How to remove the corrupted file

We use Dell Equlogic FS7600 NAS.

Running of the 3.0.911021 firmware.

I just deleted a file using windows Explorer.

But as soon as I try it gives me the error:

Cannot delete file: impossible rea of the source file or disk.

The file'folder must be corrupted.

Since his SIN, is there something I can do to get rid of the file?


I found the solution. Even if the share for the folder has been deleted in Group Manager share was still open by windows. When I went to the Manager of the computer and examined all files opened, I saw the file, I tried to delete was entered. So I cut the session and could delete the file.

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    Hi Perplexed Peter


    Analysis of disk verification appears all the mistakes and errors have been corrected with the repair option?


    You can refer to the link below and check if the information provided, help you remove Roxio program completely from the computer of the eth-


    If the problem persists, I suggest you to contact Roxio support forum and see if they can help you uninstall and reinstall the program completely.


    I hope this helps.

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    If you FTP via Windows Explorer, my computer, ftp://adresse IP in the address bar, you should be able to delete the files.

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    What you wrote, it seems that you are in the scene of Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 workspace.

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    How can I remove this file this profile (documents & settings folder path). This is the last file to go to th full user edeletion.


    This file is probably still open by the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service . To stop this service, open a command prompt, type net stop wmpnetworksvc and press ENTER. Then, you should be able to delete the file. Tim Baets

  • "How to remove the cookie file.

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    Renamed the CookieX cookie folder and made a new Cookie file and finished my research I was doing and turns off the computer.

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    Thanks for your help

    Hi Bob351,

    Have you tried using disk cleanup?  Please take a look at the article here with information and instructions on how to use it to remove items.

    I hope this helps!

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    Possibility is-this-the same software you used to download is using the file of/outfit. Few options:

    1 try closing all believing or tools that you used to download the file. Also, close all players or Windows Media players and try to remove

    2. If you still get the same error, restart the computer and try it. Reboot, kill the process that is necessary for the file.


  • How to remove the background files?

    Sometimes, back my little girl has decided to add most of our photos as background option. Now, I have many, many, many photos listed in my wallpaper.

    How to remove these files from here? Or simply delete files background all together?

    Hi lonnarz,

    Your background images are stored in C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper
    Microsoft® Security MVP, 2004-2009

  • How to remove the lock file images

    My folder of photos shows a lock on each file. I don't know how they got there and don't know how to remove them.

    Can anyone help with this?


    see if this information in windows 7 help

  • How to remove the .cab files? Is it safe to remove?

    * Original title: .cab files

    My drive is almost full (137/149 Gb), I ve try to clean with different programs, but only got rid of abt 2 GB. Now the WinDirStat program shows that 52% or 70 GB is taken up by the 'Unknown' wire CAB FILES.  That means these and is - it safe to try to remove them?


    It depends on what they are and where they are.  The CAB files are usually left overs from the installation of things like updates.  You can run the Disk Cleanup Wizard (which is fairly careful about what he deletes) should remove them safely.  Make sure you check "clean up system files" when you run it

    BTW it is a free 3rd party app called Treesize (by Jam software) gives you much more information on the "unknown" and more detail in the larger files, etc.  Looks like this

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    RNR does support only 1 location of target, in your case, local backup or USB.

    If you change the location to the USB, it will ask "delete backups on Local.  If you say no, it will keep local backups and start on USB. View backups should ONLY list target current place of residence.  In your case, USB.  You said delete Basic, yes he deleted based on USB.

    Go to the RNR, menu, advanced and post a screenshot of the view backups.  Do not use the main pane.

    (1) change the local location.  You can remove LOCAL.  Then replace location USB.

    (2) uninstall the RNR.  This will remove \RRbackups on drive C.  Replace.

    The main panel (simple opinion) may use registry values to list all backups while the Advanced menu should list ONLY the target location.

  • How to remove the pdf files created on the server using cfdocument pdf?

    I use < cfdocument format = "pdf"...

    to create a .pdf file dynamically generated and named and it works pretty well. Marine managers can easily send the pdf to ships in the fleets and planning forces in the shipyards. (Planning data changes almost every day). However I noticed that the pdf file remains on the server. Over time, this could become a problem with numbers. is there something I'm missing to remove these PDF files over time. Other that a manual check and delete. This Government server requires 4 connections and your right arm to put self to day, so something is needed.

    Using a task for this problem is something easy (and I think than a common to solve such problems).

    Just to give you an idea (or probably the whole solution, but it is not tested):

    Directory = "" #variables.strDirPath # ""
    name = "qDir.
    action = "LIST".
    Filter = "*.pdf" / >


    Post edited by: RichinternetFrank
    Reason: change filter attribute in pdf format

  • How to remove the log file archive


    Currently, I am working on oracle 10 g 2 on windows server 2003.
    hard drive is almost full.

    When I run this command

    It gives the message

    "indicates does not match any newspaper archive in the recovery catalog.

    How can I delete files from archive log?

    Vaibhav Dixit

    Yes you can.

    See you soon

  • How to remove the flv file in vista

    sometimes back I installed the trial version of folder lock software.after its expiry program is uninstalled bur some of its files are still there and whenever I tried to delete, warning box tells you need permission to perform this action, and I did not delete this file.please help!

    Try these 2 programs to remove it:

    Cleaning of Revo Uninstaller and uninstall utility

    Revo Uninstaller is an uninstall utility that includes additional cleaning of system tools. It provides an alternative interface to the Windows Add/Remove Software dialog box that offers web search options, access to registry keys and some additional commands. The program also includes a Manager start to inspect and disable programs that start automatically as well as a filter to eliminate the traces of the Internet, a secure removal tool and an option to search for and remove files, folders, and registry keys that have been left during uninstall of privacy. Revo Uninstaller comes with a unique "Hunter Mode" that allows you to uninstall a program, search for more information on the web, or perform other actions by simply dragging a target on the program icon or a shortcut on your desktop.

    CCleaner (Slim) remove junk files and Internet traces

    CCleaner is a tool to clean your system from temporary and unnecessary files that accumulate over time. This includes also rather a cleaning of the traces of Internet and PC use as browser cache, files recently used, websites visited and more. You can select the items you want to clean and also specify cookies that should not be deleted. In addition, the program comes with a scanner to register for references not valid (advanced users) and options to start cleaning automatically or the command line. (Slim version, no toolbar)

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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