Headphones + microphone does not when plugged into the headphone jack on Macbook pro.


I have a problem that has caused me a lot of irritation just because it seems so simple to fix, but Ive tried practically everything that I can think to do better and it has really improved.

I was skyping the other day and I took my headphones into the headphone. They have a microphone in them. When I plugged hide them in, I could hear the other person, but they could not hear me. It was the first time Id used for Skype, but still, something must happen in this brief moment of ruin.

So I did some research here and on google and I couldn't find much. The page here titled "Why slope my friend hear me on Skype" seemed to work correctly the first time, I followed his instructions, but to test it, I unplugged my helmet again. Once again, it fouling all upward. I even wrote the settings he was conducting (apple System Preferences) and Skype and when I put them in the way it was when it worked, it worked this time.

Just to be clear, I fixed it, but then to test it, I took out my helmet again and it has stopped working and even with the same settings, it will not work. It's extremely frustrating.

It will work when I plug my headphones into the audio jack, but then I can't out of my helmet, which defeats the purpose of having them.

My headset is not broken and my helmet is not broken because I can listen to music through my headphones and use my headset to call my friend on my helmet.

I feel that somehow, my helmet (which previously was transmitting my input headphone MIC perfectly) has become messed up somehow (I feel like there must be a setting or something that Im overlooking) and I just need to configure it to work at the time of entry and exit instead of having input/output divided between the helmet and the microphone port.

I hope this was clear enough. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions that you may find useful.

I can't tell if it's a Skype problem or a problem of mac, but Im asking here just see what I can learn.

Thanks in advance

Too bad. I forgot the first rule to set anything on the computer: turn off and on. It works, but it seems absurd that something like that (what I think is something fairly common) would need to restart your computer.


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    That's what I've done so far:

    Update drivers / windows

    Active mac address / changed

    Frushed DNS

    and finally tried to reformat and it seems not working do not and have the same problem.

    I have LENOVO IdeaPad S400 Touch with Windows 8 on it.

    What seems to be the problem?

    Thank you!

    Hi Raymel,

    Yes, it's maybe a problem with the network card. I suggest you to contact the manufacturer of the laptop to get help on this issue.

    Please let us know if you have more queries on Windows.

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    Thank you very much.


    Yes, it's a real annoying bug.
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