Edit field change notify pop up


How to avoid the pop-up screen which appears when editing field does not appear in the screen

How to avoid this pop up screen?



Add this to your screen:

* Override to ignore the save/discard/Cancel dialog box
public boolean onSavePrompt() {}
Returns true;

Not wanting to be rude, but I recommend looking in the forum before asking the question.  This question has been asked and answered several times in the past and I suspect you would have found if you had looked.  Ok?

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  • Non editable field change to highlight the problem

    Hi all

    I have an edit non editable field in my screen. In order to make the difference between editable and non editable field, I put the bottom of the field cannot be changed to light gray as in the code below:

       Border nonEditableBorder=BorderFactory.createRoundedBorder(new XYEdges(5, 5, 5, 5),Color.LIGHTGRAY,Border.STYLE_FILLED|Border.STYLE_TRANSPARENT);
    EditField textField=new EditField(EditField.NO_NEWLINE|EditField.FOCUSABLE|DrawStyle.RIGHT);

    Now the field cannot be changed when I scroll the wheel to the right or left the text gets highlighted in white as shown in the image below:

    I don't want the text to highlight. Can anyone help me please with this. Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards

    S.A.Norton Stanley


    Thank you. Overridding method drawFocus() and nothing doing, emphasis has been disabled on the fields and the white highlight was not. But once I reached the first or the last field of the white selection screen gets drawn again.  But the border I also assign the background of the field edit as shown below, and this solved my problem.

    Background bgNonEditable = BackgroundFactory.createSolidBackground(Color.LIGHTGRAY);
  • Change the edit field

    Hello! All the

    How can limit us just a field change a width (say 70) and if user enters anything beyond the width while the text should scroll automatically save to make place for the user to enter text more...

    How to get there?

    If you enter "editfield scroll" in the search box, you get a lot of results.
    I guess that most link to this article:

  • Is not scrolling screen when the virtual keyboard is opened by clicking an edit field


    I have searched and tried many things, but not got success.

    There are three managers of verticalfield in my screen.



    = new VerticalFieldManager(Manager.USE_ALL_WIDTH |) Manager.USE_ALL_HEIGHT | Manager.NO_VERTICAL_SCROLL) {}

    protected voidpaint (Graphics grphcs) {}

    if (imgBG! = null) {

    grphcs.drawBitmap (0, 0,

    imgBG.getWidth (), imgBG.getHeight (), imgBG, 0, 0);


    Super.paint (grphcs);


    protected void sublayout (int maxWidth, maxHeight int) {}

    maxWidth = UIConstants.


    maxHeight = UIConstants.


    Super.sublayout (maxWidth, maxHeight);

    Super.setExtent (maxWidth, maxHeight);





    = new VerticalFieldManager(Manager.USE_ALL_WIDTH |) Manager.USE_ALL_HEIGHT | NO_VERTICAL_SCROLL) {}

    protected voidpaint (Graphics grphcs) {}

    if (imgBGCoverInternetHome! = null) {

    grphcs.drawBitmap ((UIConstants.

    SCREEN_WIDTH - imgBGCoverInternetHome.getWidth () / 2, 0, imgBGCoverInternetHome.getWidth (), imgBGCoverInternetHome.getHeight (), imgBGCoverInternetHome, 0, 0);


    Super.paint (grphcs);


    protected void sublayout (int maxWidth, maxHeight int) {}

    maxWidth = UIConstants.


    maxHeight =

    imgBGCoverInternetHome.getHeight () / *-UIConstants.SCREEN_HEIGHT (UIConstants.LABEL_HEIGHT + UIConstants.FOOTER_MENU_HEIGHT) * /;

    Super.sublayout (maxWidth, maxHeight);

    Super.setExtent (maxWidth, maxHeight);





    = new VerticalFieldManager(USE_ALL_WIDTH |) USE_ALL_HEIGHT | VERTICAL_SCROLL) {}

    protected void sublayout (int maxWidth, maxHeight int) {}

    maxWidth = UIConstants.


    maxHeight =

    imgBGCoverInternetHome.getHeight () - imgButtonFocusBig.getHeight (/2/*UIConstants.SCREEN_HEIGHT - (UIConstants.LABEL_HEIGHT + (UIConstants.FOOTER_MENU_HEIGHT + VERTICAL_GAP))) * /;

    Super.sublayout (maxWidth, maxHeight);

    Super.setExtent (maxWidth, maxHeight);



    I'm addidng all fields in the Manager of scrolling that is vfmScroll.

    By clicking on the edit field, virtual keyboard opens on the screen, change the field leathers and screen does not scroll.

    Help, please.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for the reply of Peter. Instead of UIConstants.SCREEN_HEIGHT, now I use Display.getHeight () - headerHeight-footerHeight. Given that Display.getHeight () is calculated accordingly when the virtual keyboard is open, so his works well for me.

  • Get the text in the Edit field


    In my Application, I add a check box and a label field and a field change a grid field Manager. Then this network domain manager, I add several times in Vertical field Manager. So it's looking like list of items. Now, when I checked the box five, trying to get the text of the corresponding edit field.

    This is the code for the domain network manager:

    int c[] = {screenWidth/6, (screenWidth)/3, (screenWidth)/2};
            gm = new GridFieldManager(c, Manager.VERTICAL_SCROLL);
            Logger.out("Grocery", "Here it is coming"+i);
            cbfChecked = new CustomCheckBoxField();
            cbfChecked.setChangeListener(new FieldChangeListener()
                public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context)
                    if(checked[i] == false)
                        checked[i] = true;
                    else if(checked[i] ==  true)
                        checked[i] = false;
                        Logger.out("Grocery", "It is UnChecked" +checked[i]);
            Logger.out("Grocery", "Adding first Label Field");
            LabelFieldCustom lfFrom = new LabelFieldCustom((String) m_vtrItems.elementAt(i),Color.BROWN,FONT_FAMILY_0_SF_AS_16,Field.FIELD_LEFT);
            Logger.out("Grocery", "Adding second Label Field");
            efcAmount = new EditFieldCustom(Bitmap.getBitmapResource("dob_text_box.png"), 25);
            efcAmount.setMargin(new XYEdges(30, 0, 0, 0));
            return gm;

    Here I add the grid domain manager several times:

    for (int i = 0;i < m_vtrItems.size();i++)
                vfm.add(new SeparatorField(SeparatorField.NON_FOCUSABLE));

    Here is the snapshot of my screen:

    Please help me.

    You can access the field by index (prone to errors if).
    or you could save your fields in a data structure, such as a hash table, with the checkboxfield as key to the editfield as value.

  • Text of tip/guest/space reserved on a digital editing field / password

    Hi all

    I am introducing the rapids/tips for the edit fields text in my application. I capture the key in the api keyChar() and therefore

    • show the cue text if the field is empty
    • hide the cue already displayed text when the first character is entered

    According to me, one way to do this is to paint your index directly on the EditField.  This way, the EditField never sees.  And you can paint it in a light color to indicate clearly what is not actually entered.

    Here is an example of code, note that I cut/pasted it from a working application, but changed a few things that I think are not - but it could have messed up it completely...

    private BasicEditField _searchField = new BasicEditField ("", "") {}
    String emptyString = "search by input characters;
    Protected Sub paintBackground (Graphics g) {}
    g.setBackgroundColor (0x00FFFFFF);
    g.Clear ();
    protected void paint (Graphics g) {}
    oldColor int = g.getColor ();
    try {}
    g.setColor (0x00000000);
    Test string = super.getText ();
    If (test == null | test.length ())< 1="" )="">
    g.setColor (0 x 00808080);
    g.drawText (emptyString, 0, 0);
    Super.Paint (g);
    } {Finally
    g.setColor (oldColor);

  • Menu appears on touchevent click EditField. CONSUME_CLICK is not an option to the edit field.

    The Menu appeared on a touchevent click an EditField.  CONSUME_CLICK is not an option to the edit field.

    He always did, but I still have to figure out what caused change to happen.  Maybe because I went to GridFields.  Anyone has any ideas on how to avoid that the menu when I use a touchscreen device and click the EditField?

    Thank you!

    When you override navigationUnclick, return false - return super.navigationUnclick (status, time). It is a cleaner way to do it and it saved my day several times.

  • fieldchangelistener shot by mistake on Edit fields

    Hi people,

    I use the RIM JDE 4.2.1 on windows and the 8800 Simulator.  I install a fieldchangelistener on an edit field to detect the moment where I should be offering save a screen.  But the listener is shot before any changes to the screen are made... This is the expected behavior?  Here is an example of code to the constructor of the screen:

    private static class AllFieldChangeListener implements FieldChangeListener {
        public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context) {
            isDirty = true;
    FieldChangeListener myListener = new AllFieldChangeListener();

    I look in the debugger, the fieldchangelistener shot (watch where isDirty is true) at the time where this form is drawn: the referenced field is above edit field (in fact I have several fields on the screen and for each/all triggers are being fired once for each edit field).  I've done this kind of thing before for the checkbox fields set up by program the enabled or disabled state of the button and the listener does not until such time as the user interacts with the screen.

    I am puzzled, someone has an idea what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks for any help.


    Field changes listener will be called even if you set the text programmatically. To ignore the changes programattiic check that the context is not equal to FieldChangeListener.PROGRAMMATIC

    private static class AllFieldChangeListener implements FieldChangeListener {
        public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context) {
               if(field == myeditField && context != FieldChangeListener.PROGRAMMATIC) {
            isDirty = true;

    BTW why you set isDirty using this method? You can simply use nameField.isDirty () to check if the field is dirty when you want.

  • Displacement of editable fields too long.

    I need to change a form of 4 pages full of editable fields. Because the original is in English and I need to change to the Spanish text, all boxes need to be moved. But it takes forever just to move one box. Is this something to do with the version? I use Acrobat Pro/Distiller 10.1.10 (windows). The original is the Standard Version 1.6 and the Spaniards is 1.4 (I have no idea what it is). What I usually do is open to English PDF, save a copy, replace pages with the Spanish and start editing the boxes already provided with English PDF. Can someone help me? Thank you!

    Acrobat 11 is the only version with the preference that I mentioned. It can solve the problem you are having, but you haven't really explained what the problem is. I just guess at the cause, but there is a good chance of being wrong.

  • Interactive report with checkbox and editable field


    For a project I'm working on, I need to create an interactive report in Apex 3.2 with the ability to select rows and change one of the columns in the report.
    To do this, I started by adding these two fields at the request of my IR selection:

    CB apex_item. CheckBox (1, product_number)


    apex_item. Text (2, QTY_TO_ORDER) QTY_TO_ORDER

    CB is the files checkbox and QTY_TO_ORDER is the editable field.

    It worked like a charm and I had my two fields in the report.
    To process the values, I've added this page process, which currently must store only the "product number" and the "QTY_TO_ORDER" fields in a table.

    insert into mytmptable values (APEX_APPLICATION. G_F01 (i), APEX_APPLICATION. G_F02 (i));

    However, this does not work as I want it to work. When I check the boxes of the two rows, it will store two numbers of good product lines, but it will take the field QTY_TO_ORDER two albums from the table, regardless of who those are checked. I was able to solve this problem, by adding a rownum in the query and using the rownum as the value for the checkbox control. Because I still need that the areas of product_number and qty_to order I made them two text fields.

    I changed my page process of:

    insert into mytmptable values (APEX_APPLICATION. G_F02 (APEX_APPLICATION. G_F01 (i)),

    This seemed to solve the problem, and I have now received the good values in the table, unless I used in the report to sort... As soon as I've sorted the report in a different way from that of rownum, I had bad values in the table. The reason is of course that my insert simply selects the nth line in the table, and my rownums are not dynamic.

    I found a lot of examples on the internet using "#ROWNUM #" in the selection, which is expected to spawn a rownum in the report. It seems to work in normal report, but in interactive reports, literal values "#ROWNUM #" appears.

    Is it possible to fix this?


    Try with 3 fields:

    CB apex_item. CheckBox (1, product_number).
    apex_item. Text (2, QTY_TO_ORDER) QTY_TO_ORDER,.
    prod_no apex_item. Hidden (3, product_number)

    The hidden field should be view as a hidden column.

    Then your process can be:

    J in 1.APEX_APPLICATION. G_F03. Count LOOP
    insert into mytmptable values (APEX_APPLICATION. G_F01 (i), APEX_APPLICATION. G_F02 (j));
    END IF;

  • How can I create a PDF with editable fields?

    I have a problem with my Microsoft word at the normal address form. Customers who fill out the forms, complete their area prescribed in form, but some of them also change the original text of the form. I though it would be better if direct to a digital solution by which I can have all my PDF form, but the need to 'fill in the fields' remains a problem. Is there a way where I can create a pdf with editable fields form my clients to fill out the requested information? This solution will also allow my clients the advantage of not having to print forms but rather to complete on the computer. Help, please.

    It seems the comment by Bernd, this version 7 (Standard) did not have this

    the fact of functionality, but version 9 (Standard).

    See: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/matrix.html

    However, as I wrote, if you want users to be able to save the file after

    they filled, you will need version 9 (Pro).

    And Acrobat has an assistant who can pick up the fields that were created in Word

    and convert them into Acrobat form fields.

  • XML editor with editable field


    I'm reporting using xml publisher in PDF format...
    is anyway to have PDF reports generated to have an editable field so that we can enter text here before printing?

    It's like having a placeholder in the RTF which has no reference to the DB... not mapped to a specific xml data

    is this possible and how?

    Published by: HST on February 8, 2010 07:39


    If the element you want on the report does not come from data you want to put in * before * the document has been produced, then you have two options:
    1 use a parameter on the report and who appear on the output (depending on the earlier suggestion on this thread)
    2. Enter the value data (for example, through the lookup table, profile option, FDF, or something like that) so it's just an ordinary field.

    If you want to put the value in the report * after * the report has been produced, then you must be able to change the output. The options in question are:
    3. instead of PDF output, output RTF, you can open the document in Microsoft Word and add anything you want - of course you have to do it every time for all reports
    4. as in 1, but use PDF and PDF writer
    5. as in the use of suggestion of Tim an API or other software to write to the output PDF file - this can be automated, but again you would need to know what value to put where initially, so you should be better go back to options 1 or 2.

    Kind regards

  • Trying to pass information to an editable field

    Good day everyone.

    Here's my problem:

    I want to retrieve data from a search window and pass on an editable field, while maintaining it's editable property.
    The following expression (essays) removes the editable property, even if the field is not marked read-only:

    #{(not empty sessionScope.projectReturn)? projectReturn.name: 'constant'}

    I tried to find the expression of default inputValue (#{bindings.name.inputValue}) where it was empty, with the following expression:

    #{(not empty sessionScope.projectReturn)? projectReturn.name: bindings.name.inputValue}

    This gives only a field read-only with nothing inside. Is it possible to make editable all receive a value from the pop-up?

    Thanks in advance,


    To solve the problem with the required fields, you must use subform in the popup (to avoid the can initiating the full publication of the entry field - he must refresh only and not repost). Please note that subforms in TP4 prescheduled some questions and problems (search forums here). And, also, that you must use partialSubmit on can in order to use the subform.

    Kind regards


  • How to paste text in ANY editable field (e-mail, sms, browser, contacts address bar / any other application)


    Can anyone help me please with the following questions:

    1. once I have add a menu item to help

    ApplicationMenuItemRepository.getInstance().addMenuItem(ApplicationMenuItemRepository.MENUITEM_SYSTEM, myMenuItem);

    I am able to access an instance of net.rim.blackberry.api.mail.Message (when I'm in the e-mail editing mode) and put the content in the subject / body of the email, but it was mostly a proof of concept for me.

    What I really want to be able to do, it's automatically access the instance of any editable field in any (RIM / part 3) app that the user cursor is now. When the focus is on something that is not editable, then my menu item should not appear in the menu.

    In addition, it is important for me to know exactly where the cursor is. For example if the cursor is in the middle of the text, then I want that my extraordinary paste paste of stuff there. The same for the selected text - it needs to be replaced.

    Basically I want my menu Paste Special feature works exactly like 'Stick', unless I want to offer which should be pasted.

    2. Apart from curiosity, what are we supposed to go back to the

    public Object run(Object context)

    method? For now, I'm doing my treatment based on the type of control context and make the treatment on it and everything just return null (which works well), but I don't know I'm on some features.

    Never done this, but looking at the API and remembering what simon_hain said when asked a similar question, I think it goes like:

    You can get help from the active screen

    UiApplication.getUiApplication () .getActiveScreen ();

    You can get the Menu for a screen to help

    . getMenu();

    You can browse the menu for help

    . getItem()


    . getSize()


    I think that 'toString' will give you the message, then

    . Run()

    to run it.

  • How can I set the width of the part of the label of an edit field?

    Anyone know how I can configure the width of the part of the label of an edit field?  that is, I want to have my line to edit until a fixed width field labels.

    It is not possible to set the width of the part of the label of an editfield.

    In this case, you can use a LabelField with fixed width (the substitution of layout() method) and an EditField and add then both a HorizontalFieldManager.



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