How can I create a 'short cut' with my email address becomes a one-click function

I get my e-mail several times during the day. would like to have a quick shortcut that remembers the full address with a single click


Firefox has a feature that will hold the values you type in web forms. So the next time that you fill in your e-mail address if you just type the first letter, Firefox will offer a value that you can auto complete. He put to work by default. This article describes how it works - check if Firefox automatically fills in forms.

Other that that, there is "Clipboard managers" - programs that add additional functionality to the Windows Clipboard function. This wikipedia article lists a few of them

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    How can I create a new address in relation to my site as [email protected]

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    If you use the services of e-mail for Business catalyst, than please refer to the following document.

    User manual

    Let me know if you have any question.

  • How can I create a video clip with audio re-bound?

    Hey all,.

    I'm trying CS5 workflow for the first time since the original Premiere Pro...

    I have a lot of Canon EOS 5 d II sequences and audio recorded separately.  I'm bringing a timeline, their synchronization upward, throw the audio on the device and rebind the clip so now I have good video linked to the sound quality.


    How can I now get this clip re-paired to the sandbox so I can use it for editing?

    In FCP I can just drag it to the sandbox... but if I do it here I'm getting the video originally on the audio device.

    Any advice would be appreciated... or any other advice on the general progress of it.  Thanks in advance.

    (I'm on a Mac, btw)

    First is not a way to create multiple elements - at least not in the way you're used to. However, what you can do, is use a sequence in another, as if he were a clip; in the nomenclature of the first, it's a "nested sequence.

    Probably the best thing to do is select the video and audio clips on a particular score that you want to synchronize and drag them to the icon of a new item in the project Panel. This will create a sequence corresponding to properties of your video and name identical to your video clip. It will also drop the audio and video clips in itself; You can synchronize the audio to the video here. Repeat this process for as many shots you have or need.

    Then simply use these sequences as if they were clips and edit them in a new sequence. You can drag them from the project Panel in the sequence, or the monitor Source for side panel, or Cmd/command and double-click it to load it in the Source monitor. Whatever it is, it must accomplish about what you are after and are the best that can be done with the functions available in first right now.

    EDIT: Also, if you have already synced up your clips in a sequence and did not want to go back, just select the component elements in your synchronization sequence and either right/Cmd click and select nest (or go to the sequence > nest). This will create the nested sequence and drop it in your bin, but you will have to manually name to keep track of what it is, because it will default to something like "Nested Sequence.05." The rest of the process is the same, however.

  • How can I create a LabView driver with vi existing driver?

    I am trying to create a driver for LabView 1553. I received the previously created driver files LabView 1553 of the manufacturer. I also used tools-> Instrumentation-> create an Instrument pilot project to start a new project. I used a new model and the block is now under Instrument i/o. I moved all the files previously created 1553 driver in the data folder in the project located in C:\Program File\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\1553Data\Public\Data.  I don't see any of the vi driver is available to the title of the Instrument I / O-> 1553Data. How can I make these usable vi?

    Also, I'm not sure my files folders should go in (configuration, data, utilities, etc.).

    Thank you.

    I thought about it. Here's how to insert the vi in the palette:

    Tools-> Advanced-> Edit Palette Set

    I went into the data section and right click. There is a possibility to insert VI. I clicked on it and took my vi to insert and now it manifests.

    Thanks for your help.

  • How can I create a button 'Next' with database insertion action


    I want to create a button "Next" will redirect to another page, and at the same time to do a database INSERTION action. I searched on google but I can't find anything specific that would help me.

    Here are a few screenshots:

    Thank you.

    Fund a process at the level of the page with the SQL to insert values, when click the button (NEXT) and then redirect the page.


    set the item & values to the landing page that passes the values for page location.

  • How can I create a wiki page with Adobe Muse?

    I need to create a wiki for a competition, I am, and I want it to look nice. I need HTML code to create the wiki, and all code must be hosted on its website. They have a box that we are supposed to place the HTML code. When I use the code that Muse has exported, there is no CSS. How can I get it work? Thank you


    It's something that I recommend because you need to completely restructure the HTML code of the page to do this. You must be technically advance in coding. It will be like the re-write of the code and may even break the code. It is very likely that some features may not work properly.

    Kind regards


  • How can I stop iCloud to use my old email address.

    I changed the address that I use with iCloud earlier. When I connect to my computer, always asks me the password to my old email address, it will not accept it. How can I stop referencing my old e-mail address and he could realize that I changed it a year ago?

    Do you mean you have changed email address to your existing Apple ID, or you have created a new Apple ID?

    They are not the same thing.

  • How can I add an attachment to my hotmail email address? (Yes, I'm green)

    How can I add an attachment to my e-mail hotmail (Yes, I'm green)

    Hello just started,

    In your email window look just below the subject line of the email and you will see that a section marked Insert. Next to that is a paper clip with the word attachments. Click on the attachment. Now, the Explorer opens to allow you to locate the file you want to attach. Once you've found the file, click on it and it will start to load... When he was attached to the e-mail, you will see an icon of the file just below the toolbar of the insertion.

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  • How can I copy and paste a list of email addresses in Mail App for Windows 8?

    The title is pretty self-explanatory. "How to copy and paste a list of email addresses in the Mail for Windows 8 App?"  I would like to send an e-mail message to a group.  It seems that I should be able to copy and paste a previous e-mail email addresses to this group to compose a new message.   I am able to select text in the body of an email to copy and paste, but can not select one of the e-mail addresses.  It will only allow me to save each email to my contacts address individually.  No idea how to copy and paste in bulk?


    The format of the email addresses can be different from the email you received.   You can export and import from MS Office (in comma-delimited format) for the DESKTOP e-mail client but not the mail app 8 victory.  As I know there is no way to make a straight copy. / Paste for victory 8 app.

    You can always create a group in the people application, and then add the users manually.  For future emails you would just type the name of the group.

  • Create new Apple ID with an email address incorrect

    I accidentally packed an Apple ID with an invalid email address. I don't remember either my password or security issues. Now I can't reset the password by e-mail. The iPhone is still under warranty. I'm desperate. Someone knows what to do?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to do so because it is a safety precaution... as if there was a deviation, it would be much easier job a thief... If you make to Apple, or send them an e-mail, they might be able to help if you give them enough information.

  • How can I create a 'master' document with multiple variations?

    I designed a card that will be displayed to the few dozen intersections with a symbol 'you are here '.  Everyone will be identical except for this symbol.  I don't know if there is a way to do everything while preserving a 'master' card which can be changed at a time.  For example, maybe I need to change the location of the paths, and it would be a real time saver if I didn't have to edit files 20 + (each with an arrow in another spot but otherwise the same) separately.  Also, I'll send the file by e-mail to a professional printer, so I am very uncertain about what would be a standard way to format something like that and don't really want to clog their e-mail.

    I was not able to determine an easy way to do it.  I wonder if it involves the use of several work plans, a feature that I'm not very familiar with, or if it is easiest to have a layer for each location of the symbol and just save twenty records (phew) and send to the printer in the form of separate documents - which seems super awkward.

    I tried to copy the plan of work several times.  It was my best attempt of editing at the same time: I created what I needed on a workplan, dragged to the symbols Panel, then cut, then went to edit > paste on all work plans.  However, this does not simply play with a trace or an object that already exists and I can't understand how I would delete the same object of all work plans.

    If anyone has some ideas, I'm pretty novice, so please keep in simple terms. Also, I'm in a bit of a lack of time, so quick responses are much appreciated!  Thank you!

    If you save a PDF file, you can include layers (just check the box in the second save dialog box) that can be turned on or off allowing a single file in order to have all the data. You are going to have these printed in a professional manner?

  • How can I create a slide show with pictures and music CD?

    I use Media player and learned to copy CDs on my albums. How to download a song on a CD that already has images. What I'm trying to do is create a CD with photos of a wedding in a slide show format and add a song while he discovered the CD. Can you please help? Thank you.

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    Hi Amazonite,

    Try with windows movie maker.

  • How can I create holes plated copper with and ring finger with Ultiboard 13 (PTH or compatible Pin Hole)?

    I am a new user of Ultiboard 13 (Windows7 64 bit). I see how to create holes in a circuit printed (with the option of annular ring), but I don't think that the hole is copper plate. Hole diameter specification is relatively obvious, but it doesn't seem to be a way to define the thickness of the plating through hole plated (if it's at all the possible). Finally, I would like to create footprint requiring approximately 150 holes of PTH in 2-pin compatible with different sizes (for a single connector!). Any help with this would be fantastic!


    Thank you very much! That's what I was looking for.

  • How can I create a great picture with just a few numbers in there?

    Treat all

    I would appreciate if you can help me with this problem.

    I would like to highlight certain points on a diagram that its horizontal size is 1000. so I create another table with the same size of the main diagram that contains my points you want then I have to put the other free sites like ZERO! that is not suitable at all.

    so I think in an array of size 1000, but with just a few figures in there, but I think that's not possible.

    Please tell me if there is any other soloution.

    Thank you very much

    I will mark the best answers for sure


    Hello Ali,.

    If I understand, you want to score orhighlight some certain points in a graphic waveform. A simple way to do this is to use annotations (for example, without the arrows, a few points), there are the examples come with LV another way is to use an XY Chart. Here, you can put some points to certain positions-X.

    Maybe it helps,

    Welcome, dave

  • How can I create a slide show with keys working on an interactive InDesign document?

    I am trying to create a slideshow of images with keys working on an Interactive InDesign document and followed the steps of "InDesign CC Classroom in a Book", but when I saw the document as they do not seem to work, I had the idea where I went wrong, can anyone help?

    Why do you have it convert again? It is no more a button. And the action the button must be on the release or press.

    And to be more specific. Interactive document doesn't mean anything. What's your game to end here? EPUB? Publish online?

Maybe you are looking for