error message - an application not valid win 32

my system is running windows 7
I received a message to Windows Action Center - Downloader Trojan horse detected, to solve the problem I downloaded microsoft Web site msert.exe

Cannot run the msert.exe file, an error of an application not valid win 32 im. How to solve the problem


Thank you for contacting Microsoft Community.
It can occur if the downloaded file is incomplete and you try to run a partially downloaded file, which is recognized as a 16-bit application, since you're using 64 bit Windows 7 flavor.
Try to download the file again.
Note If you don't see no multicolored icon but a green window and text under the icon of the file, it has not been downloaded completely. When you have finished downloading, you will find a colourful graphic icon. Now you can open the file and it will work.

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