How to reduce noise from the FAN on Portege M400 with Vista?

M400 (* _VISTA_ * with newer utilities for electric model) FAN blows very noisy constantly regardless of real need for cooling.

Even with zero responsible jobs, less than 1% (flat curve) of the activity, the processor speed to 50% in the model of power and all power to the minimum settings, FAN does not reduce the speed. After a reboot, for a short time, the noise is bearable, we can conclude that the FAN seems to be capable of low speed.

_Problem is the same, even if the M400 is outside 9 ° c! _

On all the M400, we, the problem is the same.
How to work with M400 in an environment quiet?

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HM, I wonder why you open a new thread. I mean, I have read the solution and the last of them is the BIOS 2.1N.

So, please contact a Service partner to install this BIOS or google for it, since theres no alternative at the moment. :(

Sorry mate

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  • How to reduce the noise of the big FAN on Portege M400 with Vista

    M400 (vista with newer utilities for electric model) FAN blows very noisy constantly regardless of real need for cooling.

    Even with zero responsible jobs, less than 1% (flat curve) of the activity, the processor speed to 50% in the model of power and all power to the minimum settings, FAN does not reduce the speed. After a reboot, for a short time, the noise is bearable, we can conclude that the FAN seems to be capable of low speed.

    On all the M400, we, the problem is the same.
    How to work with M400 in an environment quiet?


    Toshiba has designed the special version of the BIOS and it was a long time ago. This version of the BIOS has been designed prior to the launch of Vista, and now we can not say that it is not for Vista.
    Of course, it is not for Vista.

    In Vista, there is a fairly new situation. At first, I must say that it is well known that Vista uses more resources than Windows XP Home edition. Secondly, you know very well that M400 has a lot of background processes running. If I remember well under Windows XP Home edition, there was between 60 and 70, ongoing process. Can you please tell me how are running processes on your M400 running Vista?

    It's really not easy to say what to do. I think that you have two choices: either wait that Toshiba has do something (can take a long time) or try to reduce all the processes running and try to optimize the operating system. I don't think this will help a lot, but you can try.

  • HP envy 15 touchsmart whistling noise from the fan

    I have a hp envy 15 touchsmart j101tx. My problem is that whenever the fan is on, a hissing sound comes from the laptop. The sound is quite loud and very annoying when the fan is at full speed. After some time I realized that the noise is caused by a white cable passing over the fan when the air passes through. Can you suggest a solution for this because the noise is very annoying, especially in the office

    Hi @Nobert_01

    I understand that you are having problems with the noise of the fan, apparently due to a cable that seems out of place or friction. I'm happy to help you.

    Because the sound seems to be caused by the cable rubbing against the fan, one solution might be to try to adjust its position. To this end, here is the: PC portable HP ENVY 15 and HP ENVY TouchSmart 15 Notebook PC Maintenance and Service of Guide

    It provides instructions for disassembly, and if you want you can try to fix them carefully as cable companies so is no longer in contact with the fan.

    I hope this helps.

  • HP 15 F018dx: Error notice when you try to search the drivers + occasional noise from the fan

    Hello. I just did a scan of software on the hp site and it recommended related diagnostic software and I installed it.

    But when I try to do a software scan and the pilot of "search for the updates and recommendations" on the website of HP support for my laptop model, I always have this:

    "HP has encountered an error when trying to analyze your product.

    Please verify that your product is turned on and connected, and then try again in a few minutes.

    Or display all drivers available for your product below. »

    I'm sure that my laptop is up-to-date with software and drivers because my HP support assistant software can't find nothing available, but I'm just curious as to why I get this error on the hp site.

    Another thing.  Very rarely, it looks like one of the fans (or is the hard drive?) in the laptop will be rev suddenley plus enough fort. If I stop the laptop turned off and on again, the fan noise is back to normal - nice and very quiet. Even just quickly put the laptop to sleep and wake it will fan (if that's what it is) back to normal. This loud fan noise maybe happens once every 2 weeks if I average.

    Initially, I thought that this problem of fan noise may be caused or related to a game (asphalt 8) that seems to cause fans to redouble efforts in general (but this casual loud fan noise I'm talking is much stronger than that) when the game is played and the problem seems to occur more frequently with installed. However, I uninstalled it for a few days (although I don't know if I did a reboot after that I uninstalled it) and it arrived this morning after starting with past nothing. I suppose it could still be linked to the game, but I'm not sure. I restarted the laptop and now it is fine.

    As I said that the problem occurs very rarely and most of the time my laptop is very quiet, but still I would like to understand/fix the issue if I could. It of one of the reasons why I was trying just a software/driver scan to see if something is recommended on the site but when I do this pilot analysis I get this error and have always.

    Thanks for any help or suggestion.


    Hi @tomstar,

    Thank you for posting. I read your post, and I understand that you received the error message when you try to run a verification of updates and recommended software on the HP Web site. You need not worry since this could be a problem connecting to the HP Web site.

    For the issue of fan, here's a document can help: computers laptops HP-Fan is Noisy and runs constantly, PC is hotter than normal

    Let me know how it goes.

    To say thank you, click on the "thumbs-up". Accept the post as a solution, if your problem solved, so that other people have the same problem can see it.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite L755-1GH - noise from the fan always on

    I own a laptop L755-1GH which has its fan always on, producing a large amount of noise. Temperature is not the 80 ° c but nor least fan is already blowing less than 70º, for now it is at 58ºC and it is already underway.
    The pc is still in the warranty period, but I can't be without the pc, because that's my work pc.
    Any ideas of how I can solve this problem?

    The Turbo is already disabled, and I use a cooling package... already blown air to clean the dust a few sec.
    If I open it, I'll be out of warranty and I can't send it to the warranty...
    Is there some Toshiba diagnostic tools?

    You can reduce the activity of fan if you change the option in the parameters of the method of cooling.

    Power profile open that you use and go to advanced power settings.
    You will find Toshiba power saver options and method of cooling.

    Change it to optimized battery.

    Please, do it and post comments.

  • making noise from the fan and light yellow flashing

    our airport time capsule makes sound noisy fan and the light changes from green to flashing yellow, why\

    Unfortunately, based on the number of reports that we are starting to see, it's a question that is starting to affect a number of users. Please take airport Time Capsule of Apple Store, or contact Support for the Apple for a replacement of the time Capsule.

  • Noise from the fan on Compaq Presario CQ62

    I'm bored everyone in the room with a strong up and down fan noise.  I've owned many laptops HP and never had this problem before.  This is common to this model?

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    You can check to see if there is an update of the bios for your specific model.


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    Start passing by examples of LabVIEW.  Go to help-> find examples.  There are several examples here just for the analog input and then even more for logging data to a file.  After that, show us what you have and we can guide you a little better that way.

  • Satellite L500 and the noise of the fan

    Last week, I bought a new laptop Satellite L 500 with Inter i3 processor, 1 GB, 4 GB of ram ATI graphics card, etc.
    Everything is OK in general, however, I think the fan is very noisy.

    I used to own a HP Pavilion laptop and could hardly notice the fan while with my new laptop, the noise of the fan is really loud.
    Does anyone know if this is normal or if it could be fixed somehow?

    I did some internet research for a solution, but I couldn't find anything, and apparently nobody complains noise from the fan on L 500 computers portable so maybe it's only me that have this problem?

    Thank you.


    For optimal use for laptop use the balanced power plan. Go to the advanced settings for this plan and energy saving of Toshiba, you can find cooling method.
    The level here. I'm sure that notebooks fan will be much quieter than before.

  • Nice info on the utility fan against the noise of the fan

    I wrote a small utility to keep the noise from the fan on my Qosmio in check. Several people have asked for it since so I have talked on forums, I have created an installer for it here:

    Four people (including me) use it currently. We are all on Qosmios, but it should work on any Toshiba.

    Hello Alexandru

    Thanks for this tip. May be this tool works very well. I him have not tested because my Toshiba laptop works well. In my case, I need not fan 3rd party utilities.
    Laptop Toshiba computers are preinstalled with the energy saver, which includes the fan control. In my opinion, it works fine.
    Nevertheless, thanks again.

  • Reduce the noise from the projector

    I'm new to first items 10 and plan on some of my first projects making the transfer of some sound Super 8 films on DVD and the web. I have the film loaded into Premiere Elements but I notice that some have noise from the projector in the background. I have them done with microphone of the camera, pick up the sound from the speaker projector since I have no way to save only the sound alone.

    I did have a lot of luck with the help of audio effects to reduce noise. So I was wondering if anyone knows what I have to use filters. I want to reduce or eliminate (no chance of this, I know) the projector noise so that the voice can be heard better. Thanks to all who have advice!

    I have books of Steve Grisetti ordered but I would like to do something on this project in the meantime. I do not understand how the audio effects change the audio, but I hope the books will give me a full understanding of them.

    The removal of the 'noise' of an Audio file is usually difficult, hard work and often not that good. Yet, this ARTICLE goes into detail. Unfortunately, with noise audio, there is no "miracle cure".

    In my case, my projector Eumig Dual-8 has a one line (DIN plug) and I just feed on my recorder or camera and in the latter case, select Line In, only to turn off the microphone.

    Good luck


  • SatelliteA200 - 23 k - strange noise coming from the fan area

    I have my model A200-23 laptop Toshiba PSAE6E for 1.5 years and I recently returned from service.
    I sent there due to a nonfunctional key.

    All right, they changed the keyboard... but since I found, I have noticed some strange noises coming from the fan area...

    The sound is not so strong, but it's pretty boring.
    I cleaned using compressed air, but the sound has not disappeared.
    It is still under warranty, but I don't think they would do something against this noise.

    The laptop works very well, it is not overheating or something, but I cannot get used to the noise.
    Should Whatd I do?


    Hard to say what noise would that be
    But if the laptop was removed by a technician of the ASP in the past, then you should get in touch with the same technicians again and have to explain your situation!
    A screw has perhaps forgotten who knows
    I think that the technician should take a new look on this laptop

    I wouldn't recommend open and disassemble the laptop yourself because you could void the warranty

  • Satellite U405d-s2850 - noise coming from the fan high pitch

    I bought my computer laptop 2nd Friday last for the school. I bought it at Costco after comparing with some other laptops.
    I like it so far, it is a tone high from the fan noise. First I thought it was my ear, but it wasn't. This high pitch noise is so darn high, it makes me crazy.

    This means, there is something wrong with this laptop?
    Or am I just darn sensitive?
    My other laptop Toshiba is very good. It's just this new laptop!

    Should I return this laptop and get a new one or is it normal?


    Are you sure that this noise is coming from the cooling module?
    Usually, it is really hard to say what causes these sounds of high pitch without disassembling the whole laptop and check the single parts.

    > This means, there is something wrong with this laptop?
    To be honest, I never noticed the sounds of high pitch on my three different notebooks.
    So I guess there might be something wrong with the single computer laptop part.

    So if you aren't really sure what causes this noise of high tone, then I recommend contacting ASP in your country for and verification of the laptop.

    Welcome mate

  • Satellite A350 - the noise of the fan is not quite


    I bought the A350, overnight last week. I noticed that the fan can be quite noisy at times.

    When I run programs of low demand or when the computer is idle, I noticed that the fans have become really noise every minute or so for about 20 seconds. It is certainly not quiet when it lights. When I run intensive programs, such as games apps, the fan seems to be constantly, that makes sense.

    My main problem is the amount of noise coming from the fan. Anyone has solutions or ideas on how I could continue on the reduction of noise from fans? Does anyone have a similar experience with this laptop? I hope that it is as simple as changing a parameter, or something. As it is, I can never use that laptop to work due to the amount of noise coming from the fan. Sporadic nature doesn't help either.

    I would appreciate any help with this issue.



    I think that it is normal that the fan is constantly on when you run intensive programs like games. Here, you will get a 100% CPU usage and it is normal that the CPU produces heat loss.

    And if I surf in the Internet, the fan works often but at the lowest level and makes a lot of noise.

    However, I think that it is not a problem, but if you do not accept this, go to a local ASP. They can check the fan and say what's right and wrong.

    Good bye

  • How to control the fan on Portege Z830?

    I have a Portege Z830 with BIOS version 1.7 and I am very upset by the noise of the fan.
    I was wondering if it is possible to control the fan noise, so I started to experiment with a little utility called SpeedFan. I put in place so that the fan will not turn on until the temperature of the processor exceeds a defined number. But it does not; It seems that the BIOS is ignorant these parameters.

    So my question is how can I set the fan to work my way?

    There are not many options to control the fan.

    The fan is controlled by the BIOS. The fan table that is stored in the BIOS contains information how a cooling module must operate.

    As mentioned by Liam, you can change the settings of power plant of Win 7 more battery as a way to minimize the performance of fans
    This should help a little...

    In other thread, I found a neat trick of the last user... He replaced Z830 fan with the fan of Z930 origin...
    It worked.

Maybe you are looking for

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