How to set up AirPort Express as a receiver only?

My Wi - Fi Terminal is a tower of ac AirPort Extreme. I use my old AirPort Express only n to provide the Internet connection for my TV. All he needs to do is to receive the signal Wi - Fi base station.

When I check the Wi - Fi traffic, however, it seems that the AirPort Express is also a signal. What makes a 'bridge', I think that the term. It is all set with a password, is not a security problem. It's just a problem of congestion network, which is quite a significant potential problem living in a high-rise building.

I apologize in advance, but my lock of knowledge and understanding of terminology related to all things 'network '. How can I configure the AirPort Express Terminal to it only "receives" the Wi - Fi signal and does not broadcast the ' ' anything?

Be gentle

Thank you

[This is a restatement of the question asked by another user here How to stop my broadcasting extreme airport ]

Your question is quite clear to me. You do not want the Express to broadcast anything, but it should provide an internet connection for the TV? This is not possible: internet connections are always a two-way binding. Probably the best solution would be to use the Express in client mode. Follow these instructions: AirPort Express: how to join an existing client mode - Apple Support Wi - Fi network

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    I have a wireless modem/router ISP and I want to get the ability to use Air Print using a non-Airprint but the USB printer. I suggest you to connect the printer to the Airport Express A1392 Epson) via a USB port to enable the AirPrint features.  However, I guess the Airport Express must be an ethernet to the modem/router ISP connection and then use the Epxress airport more convenient than my wireless router.

    Issues related to the:

    1. do I need to turn off the function the ISP router's wireless when I plugged as stated above? So I wait.

    2. as the Airport Express only has one ethernet port I assume that I can connect my other ethernet connections using a hub 4 ports connected to the Airport Express Terminal.  It will be always possible to use other ports ethernet on the modem/router ISP as well?


    I have a wireless modem/router ISP and I want to get the ability to use Air Print using a non-Airprint but the USB printer.

    You may have received incorrect information, because a non-AirPrint on the USB port on an AirPort Express Terminal... or any other router from Apple also printer... do not make the AirPrint-compatible printer.

    You want to continue nevertheless to check that this is true?

    The AirPort Express can connect to the network wireless router using a wireless connection... or... it can connect to one of the router's Ethernet ports using a wired Ethernet connection.

    Wired connections are always preferable wireless if possible for your Express.  Turn off the wireless router is not necessary if you want to connect to the Express using an Ethernet connection.

  • How to connect the Airport express as an Extender for airport extreme to El Capitan

    I have a model extreme A1521 airport and a model express airport A1392 and upgraded my OS to El Capitan. I want to use the express as an Extender for the extreme because my old House is long and has thick walls. My problem is that Airport utility will not 'see' the express, regardless of its proximity to the main router (extreme). I tried to move and reset.

    Of course, as soon as I get the utility to see, I need instructions on how to configure the express as a booster for my extreme.

    Any ideas?

    Unplug the Express and put it in the same room as the AirPort Extreme.

    Put power on the Express for a few minutes, then hold down the reset button on the back of the Express for 7 to 8 seconds and release.

    Allow a minute for the Express to restart

    Click the WiFI icon at the top of the screen of the Mac

    Look for an announcement of the new AirPort base station

    Click directly on the AirPort Express Terminal

    When you click on AirPort Express, the "Wizard" will open and take a few seconds to analyze things, and then see a screen that looks like the figure below, except that you can see your cameras.

    Type a short and simple name that you want to call the Express

    Click next

    The installation wizard will take care of everything for you

    When you see the message Setup is complete, unplug the Express and move to halfway between the AirPort Extreme and the area of the House that needs more coverage of wireless signal

    Turn on the Express and you're all set

    Important note... the Express to expand the quality of the signal it receives. About half of the potential speed on the entire nextwork is lost when you extend using a wireless connection between the airports.

    It would be much better if you could connect the Express to the extreme by using wired Ethernet wired, permanent, since there is no loss of signal via the Ethernet cable and there is always a lot of loss of signal through the air, the (thick walls especially) walls, ceilings, etc.

  • How to connect my Airport Express to Linksys WAG120N?

    I recently bought a Linksys WAG120 + 2 Modem Router ADSL. I have a connection broadband ADSL with PPPoE. I want to use WAG120 as modem only & Airport Express as main WI - FI router. Please help how to configure my modem and Airport Express?

    Executer run through the installation wizard, select bridge mode.

    It should be a simple option available from the installation... but I don't have to say. 0N-EMEA_UG_C-WEB, 0.pdf

    Bridge is explained in the manual... always an interesting place to look for instructions.

    The express for PPPOE in the Internet tab of configuration... Note that this is not reliable for many people. Your ISP MUST also support PPPOE.

    The network tab is then configured with DHCP and NAT. the rest is pretty much automatic.

  • How to extend the Airport Express Wireless Network at guesthouse?

    Currently have an Airport Express (fairly new, updated). Centrally located in my house.

    I have a guest house which has a garage and a front door door aside.

    Guest House is about 56 feet from the main house.

    I can get the wifi outside, (4 bars) up to 3 feet of the guesthouse before he gets spotty or the connection is lost.

    If I go into the Guest House, I see the other neighbors networks, but not my own. (Signals strong, 4 bars).

    My question is: How can I extend the range of my network wireless in my guest house? If I need another Terminal Airport Express?

    Where would he put regarding my 1st Express?

    I would appreciate comments, thank you.

    As a first step, it may be good idea to test the different locations of the existing base station. Temporarily connect an Ethernet for inbound Internet cable. Try moving the base station to various locations. Avoid stray objects/structures (Wi - Fi and Bluetooth: potential sources of interference wireless - Apple Support).

    If necessary, an extension of the network (Wi - Fi base stations: extend the reach of your network wireless by adding additional base stations Wi - Fi - Apple Suppo...) are possible. The best way to do it would be through an Ethernet connection to the extended base station (placed in the main, if possible). Alternatively, you can test whether a link of powerline network adapter could be used instead of an Ethernet cable to the extended base station.

  • Setting up Airport Express to provide internet to existing network


    I want to install the following configuration:

    Router (ISP) < connection cable > Airport Express < Wifi > router primary < cable connection > Network Attached Storage / TV / Playstation

    Is it possible to provide the internet connection to the main router via the express from the airport, that is connected to the Wan? Or the Airport express to be the main router, to use the WAN connection, it connected?

    Hope you find what I want to do ;-)



    This configuration will not work... unless the main router is a sort of apple airport. Is it?

    It is a very poor installation, even if you have as a main router apple airport... It's much better to the cable. I'm guessing that's not possible... If not then you another possible way around the problem is adapters EOP (ethernet over power).

    They do not go to work in all situations depending on the power of its wiring in the House... but are better than wireless links when they do.

    You show a (ISP) router to the starting point... what router is it? If that works as a router... None of the other devices must be configured as router... have a primary router means that you have no router in front of her.

    Give us details and we can help you further.

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    OE or your smart phone, you want to check for delete after X days. Enough time to get the messages on both, but not exceed your space on your e-mail server.

    Even if you have me say what kind of phone and which provider you use, I could not help you any further. If you don't see the option on your phone, call your support of wireless technology. You pay for it in your contract and they should be happy to help you.

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  • New Airport Express network

    I have Verizon FiOS. FiOS offers two different bands for their signal: the regular jumping between 2.4 GHz and the 5G band, which, as implied, aired in 5 GHz, which is faster and has a signal stronger.

    The 5G service came online towards the end, that's why I has not set up the place initially to enjoy, but now there is a critical mass of FiOS and other WiFi networks that I have, as my wireless keeps dropping out. I want to spend my airports to the 5G network, but I don't see where I have that option. To complicate matters, I can 'see' 5G without airports (for example directly from Verizon router) so I can connect to it but at the moment, it is the only device connected and I would like to expand the network so that it works perfectly when I start to put other devices online.

    How can I do?

    What exact model of the AirPort Express you have? Only the 2nd gen (currently last) Express has simultaneous dual-band capability. This means that the 5 GHz band radio is already automatically enabled in these base stations. However, with the 1st model gen, you can have either the 2.4 or 5 GHz radio operational at a time.

    If you have one of the units earlier, then you would change the radio using AirPort Utility as follows:

    • Run the AirPort Utility, select the base station, and then select 'change '.
    • Select the wireless tab, click Options wireless...
    • Change the Radio Mode to one of the 5 GHz options.
    • Click on save and then click Update.
    • Allow the base station restart.
  • Connect an Airport Express Terminal to a non - airport Cable Modem/Router wireless

    I want to use my Airport Express as a wireless adapter to connect my TV to my home wireless network. How to connect an Airport Express Terminal to a non Airport wireless router?

    Not sure I understand your question.

    If the AirPort Express Terminal will connect and 'join' the existing wireless network using a wireless connection... How the TV will connect to the AirPort Express?   Wireless?   Wired Ethernet connection?   USB connection?

Maybe you are looking for