How to return to the main screen after watching downloads?

This such a stupid question, but I have forgotten how to return to the main screen after watching downloads.

Close the window or tab to download (if you are using some addon) or only to change the tab:


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  • With the help of A6, must create menu screen which allows the user to click a button creates a branch to other screens and return to the main menu. When returning to the main screen on which button will be gray or inactive.  How can I do this?  I created

    I am trying to imitate a piece of equipment.  I need the user to be able to click on the specific buttons that have the user to another or screens.  After viewing these screens that will be the user to the main screen where the user which buttons were pressed and which still needed to be pressed.  I create buttons image with the 3 States - who has worked except when the user returns to that slide is reset to zero, and if the user does not see the 3rd State of the button.  How can I get this 3rd State of stay after the user returns to the main screen?

    You can not 'keep' a State, that's what I said in my first answer: "you can create an image with that look of '3' State, make it invisible and show it with the same action when a button is triggered. You will need to insert extra that third picture, first hide it out and make it visible to the advanced action, which I explained. I called this additional 'Done_one' image in the example. The three States you're talking about are in a totally different way to Captivate: for down, more and up-state. You can just tell Captivate to keep a low State, it will be down when the button is pressed. Where my explanation of an additional image.

    No need for all the variables. Looks like you have a lot to learn about variables and advanced actions. I don't see another easy way to achieve what you want. It is not so difficult, tons of examples on my blog.

  • Simulator deploy token not to see the place. How to return to the home screen of the setting screen?

    I tried to test the app on my bb10 Simulator,

    of webworks...\bin, I ggenerated dubugtoken, then use blackberry - deploy deploy IP Simulator.

    but side Simulator, I do not see that this token of debugging has been deployed.

    What should I do?

    How to return to the home screen of the setting screen? There is no back button the page setting of the Simulator.

    Thank you.

    Hi neemliu,

    To return to the home screen, you must slide up from the bottom of the screen. You need to make the same gesture, using your mouse when you use the Simulator. Drag the mouse with the lower edge of the screen to the top.

    What do you see in the output for blackberry - deploy when you deploy the token? He succeeds?

    Have you tried to deploy applications? The process is the same, if you can deploy applications then you should be able to deploy the debugging token.

  • Xperia Z5: How to return to the original photo after you save the cropped photo?

    Hi, I wonder how I can return to the original photo after saving a photo cropped on my Xperia Z5. The cropped photo doesn't have a sufficient resolution so he could be put on a canvas, I want to return to the original photo before cropping. Thank you :-)

    Hello, troy_t!

    If you crop the photo, the original photo will always be there. You can crop photos on the Album and then use Photo Editor. It is a standard editing program that is provided with your Sony Xperia Z5. If you crop a photo and then save the cropped photo, the original photo will always be there. I can assure you that if you use the standard Photo editing program to crop a photo, the original photo will always be there, even if it was cropped. You can make as many photos cropped the image you want to crop as you want, because the original photo will always be there, even if you may have saved a version cropped the image you wanted at the origin of the crops.

  • How to return to the previous screen on Pre apps? THETE´s no back button... just close the application and start over?

    for example with text messages once im in a conversation can how to return to the screen with all my converdations? It's the same with any of the apps, West no way to go back? should I always close the app and start again to go to the previous screen?

    You must not yet be aware of the gesture «back» It goes like this, the straight shot, left on the gesture area (the area below the screen, left and right of the Center button). You enter only at half way, and you can start on the right edge, or just left of the Center button.

    Become very familiar with this gesture he used all the time.

    There is also an option that you can activate by allowing a complete sweep in any direction will take you to the adjacent open card. I think that this gesture is set to off by default.

    Good luck.

    PS - In the application of Navigation of Sprint, I can't seem to leave the navigation once it starts. In other words, you must close the application and open again to define a new topic. I know two ways to issue the command to stop the navigation, but none of them work effectively.

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  • Return to the main screen


    I have 3 screens... when the user makes a click of a button in the screen has... I send screen b... and when the user to click a button in this screen I send to (C) of the screen

    Now I have to put a button on the screen that the user can return to the screen has... (home) if I use the 'back arrow' key of the device returns to the screen (B) and later has... So what can I do?

    The display "battery" is not strictly a battery. You can extract a screen that is not at the top. So to do what you want, when you tap the screen C, you could pierce the veil B backstage. However, users generally expect the 'return arrow' key (actually, the ESC key) to return to the previous screen. This regime would be in contradiction - when they pressed the screen C to ESCAPE, they want to go back to (which is what you want, but not typical for BB applications).

    If you want ESC to return to the screen B and have a separate on screen C button to return to the screen has, simply write the change listener for the pop key field (or close) the two C and B display C would need to have (or be able to find) a reference to screen B.

    Another approach is to have one screen and have three 'modes': A, B and c. when switching between modes, remove all fields and add the fields to the desired mode. ESC - unless override you the default behavior - would then always exit the application (since there is only one screen).

  • error then return to the main screen.

    Hi experts,

    When I navigate to the main screen I get below error. I click on the Cancel button and I see this error on the home page.

    < 2015 sep 17 20:34:45 CEST > < WARNING > < Socket > < BEA-000449 > < close the socket, as no data read on,085 during the inactive configured timeout of 5 seconds. >

    < Sep 17, 2015 20:36:20 CEST > < error > < javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.application > < BEA-000000 > < Error rendered view [/ FCRHome2]

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: component data flow is not found

    at oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.streaming.StreamingDataManager.submit(




    at org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.render.CoreRenderer.encodeEnd(

    Truncated. check the log file full stacktrace


    Hi Preta M

    Found a bug with Custom UIShell Jdev 12 C

    Custom UIShell JDeveloper 12 c

  • How to return to the main stage from inside a symbol


    I'm going absolutely crazy trying to get back to the main stage from inside a symbol.

    To open the symbol on a click of the main stage...

    var mySymbolObject = sym.createChildSymbol ("practiceScene", "Stage");

    It works, I get the symbol

    To return to the main stage from within the symbol on a click...

    sym.getComposition () .getStage () .play () [0]; or sym.getComposition () .getStage () .play ('home');

    This does NOT work, I can't get the symbol.

    Help, please!


    Obliously your symbols are hiding the main timeline. If you put this in your steps, click on events, it will remove the symbols and go to home label.

    I put a square home and hide it when not on the House. Thus, it shows only there.

    sym.getComposition () .getStage () .stop ('home');

    sym.deleteSymbol ();

    So basically, you will need to remove the symbols and recreate them when you need.

    But I could be wrong.

    Here is your file with this correction: I once on home and the other at the opening.

    sym.getComposition () .getStage () .stop ('open');

    sym.deleteSymbol ();

  • How to return to the default screen display after clicking on view/full screen?

    When I click on view/full screen in the menu bar of Firefox, I lose the FF main Menu bar. When I hit the ESC key, the rest of the screen locked in view full screen. So, I have to restart my computer to return to the default FF menu and display mode.

    Why the esc key does not work how it works when I'm in mode videos full screen?

    Point the mouse at the top of the screen should show a toolbar. On the right there is a button to return to the normal display

  • With the help of professionals to win 7 and win xp virtual my cahged screen. How to return to the original screen?

    When I started my screen today using win 7 professional and win xp virtual mode my screen changed colors and icons display in different colors. How can I change the original settings screen?


    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Community.

    Go to control panel-> display control-> in the left pane, click screen resolution.  Now, Act resolution and change to a lower value, click on apply. Yet once, after a few seconds, change back to the normal resolution / by default, click on apply. It will be corrected.

  • You can set an application to return to the introductory screen after idle?

    I'm building a pretty basic application, a series of pages and maps containing various information. Unique folio with four items that the user will be perusing, buttons linking to the content in the articles.

    Is there a way to 'reset' of the application after a period of inactivity? Say, the user navigates to the bottom in the app, finds and reads through some content, then all leaves, leaving the open app right where he or she was arrested. I would like for the app to finally return to the first or the screen 'welcome. '

    Thanks in advance for any idea...

    See this article for information on resetting a folio after awhile.

  • DVD: return to the main menu after playing the scene

    I did already images of some DVD without manual reading in detail on this subject (because I especially don't need versions of dvd...).

    Menu this DVD were ok, but if you choose a chapter instead of the full movie button, the chapter begins to play and after that... the film continues (instead of return to menu...)

    First of all, I taught it was my fault because I did not use "stopmakers". Now I read it about it in the manual. But I read here that stopmarkers ALWAYS stop play the film and return to the menu. So I still don't know how chapterbuttons who play only in this chapter and not in the rest of the film...?

    I used scenemarkers for chapters. Version EP 11.

    It is the way of working DVDs. When you go to a scene, the drive will continue to play at the end of the film.

    Stop markers will change that, of course - but they will also ensure that your film will stop at the marker when clicking on play movie.

  • I can only access my Inbox in how to return to the main menu?

    When I open Thunderbird, only the Inbox is available without the normal other elements on the left side as sent, trash etc. I can find no way to return to the normal homepage.

    Looks like you have disabled the files pane.
    Press the alt key to display the Menu bar if it is not already displayed.
    The Bar Menu select View-Layout and make sure the folders pane is checked.

    If it is checked and the pane is not displayed, move your mouse on the left margin of the window of Thunderbird. Watch the cursor to set up a double arrow head. When this is the case, left click, hold and drag to the right to drag the pane to records on where you can see.

  • How to return to the same directory after opening a bookmark instead of having to browse to open an another bookmark to the same dir

    I regularly need to check multiple bookmarks that are stored in the same directory, which is usually a few clicks in the main menu of bookmarks.

    When I select a bookmark in the tree that I have created to organize my favorites and it does not meet the web-page/information I was looking for, I want to try another web page marked with a bookmark in the same directory.
    So I have to click again on my way through the whole tree.

    I would be very grateful if it could be made possible that placing the cursor on the Favorites menu automatically will unfold the entire tree to the directory where I was last. It would be a real time saver.

    There could be an extension that can alter the combo works, but I don't see any setting for it.

    You can consider using the bookmarks bar when you need to do. You can open and close by pressing Ctrl + b (sometimes a form intercepts Ctrl + b to activate the bold text, so if you are in such a form, you can open the side panel on the view menu: press the Alt key > view > sidebar > bookmarks)

    If you have a widescreen monitor, you might be able to have the sidebar open all the time, but if not, you can just close it when you're done with it.

  • After you install the updates, my window screen has lost about 2 1/2-in. horizontal spread. How to return to the full screen size?

    I just installed a series of updates from Microsoft.  When the updates were completed, the screen has been compressed by 2-1/2 inches horizontally.  I don't know how to go back to its original size.

    On Saturday, December 8, 2012 12:48:59 + 0000, MardineCampbell wrote:

    I just installed a series of updates from Microsoft.  When the updates were completed, the screen has been compressed by 2-1/2 inches horizontally.  I don't know how to go back to its original size.

    Right-click on the desktop and choose screen resolution. Assuming that
    you have a LCD monitor, set the resolution on what the manufacturer

    Ken Blake

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