Flow off photos, but still shared watch photo stream

I don't have photo stream on my phone, but in storage, it is still showing that I have pictures in shared photo streams.  When I am syncing in iTunes it shows I have over 1000 pictures on my phone when I have about 100.

This takes a ton of room.  Any ideas how to solve this problem?


ICloud photo sharing and photo stream are separate. Both are located under settings > Photos & camera.

You indicate that you have not all photos in your camera roll, or in any other albums except the Photo Stream album?

If you have albums on the device that you sync to iTunes, you will need to "UN-sync" them similarly - via iTunes, by unchecking the albums selected under the Photos option under your device in iTunes.

If is the only place where you see pictures in your photo stream, then this process to make sure that you have no persistent "Recently deleted" picture which is not visible due to a problem with the way iOS 8 was recently deleted photos archive:

1. go to settings > general > Date time & change the date of your manual, and then change the date to 01/09/2014

2. open your Photos app and click the recently deleted folder to see if you can see all the photos. If you can, select and delete these manually

3. Once you have removed all, leave the Photos app by double-clicking the Home button and drag upward on the app thumbnail Photos

4. see if this reduces the storage of your photos on your device

5. don't forget to change the Date and time to automatic

Good luck


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