How to install WXP in Satellite A205-s5859?


I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A205-s5859 new (US series), and my laptop was completely done by virus so I just want to install Windows XP instead of Windows Vista which is now experiencing in my laptop and wants to make a new partition.

When I try to install Windows XP Home edition, I get a problem which is in the Middle while confuguring my system hardware (blue screen) a messege is appearning like * "Setup did not all hard disks in your computer instead. Make sure that the hard drives are powred on properly connected to your computer and that all disks associated hardware configuration is correct. It can be runnning an installer of manufacturer_suplliedd diagnosticor "* and dvd r/w works correctly because of this message iam not able to install xp so please help me to solve this problem."



How to install WXP on this notebook is identical to that described in by Andrej.

Check it out. Please also check which driver SATA do you need and check page Toshiba U.S. per download.
I am from Europe and Satellite A205-s5859 is not known to me.

The Toshiba US support page -

Good luck!

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    Can help guide me how to install vista on satellite m40-237?
    It hangs at the starting phase.

    Vista compatibility tool has shown this compatible machine to install vista.


    Satellite M40 is about two years old and this laptop is not taken in charge of Vista. I guess this hood must be new BIOS for Vista installation. Unfortunately will not create new Toshiba Vista supported BIOS and all drivers for this model of laptop. :(

    Computers laptops capable only Vista will be supported as far as I know.

  • Why can't I just record my Satellite A205-S5859

    I try to save my laptop on this site, but it give me more wronge series No.

    I received this message:


    * Sorry, but we do not recognise this serial number. Please try again.

    Information on my laptop:

    Model: satellite A205-S5859
    REF.: PSAE3U-076023
    Serial number: 48246820K

    What I am wronge?


    It turns out that your Satellite A205 laptop was designed for the U.S. market and it s series Toshiba US.

    Therefore, you should use the Toshiba page us if you want to register your laptop.

    Check this box:

    Welcome them

  • Re: Satellite A205-S5859 - where to find Windows XP drivers

    I recently got new toshiba Satellite A205-S5859 computer laptop (PSAE3U-076023), with Vista Home Premium.
    I want to downgrade to Windows XP, but I'm not sure if Toshiba have all the XP drivers for this model.
    I checked the site of toshiba for the drivers, I'm not sure that I have all the drivers.

    There are two Web sites:

    [Satellite A205-S5859 |] ModelDLOS = Windows + XP 7% C 132594 & ModelDLCat = null & List Type model = & ct = DL & me = 1998597 & rpn = PSAE3U & OrderBy = D & PublicStartIndex = 0 & PrivateStartIndex = 0 & PublicCutO ff = & PrivateCutOff = & AddOldPublicItems = false & AddOldP rivateItems = undefined & all_docs = false & x = 15 & y = 11]


    I'm afraid downgrade to XP and then found right drivers for my laptop.

    No help from the Pro. Guy?


    Satellite A205-S5859 seems to be a series Toshiba us and that's why you should use the Toshiba driver page for XP driver download.

    The first link is to the page of the Toshiba driver us.

    The second link is to the page of the Toshiba driver that provides drivers for the Toshiba Middle East and European series.

    Good bye

  • Satellite M70: How to install WXP Pro without SP with SATA drivers?

    I know that this topic is discussed repeatedly,
    I get a blue screen when I try to install WXP pro... blah blah blah

    The solution is to install the SATA drive.

    The problem is that I don't have a floppy drive to install the SATA drive, so what can I do?


    The use of the disk is the best way to install the SATA or RAID drivers.
    But I searched a bit on the net and found nLite.
    You can use nLite and include the drivers then you do not have to use the

    Good bye

  • Installing WXP on Satellite L30 - 10Y

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite L30 - 10Y (PSL33E 03L031EN) (about 2 years), it is running Vista (installed come) and I'll replace it with XP pro SP3.
    I already have the drivers (from the Division of driver Toshiba), but I wonder if there are any issues that anyone knows how I could run in this case?

    I installed OS to my house several times, built offices with absolutely no problems whatsoever, but various articles I read there seems to be a bit of a 'ball game' different when it comes to laptops?
    Also I have Vista disks more so if XP will not install I can not simply go back to Vista.

    Tips, advice or warnings very welcome...


    ~ Q ~


    Your laptop is supported for Windows XP Home edition, and there should not be any problems at all. For installing WXP using Windows XP SP2 home edition.
    Download page for all the drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on Toshiba.

    You can also find document Setup Instructions. Install all the stuff of Toshiba following this order of installations. It is very important.
    If you help please let us know.

  • Re: Can I install WXP on Satellite L500D - 12 p?

    Yesterday, I received by Satellite L500D - 12 p, new with Free DOS. I would like to install Win XP, so when I put the installation CD of XP, came a few blue windows, something like BSOD, error screen with some kind of information that there is no space, memory to install. Then I heard accidentally than laptops usually cannot save hard drive, so I'll need some SATA and USB floppy or something like that the controllers (don't know which means that!).

    So, I wonder how to install Windows XP on L500D 12 p?

    Grateful, best wishes!

    Before you install Windows XP Home edition on your new laptop check if this model of laptop is WXP supported.
    I mean if you can't find the drivers of Windows XP Home edition and all the important tools and utilities there is no sense to start the installation of Windows XP Home edition.

    By the way: you created installation of recovery DVD?

  • Installing WXP on Satellite L300

    Help me please, I can't understand some...

    I do XP on my Toshiba Satellite L300 1
    But it is very slow.
    I downloaded the SATA driver, but don't know how to install it.
    Please, help me.
    (1) I downloaded it
    (2) open the file with - a Pei
    (3) don t know what with unzip files

    Sorry for my English, I m Russian


    Check it please THIS page. Here you can find instructions how to find the right driver SATA.
    In the end, you can find a guide for "Slipstreamer SATA driver in the Windows XP boot cd using nLite".

    Check that that a little bit.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.

  • Re: How to install HDD on Satellite L300-19Y?

    Hi guys

    I'm not too good with computers but have bought a new HARD drive for my L-series I've been informed that my HARD drive is maybe broken due to errors when I perform chkdsk checks and the fact that it freezes and crashes randomly.

    In any case, could someone tell me how to install the HARD drive? I bought an another similar to the original hitachi in the laptop, that is to say sata, 2.5 ", but got a 250 GB, rather than the 160. What I have to install anything, or have complicated everything to do? I don't know how to install it physically just don't know if I have to use my discs of recovery or something like that?

    Bravo guys


    There is no difficult things to do to swap the HARD drive. Which is a fairly simple process and he s done in 5 minutes I think.

    I have the Satellite L300 in front of me. To swap the HARD drive, turn off the laptop and remove the battery and the AC adapter. On the underside, you can find the cover of the HARD drive which is fixed by 2 screws. Remove the screws and the cover of the HARD drive, you are now able to exchange the HARD drive.

    If you have any other questions, please let me know! :)

  • Installing WXP on Satellite L350 - 107


    I recently bought a satellite L350 - 107
    It comes preinstalled with Vista on the disc. Now I have an original Windows XP Home edition and I use my laptop for music production and the problem is that all my programs are not really compatible with Vista. If I want to install Windows XP Home edition.

    I put in the disc of Windows XP SP2 home edition and it goes to the portion of disk partition and I don't want Vista, so I try to format my whole system, but when it is supposed to perform the format it gives an error on drive p:

    I'll try it again in a lil and then I'll post exact error code

    Someone at - it already had a problem like this one?

    Is it possible to put Windows XP Home edition on my laptop without having to get a floppy drive and having to use these programs I've read on a few posts, because I don't understand why he can't just install if you Gets an original Windows XP Home edition CD.

    in any case thank you already for the answer.

    I try he's now to get this error report and then I'll post it here.

    Oi oi oi


    Hello, my friend

    To be honest, I don't understand what you mean with this error message. The fact is that report of people here on the problems with the installation of Windows XP Home edition because the HARD drive is not visible when installing WXP begins.

    To install Windows XP edition family on this laptop you need Intel Matrix Storage Manager and you can download it from the Toshiba support page. When installing Windows XP Home edition begins to press F6 and load this driver. The HARD drive will be recognized correctly and you can continue the installation of Windows XP Home edition. The problem is that you need USB floppy drive. You get one somewhere?

  • It is not installed driver WLan - Satellite A205-S5843

    Hi, is Marisa once again,

    I went to get my cell phone yesterday because the technical support has been updated of the MDI. After they have changed, and now I have a new surprise and it s the Wifi driver.

    It is said there isn t any driver installed.
    So my question is if these people need to be updated. they say that they already updated the MDI driver, BIOS and DVD.

    I just want to talk with them and explain everything because I don t think they know what must do and it s takes a long time.

    Thanks for your help once again and I'm sorry for my English...

    Hi Marisa

    In the Device Manager please check first the network cards.
    If you see a yellow exclamation mark then that would mean that your WLan driver is not installed correctly.

    This isn't a serious problem.
    What you have to do is visit the page of the Toshiba driver we and have to choose the section of Satellite A205-S5843 WLan driver.
    Download, unzip and install it.

    All that s

  • Installing WXP on Satellite A300D 11s

    Hello, all.

    This question has already been asked not so long ago, but I would like to know more details. Do I need to use the Intel Matrix Storage HARD drive driver for installing WXP on Vista? Judging by the manufacturer of CPU - AMD - I have not. How the problem of 'visibility' SATA then be resolved? Or not be no problem at all?

    If you have already answered a question the same origin, can John, you please respond to mine? Maybe somebody could answer?

    What other problems can I face to replace Vista with the good old Windows XP Home on my A300D?

    Thanks in advance.

    How about you, the use of the nLite?
    nLite may include the SATA driver in XP operating system CD.
    So you n t overall 104MB just need only take the view the SATA driver files and include it using a nLite ;)

    Google for nLite and you'll get more details!

  • How to install Vista on Satellite M40-298?

    I try to install vista on Satellite M40-298, but in the end, on the last restart, it crashes.

    My graphics card is ATI, hard drive 80 GB Sata, 1024 MB Ram...

    Can someone help me?


    installed all the drivers for this machine? If this isn't the case, I suggest you to do this and if your machine does not start or pause then start windows in safe mode vista and install the drivers.

    If you need a link for some drivers vista, just try it here:

    Good luck
    Welcome them

  • How to install XP on Satellite L40-14B

    How to install windows xp on this laptop?

    I tried and I can't. Say that he didn't plant the hard drive.
    The hard drive is sata.

    In the Bios I have much choises. I wanted to switch from AHCI to ide... but I do not have it.
    I therefore now vista... is the only system that worked on it... but I cannot start without thread on this.

    BTW: where is the led when the wireless is on this laptop? I sow where it is?

    I think that a bios update should work... but I can't find one. Now I 1.60... and it's only for vista.

    So, if someone can help me pls.

    Check back for the right driver WLan and the new BIOS for XP.
    Then, everything should work fine

  • Installing WXP on Satellite A200

    I want to install Windows XP on my laptop satellite A200-1AX

    And thank you


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