Equium A60-157, problem after update BIOS 1.90

Hi all!

I've had my Toshiba Equium A60-157 for two months. I've updated the my bios twice. First of 1.70 to 1.8 C and from 1.8 to the current 1.90 (common at the time I made this post).

I noticed that as soon as I used my recovery DVDs to restore the laptop to the default constructor, I had a problem with the main user account that is normally created after the completion of the recovery strategy.

Whenever Windows would open a session after the recovery account generated, a popup would display a message similar to the following:

"Windows can not load the profile and connects you with a temporary profile." No changes will be saved. "

He also said that this problem was maybe due to incorrect permissions, or something like that. The pop-up window also contained a 30-second countdown before opening in windows with the temporary profile. As indicated by the pop-message no changes would be recorded. I could even change my user account image.

I ran it again the DVD of recovery only to get the same problem. This NEVER happened when I ran on the original bios 1.70, bios recovery DVD AND 1.8 c.

Anyway I came up with a solution to this problem, which only caused me no problem at the present time.

I just logged into Windows mode without failure, entered the account administrator, created a new account and deleted the account of departure (created at the end of the recovery program).

So far, the user account-wise, everything back to normal.

If the recovery strategy or the bios did not cause this problem, I would be grateful if someone could give me some possibilities of doing just that.

I don't want to get updates of bios from 5-10 down the road, only to find out that my recovery DVD does not work.

Fact the DVD should be updated as well as the recovery bios?

Thanks for your time.


Hi, Conrad

Can you please tell me why you do the updates to the BIOS? Have you had any problems? I use my unit for close to two years and I didn t make any BIOS update so far. If everything works well, it is not necessary to do an update with the exception of some Microsoft updates that make the OS more secure. Don t do any update if it is not necessary.

In any case, I am very confused with your question. Normally, Recovery DVD should not be updated. The BIOS updates are useful if there is a hardware conflict or a problem and not a problem using the operating system or any software.

It will be interesting to know why you're doing the recovery procedure each time after BIOS update.

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    My father recently corrected this laptop for my children to use, but we are having big problems with the battery.

    When the laptop is plugged in and turned off the battery recharge, when I turn on the laptop, the battery is displayed on the status bar as hip system and load, but it actually reduced by about 4% per minute.
    If I remove the battery and try to run the laptop from the network, it won't work, and if I press the power button again to once, with no battery, turn off all the leds on the front.

    I tried to uninstall the ACPI using Device Manager and reinstalled, but it did not work
    I tried another battery, but that didn't work
    I tried cleaning the contacts, but it does not work
    I also tried to blow out the fan in the air (from below! I did not open the case again)

    Can anyone suggest what could be the cause of the problem, I can see, it is a common problem according to the various forums, but I can't find a cure yet.

    I have an another a60 - 157 of the spare parts, but a problem is suspected with the motherboard.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    > If I remove the battery and try to run the laptop from the network, it will not work
    It isn't okay mate
    Even if the battery is disconnected, the laptop needs functions related only to the power adapter too
    That is why I don't think its something wrong with the battery, but probably the motherboard is faulty.

    What to tell: A60 is old new motherboard would have costs a small fortune, not very well if you want to spend the money to get new motherboard in my opinion its worth it to buy the new notebook as to spend 200-300 for the new motherboard.

  • Equium A60 blue screen after updating XP Home SP2

    I have a Toshiba Equium A60-692. I have updated to XP SP2 and now get up a blue screen at startup with the message that ATI driver ati2dvg is entered in a continuous loop. The Microsoft error report says it is because of incompatible drivers, but I have the latest driver from Toshiba.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Hi Laura,

    Did you install CD driver "Tools & Utilities" that you got with your laptop?

  • Problems after update BIOS on Satellite Pro 4600

    There is a problem with the computer toshiba laptop. its the fact do not install any windows OS after the Installer starts running xp there is an error message that says that the drivers of setupdd.sys could not be loaded (error code 14)

    I tried with different CDs with the same error, so I tried the procedure of the ghost image, but all in vain after reboot it is with an error that requires a kernel dll could not be found that I even used a cool ghost image but the same error.

    In fact, I upgraded the bios to a worm recent 2.60 it was beautiful, he started twice and has been used for several hours. the update was suuccesful up and running. It all started when we placed a kingston flash drive in the USB after it was working very well we copied a simple document on drive d, nothing else, it worked for half an hour. After I stopped, and then it was late at night when I started the system fine.i was listening to a song after that, he displayed the error messge system32 driver pci.sys damaged or missed.

    Then I tried everything I knew in windows xp to boot with xp cd and... etc I also formatted the hard drive to try to win98 installation gave an error also, external error to msdos, I think it's the update of the bios that is problem because windows 2000 Professional installation gave a very specific error. BIOS not fully ACPI compatible after pressing F7 in the installer of windows xp the feature ACPI went silent and requested installation good, but during the formatting the drive but it stopped with an error that the disc hard cannot be formatted.

    It's a week now. you have the previous bios file with you maybe which would solve the problem or other.
    Please guide me. I went on toshibas website 25 - 30 times but they do not have the previous bios except the last ver2.60 file

    Hi Usman

    The problem is that you can't roll back BIOS to the previous version. Just service partner chartered Toshiba for this special tool.

    Check it please this document. I have gift? t know if this can help, but perhaps you can better understand the problem http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=330181

    Good luck!

  • Problem after update bios on Satellite L505-144

    Hi all

    New here, but I know I'll be in the right place.

    I recently installed some updates, such as suggested by temppro. Now whenever my compy starts in Windows 7 64 bit, I get the following message.

    There was a problem starting C:\Users\Ems and Swift\AppData\Local\prtwst.dll

    The specified module could not be found.

    I post the picture of it, but I don't know how to paste the picture.

    If someone could give me an idea what to do, I'd be really grateful the help... I tried to re - install the bios and by removing other updates... But still this msg appears...

    Thanks in advance


    Post edited by: kochney

    just a quick note, everything seems to work fine, just this error msg, which made my nut in :D


    Seems that the app is loading at the beginning that creates this message.
    You should check the msconfing (in RUN type msconfig and go to the Startup tab)
    There, you can check what applications are mentioned.

    You can also try to clean the registry with CCleaner. This tool is free and scans the registry and removes garbage from registry

  • Equium A60-157 freezes after inserting the DVD

    Hi all
    When I insert a dvd in the carpet * a DVD-Ram UJ-820 dvd my laptop ram player freezes (sometimes) I am running WinXP SP2 with nero 6 reloaded and dvd shrink it started before the loading of dvd shrink, I'm on AOL.

    This could be a problem?

    Hi Paul,.

    You don't say what kind of DVD that you use in your laptop. You try to play a prerecorded DVD or you load a blank and ready for recording?

    Nero 6 includes a utility called INCD that usually runs at boot time and is designed to detect and format blank disks when they are inserted (or possibly it could be invoked manually). It is possible that this is suspended and causing your notebook to 'freeze '. Make sure you have the latest versions of the product placed on the web site AHEAD NERO 6.

    Kind regards

  • Could not find the update of BIOS for Equium A60-157

    Hi, I hope someone here can help me, I'm looking for the update of the BIOS for an EQuium A60-157, can't find it on the page of the Toshiba BIOS update.

    Thanks in advance

    I ve checked the Toshiba support page under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com and I found 1, 90-VICTORY update of the BIOS for your computer satellite phone.
    I don't know why you can't find but please, under product type choose ARCHIVE.
    You will find.

    Good bye

  • Equium A60-157: Question about maximum size of HARD drive


    Looking to upgrade my Pentium 4 3.06GHz Equium A60-157 a bit then got a new module of 1024 MB of RAM, but now really to upgrade my 40 gb HDD to go with. I found all the specifications of the type of HARD drive, I need, but may not know what the maximum size of the disk, it is that the BIOS will recognize. I don't think that I've never updated by the BIOS and I'm looking to get a 120 GB drive. Any ideas please?

    Thanks for your help!

    Hi Alex,

    Most portable smanufactured in the last 5 years or so are able to accept larger hard drive capacity without problem. I am currently using a 80 GB drive in an old SA30 of three years. I can't guarantee a 120 GB drive will work, but I see no reason why it wouldn't.

    Kind regards

  • Equium A60 - 157 HELP Card/PCMCIA wireless network!

    Hi all!

    This problem has been frustrating me for at least 2 months.

    OK, I recently bought a Belkin Wireless G Notebook Card (wifi card).
    The first time I installed the wifi card it worked perfectly. I powered
    extinguish your laptop (after I had finished working on it). The next day
    When I turned the laptop on, you guessed it, the wifi card was not
    work. I did not remove the wifi card for the power off/power on stage.

    When I went into Device Manager, a yellow exclamation point was
    above the wifi card. When I looked at the properties of wifi cards, I found the
    following message appears:

    This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)
    If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.
    Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.

    I tried unistalling and reinstalling the wifi card. I tried to use the latest Belkin drivers for the wifi card. Sometimes it works, but when I have the power turned off/turned on the laptop it s not go.

    One of the ways I got the card to operate was removing and inserting the card several times
    until he finds resources and finally worked. I put t use this method as, obviously, I might damage the cardbus slot and the card. In the meantime I ve been using a Belkin Wireless G USB network adapter. I had no problems with the USB adapter, but I prefer to use the wifi card. This is because the majority of the wifi card is housed inside the laptop, so it s not easily evicted. The USB adapter is great for wireless networks inside, but too risky for roaming outside.

    I had this problem of 1.70 at 1.8 ° C bios version, and I still have it with revision 1.90. I intend to return m wifi card in the store for an Exchange, but I have a really bad feeling that the same thing will happen with the replacement of the card. I m not convinced that the current wifi card is defective, because it works perfectly when he gets the resources.

    I tried to manually configure resources on the devices, but I have a major problem. Windows seems to be LOCKED in the automatic settings. The automatic settings check box is grayed out completely, it is impossible for me clear the checkbox. I did not take anything in the bios that can help me solve this problem.

    I noticed that there are many devices running off IRQ (interrupt requests) 19, when you view resources by type in Device Manager. These devices are:

    Standard enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller
    USB host controller standard OpenHCD x 2 (two entries)
    Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller
    Controller CardBus Texas Instrumetns PCI-1410

    When the wireless card works she also runs IRQ 19, but as I said before Windows is locked in the automatic settings and do not manually configure the hardware resources.

    Equium A60-157 is not provided on board, but it has the potential for. WiFi L.e.d. on the front panel, physical location for wifi turn on side panel wireless icon and F8. Someone know if Toshiba offer an upgrade service, or can I install wifi on board myself?

    Thanks for your time!


    I found this for you:

    Both devices have received a same ports of entry/exit (e/s), the same interrupt, or the same Direct memory access channel (whether through BIOS, the operating system, or a combination of both). This error message may also appear if the BIOS did not allocate enough resources to the device (for example, if a (USB) universal serial bus controller does not get a break in the BIOS because of a damaged MPS (Multiprocessor) system table).
    You can use Device Manager to determine where the conflict is and turn off the device in conflict. On the tab General properties of the device, click Troubleshoot to start the Troubleshooting Wizard.
    Try disabling the features of conflict. It will be interesting to know if the problem will occur again.

    In my opinion, you should contact the Service partner and ask them if the unit is ready for the Wi - Fi module. Sorry, but I'm not sure about that and I don't want to give you a bad information about it.

  • Equium A60-157: lines on the start screen

    Hi, I have a problem with my Equium A60-157.
    When the machine starts and get you the LOGO LOGO & P4 TOSHIBA lines running down the screen there is a fault or a common thing with Toshiba?

    Thank you


    I don t think that these lines are a common thing on Toshiba laptops.
    This problem occurs after full load of Windows?
    Have you seen these lines on other applications?

  • Accidental renaming of Recycle Bin Equium A60 - 157 Win XP SP2

    Accidental renaming of the Recycle Bin to "54443434...". by a quick fingers grandson with momentary access to the keyboard.

    How can I go back to correct title.

    The trash is still working OK. It's just the logo of office that has this digital title and I can't get the

    Instruction "Rename" in the drop down menu the menu highlighted so that I can use it.

    The machine is an Equium A60 - 157 running Windows XP SP2


    I've found this workaround short:

    1. start the registry (type regedit in RUN)
    2 open the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder
    3. open the CLSID folder
    4 open the {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} folder
    5 open the ShellFolder folder
    6. change the data value of 'Attributes' of the ' 40 01 00 20 "to"50 01 00 20".". "
    7. change the DWORD "CallForAttributes" at "0x00000000" (double click and change value data to 0).
    After this procedure, the option rename must appear in the drop-down menu when you right click on the Recycle Bin icon.

    Good bye

  • Equium A60-157 - PCMCIA or USB WLan adapter

    I have an Equium A60-157 and you want to add a wireless adapter.
    Can someone advise me on a PCMCIA or USB adapter suitable for this model.


    It s indifferent if you buy a card PCMICA WLAN or WLAN USB stick.
    My opinion would be a USB key, because you can use it on a PC too.

    I put t have much experience with these WLAN sticks but I would buy one from the manufacturing of your router. For example, I have a router of AVM and a stick of AVM WLAN.
    So you can be sure that s has no problems because you have from different manufacturers.

    I hope I could help a bit.

  • Touchpad no longer works after update BIOS on Satellite A500-1GL

    Hello world

    I just bought my laptop Satellite A500-1GL today. I started at the top and plays a bit (nothing serious). The touchpad worked very well at the moment.

    Then I discovered this tool to update the material and the update of the BIOS that worked without any problems. After I restarted the laptop, BIOS, loaded the default values of the installation and recorded.
    After that Windows 7 (x 64) started the touchpad no longer works...

    I downloaded the driver here and installed again once, still does not. I went into the BIOS, disabled the touchpad (I thought that maybe it's a bug...) and started again. It still does not...

    I enabled it again in the BIOS, tried to push the function + F9, but it still does not... Finally, I used the recovery and installed a Windows 7 costs.
    But unfortunately it still doesn't.

    Now, I'm out of ideas, can anyone help?
    Is there a chance to get the older version of BIOS to downgrade it?

    Thanks in advance ;)


    It seems strange that after update Bios touchpad no longer works.

    > Is there a chance to get the older version of BIOS to downgrade it?

    To be honest, I don't know where to find. In any case, do a search on Google. Perhaps, other users of the forum can give you a link to download.
    The downgrade of the Bios is riskier upgrade procedure. So, be careful the next time...
    Advice for the future; Do not touch the running system.

    Good luck!

  • Pavilion g6-2215sia: CARD without WIRE NOT DETECTED AFTER UPDATE BIOS

    Recently I have updated my BIOS on my laptop HP Pavilion g6-2215sia think he'll adjust the hardware acceleration feature missing in my system (there is no option in my BIOS to enable virtualization technology). My BIOS version was F.12 and I've updated to F.24, but after update BIOS all my wireless functionality no longer works (including my wifi and bluetooth), and still there is no option to enable virtualization technology in my BIOS settings. On my Windows 8.1 x 64 Pro wifi and bluetooth options are grayed out so I can't turn them on or off. I tried to reinstall my bluetooth driver, but the software says that it doesn't detect any bluetooth hardware. Even when I restart and boot in all my Linux distributions installed on my system (Ubuntu, Quina and Kali Linux) and my x 86 Android, they still do not detect my wireless capability (says Ubuntu, "wifi is disabled by hardware switch").

    To confirm that this was not a software problem, I has conducted an audit of start-up and tested for my wireless module and got this result, "without WIRE MODULE CHECK: NOT INSTALLED". The only way I can get my Windows operating system to recognize my wireless (wifi and bluetooth) is now by doing a hard reset, when I unplug my laptop from the power supply, remove the battery and hold the power button for about 30 seconds. When I turn on my system, then I can turn my wifi/bluetooth on my Windows. But if I restart my system the problem comes back and I can't turn on my wireless. So basically, I have to avoid questioning my system off and only Hibernate, so that whenever I turn on my laptop I can use the wireless. If I restart my system so I have to repeat the hard reset in order to use my wifi/bluetooth, which can be very annoying.

    The problem is that I often use my other Linux disributions and I have to restart before starting in them so that my readers will be mounted read/write, and when I do my Linux can not detect my wireless and it's a serious pain for me because I need to use my wireless often for internet connection.

    Please I really need help on how to fix this and get my wireless working normally without having to do a hard reset every time. I tried to restore my BIOS F.12 unfounded but I don't have the image file (I extensively searched the Internet to find, but does not). I've even updated again to F.26 but I still have the same problem (my current version of BIOS is F.26).

    If you see no updates the BIOS in your list of drivers - where do you have the updates to the BIOS, you used?

    Try here - if you do not see the list of the BIOS, use the "Edit" button to change Windows 8.1 to Windows 8:


  • HD T410s graphic problem after update

    A few days ago, I decided to update my 2011 T410s by Lenovo
    Toolbox. I was looking for solutions to improve the battery life. I have
    has chosen to update all 'important' and some option updates
    those I thought that could have an impact on the battery life (BIOS update, Intel HD graphics driver, thinkpad power management driver and a few others)

    Since I have lived a graphic break several times when I watch videos online such as
    thedailyshow.com or youtube.com. The first time a
    a message on the graphics driver (or something like that)
    has stopped working and has been restored but the next second the
    ventilation was repeated, monitor would go black and the
    graphics would begin slowly reappear, I'd still get a message
    on the graphics driver and the other second monitor would again
    black and so on... Now, I only get the message more difficult when it happens from the computer retrieves before leaving black. The only way to break the cycle is to restart
    the computer and everything works fine. Until I have watch another video. ! I tried uninstalling the driver HD and reinstalled (both reinstalled as Lenovo and Intel), and it still does not work.

    Suggestions? Is someone else had problems after updating?

    Please uninstall the display driver, and reinstall.

    Also, install the latest player adobe flash.

    Please watch the video file online and then check it in.

    Best regards


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