Then, you need to install the free tool called EasyBCD.
    This tool allows you to change the Vista Boot Manager and include the Win XP on the start menu.
    This menu appears at the beginning and will allow you to choose between Vista and Win XP.

    I did on my laptop and it worked perfectly!

  • Dual Boot XP & Wiindows 7 / 64bits BSOD during XP startup

    What should I do if I encounter a BSOD when you try to start xp, I used EasyBCD 2.1 Configuration dual-boot

    Try to start Windows XP by using the diagnostic mode. See if it reaches the office, then update the drivers for common components:

    You will need to probably trying to boot mode safe first Windows XP before you can boot into Diagnostics and update the driver. just before that the system loads the Windows operating system; Press the [F8] key function 8 on your keyboard which will launch the menu Boot Options. Select Security Mode.option and press 'Enter' on your keyboard.

    Click Start > run

    type: msconfig

    Click OK

    On the general tab, select, start diagnosis

    Click on apply and OK

    Restart your computer

    In diagnostic mode, try to install the latest drivers, if any are available for components such as your video, audio, network card and all the other components.

    You first need to know if your computer is compatible with Windows XP. Much more modern computers are gradually support for Windows XP.

    Another option is to run your license of Windows XP in a virtual machine on Windows 7. I have http://www.oracle.com/us/technologies/virtualization/oraclevm/061976.html

  • Windows XP - Dual Boot for Satellite U300-134

    Hello. I have read other responses to this problem of the addition of Windows XP (as a dual boot) but it still doesn't work. My laptop (I bought a few days ago) comes with Vista, and I bought Windows XP Home Edition - OEM. I got the intel matrix storage manager on a floppy USB drive, but now it gives a message "the txtsetup.oem file is not found." I have XP because it turns out that my work WHAT VPN does not work under Vista (I found that out AFTER I bought the computer unfortunately).

    Can you please tell me what I should do next to get this working? And any other surprises I might encounter? I looked around the internet but cannot find the answers to this. I tried nlite, but have not managed to get this working but either.

    Thank you.


    There are different reasons why you can not install Win XO on the U300.

    First use the right Manager, Intel Matrix Storage Manager?
    Laptop you seems to support the Intel GM965 + Intel ICH8M chipset!

    Please check this thread!

    The user Markus77 has listed the details!

    Also please don't format the HARD drive or create any installation AFTER the partitions of the Intel Matrix Storage manager. This would remove the driver already installed.

  • Satellite A660-07U - cannot install the new display driver

    When I got to my laptop, it wouldn't even start the box! So I googled how to get operational and it wouldn't install Windows 7 32 bit, so I installed Windows 7 64 bit and that worked.

    I am one of the users who is also having their laptop freeze on them at all times. I did the update to the Bios and it always does. So I decided to try to update the graphics drivers with new ones on this site, but it seems that they won't install. I got 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 first, I have Windows 7 64 bit installed in my laptop. But it cannot find the necessary material, I thought, he says its because my laptop is not a 3D version, should even elsewhere?

    So then I tried the 32 bit drivers and it says im using the wrong system operating system for these drivers.

    How about if some drivers I can use?


    A moment I really t understand: why you have your own version of Windows 7?
    Usually by Satellite A660 is always equipped with operating system (Windows 7) and it s already preinstalled. This means that you can start your computer laptop out of the box and Windows 7 will begin. Therefore, you don't need an additional installation.
    And let me guess: you don t have created a right Toshiba Recovery disk?

    In any case, before update you the display driver you must remove the older version first. Then, restart your computer and install the latest version.

  • Dual Boot on Satellite L775

    Think about putting a L775-119, and as I already own a copy of Windows XP, wondering how it would be easy to install Windows XP Home on a L775, in a dual-boot configuration?

    In General dualboot is not problematic, but you should check first if your phone model is supported for Windows XP Home edition.

    You know, new laptops are generally not supported for old WXP so, in my opinion, there is no sense to install old OS on the new machine.

  • Try to install Windows XP & Vista in Dual Boot, but Windows XP not fully installed

    Hi friends,

    I have my serious to replace the Windows Vista on my desktop, I created some complications on my computer "dear."
    WIndows Xp has not been completely installed due to a driver error. Now, I have a WIndows Vista and a wrong version of Windows XP.
    I tried to replace the XP, but it seems that I have the following challenges:
    (1) the two versions of Windows (Vista and XP) are installed on one single disc itself, IE. C drive.
    (2) I formatted D drive, whereby a XP driver disappeared.
    In the current context, how can I uninstall the XP then replace Vista with a new version of XP, my C drive has little free space left due to the presence of 2 windows versions.
    Let me know the best way to go, I backed up all the data and data loss is not a concern, is of the order of the day to start!
    Thank you


    1 how many partitions you have?
    2. which partition do you want to install windows XP?

    3. are you able to work properly under vista?

    You can see the steps in knowledge base articles, and to check whether it helps to install Windows XP.

    See also the links to learn more about dual boot
    How to create a multiple-boot system in Windows XP

    Windows XP does not start on a computer that is configured to dual-boot

    You cannot start Windows XP after you install Windows Vista in a dual-boot with Windows XP configuration

    I hope this helps.

  • After installing Windows 7, the option to dual boot with my Windows XP already installed is not available.


    I have 4 partition one my h/d. in win xp (S.P 2) c drive is already install. now I install win 7 in d. disc 7 victory is also insal smouthly. but when I restart my computer, startup bual option not shown... only xp boot otometicaly... why?

    EasyBCD to add Windows 7 in the start menu. Note: after you have installed Windows 7, you should have a folder located in the Windows XP partition named C:\Boot (BCD store) that's what Windows 7 and XP boot build to start with. Easy BCD will list each operating system in the BCD store and also allow you to add an additional OS (in your case, Windows 7) and set the default OS after a 30 second delay.

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

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