Export the contacts from Windows Mail in a single folder

Original title: How can I export contacts from Windows Mail in a single folder. It seems that export all? Help!
Trying to export contacts to a folder only in gmail, but cannot select one.



There is no option in Windows Mail to export a specific contact group.
You can export all contacts to Excel and edit/print as you wish.
Follow these steps to export the Windows Mail Contacts to Excel:
a. open Windows Contacts by clicking on the Start button, all programs, and then clicking Windows Contacts.
b. on the toolbar, click on export and then click on the CSV format.
CSV (Comma Separated Values). It is a format of generic file used to export or import information to and from databases or spreadsheets.
c. click Export, select a folder where you want to store your contacts in the new format and then click OK.
d. when a message appears telling you that the contacts export process is complete, click OK and then click Close.

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