First Elements and Flip HD Video Camera?

Would video workings of small machines that will be displayed on the web. Nothing fancy, but a simple AB dissolves for transitions and titration of base. Looking for opinions from users of this combination of editing sw and video camera, or if you just have an opinion. Very much appreciated... Thank you.

If you import form a Flip Ultra HD camera, you must be appropriately in keeping your project settings before importing your images.  720 p @ 30 fps made the case for me.

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  • Wie get ich mit first elements 12 von einem video eine Bilderserie?

    Wie get ich mit first elements 12 von einem video eine Bilderserie?

    Publish + share > computer > Image > advanced > export as sequence.

    See you soon,.
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  • First Elements and SDI Capture?

    Hi - I am a user of Premiere Pro, but a client implements a video capture of retail situation which will be operated by non-video people. The customer wants to use a Canon XA-25 to the video stream through SDI capture to a computer. Premiere Elements that will make?

    Rich Hall Reps

    I can say that Canon XA-25 is not a mini DV or HDV camcorder with an iLink DV or HDV firewire data capture in a Premiere Elements capture window. In this regard, Adobe removed that feature since his last release 13/13.1. First elements 12/12.1 is the latest version of this function which has a classic history of work with a firewire connection. In the elements 13/13.1 first, add the media will not include a camcorder DV or HDV camcorder. The surviver's Webcam or WDM with the description "Capture video from webcam or WDM compatible device.

    But, my interpretation of what you are looking for is not firewire capture DV or HDV, but rather live streaming of video uncompressed the XA-25 cannon using the Canon SDI output

    HD - SDI - Canon UK

    Canon XA25: Our new favorite camera - Association Studios

    The next document in Adobe did 3 months ago by a member of staff answering a question from user on Live Streaming video using Premiere Elements.

    Premiere Elements: How to capture live video / streaming?

    The indicated link seems to not be updated for 13/13.1, which was released on September 24, 2014.

    Adobe Premiere Elements help. Capture video from camcorders and webcams

    From the foregoing, I do not know if the output of the barrel can be implemented with the option to add media/Webcam or WDM with the barrel being recognized in the area of the capture of the Webcam or WDM Capture window Source. Do you have any version of Premiere Elements to explore this possibility?


  • Problems to export HD of first Elements 9 for Vimeo video (program plant or video is fuzzy)

    I have a 10-minute wedding video I am trying to export from Adobe first Elements 9 for download on vimeo. I followed the instructions in this video: export to upload to Vimeo with Adobe Premiere Elements on Vimeo for how to proceed. The first time I followed the instructions, the video file that results is fuzzy and blurry, not at all like HD video, I could see in the program prior to export. Since then, I tried to export several times with different parameters, and every time the program crashes when the video is approximately 95% complete. How can I correct this situation? It is a wedding video that I made for a paying customer who would like their video on vimeo as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your help!

    Let me know if you need more details or clarification.



    Sorry about that. I thought at first Elements 10, when you posted clearly whether you work with 9.0.

    It would seem that we are OK with the project preset



    1080 p

    Digital SLR [email protected]

    for your import AVCHD or

    In the Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 share/calculation/QuickTime

    = NTSC 16:9 DV presets

    and as for the customization tab Advanced Settings button/video

    I'd go with the frame width 1920, frame height 1080

    and I would increase the flow according to the guidelines of Vimeo

    Guidelines of compression on Vimeo

    Even if you were to stay at 1280 x 720, I think that your flow of 5000 Kbps setting is too low. If you stay with 1280 x 720, I would

    Watch the kbit/10,000s to the value ' limit bitrate to. " If you go with 1920 x 1080, I would look at 10 000 to 20 000 Kbps, probably closer to 20 000 kbit/s.

    First determine if these bitrate increases have no effect on what you are looking for. Then, we will focus on the size of the file. Are limited to a given file size?

    Superior throughput, more quality, more the size of the file. You need to find a good compromise between bitrate, file size and quality.

    As a point of reference, which is the bitrate of the video that you import into the project? I saw a Canon T2i video sample that used something like 42 Mbit/s (megabits per second), in contrast to 5000 kbps (kilobits per second), which would be of 5 Mbps.

    Please review and consider.

    Thank you.


  • First Elements 8 only not video playback

    I had trouble running because of a problem of Wave_Warp Prime Elements 7. Program would not even then I ran and bought the last Upgrade version 8. I uninstalled version 8 to version 7 installed on my Windows 7 computer 2 GHz portable and the boy I am disappointed.

    I created a new project, import standard MOV video files to the timeline, press play and NOTHING, NADA... the read head has won ' move. I tried MP3 files, other types of clips, same result. The only way I can get to move is dragging. What a piece of shit. I need to make a video, and I spend most of my day hunting forums in vain for reasons why wouldn't start my old version of first elements to the top, now this.

    I'll take this software back to the store looking for a full refund.

    I guess you saw this Article Adobe KB.

    Good luck


  • First 11 stops when importing video camera DV

    I upgraded the operating system Windows 10 and now, importing the video from the camera stops the program and go out automatically.

    Instead, I can open and work on projects of creation 11 old.

    Director allowed me to import video from the camera, but it was not compatible with the first 11.

    After disinstalling and re - install the first 11-64 bit, now the video from the developer is accepted, but still the camera import is not possible.

    What else could I try?

    Thank you

    If you want to edit in Premiere Elements, I would recommend capture with DV Win, no MovieMaker. MovieMaker grabs his video to a different file format.

    Since your operating system was originally Windows 7, try the pilot inherited from Windows 7 fix:

    The problems of Firewire (IEEE 1394) in Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 - David Knarr

  • First elements 14 Horrible Performance (video enclosed)

    Just installed a new copy of first items 14 and I can't use it. Basic navigation of my video project does not work. The video is choppy and does not update. I tried restart, disable hardware acceleration, by removing all renditions files etc. Don't know what to try next. I have readers striped Raided, 4th generation of i7 processor and 8 GB of RAM. Not run other applications, but this!

    On the same PC, a copy of the same project file works perfectly in Adobe Premiere elements 11. See the attached video. Was looking forward to play with new software this weekend, is now planning to return...

    It works!

    I found the new dragged files would work successfully. However, the solution to my existing project work files had to get out and shift-delete the following folders:

    "Adobe Premiere Elements preview files"

    "Encrypted files".

    Interesting choice than rendered deleting files menu option wasn't enough, I had to manually remove these files in Windows Explorer. Then I rebooted and made new, and the new software works as well as the former!

    Thanks for your help, at.

  • We tried to install Adobe first Element and he repeated to me that drive E is empty.

    Adobe Premiere elements 13.1 keeps saying drive E is empty.  We got around him, changing the name of another letter.  Why did do that?


    Please explain your question a little more away. Here's your scenario?

    1. you have installed Adobe Premiere elements 13 (on which OS computer?) Supposed the installation disc and the default location on the Local c drive.

    2. you insert your installation disc in the tray of the burner, the burner is the E drive? And, you get an empty message E drive instead of automatic reading

    you click to start the installation path?

    There is a known issue with the elements first 13/13.1 where installing this version an error No Disc. The fix for this is deletion or deactivation of the OldFilm.AEX

    file in the path

    Program Files


    Adobe Premiere Elements 13




    and in NewBlue folder is the file OldFilm.AEX that you remove or disable renaming of OldFilm.AEX to OldFilm.AEXOLD.

    What kind of Blu - ray or DVD/CD burner DVD burner has been involved in this situation - internal or external?


  • I just bought first elements and I do not have a function of culture?

    I just bought elements first and I don't have a function of harvest in my applied effects?

    Don't worry everything under control... I just found this...

  • A specific point in the video gives first element crash


    I have a problem that is PISSING ME OFF!

    I have a video file recorded with Dxtory, minecraft, and most of the video is very good. Does with errors or crashes in Windows media player.

    BUT then I took the video and play, at one point in the video, it blocks first elements, no error message, no point of freezing, just "Adobe premiere has stopped working".

    This bug or what ever it is, is a deal with the video file, because I can through the video what ever I want to first elements, and if he doesn't have a Xvid codec, its fine. (Yes I checked if the video file is Xvid and it's not)

    I tried to convert the file to mp4 = new show = just audio

    I tried to compress the file = problem = elements like Xvid

    I tried to run a booster mode, reduce half of the edited video, make the first part without problem = always crashing to the point of 'crash' (if this isn't a memory issue)

    Y at - it no great beautiful man with the answer to everything, who can help me please?

    Thank you

    Yes the links didn't directly help me with my problem, but they helped with something that could prevent this problem.

    The codec-links gave some good information about the weird codec using the Dxtory and also some alternative codecs. I for example will use codecs without loss as an alternative clean "Lagarith lossless codec" or Dxtory´s, called "PackBit codec" and hopfully not having this problem again.

    Now, what I did, was like John T Smith said, using another program to change. But what I have, I found the drop point which was in my video, is 00:13:41:26 gone 11sec back up 00:13:30:00 and make a cut, went from 19 sec before the drop point and makes another cut. I then removed the video clip that I did, so I was left with a g 30 sec.

    Then I went to Windows Live Moviemaker and made an exact replica of the clip I just removed, rendered the clip moviemaker and placed in the ATM in my project to create items.

    It worked fine with no crash! The only down side is these 30 seconds, there is a small decline in quality and a little switch in the sound, but who better than nothing

    Thank you both very much for helping me! With the new codec I got of hunts to the links, I will hopefully not encounter this problem again, and if I do, John T Smith helped me with the solution of movie maker.

    Thank you!

  • First Elements-hour video recording

    Imported only VHS movies in first Elements 8 one hour video. I would just point out specific, such segments that minutes 4-8 and export to a new avi file. After that, I might want to export minutes 12-20, etc.

    So far I got a cut and delete everything except what I save, save this file, and then import the original file again in the first and cut and remove everything except what I want on the next file.

    Looks that way back when, I was able to save the different segments of a file open, but not sure.

    Any help would be appreciated. Tried to ask adobe when searching for answers on the first 8 crashing so, no problems with 7, but they refered me to Adobe.TV, where I found no answers. Maybe in the tutorial, but not able to find it.

    Thanks in advance for any help

    Here's a look at the WAB (work area bar), and how it is defined. Note: This is the pre 4, but should be the same in all versions.

    Hope this helps,


  • I have a disc for photoshop elements 13 and 13 items first.  My laptop doesn't have a hard drive, so I downloaded first elements of your site using my serial number but I can't the same thing with photoshop elements.

    I have a disc or photoshop elements 13 first elements and 13.  My computer does not have a hard drive, so I downloaded first elements 13 from the website using my serial number.  For some reason any it won't let me download photoshop elements 13, however.  Help!

    Try another link

    Download & install instructions can help

    -includes a link to access a page to download the Adobe programs if you do not have a disk or drive

    -Cloud desktop

    -Cloud Getting Started

    -you will need to enter your original serial number during the installation for non-Cloud programs

    - or kglad links in response to #1 here can help

    Also go to

  • If reloading of the elements and photoshop (first 10) my photos come back upward when photoshop is open?

    trying to find if I can recharge first elements and photoshop (10) without losing my pictures or get them from an external backup

    Your photos and catalogs are stored separately program files, then Yes, it should be good.

  • First Elements 9 crashes on startup

    Recently I had this problem with first Elements 9, where it will keep crashing whenever I have load or start a new project. I'll start first Adobe Elements 9 on my computer (Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit). I then select new project and create a new project or load an old. After the project loads, it no longer responds. No specific error message gets up, except the one that always comes up when a program is not responding. This message gives me the opportunity to close the program or wait for it to respond. He never responds, so I always close.

    I had the program for almost a year now, I got to the end of June last year, and it came with Photoshop Elements 9 and first Elements 9. This problem came last Friday, and I tried a lot of different things to try to fix it. I've updated the program, I checked Quicktime, I updated my video card, I tried to run the program under a different user, I tried to run the program without other applications running, I cleaned and Defrag the drive, and I scanned for viruses. I have also reinstalled the program from my office and I also tried to remove everything related to the program on my computer and reinstall it and so far, nothing has worked.

    Here are some details on my computer. I have a Windows 7 Home Premium with a 64-bit operating system. The manufacturer is Dell model Inspiron 580 I have 4 GB of RAM. The I have the processor is Intel (r) Core i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67 GHz. My system with Service Pack 1. There are currently 241 GB free on my hard drive, which has 455 GB.

    I tried to recreate the preferences file, but the problem was still there. I decided to retrace my steps of what I did on Friday. I went back to the new user, I created yesterday and opened the first. I looked at all the files I used for the project, that day, and I suddenly realized that among the .mp4 was corrupt, and I don't notice it. I didn't really preview before I put it in the Friday project, so I guess I should have already done. I tried to put it on the project, and of course, it crashed the program. I had found my problem now. I went back on my user and delete the video file damaged, and all of a sudden, pre worked perfectly again. You were good John, the problem had to do with a corrupted .mp4 file. I guess something happened when I was filming or when I put the file on my computer that has corrupted the file, and I guess that I do not notice it. The .mp4 file came from my user, which I suppose is the reason the program has worked on other users, and not mine.

    So, the problem is now resolved. Guys thank you very much for helping me with this problem. I'm so relieved now that I can continue to use the program without any problem.

  • First Elements - pre-sales questions

    Hello, I plan to buy Premiere Elements as there is now the discount when I buy with Photoshop Elements (which I will probably also need). From what I've seen so far first looks very good to me (compared to Corel VideoStudio Pro that I use now) but I have not much time to try until the extraordinary offer ends and now I'm also waiting to receive money for some previous projects I did so I would need to buy maybe later and still get the discount available. Also, I wonder what the functional difference between Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements. And is there a version of Premiere Pro that is not part of the cloud creative but one installation that I pay for once and just get the software? And another question: if I buy your software for a PC, can I get a chance to use it on a Mac if I choose to? Thanks for the replies.

    When you purchase the product, you can use the activation even on a Mac or a PC.

    First elements and Premiere Pro are very very different, so there is no comparison. Premiere Pro is a professional software and includes features for editing professional video formats such as high level editing tools and the ability to interface with programs like Photoshop Pro, and after effects CC. Premiere Elements is an amateur and semi-pro software that was designed to be easy to use and change formats such as AVCHD and video Smartphone.

    If you want to see Premiere Elements in action, I have an 8 part Basic Training tutorial series free which should give you a nice overview.

    Basic training of Premiere Elements *.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Apple iMac Core i5 2.7 GHz 10.10.5 Yosemite 10.2.3 FCPX 4.2.2 compressor 12 GB memory My project looks clean at the FCC, but when sent to the compressor a particular clip seems to have an effect of "Blur" applied to it. I tried to replace the clip wi

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