Equium A100-147: cannot install Vista because of startup configuration problem

Equium A100-147 (Windows MCE) bought compatible Vista and bought my promised copy of Vista... used Toshiba step by step DVD ROM upgrade and also updated the Bios.

Tried to load Vista Home Premium and after going through all the steps, it came with this message...
«Could not update the computer startup configuration - installation cannot go ahead «...»»

How should I proceed and what is useful to load Vista.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Considers that Howard.


How have you tried to install vista on the laptop?
Have you tried to switch the MCE to Vista or were you running the new clean install of Vista?

In my opinion, you must perform a clean installation. Don t updated the existing MCE of Vista.
In such cases, you can join different installation problems

If you are an owner of an original MS windows XP CD try to run the console of your windows XP CD recovery.
Demarrer start from the CD at startup, and then press R to access the recovery console after loading the driver.

In the recovery console, typefixbootand then restart your laptop.
Then insert your Vista installation and restart.

This should solve your problem.

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