Help, please! ... Overheating laptop v3-551-8883 Aspire?

Hi, in Christmas mental disabled sister, I bought a laptop Aspire v3-551-8883. She loves him and he allows her to stay in touch with the people and face. She called me last week because she had problems with her. I am far from being an assistant tech but I can usually work my way through the computer problems without too much trouble.

The computer seems to be...

(1) bogged down with malware or a virus

(2) overheating and shutdown

It was not easy with it overheating and turn it off, but I managed to erase the hard drive and do a fresh install of windows 8 (which it came installed with). According to me, which would have eliminated most of the malware and viruses.

Initially I thought that the overheating could be due to the malware or virus, but even after I reformatted it maintains power off after 15-20 minutes.

I've seen several videos and messages on the problems of fans and I think that's probably the fan. I can see the rotation of the fan when the computer is turned on but it nevers seems to go fast enough to cool the machine (and the 'exit air' area move same tissue, when placed in front of him).

SpeedFan will not identify the fan if this program does not help.

The laptop is less than 1 year - would it still under warranty? (I did not buy a good scope)

I don't want to make a history of sobbing, but my sister was in tears when I told her that I couldn't still attached to his computer.

Can someone please offer me some advice or assistance?

Thank you



Sorry that your sister is not able to use the computer, but you said, that the device was bought last Christmas, especially the unit will be under warranty because the units should be delivered with a min of 1 year warranty Manufaturers, in order to better support technique acer & can the guarantee may not support accidental or things as such damage , contct acer, they should help you. See you soon

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    strange question.

    the 'fastest' solution will involve a backup of your data and a reinstall of windows.

    If you don't mind not to do, turn off your laptop and turn it on by pressing ALT + F10 to launch Acer erecovery process.

    If she starts always slowly, we try to limit the question on a clean system.

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    My laptop is an Acer Aspire one, one of the smallest, which unfortunately doesn't have a hard drive in it. My first thought went to download drivers. The web page did not work and I realized then, that, without the user manual (which I think is on the disc), I'm totally lost.

    If someone could please help me.

    I made an impression that says.

    Check your network printer name HP (SSID) corresponds exactly to your router (SSID) wireless network name.

    If they do not exactly match, run set up the printer software to set up your HP printer wireless.

    I guess that's the software on the drive. Is it possible to download the software online?

    Any help would be accepted with gratitude that I have no idea what I'm doing atm. I just starting to learn how to properly use Windows 8 atm, so far my computer all skills hass been how to open a browser and an office.

    Thank you.

    I would add also, I downloaded the application too, but which does not recognize that there is a printer at all.

    Hi, here is the link for the driver.

    Link to the user guide.

  • Headset microphone does not work on Aspire E14. Help please?

    I bought a laptop Aspire e14 and a headphone (GE Voip stereo headset 98974), but the headset microphone is not detected by my laptop.  I tried other headphones, but the microphone still does not work. I updated the driver but it still does not work.

    Device Manager does not detect the other microphone.

    Helmet has a single 4-pin socket.

    Help, please.

    Thank you



    I managed to solve the problem!

    In case you are experiencing the same, this could work:

    1. pull upward the TASK MANAGER. Under the "Startup" tab, check if the Realtek HD Audio Manager is disabled. If so, right-click on it and then click on 'enable '.

    2. search for "Realtek HD Audio Manager" and click on it.

    3. on the Microphone tab, check that the microphone is not on mute and click the icon of the folder on the right side

    4. Once you click on the folder on the right side, a pop up as will appear and you will need to make sure that the box is checked as the image below:

    5. now, plug your headset device and you should see a pop-up message like so... and check on the option button "HEADPHONES".

    Now you can test the microphone using sound recorder or Skype.

    It worked for me and I felt so helpless.

    I even tried Acer support cat and the person has not yet asked troubleshooting and just told me to bring the product to a service centre

    I hope this helps!

    Thank you


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    Fail short, DST = disk hard drive has failed and will need to be replaced. If you are still in warranty HP will send a replacement. If this is not the case, a laptop SATA hard detail can be used. Just be sure to get a quality at least equal the original in order to use recovery disks. It may be big, but not small ability more. For example if you have a 500 GB hard drive you can use a 750 GB hard drive, but not a 320 GB hard drive.

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    Your computer, your data. I don't know which files you need, what files do. You may need to spend time checking them and delete them manually. You can use Windows Explorer and sort by size to check all the big files first.

    Kind regards.

  • Problem WiFi Hp Pavillion dv6608ca laptop. Help, please.

    Hi guys,.

    I upgraded HP pavillion dv6608ca laptop from a friend of Windows Vista 32-bit to 64-bit Windows Vista.  The wireless doesn't work anymore. I tried to install what I thought were the proper drivers, but still no luck. It's been a few days I've tried, today I can't no more. I thought a simple question are becoming a major issue now because of the amount of time and days it takes me to a solution. Help, please!

    Thank you in advance,


    Hey, Chris:

    Here's what you probably do.  Download and run the driver on the link below.

    You will probably get an error not supported operating system.

    Conclusion of any windows error.  Go to Device Manager and click to expand the display of the maps section.

    Click on the graphics card of Microsoft Basic. Click on the driver tab, click on set to update driver.

    Select travel it my computer for the software method and find the folder of the driver that was created when you ran the file.  Who will be in C:\SWSetup\sp42635.

    Make sure that the include subfolders is selected, and the driver should install.  To restart, I hope that your video will work normally.

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    · What is the operating system installed on the computer?

    · What is the number and the model of the laptop?

    · Will there be any changes made on the computer before the show?

    I suggest you to access manufacturer's website and check if there is the latest drivers or patches published for touchpad that you can install for your laptop.

    See: to update or change a device driver:

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    Thanks for posting this question in the Microsoft Community.

    To provide a proper resolution, I would need more information on your side.

    1. What is the error you get when trying to install the printer?

    2. after the installation of Windows XP, you have installed all necessary drivers?

    3. have you updated to Service Pack 3 installed?

    Please provide us with more information to continue troubleshooting as a result.

    Alternatively, you can also post this question to the Samsung support community:

    You can check this article to see if this help.

    Solve printer problems:

    Thank you.

  • Where I am able to download the drivers for my aspire 5552? Help, please

    Where I am able to download the drivers for my aspire 5552? Help, please

    You can download it from hope this helps.

  • Hi my is lulu I nee help with my window XP Professional laptop please MY LAPTOP I CAN; T LOGGIN

    Hi my is lulu I nee help with my laptop XP Professional my product key window is [redacted] Please MY LAPTOP I CAN; T LOGGIN IN IT PLEASE I NEED SOME ADVICE TO FIX MY COMPUTER I NEED FOR MY SCHOOL HOME WORK THANK YOU

    Never, never send your key to product anywhere in public . It is copied (stolen) and used elsewhere and then it won't work for you .

    If so please give a better description of what means 'cannot connect' we can help you. You forgot your password? The computer will not start? Etc.

    These links will show you what details to include in your next post. Please put all the information in the body of the post, not on the subject line. (you can ignore the references to Usenet discussion groups / as you post on a web forum, but any suggestions on how to write the post are applies here too) - how to ask a Question MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - Don ' t Panic!

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    Please try to use different CD or simply remove the CD then insert again the installation request for the files.

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    Ms more recent update for my VISTA plus old (2008 Acer laptop) was the last event, now cannot start PC... try to recovery without success, a loop back and asking to recover or normal boot...  Attached to jumps, safe to ask if I want to recover...  I never received an OEM of VISTA version, but the first time having problem after all these years...   Help, please...  Would contribute to a boot disk, if so, how can I get a copy?...  Thanks, Dave * address email is removed from the privacy *


    See if that helps you.

    Do a Safe Mode system restore to before the problem started.

    How to access Safe Mode


    If it doesn't, try a startup repair and / or a system restore using a DVD of Vista from Microsoft

    Manufacturers recovery disks normally do not have Service Options; they are normally a relocation to the factory only settings option.

    Here is the guide to repair Options using a Vista DVD from Microsoft.

    If a friend or a work acquantance of yours has one, you can borrow and use it for repairs.

    Table of contents

    1. Overview of Windows Vista repair options
    2. How to perform an automatic repair of Windows Vista using Startup Repair
    3. Advanced Tools Overview
    4. Conclusion

    If you do not or can not borrow a Microsoft DVD there is a download of a file ISO of Vista Startup Repair available that you can put on a Bootable floppy to make the above startup repair and that the method is recommended by a large number of posters in these Forums.

    Unfortunately, you have to buy it.

    Here is a link to it:


    And here's how to use Recovery of Acer.

    To start the system recovery:

    1. Restart the computer.
    2. When the Acer logo appears on the screen, press the left Alt and F10 keys.
    3. If you are prompted with a Microsoft Windows splash screen, press the Enter key.
    4. After that the Acer eRecovery Management application is loaded, select your type of restore.
    5. Read the review and then click Next when you are ready.
    6. Click Next to start the restore process. It may take 10 minutes up to an hour fom anywhere to restore.
    7. Once the restore is complete, your computer will restart. After the reboot it will load Windows and start the installation of your software and drivers. Your computer will restart several times during this process. Once they are all completed, your computer will be like it was when you bought it first.

    See you soon.

  • I run vista on my laptop, but want to play the old games that need XP. Help, please!

    I run vista on my laptop, but want to play the old games that need XP.

    I was told on the microsoft site a xp free download that you can run on the computer next to vista (when the computer starts, you have possibility to xp or vista to run) to play with older games in this regard.

    Is this true, if so where can I find it? Help, please!


    You think for Windows 7 XP mode.

    This is how to do it on Vista.

    "Using Windows 7 or Vista Compatibility Mode.

    "Make older programs run in this version of Windows".

    See you soon.

  • Computer laptop Toshiba Satellite A200, Vista, microphone does not work! Any help please!

    Computer laptop Toshiba Satellite A200, Vista, microphone does not work! Any help please!


    Check with Toshiba support, online documentation and drivers (update or reinstall), and
    ask in their forums.

    Toshiba - Forums

    Toshiba - Contacts

    Toshiba - drivers - access your model

    Toshiba - Support


    How to activate Audio devices hidden in Vista and Windows 7

    Connect one microphone, music player or other audio device to your computer (you want to be sure
    the mic input is enabled)


    Pilots may also need to be updated:

    Control Panel - device - SOUNDS - look for HD Audio Manager - Mine said RealTek high definition
    Audio (this is an example and you can have an other name/maker).

    Make sure you write down the description and model double click top - tab drivers - write version. Now
    Click on update drivers who cannot do anything like MS is far behind the certification of drivers. Then RIGHT
    CLICK above and UNINSTALL - REBOOT - this will rebuild the driver stack.

    If your driver shows 06 you have the default windows and part of the question.

    Go to the system manufacturer's website and get the latest Audio/Sound drivers - download - SAVE - go to the place where you
    Put them - right click on Reboot - RUN AS ADMIN -.

    Check the Version tab of the driver in the Device Manager as the restoration of the sound card drivers often
    and then install the latest version. Restart and check after each test, not
    rare to have to run the pilot of 1 to 4 times or more. Just the version make sure you
    installed shows upward on the tab of the driver.

    Then navigate to the site of the manufacturer of the device and search for the drivers more recent and repeat the installation procedure.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager


    After the updated driver.

    Click with the right button on the speaker near clock - recorders - right click in the box - check see the
    Disconnected devices and show disabled devices - check your micro - highlight
    then on lower right properties. Make sure that the appropriate injector is selected and check
    other parameters - levels tab make sure that MUTE is disabled and APPLY / OK to change

    Also in the search for some Audio Manager Panel (perhaps named after the manufacturer of the sound driver). Mine
    is the RealTek Audio Manager, yours can be quite different name if you have one.

    How to activate Audio devices hidden in Vista

    Connect one microphone, music player or other audio device to your computer

    Problems with sound and audio or no sound - a Mr Fixit

    I hope this helps.

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