Satellite Pro A10 - Wifi problem with router ZyXEL


I recently acquired a Satellite Pro A10 (PSA15E - 0115Q - EN) off the coast of the friend. It doesn't have a wireless card installed, but I managed to take of a Lucent MPC13A-20 that was installed without any problem, and it is recognized as a Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card. However, despite the computer being able to read my neighbors wifi (next door and in the apartment on the floor), he refuses to acknowledge my router, even if I'm in the same room. My router is a ZyXEL P-660HW-T1 v2 which works very well (I tested it with another laptop).

Can someone please help!

Thanks in advance,


Make sure your router is using a WiFi standard that supports your card. If you use 802.11n you should drop down to 802.11 g for the tests.

In addition, you should check the channel of your wireless network card. It should be the same as the router.

Good bye

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  • Satellite Pro A10 - Win 7 with WLan PA3171U-1MPC


    I have a Satellite Pro A10 with a PA3171U-1MPC Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card, 160 GB HARD drive and 1 GB of RAM, I want to upgrade to Windows 7 for my son.

    He worked in XP before.
    States of Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor:
    "Before installing Windows 7, go to the device manufacturer's Web site to download the latest driver for this device.
    After I installed Windows 7, install the sound driver. »

    Does anyone know if there is a driver (Windows 7) or a WinXP driver will do the job?
    If Yes, where can I download a (my XP image has been corrupted, I'll do a new installation).

    Thank you very much


    Firstly by Satellite Pro A10 is not Win 7 supported and therefore, you will find not all Toshiba drivers for this model of laptop. The unit is just too old.

    I put t know if Win XP WLan driver compatible with Win 7. I think that it s is not compatible. Driver Vista may be compatible with Win 7, but not Win XP driver.

    In the worst case, you will need to use an external USB WLan dongle to get wifi on this laptop.

  • Satellite Pro C850 - strange problem with LAN connection

    Hello world

    I just signed up on this forum because I hope you guys can help me with a really strange problem.

    I recently bought a Satellite Pro C850-1MX
    It came with Win8, but given that I don't really like Win8, I bought an additional Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) license and installed on the laptop.

    The problem I describe, also arrived on 8 to win, which makes it even more strange.

    As soon as I connect a cable to the RJ-45 port, Windows tells me, that the LAN connection is not connected.
    As soon as I unplug the cable, Windows starts looking for a network and actually found one!

    So, the only way to connect to my LAN cable is... I have activate the LAN connection, wait that it detects a network (without the cable connected!) and meanwhile to connect the cable to the network port.
    Now... If I disconnect the cable once again, Windows still shows its connected.

    I must say, that I am a Director of professional network for more than 10 years now, so I should know my systems, but this never happened to me before. Event log shows nothing, re-installing drivers did nothing either. IM quite confused here and I hope you guys can help me.

    Thanks for reading, and let me know if you need any additional info!

    Greetings from the Germany,

    Hello Sandro,

    To be honest I confused m.

    I would try to start talking about the drivers installed, since you changed the system for Win 7.
    All the network devices, such as card WLan and LAN card are properly recognized in Device Manager?

    As I m not wrong not the laptop was equipped with a network card Realtek-8111F (1000BASE-T/100Base-TX/10Base-T) and WLan RTL8723AE Realtek b/g/n card.
    If both should appear in the device properly Manager if you have installed the drivers correctly.

    2nd question:
    You said:
    > As soon as I unplug the cable, Windows starts looking for a network and actually found one!
    Are you sure that you speak of LAN and WLAN?
    For me it made no further since. If the network cable is unplugged, the notebook would connect to the WLan where WiFi is enabled.

  • Satellite Pro L850 1DR - problems with Windows 7 update KB2887069

    I have problems to install the KB2887069 update.

    It seems to install OK... prompt me to restart... when I do it, says it configures... GETS to 7%, then starts rebooting... watch it configures again... up to 7 or 9%... and then reports it is defect and restoring... restarts again... and it is quite... not installed and reference to Windows Update confirms it failed.

    All the other updates I had installed today very well once I realised KB2887069 was the problem and failed to update.

    I am running Win 7 Prof Serv Pack 1 64 - bit on a Toshiba Satellite Pro L850 1DR. I use my AV Microsoft Security Essentials software.

    For now I had to hide the update... but all of the bright ideas how overcome the problem. I tried the Microsoft site, but there is still no answers who brought a solution for me.

    Thanks in anticipation!

    I googled around for KB2887069 update and it seems that you are not alone with this problem to Microsoft Update. I also found your request in the forum, Ms.

    In other words, that's not a problem of mobile by this must be resolved by Microsoft.

    I read in the MS forum on this issue and this issue is still under investigation.

  • Satellite Pro C660-1J3 - problem with OpenGL / Edrawing


    I hope you can help me with the following problem:

    I need to work a program that we OpenGL for drawing, but still the program does not work if it opens the drawings, the following information, always on the screen:

    "OpenGLView: EnableRenderContext failed" and the stop-work program.

    So I dry to update the driver grafik, but it does not work. I found a thread on this forum, but his looks.

    I am at the part:

    Thank you, useful, but still having problems. I downloaded "Intel® Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility) v" and installed it the way you say, but the computer says I'm already under the latest version of the driver, which the computer is I'm running Windows 7 x 64 Home Premium. I can't forget the old version and use the new version.

    I don't really know the command SETUP-OVERALL, where I can find this command...

    Please help me, I need the program to work!

    Computer laptop-type: Satellite Pro C660 - 1J3 PSC0RE and I we Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

    Thank you alex
    PS Sorry for my English ;)

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    I think the drawing application needs the graphics driver that supports OpenGL.
    To my knowledge, the driver of the Intel page should already contain the OpenGL.
    The Satellite supports graphics Intel HD (Intel HM55) so I think that you should use the driver from the Intel page, even if the update utility indicates that you are using the latest driver.

    I think that you need to uninstall the old driver through the Device Manager.
    In addition, check whether it should be uninstalled in the control panel-> software.

    Then download the latest driver for the Intel HM55 chipset, and install it via the Device Manager.
    You do this by using the Advanced installation procedure that will force windows to select the driver from the driver's record, that you have downloaded from the Intel page.

  • WIFI problem with router WAG120N

    I have a router linksys WAG120N upgrade 1.00.16
    and I have wifi problems that while I use wifi on my laptop or mobile then disconnected wifi (wifi on green router, but I can't connect) until I have restart the router
    Can you help me?
    Please, I beg you!

    It could be the firmware is damaged. Firstly, what you can do is set a channel fix (1, 6, 9 or 11). Customize settings wireless advanced: tag set to 50, interval threshold of Fragmentation 2306 & 2307 RTS threshold. If this does not help, make sure you reflash the firmware, reset the router and reconfigure.

  • Satellite M100-126, Wifi problem with Blutooth on Vista activation


    Installation of Vista Pro on my M100, I've got blue screen e if active when blutooth Wifi operational.
    No Blutooth problem if you use the Lan and Wifi card down.
    All the drivers have been downloaded from the website of Toshiba (Blutooth drv: 5.10.06 for Vista 32 bit).
    For now, using Wi-Fi with disabled Blutooth.
    Thank you very much for all your comments... :-)


    What is the message of the blue screen (it mentions any driver name or device)?

  • Satellite Pro A10 - fan problem?


    I have read and looked for similar topics/issues, but I did find something similar...

    I have a problem in my notebook, which seems that I can't get rid... Whenever I use my pc a little more difficult (part No.: scan disc with anti-virus, zip a file, etc.) it overheats and shuts down.

    I opened, cleaned the fan (it wasn't bad btw) and continues today.
    But I noticed something is that it seems that the fan does not work at full power.
    When I turn it on (after overheating), the fan runs really at full power, but a few seconds later, the speed decreases and it constantly to keep the same speed and if try to do the same task, overheating again...

    The fan seems ok because it stops when the pc it's not hot, but everytime I try it overload, it keeps overheating, how can I solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance! Kind regards.

    Hello Fred

    As a first step please can you me to which you would like a response? If you wait for Toshiba technician for the response form you can wait very long because it is user in the forum.

    Second, I don't know exactly what it looks like in your case, but I noticed a similar behavior on my Satellite M70. After pressing power for a few seconds, cooling fan works at, I believe at full speed, but when load WXP start the cooling fan stops running. At this point Toshiba power saver (or power options Windows XP Home edition) controls the speed of the processor and cooling method. The entire operation is controlled by this tool.

    I really don't understand why you are upset because of this. If the laptop works fine now without overheating be happy and enjoy this good old classic.

    One more thing: next time be nice and Admin will not nice edit. :)

  • WiFi problem with router series old netgear wnr?

    my friend has the above router. I can connect but get no data transfer. My Tablet and my friends phones HTC incredible and the droid og work very well.

    We have made general troubleshooting and installed all the updates still same problem complete a connection, but no data. I must point out that my work wifi without flaw in all the other places work home other family friends etc. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you

    OK I thought I finally have solved the problem in a simple way. I downloaded WifI farpoc analayer (sp?) in the app store and found a clear channel, then changed the channel auto channel default routers wifi clearer in the House (5 in this case) at the moment I am cruzzing along. Won't be 100% not satisfied until he was at least a few hours, but this is the longest, I've never been able to connect to this router.

  • Satellite Pro L500-12F - problem with CD/DVD player and screen


    I have a few questions on my laptop...

    1. is it normal that the DVD rom on some DVD/CD it is very noisy and vibrates a lot, spesialy on older CD

    2. the lid of my laptop when I close its kinda not in harmony with the rest of the pc it is not fully aligned, but it's a little difficult to see wait when you look for it... but its good on and what is not lost or anything just not setting for the "body" of the laptop

    3. the cover still once, under the screen where the cover is mounted on the 'body' off the laptop so... It is not glued to the screen as the rest of the rolled edges it is right next to him that you can drag into it, so you can see the wires enter the screen etc.
    is this normal?

    -Thank you

    Hey Pedersen37,

    (1) maybe your old CD's doesn't work correctly. What happens if you try the same disks in another computer?

    Regarding your display/cover problem if you mean that you can see the cables that they go into the screen I can see it on my laptop. Normally, all the cables are invisible and under the plastic.
    He s strange to say something on the subject but maybe a lid plastic isn't installed correctly or a screw is missing

    If you think that something isn't normal, you should contact your authorized service provider. They can check the laptop.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - space problem - strange behavior of power key on

    Hello world

    Point I turn on my pc (power - on password), space starts feeling as if the space key is pressed, but it's not. I bought a new Toshiba keyboard, installed but the problem persists! It seems that the problem doesn't lie with the keyboard, but something else I was unable to understand.

    Could someone please help.

    Thank you.

    PS: I installed the software key remapper to disable the SPACEBAR I can at least use my laptop. Then I copy and paste the character 'space' - ThisIsHowIWroteThisWholeEmail - HopeOneCanImagineThePain


    Have you tested with external keyboard? Is the the same keyboard behavior?

  • Satellite Pro A10 wireless problems

    I am having trouble getting my laptop to a linksys adapter
    I installed it to the letter, but there is no icon in network connections.
    The router is working ok and I can connect to Internet, but no sign of the adapter.

    I have uninstalled several times including the use of registry clean softaware obtained at toshiba
    What I can / should I implement first ethernet cable?
    If the function/f8 key play a role in this?

    My notebook says specification is extensible wireless and I need some advice please

    Dave Martin

    Hi Dave

    You must first check if the material is properly recognized by the system.
    First, you insert the card (I guess it's a card PC, right?).
    After this, Windos should either charge automatically the drivers for the card or should ask you for drivers.
    If that works, you will get an additional network card in respect of the class of network devices in Device Manager.
    This is an important check!
    If all goes well up to this point, there should be a new available network connection and it should be wireless.

    Tell us the first not - worked and you need to provide the drivers?



  • Satellite Pro A10: No sound after upgrade to Windows XP Home SP2


    Just use the recovery disks on my Satellite Pro A10, no problem with the sound, and then upgraded to XP Home with SP2, no noise.

    What I've read elsewhere, this is a problem and there seems to be an answer. I spent hours looking for drivers updated without success.

    I have also contacted Toshiba support, after blow and blow that they reported the following driver,, which is the same one that I have already installed and does not work.

    Certainly there must be something out there that works.


    Install the driver of his most recent available FRO this sound chip and perform all the Windows updates available on the Microsoft page!

    Update just the BONES together!

    Notes; You may have to restart the laptop and need to connect to this site several times to get all available patches.

  • Satellite Pro A10 with XP SP2 works very slowly

    I have a Satellite Pro A10; 256 RAM with 18 GB of HARD drive. (In think it was sold as a nominal 20GB).
    It's not particularly loaded with the software, even if the HD is about 90% full and is used primarily for surfing the Internet and word processing. It runs very slowly and has been making slower and slower.

    Click on an item oin the Start Menu, for example to open IE and takes literally 10 to 20 minutes to open the window under construction very slowly... really!

    I have Norton Internet Security and Norton System Works and the different uses do not find anything wrong, they report. Speed disk to run after a month, but also the system scans for viruses.

    I'm going back to the top upgrade RAM 1024 and also believe that a BIOS update is available but do not know how this will change the performance, or not at all.

    I know there must be other things I need to do to improve the speed. It is virtually unusable at the moment.

    What tests can I do to pin point problems and then how can I fix?


    In recent years, I've used the Norton Internet Security and I was not satisfied. The point is that it is a good security tool, but it significantly slows down the performance of the computer laptop or computer. Now, I m using the freeware antivirus software called AntiVir.

    I see your computer laptop support only 256 MB of RAM. It is certainly not sufficient to use the Win XP smoothly.
    Other reasons could be overloaded HDD.

    Due to the low value of RAM, the laptop uses the area on the HARD disk for paging. Paging is an important part of virtual memory. It allows to use the HARD drive for data that does not fit in physical RAM.

    All of these are responsible by the performance of your laptop.

    By the way; It is perhaps also a time for a new installation of the OS.

  • Satellite Pro A10 - some keys not working only not with the new keyboard

    Hi all

    I hope some1 can help with this

    I have a Satellite Pro A10. The prob I have is a.b.n.and enter keys do not work and this is a new keyboard
    I hooked my other A10 and all keys work so the keyboard is fine.

    Everything works fine with the usb keyboard. Mother board everything seems ok.
    Any help please


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    Why do you think the motherboard is ok?
    Maybe it s a controller keyboard problem
    Did you check if the cable is correctly connected?

    In my opinion if you are sure that the keyboard is ok 100% the problem to be attached to the motherboard because there is no other party that is placed between the keyboard and the mobo.

    Good bye

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