Help wireless with a necessary Satellite Pro A10

Hello I just bought a Toshiba Satellite pro A10 psa15e-03u82-en of second hand and I'm having trouble with the wireless option. This computer is equipped with a built-in wireless card?
The light on the switch doesn't switch on when on is selected and there is no wireless option in Device Manager.
But if you go to the support page for driver download at the web site of Toshiba drivers for wireless utilities!
Is the map or can it be mounted under a removable hatch on the base of the laptop?
Any help will be greatly appreciated a lot


the problem is that wireless is delivered optionally with this machine. This means that the machine does MUST NOT have wireless but can be equipped or bought with the wireless option added.

You can only do the following: you can get a mini-pci wireless card (I suggest atheros, gently work cards in almost all machines) or you take the PCMCIA wireless card, so Don t you have nothing to install ON your machine.

In the case of a mini-pci card, you can improve your machine by removing a cover on the bottom (should be more on the front of the machine) and then put the card carefully into the slot. And CAREFULLY stick antenna that plugs into the connectors on the Board. They cable cannot be repaired if you damage one of them.

It would be better to look for a technician and allow it to install the card. I think it should be much safer. ;)

Welcome them

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  • Wireless Lan Card for Satellite Pro A10

    My Satellite Pro A10 never had a map of network wireless installed when new. I really want to add - it now to the machine in order to prolong his life, what kind of card need me?

    Hi robermd,

    If you are Satellite A10 was never equipped with wireless network card, you need to check if it s equipped of two antenna cables WLAN before you buy a wireless network card. The antennas are behind the plastic screen and usually under the keyboard you can find.

    If you n t have such WLAN cables you can t install a wireless network card.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - CD/DVD drive - updated?

    I have an A10 and a few remnants of the A15 which I cannibalise the parts.
    The A10 has DVD playback only, while the A15 motorway had features of reading / writing DVD.

    Desperately the A10 BIOS does not recognize the A15 CD/DVD drive.
    Anyone know if it is possible to obtain this recognition - could I swap chips BIOS with the A15 for example?

    This machine is my toy and I have it running with a Pentium 4 M 2.4 GHz and 1 GB of ram (frustrating it does not accept the sticks of 1 GB!).

    It's a gift so if I break, well I'll be sad - but not heart broken...

    You can only use the BIOS that came out for the Satellite Pro A10 series and which is available on the Toshiba page.

    But why you n t use a CD/DVD drive that is compatible with the model Satellite Pro A10?
    The manual provides details on supported devices.
    I found the user manual [here:]

    On page 4-7 you will find info on the STRANGE devices supported by Pro A10
    -TEAC CD-224th CD-ROM drive
    -DW-224th drive TEAC CD-RW/DVD-ROM
    -Toshiba DVD - ROM SD-C2612
    -Diving Toshiba CD-RW/DVD-ROM SD-R2412
    -DVD-R /-RW drive SD-R6012
    -Hitachi drive of DVD - ROM RDA-8082
    -Player Panasonic UJDA-740/750 CD/RW/DVD-ROM

    Hope that the list could be useful.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - Wifi problem with router ZyXEL


    I recently acquired a Satellite Pro A10 (PSA15E - 0115Q - EN) off the coast of the friend. It doesn't have a wireless card installed, but I managed to take of a Lucent MPC13A-20 that was installed without any problem, and it is recognized as a Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card. However, despite the computer being able to read my neighbors wifi (next door and in the apartment on the floor), he refuses to acknowledge my router, even if I'm in the same room. My router is a ZyXEL P-660HW-T1 v2 which works very well (I tested it with another laptop).

    Can someone please help!

    Thanks in advance,


    Make sure your router is using a WiFi standard that supports your card. If you use 802.11n you should drop down to 802.11 g for the tests.

    In addition, you should check the channel of your wireless network card. It should be the same as the router.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A10 PSA15e - no more wireless Chip

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum so please be gentle with me!

    I was recently given a Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 (PSA15e-01PJY-EN), unfortunately I did not to any recovery disks! (if someone could send me a copy of the diskette of recovery for this machine, I'd be over the Moon!)

    However, I recently tried to install windows xp home with the disc and used the key on the bottom of the laptop.
    Installation ran ok, but all of a sudden, he cannot see the port intel LAN.

    I ran the likes of Belarc, Device Manager and AIDA... all of a sudden since formatting, nothing can detect the WiFi chip, is this a problem with the fact that I do not use the recovery discs?

    I've not disabled in the BIOS, nor can I actually see it in the BIOS.

    Someone at - it suggestions?

    Thank you very much


    When you install the operating system using Microsoft facilities CD you naked of OS and you must install drivers for each component material, including the wireless network card.

    All drivers and Toshiba tools that you can download at Toshiba support and download page.
    I think that you will also find the document entitled instructions for Installations. You'll find order exact facilities. Following this command, you can perfectly configure and install everything on your laptop.

    Please visit
    All that you can find in the archives.

    If you need help more on this topic please let us know.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - no wireless network card are not not in Device Manager

    Can you help me - Toshiba Satellite Pro A10
    Model no PSA15E-01PFQ-FR
    Series No Y3602494G
    Windows XP Pro

    On the front of this laptop is a wireless switch - this switch is set on, Windows XP Pro can't find any wireless device - Windows Device Manager shows not all adater wireless. You can advice please - what do I need to install driver - this laptop supports wireless?

    Thank you very much



    Usually, if you have a laptop wireless switch should have a wireless LAN card too. In your case I would try to install the driver. Then the WLAn card should appear correctly in Device Manager: > support & downloads > download drivers

    If that doesn t work, you can try a BIOS update.

    Are you running the factory settings or you have installed your own version of Windows?

  • Satellite Pro A10 - some keys not working only not with the new keyboard

    Hi all

    I hope some1 can help with this

    I have a Satellite Pro A10. The prob I have is a.b.n.and enter keys do not work and this is a new keyboard
    I hooked my other A10 and all keys work so the keyboard is fine.

    Everything works fine with the usb keyboard. Mother board everything seems ok.
    Any help please


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    Why do you think the motherboard is ok?
    Maybe it s a controller keyboard problem
    Did you check if the cable is correctly connected?

    In my opinion if you are sure that the keyboard is ok 100% the problem to be attached to the motherboard because there is no other party that is placed between the keyboard and the mobo.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A10 comes with: error IDE #0, PXE-E61media test failed

    I recently bought a used Toshiba Satellite pro A10.
    When I received it, it was working and being a noob I tried to install a network card and create a wireless network with my desktop using XP when it did not work I plugged my ethernet (from my desktop) cable on the laptop and flashed upwards with a small number can not? dll etc etc.

    Now I unplugged the ethernet cable and when I try to boot my laptop it comes up with:

    "ERROR IDE #0".
    Intel (r) bootagent, FE v4.1.09
    Copyright 1997-2002 Intel Corp.
    PXE - E61: Media test failed, check that the cables
    PXE - M0F: Exit Intel Boot Agent
    Insert system disk in drive
    Press any key ".

    HI Tom,

    The error message that you receive indicate that your laptop is trying to start the connection to the LAN rather than from his own hard drive or a CD-ROM. I suggest that you verify that the boot sequence is specified correctly in your BIOS, or alternatively, you can press F12 during your market and you should get the boot device menu sequence appears so that you can specify that you want to boot from your hard drive.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite Pro A10 - Win 7 with WLan PA3171U-1MPC


    I have a Satellite Pro A10 with a PA3171U-1MPC Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card, 160 GB HARD drive and 1 GB of RAM, I want to upgrade to Windows 7 for my son.

    He worked in XP before.
    States of Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor:
    "Before installing Windows 7, go to the device manufacturer's Web site to download the latest driver for this device.
    After I installed Windows 7, install the sound driver. »

    Does anyone know if there is a driver (Windows 7) or a WinXP driver will do the job?
    If Yes, where can I download a (my XP image has been corrupted, I'll do a new installation).

    Thank you very much


    Firstly by Satellite Pro A10 is not Win 7 supported and therefore, you will find not all Toshiba drivers for this model of laptop. The unit is just too old.

    I put t know if Win XP WLan driver compatible with Win 7. I think that it s is not compatible. Driver Vista may be compatible with Win 7, but not Win XP driver.

    In the worst case, you will need to use an external USB WLan dongle to get wifi on this laptop.

  • Satellite Pro A10 just turned off with warning message


    I have a Satellite Pro A10 I've had for about 2 years now. During the 2 ~ 3 days I started to have a problem very serious and boring, and you're doing something to run MS word thro to play to a very high technical game (this game can be played on an old 486 no probs) the laptop after about 20 minutes (may vary) usage turns off just with warning message it immediately restarts without any problems and then after different durations down again and again :, (. everything got a clue what the hell happens, please help. :))

    Colin B

    Hello Colin

    Portable described behavior is specific to the overheating of the material. If the laptop is not properly cooled the temperature of the material at the level critical and just turns off without warning.

    Solution is cleaning. The device must be cleaned and dust should be removed. After doing this unit can take a new breath and you won't have this problem again. You will see that run cooling fan will also soften than before.

    Good bye

  • How to install the adapter wireless network in Satellite Pro A10

    I'm trying to set up a wireless connection with my Satellite Pro A10. I thought it was active wireless, but when I switch the wireless switch, no light comes on and there is no card listed under network adapters wireless (so I guess not).

    Is it easy to install a wireless adapter (i.e. can I do it myself or I must be done by a professional)? Can anyone recommend what card I should by (or any other that I should avoid)?

    Thank you.


    According to the specification of the specifications your A10 Pro Satellite is WLAN ready. In notebook specification it has listed two compatible WIFI cards:
    PA3212U-4MPC (Agere 802. 11b) and PA3273U-2MPC (802. 11a / b).

    I don't really know if you can use some faster wireless network cards with the g standard. You may be lucky and someone will post here results update WLAN card.

    I'm not sure 100% where the WLAN slot is placed but check it please under the lid placed close to the battery.

  • Satellite Pro A10: New card wireless Atheros/Askey, but "this device cannot start" code 10


    I have a Satellite Pro A10 and bought an internal pci wireless adapter. The following information is displayed on my card:

    Askey WLL3070-D4 (MOW)
    Atheros AR5BRB-43

    I installed the card, attached to the ariel and turned on the laptop... the switch at the front lights up now and Windows xp detects the new ethernet adapter. My problem is the following...

    Any driver I install (and Ive tried all the drivers of the first 20 + pages of yahoo/google Askey/Atheros etc.) the card installs very well but then in device manager has a yellow! next to him and says this device cannot start (code 10)

    I am really puzzled. I have little ram more to come in the next few days how I am installng Vista im hoping sort my problems, but someone has any ideas?

    I have not yet find a driver which specifically refers to the AR5BRB or the WLL3070-D4 model number.

    Does anyone have a location for a pilot, etc.?

    Thank you


    I always use this page for WLan driver update:

    It is a Toshiba WLan driver portal and you will find all the necessary drivers for WLan


  • Satellite Pro A10 with XP SP2 works very slowly

    I have a Satellite Pro A10; 256 RAM with 18 GB of HARD drive. (In think it was sold as a nominal 20GB).
    It's not particularly loaded with the software, even if the HD is about 90% full and is used primarily for surfing the Internet and word processing. It runs very slowly and has been making slower and slower.

    Click on an item oin the Start Menu, for example to open IE and takes literally 10 to 20 minutes to open the window under construction very slowly... really!

    I have Norton Internet Security and Norton System Works and the different uses do not find anything wrong, they report. Speed disk to run after a month, but also the system scans for viruses.

    I'm going back to the top upgrade RAM 1024 and also believe that a BIOS update is available but do not know how this will change the performance, or not at all.

    I know there must be other things I need to do to improve the speed. It is virtually unusable at the moment.

    What tests can I do to pin point problems and then how can I fix?


    In recent years, I've used the Norton Internet Security and I was not satisfied. The point is that it is a good security tool, but it significantly slows down the performance of the computer laptop or computer. Now, I m using the freeware antivirus software called AntiVir.

    I see your computer laptop support only 256 MB of RAM. It is certainly not sufficient to use the Win XP smoothly.
    Other reasons could be overloaded HDD.

    Due to the low value of RAM, the laptop uses the area on the HARD disk for paging. Paging is an important part of virtual memory. It allows to use the HARD drive for data that does not fit in physical RAM.

    All of these are responsible by the performance of your laptop.

    By the way; It is perhaps also a time for a new installation of the OS.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - WXP re-installed and unable to connect to the internet

    Please help me... I have re-installed Windows XP Home... and now unable to connect to the internet... have also not more of her!
    I went into the Device Manager... in 'other devices' - and it is yellow? mark beside...
    1 / ethernet controller. 2 / multimedia audio controller 3 / PCI modem controller 4 / video...
    They all say "drivers for it are not installed. .... Also, went to "system devices" and find 9 other things that no longer have the drivers installed... said there is also no "audio device" installed!

    My laptop is completely exhausted, or it is better to try to resolve this issue. I'm a fool when it comes to stuff like that... so be gentle with me... what I need to find all the individual drivers and re - install...? BTW... There is no wireless card in the back... (Already checked)...

    Would appreciate any help...
    Thank you


    Satellite A10 is a little older model laptop and you can find the drivers in * archives *. go to the [page driver Toshiba |]

    Archive-online Satellite Pro-online Satellite Pro A series-online Satellite Pro A10

    > / ethernet controller. 2 / multimedia audio controller 3 / PCI modem controller 4 / video

    Download and install: 1) Lan Card 4) graph of the card sound 2) 3) Modem driver download also, other drivers if necessary.

  • Test media check out cable - Satellite Pro A10


    If anyone can help me, I would be most gratefull.
    I just installed a Western hardrive digital 120 gig on a toshiba laptop Satellite Pro A10 on XP. at first start it comes up with this media test failure check cable.

    It takes time to boot into windows, then the sound of windows appears about 10 seconds after office charge up. any help on this?

    Also the DVD rom drive does not read DVD only CD.

    Model DVD is SD-R2412

    And y at - it anyway tke that windows loads faster and it should install the driver sound max or the Realtek AC.

    Can someone let me know ASAP thanks syclonus.

    If you order the boot priority and start first of all of the HARD drive you will get this error more.
    Then will the BIOS with the ESC key and change it.

    Did you test different DVD in the drive? I think it might be a hardware problem. For a long time, I had a similar problem, my drive wrote DVD CD only.

    There is a lot of advice how to make Windows faster. I can give you the same examples: defragment your HARD disk, check to see how many programs is in the msconfig startup folder. Disable or remove any programs you don't need.
    In addition, you can disable all services that you don't need (run > services.msc). Make sure what you do, but I always disable updates automatic, Security Center, time Windows, help and support, themes and so far away.
    Clean the registry. To do this, I always use the CCleaner tool. A very good tool and it s freeware.
    And if make you faster Windows startup sound comes perhaps at the right time.

    All the drivers, that you can get on the Toshiba site. It of not necessary to install one or several sound card drivers.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I hear "zzzzzzzzz" when the substantive change and when I go to open the page to another; I tried to change the realtek audio driver, but it does not work and when I played, it be very strong and get high... Please help me!

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