Family, sharing, but not IOS apps

Is it possible with the family sharing enabled for sharing everything but IOS apps? My wife and I are the only two users on the network on the part of the family. But none of us wants to get automatically the other apps.

Turn on downloads automatic for the iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store purchases - Apple Support              Settings - iTunes and App Store - automatic downloads / Apps

Hope this helps, good luck to you

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    After resetting my password, I am able to connect to the Skype Website and the Mac version, but - when I use the same username and password on the iPad or iPhone, I just get the "we don't have not recongnise your Skype name and password. Please try again. »

    I use the same exact details, character for character, for iOS apps, but they refuse to log in each time. No chance to perform a reset of the device or removing/reinstalling the app, anyone know what could go wrong, or how I can fix this problem?

    Too bad, think about it!

  • I synced with my Iphone 6 various collections and works very well. Question: is there a way to get out of the photos from my phone to TV via Apple TV? Camera does this but not Lightroom app.

    I synced with my Iphone 6 various collections and works very well. Question: is there a way to get out of the photos from my phone to TV via Apple TV? Camera does this but not the App mobile Lightroom Dave


    There is no feature that can do this in Lightroom Mobile from now.

    You can post your comments/idea here Photoshop community customer family

    Thank you

  • Family sharing does not appear happy on the behalf of the child

    I just tried to set up a family sharing. My son just got an ipod shuffle and I tried to put music on it for him. I created him Apple ID. I added it to the family sharing. When I go into iTunes on his Mac, I don't see the content available to download when I look into the purchase of iTunes section. I have tried to download a song that I knew I had. When I did that (his own), he said a family member had and it can be downloaded.

    Why can't I see not the whole list of music available?

    You see your account listed in the purchase section, you are able to select, and you have enabled on your account of sharing: share content with family sharing - purchased Apple Support ?

  • Transfer works of Mac iOS but not iOS for Mac

    I get the transfer icon on my screen lock and the bottom of multitasking on my iPhone 6 and first generation iPad look so I have a compatible application Handoff open on my new Macbook or other iOS devices, but I never see a transfer icon on the dock of my Macbook one of my iOS devices. My Macbook is my only Mac, so these are the only devices with that I can test.

    My MacBook is OS x 10.11.2 and my iPhone and iPad are both running iOS 9.2 (at this time as I write this, here are the latest updates). They all are signed on the same iCould account, on the same WiFi network and have bluetooth switched on.

    Apple offers signature in and out of the iCloud, just to see if that fixes it. Given the way depends on OS X is on iCloud, which seems to be a very drastic step to take just to see if maybe he could do something. I think live without transfer would be preferable to redownloading my library of Photos to iCloud together and spend days trying to figure what functions had off and cross the two factor authentications endless to reactivate them.

    So, just to be clear, my problem is that my iOS devices receive transfers from my Macbook, but my Macbook is not receive transfers of my iOS devices.

    Yes, me too. Transfer works between handheld and portable handheld computer devices, but not the direction of one I really need, Pocket for your laptop. It works for my husband from his iPhone to the iMac, however.

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    So... all you have to do is sign IN again to your cloud account to reactivate


    Disconnect and then run the CS6 uninstall program, and then reconnect to your cloud account

  • method of sharing, but not since the beginning of the table

    Is it possible to split a string into array, but not from the beginning? What I want is to divide a word in the middle of this table. For example, my channel has 5 letters and I want them to leave myarray [3] and ends at myarray [8]. The other elements of myarray as i want to be undendifined.

    It was tempting to rewrite all the code, but that would leave you with nothing fun to solve...

    When you reassign the wordarray you don't keep all that...

    var wordarray:Array = new Array (11);  a prison guard of length 11

    wordarray = word1. Split("");    an array of length for word1

    You can determine the length of the word, either using the String.length or Array.length property.  Take half of the 11 less than the length and assign it to the wordarray

    var wordarray = new Array (int ((11-word1.length)/2))

    Then push the word1 on the wordarray content

  • Family sharing and iCloud iOS 10?


    I'm after some tips on iCloud and sharing of the family. (devices have been upgraded to iOS 10)

    I used to have several devices (2 iPhones and iPads 2) 1 Apple ID.

    Because of mixed text, etc. messages and cross the composition, I enabled sharing of family.

    The original Apple ID (now used to connect iCloud as well) is on my iPhone and has the credit card for App store purchases related.

    My wife has her own Apple ID / iCloud login & "procurement families" are related to the "original" ID

    2 questions:

    1. I want to be able to share contacts through synchronization iCloud (currently syncs OTA to Outlook on a Windows PC) - I know that this could not be done directly under iOS8/9, but I was wondering if this can now be done under iOS10?
    (I know there was a way to have the 2nd iCloud account on each of the devices for synchronization of contacts, but want to avoid if possible workarounds).

    Maybe there is a way to have the "original" as the master Apple ID / organizer represent (Sync contact, purchases, etc.) and introduced myself as a member of the family, as I did for my wife? (ie. so we have 3 apple ID for 2 devices) - is it possible?

    2. Similarly, was it an easy Save photos of each device to this single account iCloud "original"?  (he has 50 GB storage, barely used so much space to save the photos on the other phone).

    Thank you

    1 iCloud contacts cannot be shared.

    2. in order to save photos to each device, as you say, each device must be connected to the same ID of Apple/iCloud.  Why not consider sharing photos via the sharing of the family?

  • Update but not approved app in the market projection

    Hi, I got my update for my trusted application and it shows the number of correct version on the market page, but when you try and update / uninstall and reinstall it is still the previous version. To make things even more complicated on the State and version page, it shows 2 versions as both published (screenshot below). Can someone explain how to ensure that only the latest version is downloadable?

    Hi davedidisco, thank you for bringing this up - it's a bug on the market right now which should be fixed on the production on Tuesday.

    It might be possible to circumvent the problem by asking the reviewer to re - push again the same version of the app to the public (not sure this subject, but worth a try)...

  • CD on laptop but not iOS devices

    I have a CD in my laptop iTunes library that does not appear on my iOS devices. My laptop says I have 6 CD of this artist, but according to my iOS devices 5. What can I do to make re - sync?

    Connect it to your computer. Open iTunes, select the iDevice icon that should appear in the toolbar area. This should display the content on the device. Select the music option. You should now see what music is installed or not. Make sure that you check the box for the CD that you want or click on the entire music library option if you want the entire iTunes music library. Then click on the option to synchronize at the bottom.

    If you can't find the CD in question, then its content has not yet been loaded into iTunes.

  • Is it possible to get a notes iOS app 9 to 10.8 Cougar?

    My mac is OSX 10.8.5 Mountain Lion, and I want as my notes app to sync with my devices running iOS 9. Not at all, or is the new notes application limited to El Capitan? Thank you!

    Any notes that you create must synchronize all your devices as long as you use the same account on each. The only exception would be if you use iCloud for notes and "upgraded" in what's new in iOS notes 9. By default, the iOS 9 always use the standard Notes for iCloud format unless you choose to upgrade.

  • Child family sharing does not place on iPad


    1. created a child in iCloud - family run on my device.

    2. unchecked "allow X to locate your"-If the child can't see mine.

    3. on iPad have configuration iCloud to the child's account in settings-> iCloud.

    4 looks like other than my position is on this device, shared with the family - cannot change the setting (I expect).

    5. find friends, or find applications to the iPhone (or on my camera, it says "Online, not sharing location.

    6. no restrictions enabled on the child iPad (yet) - so it's not the problem.

    How can I activate the account of the child share the location with the family?

    Settings-> general-> reset-> reset all settings

  • Slow Internet on computer, but not iOS

    My internet connection on my computer is very slow (2-10Mbps), on several browsers tested, should be closer to 50 Mbit/s. But when I test with my iPad or iPhone, it's much higher - 30-40 Mbps. Any ideas for troubleshooting?

    I tried to reboot in safe mode, using the repair disk utility, etc. Slow with all 3 browsers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox). All the usual restart the modem and the router (Airport Express), but given that iOS devices are working well, I don't think that's the question.

    I have a MacBook Pro of the retina with 16 MB of ram on OS X 10.10.5.

    Thanks for any help.


    Is your MBP in the same location as your iDevices? (which means that the connection to the Wifi network / is not passing by too many walls, metal (refrigerator and others), etc.). And, in the case where your model always has an ethernet port, have you tried to check the speed hooked with cable rather than wireless?

  • try to install OTA, bb poster it works but not the app download page

    I pushed the app to Web server, flies over the pot here

    and cod files, jar file, and when I point to the .jad with my bb browser file,

    It shows a screen that says

    It works!

    but it's not the confirmation page to download and install the application

    mime types are confirmed to be correct on the Web server (with firefox)

    what the hell could I do it wrong?

    It is hosted in a https connection, but that shouldn't make a difference

    Origin of the text "it works!"?

    Kindof looks like a test page default for the web server.

    You have your types JAD is set incorrectly, or you have the incorrect URL.

  • View fonts custom updates page but not in APP development

    I have a few custom fonts which are not displayed in my display application. I downloaded both WOFF and TTF via the AEMM interface versions. They appear in the font selection list and appear in the construction area of page/card layout perfectly. But when I discover the application development, I get only the default font for all content.

    Pre-launch AEMM, I have download the fonts with the application in the DPS2015 interface, and they worked at this time. All new stuff here also fill the fields of the AEMM interface fonts?

    You did rebuild the app, download and sign the new preflight application and install it. Right?

    Simple detail that we forget at least once.

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