get error message SCR ADE 4.5 E file is not found, the source file cannot be read.  Tried to withdraw approval of & re allow including factory reset and re load but still can not read the library on my Kobo Touch book.  With the help of Windows 10...

Hi, when you try to read the book from the public library on my Kobo Touch I get error message SCR ADE 4.5 E file is missing could not read the source code.   I tried to remove and re downloaded from the website of the public library (no luck), I did the resets, including plate and re authorizing with the reset factory and re loading (no luck).  This problem started after the last update to 4.5 ADE unfortunately as before no problem.   If anyone has any ideas, would be appreciated.   Thank you.

Try it work when you uninstall 4.5 and install new 3.0: the Adobe Digital Editions software downloads

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