Hard drive by PowerEdge R710 [MS]

Good afternoon,

It ns. Server DELL PowerEdge R710 (service tag ) ha UN disco che da problemi.

The machine went up quattro "500 GB near line SAS 6 GB/s, 7.2 k 3.5"disco board hot-plug".»

Ho tried a ' dare in the giro, my seems to che gli occhiata hard disk the da near Line SAS esistano più non 3.5 ".

Could by help favore disco UN find by auswechseln quello che sta guastando if?

Grazie thousand. Silvia (T.E.S.I. S.r.l.)


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7 partita IVA

Speaking saluti


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  • Adding hard drive for poweredge 2900

    I need to add a hard drive for storage on a server poweredge 2900.  There are 4 HARD drives in a RAID 5 array, but I don't want to add the new hard drive in the array.  I installed the HDD but impossible to initialize the disc and do it online.  Is there something that needs to be done first?  I do not have the options to reconfigure, only blink and add spare of the OSMA.

    Thank you

    Assuming you have a PERC 5/6, it is important to know that the PERC does NOT support non-RAID.  So, if you want to use a disk like a stand-alone drive, you must first configure it in a RAID array.  The only RAID level that accepts a single drive is RAID 0.  You can do since within the OMSA inside the BONE (storage, PERC, Information/Configuration, create/New in list dropdown controller), or you can do it from the CTRL-R during POST utility (brightness, control F2, Create/New - be sure to check the advanced options and initialize boxes).

    (Reconfigure is the option that you choose to add it to your existing 5 RAID to increase its size.)

  • Adding PERC H700 3 drives in PowerEdge R710

    Hi all

    I need to increase the storage on a server running non-critical virtual machines.

    I currently have 3 x 600GB discs and a VD in raid 5.
    We will be adding 3 more identical drives, staying in raid 5 to increase storage.

    I read a few posts about similar improvements where the user was instructed to use OMSA to add readers and keep the data. This server is not running Windows, it works VMESXi 5.5.0.  I'll add the disks directly by the PERC controller... My data at risk doing this? Should I rely on the added time to re - install VMESXi and restore my VMs?

    Thanks in advance!



    You are wanting to add the new disks for RAID 5 existing or create a new RAID 5? If you create a new, do it in the controller should not be any problem. If you are wanting to expand the existing table that needs to be done in OMSA and not in the controller. You can use OMSA for ESXi http://www.dell.com/support/contents/us/en/19/article/Product-Support/Self-support-Knowledgebase/enterprise-resource-center/Enterprise-Tools/OMSA

  • New hard drives Dell Poweredge 2950

    Our 2950 has disks SAS 300 GB 15 k in there. It is full, so we need bigger disks. I'll have to make one both slow and wait method, no place to back up to. Must the new disks be 15 k? We need to buy less expensive players.

    Thank you


    The s.3 are SAS or SATA, so should be the SAS version.

    You could add a 1 to the existing RAID 5 SAS drive, HOWEVER, only 300 GB of it will be usable in the table and the rest won't help at all (unless at some point, you plan to replace all readers of disks 1 to).  Otherwise, you could simply expand using another drive of 300 GB:


    I did not know that the simple addition of a disk happen here that much

    I'm not sure how much/little you expect, but RAID 5 always uses the value of the a disk space for parity, if you have three disks in RAID 5 or 10 disks, 3x300GB both in RAID 5 = 600 GB and 4x300GB in RAID 5 = 900 GB.

  • [SD |] Resolved] hard drive by PowerEdge2900 e PowerEdge 2600


    Ho di need a hard drive by PowerEdge 2900 (ST: 4T39KC1)

    di e a hard drive by the PowerEdge 2600 (ST: 83GSL21)

    sewn by conto dell'azienda per cui lavoro, como devo procedere?


    Gianluca Cipolletta

    OK per info privato

  • Internal hard drive inside Dell PowerEdge R710

    Well then clarify first of all. This server is NOT used in a business environment. Its literally being used as a home media server (Yes, exaggerated way I know but I got for free so who is complaining).

    IM currently using a PowerEdge 2950 as my media server, I just took his upgrade, a R710 Gen 2 and I would like to use all 6 bays at the front for hard drives that I can put the plates on instead of 1 for the operating system and then everything else for the media.

    How I would go about installing an internal hard drive, preferably a SSD, inside the R710. I know it has a free SATA port but I can't seem to see the spare power cables or cables molex as there is in the Gen 3 2950 I.

    If it is not possible, it's quite good, but I would like to have installed an internal hard drive.

    I know there is a USB port, but I use Windows Server R2 2012 (probably soon to be Server 2016) but I'm not sure if Windows Server can be installed on the internal USB port.

    If you need to record, or on the label of service I can give you this information.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    Thanks for the clarification. It's something that you can try, but it is not supported and there is no guarantee that the SSD will be detected and it works perfectly. Try this P/N GP700 cable

  • DELL PowerEdge R710 and PERC H700 RAID driver for WIn 2008 Std

    Hi all

    I have a DELL PowerEdge R710 with a controller RAID PERC H700.

    I try to install Windows 2008 Std 64 bit, but I can't find the driver. Even for the site web at support.dell.com. Can someone help me.

    THX in advance

    Even if you use a driver of 2008, it should at least recognize it, then you must be using the wrong driver or something wrong :)

    If you are installing 2008 R2, make sure that you use this file:

    If you install 2008 x 64, make sure that you use this file:

    With one, you must first unlock the .exe (right click on the .exe, properties, unlock), unzip / extract the files (run it and make a note of the default location), and then copy the 4 files on a CD, USB, etc., then when Windows tells you that he is not all hard disks, click on the link drivers load below to load the drivers from the media you have chosen.

  • PowerEdge 2950 - order replacement HARD drive

    We recently replaced among 300 GB three SAS hard drives in a PowerEdge 2950, after seeing 1810 Code error 1 HARD disk fault.  We would like to order replacement disks to have on hand, but must be sure that we order is fully compatible.  The reader, we have removed is Seagate ST3300656SS with Firmware HS09 and certified as a disk HARD of Dell Enterprose class.  I understand that just order a Seagate drive of the same model number is not enough.  How can we be sure we are ordering the right items?

    How can we be sure we are ordering the right items?

    Make sure that the disc is "certified" (Dell co-branded with a Dell Reference number):

  • Raid PowerEdge r.620 with single hard drive controller

    Hi all

    I have Dell PowerEdge r.620 with 1 * 1 TB hard drive, Raid Controller using mini H710... When I try to install Win Server 2008/R2 x 64 the HDD is not detecting, I've read in this forum of the disc cause hard does not detect is pilot raid is not installed, but I don't have that single hard drive is possible to set up raid with single hard drive or I don't have to use raid controller but I still don't understand how to set up the server with no raid...

    Thank you...

    Sorry for the late reply, do you mean raid controller in the server? If you want to say, I always do not install driver coz is new server than i've got...

    I want to know, if posibble install raid on one hard drive and how to configure who... Server raid controller is mini H710

    Thanks for your response

    Yes, the RAID controller.  One you have?  I'll assume a PERC H710 for now:

    The H710 PERC is NOT compatible non-RAID (you cannot use a single disk without RAID)... in order to use a hard drive, you MUST configure a single drive RAID 0.  This must be done in the RAID controller BIOS utility, accessed by pressing CTRL-R during POST when prompted.

    Once configured, you need TO load the driver for the operating system, see the drives connected to the controller.

    If you have a H310, it SUPPORTS no RAID, so you do not have to configure anything in the RAID controller BIOS, HOWEVER, you MUST always load the RAID controller driver during installation.

  • Hard drive SAS 1 TB per Dell PowerEdge 2900 [MS]


    avrei di una quotazione by a SAS hard drive need da 1 TB Seagate ST31000640SS da cute in UN Server knew sostituzione Dell PowerEdge 2900




    Con passing it mouse sopra identifier c Supporto Dell'e the voce "private message", it could mandarmi come message privato di seguito required information?

    - Service tag del Server

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  • Replace a HARD drive in RAID 1 PowerEdge 2950, question on the process

    Having never had to replace a HARD drive in a RAID 1 configuration on a PowerEdge 2950 Server (PERC 5 / i).

    Can I do put in custody or from a cold start?

    I replaced the HDD failure with the new HARD drive with the same part number.

    This is my boot volume, so I don't want to spoil...


    If the data is critical, and you don't have a backup, get one now.

    NEVER stop a server to introduce a disk. If the reader poster pred fail, force the drive offline first, then remove it. If it is already broken, then just pull it off.

  • PowerEdge 2950 HARD drive failure


    Sorry for the newbie question, but I have the following scenario (where I have no experience dealing with the old servers)

    We have a set of old servers (DELL PowerEdge 2950) that migrate again (IBM X Flex), one of the old server is MOSS 2007 with 2 HDD, suddenly primary HDD is dead and in menu missing with setup. I removed old server on another HARD drive and mounted on the MOSS 2007 server and initialized. the question is how do I replace the HARD drive died with a new one and copy another disk configurations HARD live

    Please if you need more information just ask in answers because am new on this servers with 0% experience

    Thank you


    the current RAID is RAID 0 and I found that a backup windows (from previous system admin) file so it is possible to format the two HDD, configure RAID for RAID 1, install windows, and then restore the backup?

    also, I was reading this article " " but I couldn't change the RAID, so any suggestion?

    You need drivers ("hard drive" version, run to extract before use):


  • PowerEdge 1950 SAS 5 / i maximum capacity of hard drive?

    Hi guys,.

    I am planning on getting an upgrade on one of our PowerEdge 1950 servers which has the SAS 5 / i controller.

    Currently as 1 x 80 GB SATA II drive and 1 x 250 GB SATA II hard drive.

    The upgrade, I'm eager to replace the 250 GB SATA II with a 2 TB SATA II drive so we can merge our cluster of stale data (Intel Celeron D 3, 06GHz) and our well-built used 1950 together to save power and room on our grid, while making access much faster data.

    Because the Cluster consists of 1 x 1 TB Drive and 1 x 500 GB drive, it would be impractical to pop just readers to the 1950s as two disks approaching their capacity. They also get a bit now with the 1 TB drive with a warning sector re-appropriated in SMART County (we received as a replacement for factory refurbished for a new brand doesn't have a disk of 1 TB in December 09).

    Are the questions I would ask: what is the maximum capacity hard drive SAS 5 / I controller can accept and: what is the combined total capacity of the hard drive?

    Obviously with the latest firmware of the controller (hence the reason why I request in a new thread).

    Thanks for your answers,


    If it is a disk 2 (3.5 ") 1950: 2x2TB storage = 4 TB of total disk; 0 = 4 can be used to RAID, RAID 1 = 2 TB usable.

    If it is a 4 drive (2.5 ") 1950: 4x1TB storage = 4 TB of total disk; RAID 0 = 4 TB usable, usable 10 RAID = 2 TB, RAID 5 = 3 TB usable 2xRAID 1 = 2x1To can be used.

    I guarantee you that it refers to the total disk space of all disks included with the machine in the sale.

    A single disc (not the total of all disks in RAID array) can not be greater than 2 TB on any of the controllers supported for a 1950 (SAS PERC 5/6, 5/6).

  • Secure Hard Drive wipe for Poweredge 2950

    Hello, I recently got a hold of a Dell Poweredge 2950 but until I can do something with it. I need to clear safe hard drives with killdisk (or something similar that will provide newspapers) and I have problems with what I believe, it is the raid controller. I followed these instructions


    and came very close, but it did not work. I have when I get on the use of killdisk for windows, I am able to see the virtual drives all named with the perc 5 / i but later I receive errors when trying to erase the drives. I'm starting to think that it is not possible at this point, the Active Server, but I wanted to see if anyone had experience with this or advice and assistance. Thank you.

    Why do you need to erase the discs on the receiving server safe?  It is usually the responsibility (desire and political) of an organization, before getting rid of a system/disk.

    Are these SAS or SATA drives?  You could attach them to a JBOD controller (PERC 5 support NOT of JBOD/no RAID), and then do the wipe directly to disk without the need to manage virtual disks on the controller.

  • PowerEdge T320 / Seagate Savvio 15 k SAS hard drives

    I'm trying to improve our hard drives from 10 k to 15 k, it's a drive RAID5 4 with a H710 perc card.

    I replaced the first hard drive with a Seagate Savvio ST9300653SS disk and it worked great, but every time I try to substitute a different drive it always comes back with a predictive drive error, that happened on 4 different new readers.  The only difference seems to be the revision of the firmware on the drives, he who works is YS07 and all failed drives are 0004. I have improved the perc card later. I was wondering if anyone has seen elsewhere, or have any suggestions?  You want to understand this in the case of a drive failure.  Thanks in advance

    THX Flash, that I'll go and find some certified readers

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