HP Envy 17 1090eo: upgrade HDD to SSD on a HP ENVY 17 "1090eo

Hello support HP and forums users,.

Please clarify for me if its is possible for me to improve and replace my aging HP Envy 1090eo HHD main with an SSD.

As the:

Samsung 850 EVO MZ-75E500 500 GB or the Kingston SSDNow V300 480 GB or the MX200 essential 500 GB ?

is this possible or some restrictions apply such as size (GB) or limited to SATA 2... I know that the SDS is the SATA 3.

At the moment I have 2 x Hitachi 7K 500-500 (the factory installed ones) but I'd like to get some more speed on the start and daily work with this laptop...  In regards to Hitachi storage is good but far too slow to work.

Looking forward to your advice.


Cloning will require 3rd party software. I use Acronis True Image Home. Some SSD Samsung come with a migration kit which includes a software disc (a version of Acronis I understand) and a usb to SATA adapter. There is a post sticky at the top of the updates Board that goes into the cloning procedure.

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    Download Windows 8.1 install for free (not the pro version), using the tool of media (which you can download here) to install it in a USB or dvd. Use the USB or dvd to install the operating system.

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    Your device supports the SSD even, it only supports SATA 2 SATA 3 is backward compatible with SATA 2.

    Kind regards.

  • EliteBook8540w: upgrade HDD on an EliteBook8540w - what HARD drive adapt?

    Hello fellow users of HP laptop

    I own an EliteBook 8540w and wonder what HARD drive I can use to upgrade this box.

    Here are the detailed specifications of the box.

    Processor type: Mobile Quad Core Intel Core i7-740QM, 2100 MHz (16 x 131)

    Card mother name: Hewlett-Packard HP EliteBook 8540w

    Motherboard Chipset: Intel Ibex Peak - M QM57, Intel Clarksfield

    System memory: 8119 MB (DDR3 - 1333 DDR3 SDRAM)

    DIMM1: Samsung M471B5273CH0-CH9 4 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM (9-9-9-24 @ 666 MHz) (8-8-8-22 @ 609 MHz) (7-7-7-20 @ 533 MHz) (6-6-6-17 @ 457 MHz) (5-5-5-14 @ 380 MHz)

    DIMM2: Samsung M471B5273CH0-CH9 4 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM (9-9-9-24 @ 666 MHz) (8-8-8-22 @ 609 MHz) (7-7-7-20 @ 533 MHz) (6-6-6-17 @ 457 MHz) (5-5-5-14 @ 380 MHz)

    Video card: NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800 M (1 GB)

    HARD drive:

    The HARD drive I have now is this.

    I assumed that the height of the HARD drive is key here, so not so many restrictions on the HARD drive, is that OK? I could get an SSD as well as long as the height is very well, just?

    Thank you for your help.

    Best regards


    Yes, absolutely. Stick with 2.5 inches wide, 9.5 or 7 mm thickness SATA hdd or SSD. 7 mms are leaner, but the mounting holes are in the same place and the SATA data connector and the power supply is in the same place. You cannot use a 9.5 where only a 7mm is used as on Ultrabooks ultraslim, but a 7mm will replace a 9.5 mm. 7mm fits into the caddy and connectors will still work the drive but does not fill the carriage upwards. Yours is a chunky fellow that originally had a 9.5 mm drive. Sometimes you see disks of 2.5 inches wide from 12mm for blades and those who are not fit.

    If it's in the budget, get an SSD. I'm kinda an envangelist SSD, but you will be too once you have used a.

  • HP 17-x025na: upgrading to an SSD

    I use HP 17-x025na with 1 TB of hard drive now I want to upgrade my laptop to SSD. Can I install an ssd on my laptop? Which ssd is the best choice for my laptop?

    Yes. You can install an SSD.

    They type of SSD you need is a SATA SSD.

    My preference is 850 EVO from Samsung.  A 256GB SSD with a capacity to do what you need.

    See the sticky to the laptop hardware and update the section of the forum for more information about how to upgrade to an SSD.


  • HP Pavilion 14-AL022TU: can I replace HP Pavilion 14-AL022TU HDD with SSD?

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    1 can replace HDD with SSD? What is the back panel opening?

    2. is there the free Slots of RAM available? While I can improve in the future?

    3 there DVD player?

    4. What is the exact weight of this laptop?

    Here is the Service Manual:




  • Z560 - replace the HDD with SSD - solved using OneKey Recovery

    Hey guys,.

    In a few days time Santa is put me an SSD, OCZ Vertex 3 120 GB.

    I think to clone the drive following this guide: http://www.ssdfreaks.com/content/664/how-to-clone-hdd-to-ssd-with-windows-7s-own-software and I'm a little confused on the partitions that are currently on the disk.

    I have:

    Local disk C: 552,55 gb,

    LENOVO 28.8 GB D:

    and a partition unassigned 14.75 GB.

    Does anyone know what contains the unassigned partition? I guess that's the One - Key recovery software? If this is the case, then I intend on deleting the D: Partition, which currently contains drivers, narrows the C:\ about 100 GB and cloning then the C:\ 100 GB and partition unassigned... will this work?

    Bravo guys!


    Hey guys,.

    I got my Vertex 3 today and it is ridiculously fast. Totally recommend it if you can afford it. Anyway, I discovered how do I reinstall my laptop, and I'm going to ask you now:

    (1) One Key Recovery Opened and clicked on 'create recovery disk', followed by 'default recovery drive '.

    (2) thought - sod it, I'll just stay in my new SSD and see what happens. Inserted, set the BIOS to boot from the DVD drive, and then install windows.

    (3) gain?

    In fact, I found myself with

    C:\ 96,84 GB

    Partion unnamed (14, 75 GB) - this is the area of a key recovery

    Unnamed (200 mb) - partition likely etc boot sector reserved by operating system - seen elsewhere on other systems and is quite normal!

    So yes, that happened on a NEW SSD building, which had not been formatted before - OneKey Recovery did everything by himself.

    I hope this helps people in the future!

    Merry Christmas!


    I have a HP Omni100 5052 all in one PC. the USB flash drives works. External usb hdd or ssd will not work. Does not appear in my computer or Device Manager.

    Problem sloved. I had to go into Disk Manager and set up for the sheer volume of new and format drive, change the drive letter. Now, it works through usb ports.

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    I was watching the movie I stopped it and Down power button to sleep the computer laptop... after 2 hours I pressed the power button to start computer laptop where I left it so it works with lockscreen and b4, I do anything, he showed me windows error failure of memmory and automatically turned off and restart and starting device showed not found error...

    I tried to reinstall windows 8 but when installing my laptop didn't poster not any hard drive or ssd to install windows...

    so now im confused which is - this pblm serious or minor... I HAV no clue what has happened with my laptop...

    Please help me out... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Sorry, that didn't work.

    Accordingly, I have no idea why the drive is not considered.

  • I want to update my HDD sata SSD? XPS 15 (L502X, early 2011)

    Hi people

    I want to update my HDD sata SSD in Dell XPS 15 (L502X, Early 2011, computer laptop). Please suggest which SSD support my laptop.

    Please check attached picture of the HARD drive.

    Thank you

    Hi Rajdel,

    New SSD should work fine.

  • Upgrading laptop with ssd. Can I use a Windows 7 system image to install the new ssd?

    Bought nww laptop with Win 7 Home Premium 32-bit and the other pre-installed software. No records have been provided. I want to replace the hard drive with ssd. No other changes. I can create a system image on a dvd and physically swap the drives. I can then install Win 7 using the system image, I created? What other software (Microsoft and elsewhere)? If this is not the case, how can I do without having to buy new software?

    You can clone the installation for the SSD, provided that the SSD is large enough to accommodate the installation to be cloned.

    See http://www.ssdfreaks.com/content/664/how-to-clone-hdd-to-ssd-with-windows-7s-own-software or (easier) use a trial version of Acronis True Image Home 2012.

    Note that, immediately after cloning, you must stop and unplug the original installation. The disc can be reconnected once the DSS started successfully.

  • HP Envy 6 - 1010ea HDD and SSD upgrade


    I am looking to remove the existing HARD drive and msata SSD with the largest capacity as a 120 / 240 GB msata SSD and 1 TB + HDD for primary storage.

    I know that come from 2.5 "HDD in a number of variations, especially when it comes to the height of the car you can get 12.5 mm, 7mm, 9.5 mm and 15 mm and adapted plant Hitachi TravelStar Z5K500 is 7x70x100mm (WxHxD), so I was wondering what the larger physical size HARD drive I can hold inside is.

    Also are the dimensions on standard msata drives? and are there recommendations for msata SSD and 2.5 "HARD disk.

    Thanks in advance.

    No, you are limited for the ultrathin drives of 7mm.

  • Upgrade HDD/SSD on Qosmio G30-126

    I'm trying to decide if I should upgrade existing at a larger size HARD drive or just a large and an SSD.

    Question 1: what is the size for the two new HARD drives because the power supply is limited?
    Question2: For now, I run the two HARD a disc, so no RAID. Is it possible that I can determine what is on which drive? I do not envy the dumping everything on a drive connected and then import the new HARD disk.
    Question3: Is there a substantial improvement in speed when using the SSD as a HARD drive? I run W7 professional and compared to Mint example startup is pathetically slow.

    Appreciate answers or suggestions.


    Qosmio G30 already supports SATA interface and so general, interface SATA has no capacity limit. If you can install a SATA 2.5 HARD drive with all the sizes. Ore of 500 GB drives is no problem on SATA interface so it s on applications and data based on what size you want / need.

    If your laptop is capable of managing 2 hard/SSD drives, you can buy an SSD 128GB for example for Windows and your applications and a HDD (500 GB) for your data.

    Disc SSD is faster than hard drives, but they are more expensive. SSD are perfect for the OS itself and programs but for data such as photos, music, etc. Hard drives are fast enough.

  • envy 13 - d001ns: want to upgrade 13-d001ns ssd


    I wonder if it is possible to upgrade the ssd, hhd on my Envy 13-d001ns.

    And the RAM?

    Thank you very much

    Josep Lluís

    Hi @JosepLluis,

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems with the help of the community!

    I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I looked in your question on your HP ENVY 13 - d001ns laptop and who need to know about the replacement of the HDD with a SSD drive. Here is a link to your service manual page 1 for taking in charge of the SSD and memory max 8.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    You can say thanks for trying to help by clicking on the Thumbs Up below! .

    Thank you.

  • Envy 17 3D primary HDD to SSD update

    I was wondering the steps I need to take in order to upgrade my current 640GO 7200 HARD for one SSD drive. I read this thread on compatibility, so I'm aware of some issues, I might.

    I have a 3D Envy 17, I bought around this time last year so its probably an Envy 17-1000 - series 17-1099.  It came with w7 home preinstalled on a 640GO HDD 7200.  I want to put a SSD in the main location and use the 640 current in the secondary location.  I caddy HARD drive for secondary housing already I just need to know what are the steps I have to take for the SSD installs successfully.

    Here are some questions I have:

    1. I know that envy is sata2 but most SSDS are sata3, sata3 SSD would be compatible with my desire?
    2. Use you the backup disc made from the 640 GB HARD drive and install it on the SSD or I'd get a new copy of w7 to install?
    3. If using a new copy of w7 pro would be the system, the video card drivers and 3d pose a problem since it is is not version of w7 HP?
    4. When the SSD is finally installed I can just pop my 640 in the secondary drive slot and pull the personal folders, and then format it or I don't get the personal files of beforhand?


    Q1: Yes it is compatible.

    Q2: I suggest to create a reduced recovery dvd in the HP Recovery Manager. Solid discs are not as large as the original hard drive and it can lead to problems during the restoration of the system on an ssd.

    Q3: An OEM of Windows disk can be used to perform a new installation and download the necessary drivers from HP.

    Q4: Yes, just install the hard drive in the Bay secondary and working as a slave drive so save all the data you need and then reformat...

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