How to create a dual boot with Vista installed on my Satellite U400?


I just bought a U400 - 17 H with vista installed on the HARD drive. I would like to create a dual boot with XP Pro.

I have only a drive HARD aleady with 2 partitions (1 for vista) + 1 for data.
I want to cut the partition vista in two 2 pieces to install XP Pro.
At the end I'll have 3 partitions 1 vista (65 MB), 1 xp (65 MB) and 1 data (125 MB).

Is it easily to create a new partition ok (I guess only on vista)
but is there a program dedicated to install another OS and create a dual boot.

Please help me because I like many things the other way around. I'm sure it's possible, but what are the right process to have at the end of two BONES and the choice at the start of the laptop

Thank you



Create a new partition for Windows XP and install it. There is no problem.

After that, you need to restore the Windows Vista boot loader. You can do this with EasyBCD. Install and start the program.
Go to the tab "Add/Remove entries". You will see that there is only one option available in the bootloader of Vista at the moment. In the "Add an entry" section, replace the drive in the menu drop-down of C:\ E:\. Change Type "Windows NT / 2 k/XP / 2 k 3" and the name of "Microsoft Windows XP". Then click on 'Add an entry' and 'save '.
Then go to the "Manage Bootloader" tab make sure "Reinstall the Vista Bootloader" is selected, then click on "write the MBR.

Now you can restart the laptop and you should have a full system dual boot to work.

Good bye

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    I have a Satellite A200 pre-installed with vista home premium and I would install another OS that is Red Hat Linux Fedora Core 7.
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    Well, I put t use this Linux distro on my laptop but I used the Knoppix Live CD and it was very easy.
    It was not necessary to install anything. I simply booted from the Live CD and I could use the full Linux operating system.

    So, it might be better to use this Linux live CD instead of the complete installation.
    I think that the main problem would be available to the driver.
    The fact is that Toshiba does not support Linux on laptops and so Linux drivers are not available.

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    How to dual boot with vista installed first guide here.

    How to install XP:

    First make the Vista backup. How all the information here.

    Now you need to integrate your drivers Sata (ICH8M) with nLite.

    Here is the guide to how do and here are the drivers Sata for you and here are the Sata drivers from your.  Just unRAR it drivers with winrar.

    Remember, also, that you use the Windows XP SP2 version. If you do not go version SP2 here you can download this service pack

    and here you guide how to integrate this file with your new system of nLite.

    In this program, you can even burn your new XP cd with this driver.

  • Satellite Pro L40 - how to make a dual boot with two recovery disks

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    How to dual boot with two recovery disks ive got with my laptop (Satellite Pro L40)

    discs 1 & 2 are windows vista buisness
    discs 3 & 4 are windows xp profesional
    Disc 5 is updated the bios

    The guy where I bougt garage computer (a metal regular store named expert) says that it is posible with discs tose.
    I have
    I already have a partition, but when I boot from disks, is not has the option to select a partition

    Thanks already

    > Satellite Pro L40 - how to make a dual boot with two recovery disks?
    Short answer: you can't do that. Maybe if you have two hard disks (I tried didn't) but as much as I know your SP L40 has only one.
    Ask this smart guy, how to do this. Maybe it's a useful tip.

  • How can I configure dual-boot with Windows XP and Windows Vista?

    Vista/xp problem

    Help a friend who currently has installed vista.  What should I do if I want to dual boot with xp (not installed at the time)

    Thank you

    Hello Matthew forse,.

    Here is an excellent tutorial on how Dual Boot Vista and XP.

    Follow the information contained in the 4 pages to the letter.

    I use it in my I.T. business on client computers and recommend it carefully.

  • Dual boot with Vista-XP on two discs

    I just bought A200-S01-PC and I want to dual boot with Windows XP Home edition, Vista is pre installed and I want to install Windows XP Home edition on my second drive, so I can use it for College next year.

    I tried to boot from the CD but I get an error saying that it cannot find any installed readers.

    Please I need help?


    I don't think you can install OS second on the second HARD drive and I don't really know if this second HDD can be used as a boot device. I really don't know, but you can check it yourself. My A200 has a HARD disk only.

    But what you can do for yourself is to install Windows XP Home edition on the second partition of the first HARD drive. There is no problem and I did the same thing on my laptop.

    But back to drive HARD invisible. This has nothing to do with the dual-boot. Plese check this thread. You will find nice discussion how to install WXP when the HARD drive is not visible.

    Bye and good luck!

  • Satellite A300-1ND - how to make a dual boot with XP and Vista?

    I have just pursached a Satellite A300-1ND with Vista Home 32 pre installed.
    I intend to install XP SP2 as a dual operating system.

    Where should I start? What should I be wary and be careful?
    What bios update (XP update last 1.7)?

    Thanks, I appreciate all the help

    Before you try to install Windows XP to create a new partition.
    Then boot from the XP CD and install it. After that, you must restore the bootloader of Windows Vista using EasyBCD, for example.
    All that s!

    I found a solution here that might be useful for you:

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    I want to create dual boot laptop (OS 2 in 1) in my laptop, but my internal hard drive reach maximum (3) logical partition for my windows operating system 7 is not allow me to create a new logical partition install win8 pro. I've planed to buy an external hard drive and connect with my laptop and install win8 in external hard drive and use win8 and 7. Is it possible? If possible how to create? Please give me instructions step by step.

    Hi Karthik,

    If your hard drive has enough free disk space, you can install a newer version of Windows on a separate partition and keep the earlier version of Windows on your computer. It's called a multiboot or dual-boot configuration. Every time that you start your computer, you can choose which version of Windows to run. You can also install Windows 8 on an external hard drive and use it to dual boot.

    You can see the Microsoft article below for more information about this.

    Install multiple operating systems (multiboot)

    I hope this helps.

    Please report if the problem persists and we will be happy to help you further.

  • Satellite P840: How to create the secure boot with UEFI Bios recovery disk


    I have laptop P840 that came pre-installed with Windows 8, which I've upgraded to Windows 8 Pro.
    I then updated to Windows Pro 8.1 by Windows store. Please notify:

    1. how to create a DVD repair or start for windows 8.1 pro with UEFI Bios and boot secured.

    2. I created a USB recovery using the control panel in Windows Pro 8.1. It starts OK. It will be the same as that I've created using the Toshiba Media recovery creator or will it drivers Windows Pro 8.1?

    3. check partitions with disk management, then 3 (450MO, 350 MB and GB 10.90) recovery partitions, 1 EFI system partition and 2 primary (C: programs) and D: for data. I created the recovery DVD and USB 2 disks. Can I remove the 3 recovery partitions?

    Your help will be very appreciated.

    Best regards


    I found your previous thread on this topic:

    > 1. How to create a DVD repair or start for windows 8.1 pro with UEFI Bios and boot secured.
    To be able to boot from sources other than the drive HARD internal, the boot mode must be set to the CSM and secure boot must be disabled!

    > 2. I created a USB recovery using the control panel in Windows Pro 8.1. It starts OK. It will be the same as that I've created using the Toshiba Media recovery creator or will it drivers Windows Pro 8.1?

    Your laptop has been preloaded with Win 8. Right? For example, the USB flash stick memory you just use the Toshiba Recovery media creator contains the Image of Toshiba with Windows 8. Don t mix this Toshiba image with the image that can be created using Microsoft's own backup and restore function. Both are different pictures!

    > 3. Check it with disk management, then 3 (450MO, 350 MB and GB 10.90) recovery partitions, 1 EFI system partition and 2 partitions primary (C: programs) and D: for data. I created the recovery DVD and USB 2 disks. Can I remove the 3 recovery partitions?

    The last partition contains the files on HARD drive recovery. Usually this partition will be created again when you use the Toshiba Recovery disk to put the laptop back to factory settings. So in the case where you n t need this files or the partition, you can delete

  • How to create the dual boot in genuine windows 7 Home Basic?

    I want to install windows 8 pro in my Sony win7 home basic laptop but in my laptop cannot create the new primary partition because my laptop already have 3 primary partition (I not create it).

    My question is "can I convert *: Recovery (primary) to *: Recovery (Logical) and (logical) F: F: (primary)? and after install win8 in F: primary with no problems and use both win7 and win8?


    Do not change the recovery partition.

    For the conversion, you can follow these articles for more information.

  • Created a dual boot with Windows 7 and Windows XP, but the start of the single will of the Windows XP system. I need to access Windows 7.

    pleasee help me if you are a good person and thanks in advance

    I had istalled windows 7 on c: and after several days, I have installed windows xp on the d: now whenever I start my computer it doesnot ask any option to open the operating system it opens directly windows xp I have very important data 7 please can tell me that how I can create option for the os and the name of windows7 also removed in boot.ini.file I need not use win xp , but I want my Win 7 that only which is installed in c:

    You will need run a Windows 7 Startup Repair.  Please visit: What are the system recovery options in Windows 7?

  • I want to make my windows 7 pro laptop dual booting with fedora 8, I want windows 7 is compatible with fedora 8 _

    I want to make my windows 7 pro laptop dual booting with fedora 8, I want windows 7 is compatible with fedora 8

    I don't know what you mean "compatible". A BONE has nothing to do with each other. You can create a dual-boot with Fedora, of course. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • How to remove XP pro to accidental dual boot with XP Home

    I had to reformat my wife's computer.  It is a store brand AMD athlon 2500 with 2 GB of ram.  It came with a copy of XP Home recovery disk.  I wanted to create a second logical drive on the computer to store the data, but the recovery disc can not do this.

    I used a copy of XP Pro I have to format the hard drive in 2 logical drives here but he installed XP Pro as well.  It is not allowed for this machine.  I thought I would install XP Home Edition from the recovery disk and it would be more to write XP Pro, but it didn't.

    Now I have a dual boot with XP Pro and XP Home, I want to keep I want to delete.  It appears after the MESSAGE that there is an option for home or similar to a GRUB menu Pro.

    I note in 'My Computer' C: WINDOWS and watch WINDOWS.0 I guess que.0 is the installation of Pro as it happened first.

    Any suggestions on how to remove the installation of Pro and leaving the House intact?

    Thanks in advance, Al

    If you have not used the computer since installing Home and Pro, the best thing to do is to reinstall the House.

    Partition Wizard Home Edition "CD Boot" allows you to reformat the partition and reinstall XP Home:
    Note: There is also a CD bootable version
    Some of the features and functions include: resize and move partitions, the recovery Partition after an accidental deletion, Create partition, delete partition,format partition, convert partition, partition Explore, Hide partition, change drive letter, Set partition active, Explorer (content display) of the partition.
    Note: To complete any task use the "Pending Operations" box at the bottom left.


    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • Dual boot Windows vista 32 bit with win 7 64 bit

    Is it possible to dual boot

    Windows Vista Business 32-bit
    Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
    I do not want I want to have two operating systems
    Now, I have a 25 GB Partion ready for Windows 7, I only have Vista currently.
    Apparently XP32Bit can dual boot with win7 64-bit but can vista 32 bit?
    There will be problems with a Dual Boot Vista/Win7?


    You must ensure that 64-bit Windows 7 drivers are available from the manufacturer of your computer for all the hardware, or it will not work properly.

    And is the same for your printer, etc.

    Read this tutorial on dual boot them, including system requirements:

    See you soon.

    p.s. We need a full license of Windows for two operating systems, as upgrade does not here apply.

  • How to create a recovery disc with all vista updates?

    original title: how to create a recovery disc with all vista updates without starting from scratch, so I can replace my hard drive?

    My hard drive seems to be dying.  I would replace the drive.  I reloaded vista from scratch with all the updates, but it took forever.  I would like to make a record of recovery with all updates.  IAM on vista Home premium.  32 bit

    If you want a good backup program that backups image, I recommend Acronis True Image 2010:  It offers a free trial, so you can test and if you want it's only about $30 for the original version.  A lot of people I know this program and use it instead of Vista even in versions of Vista that offers imagery as this program does a better job.  Of course you also need a place to put the backup (which will take a lot of space), so also consider.  The best choice would be a USB external hard drive at least as large as the readers you want to back up (not only the data on them, but the entire available disk space, so you miss when you add more information about the disks).

    You cannot use IMGBURN do - it can't do anything like that.  It must be the imagery of backup software.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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